Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.173 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 11 A review on slip-flow and heat transfer performance of nanofluids from a permeable shrinking surface with thermal radiation: Dual solutions
Khan M, Hashim, Hafeez A
12 - 20 Modeling droplet dispersion in a vertical turbulent tubing flow
Eskin D, Taylor S, Ma SM, Abdallah W
21 - 36 A novel method for detecting and computing univolatility curves in ternary mixtures
Shcherbakova N, Rodriguez-Donis I, Abildskov J, Gerbaud V
37 - 48 A novel numerical approach for investigation of the gas bubble characteristics in stagnant liquid using Young-Laplace equation
Gharedaghi H, Dousti A, Eshraghi J, Hanafizadeh P, Ashjaee M
49 - 59 Steering linear 1-alkene, propene or gasoline yields in ethene oligomerization via the interplay between nickel and acid sites
Toch K, Thybaut JW, Arribas MA, Martinez A, Marin GB
60 - 73 Electrokinetics desalination of water using fluorinated carbon nanotubes embedded in silicon membrane: Insights from molecular dynamics simulation
Panahi A, Sabour MH
74 - 90 Influence of solids outlets and the gas inlet design on the generation of a gas-solids rotating fluidized bed in a vortex chamber for different types of particles
Trujillo WR, De Wilde J
91 - 97 Hydrogenated intramolecular cyclization of diphenylmethane derivatives for synthesizing high-density biofuel
Nie GK, Zhang XW, Pan L, Han PJ, Xie JJ, Li Z, Xie JW, Zou JJ
98 - 109 Flow visualization and modelling of scrubbing liquid flow patterns inside a centrifugal wet scrubber for improved design
Ali H, Plaza F, Mann A
110 - 120 Flow visualisation and modelling of solid soap extrusion
Bryan MP, Rough SL, Wilson DI
121 - 130 Characterisation of reactive transport in pore-scale correlated porous media
Liu M, Mostaghimi P
131 - 144 Variable selection and training set design for particle classification using a linear and a non-linear classifier
Heisel S, Kovacevic T, Briesen H, Schembecker G, Wohlgemuth K
145 - 152 Quantification of non-Newtonian fluid dynamics of a wormlike micelle solution in porous media with magnetic resonance
Brown JR, Trudnowski J, Nybo E, Kent KE, Lund T, Parsons A
153 - 167 Multi-scale modeling of diffusion and electrochemical reactions in porous micro-electrodes
Le TD, Lasseux D, Nguyen XP, Vignoles G, Mano N, Kuhn A
168 - 178 A new model for hydrodynamics and mass transfer of hydrated bubble rising in deep water
Sun XH, Sun BJ, Wang ZY, Chen LT, Gao YH
179 - 186 Critical analysis of adsorption/diffusion modelling as a function of time square root
Schwaab M, Steffani E, Barbosa-Coutinho E, Severo JB
187 - 195 Instability of uniform fluidization
Zhang CX, Qian WZ, Wei F
196 - 207 Simultaneous melt and vapor induced ash deposit aging mechanisms - Mathematical model and experimental observations
Niemi J, Lindberg D, Engblom M, Hupa M
208 - 217 Improvement of the two-fluid momentum equation using a modified Reynolds stress model for horizontal turbulent bubbly flows
Lee SJ, Lee JH, Kim BJ
218 - 229 Sorption of water-glycerol mixtures in porous Al2O3 studied with NMR imaging
Kuijpers CJ, Huinin HP, Tomozeiu N, Erich SJF, Adan OCG
230 - 241 Numerical simulation of two-phase flow in porous media using a wavelet based phase-field method
Ahammad MJ, Alam JM, Rahman MA, Butt SD
242 - 252 Modelling the influence of mass transfer on fixed-bed photocatalytic membrane reactors
Dung PD, Babick F, Tan NM, Wessely B, Stintz M
253 - 263 Highly efficient and selective absorption of H2S in phenolic ionic liquids: A cooperative result of anionic strong basicity and cationic hydrogenbond donation
Huang K, Zhang XM, Zhou LS, Tao DJ, Fan JP
264 - 274 Laminar convective heat transfer of shear-thinning liquids in rectangular channels with longitudinal vortex generators
Ebrahimi A, Naranjani B, Milani S, Javan FD
275 - 286 A mathematical investigation of the Turkevich organizer theory in the citrate method for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles
Agunloye E, Gavriilidis A, Mazzei L
287 - 302 Impact of granular segregation on the solid residence time and active-passive exchange in a rotating drum
Yang SL, Sun YH, Zhang LQ, Chew JW
303 - 334 Electrostatics in gas-solid fluidized beds: A review
Fotovat F, Bi XTT, Grace JR
335 - 345 Characterization and secondary sludge dewatering performance of a novel combined aluminum-ferrous-starch flocculant (CAFS)
Peng HL, Zhong SX, Xiang JX, Lin QT, Yao C, Dong JH, Yin GC, Yao K, Zeng SY, Zhong J
346 - 362 Dense gas-liquid-solid flow in a slurry bubble column: Measurements of dynamic characteristics, gas volume fraction and bubble size distribution
Tyagi P, Buwa VV
363 - 373 Effect of humidity on triboelectric charging in a vertically vibrated granular bed: Experiments and modeling
Kolehmainen J, Sippola P, Raitanen O, Ozel A, Boyce CM, Saarenrinne P, Sundaresan S
374 - 383 Analysis of powder rheometry of FT4: Effect of particle shape
Nan WG, Ghadiri M, Wang YS
384 - 389 Constants of explosive limits
Nassimi AM, Jafari M, Farrokhpour H, Keshavarz MH
390 - 401 Continuous liquid extraction from saturated granular materials
Khammar M, Xu YM
402 - 410 Forces on an immersed horizontal slat during starting up a fluidized bed
Liu DP, Zhang SH, Zhang YM, Grace JR
411 - 427 Modeling phase inversion using Cahn-Hilliard equations - Influence of the mobility on the pattern formation dynamics
Manzanarez H, Mericq JP, Guenoun P, Chikina J, Bouyer D
428 - 442 Sorption enhanced steam methane reforming on catalyst-sorbent bifunctional particles: A CFD fluidized bed reactor model
Di Carlo A, Aloisi I, Jand N, Stendardo S, Foscolo PU
443 - 454 Numerical simulation of compression breakage of spherical particle
Chen TL, Fang Q, Wang ZJ, Zhu WJ
455 - 464 Experimental and kinetic analysis of the liquid phase hydrodeoxygenation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-dimethylfuran over carbon-supported nickel catalysts
Gyngazova MS, Negahdar L, Blumenthal LC, Palkovits R
465 - 473 Modelling cometabolic biotransformation of sulfamethoxazole by an enriched ammonia oxidizing bacteria culture
Peng L, Kassotaki E, Liu YW, Sun J, Dai XH, Pijuan M, Rodriguez-Roda I, Buttiglieri G, Ni BJ
474 - 482 The determination of the Henry's Coefficient of reactive gases - An example of CO2 in aqueous solutions of monoethanolamine (MEA)
Li LC, Burns RC, Maeder M, Puxty G, Wang SJ, Yu H
483 - 492 Study of the equilibrium swelling of poly(methyl methacrylate-co-n-butyl methacrylate) immersed in water via MD simulation
Cheng DC, Huang ZX, Ye ZJ, Ren RT, Wang JJ, Huang CS
493 - 506 Real time monitoring of the quiescent suspension copolymerization of vinyl chloride with methyl methacrylate in microreactors - Part 3. A kinetic study by raman spectroscopy and evolution of droplet size
Castor CA, Pontier A, Durand J, Pinto JC, Prat L
507 - 513 Continuous synthesis of Gabapentin with a microreaction system
Huang JP, Sang FN, Luo GS, Xu JH
514 - 524 Model-based optimization of catalyst zoning on SCR-coated particulate filters
Karamitros D, Koltsakis G
525 - 536 On the examination of the Darcy permeability of soft fibrous porous media; new correlations
Zhu ZH, Wang QY, Wu Q
537 - 559 New transshipment type MINLP model for heat exchanger network synthesis
Hong XD, Liao ZW, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR
560 - 569 Oxidation of model soot by NO2 and O-2 in the presence of water vapor
Matarrese R, Castoldi L, Lietti L
570 - 577 Numerical and experimental analysis of Fluid Phase Resonance mixers
Schmalfuss S, Sommerfeld M
578 - 587 Experimental characterization of pressure drop in slender packed bed (1 < D/d < 3)
Guo ZH, Sun ZN, Zhang N, Ding M, Wen JM
588 - 606 Experimental and Computational Investigation of Gas Separation in Adsorbent-coated Microchannels
Pahinkar DG, Garimella S