Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.172 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Heat transfer to a gas from densely packed beds of cylindrical particles
Singhal A, Cloete S, Radl S, Quinta-Ferreira R, Amini S
13 - 22 Thermal analysis of high frequency electromagnetic heating of lossy porous media
Sadeghi A, Hassanzadeh H, Harding TG
23 - 31 Adsorptive desulfurization of heavy naphthenic oil: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
Moreira AM, Brandao HL, Hackbarth FV, Maass D, de Souza AAU, de Souza SMAGU
32 - 41 Controlling the specific growth rate via biomass trend regulation in filamentous fungi bioprocesses
Ehgartner D, Hartmann T, Heinzl S, Frank M, Veiter L, Kager J, Herwig C, Fricke J
42 - 51 Anaerobic degradation of 2-propanol: Laboratory and pilot-scale studies
Vermorel N, San-Valero P, Izquierdo M, Gabaldon C, Penya-Roja JM
52 - 65 Numerical investigation of entropy generation to predict irreversibilities in nanofluid flow within a microchannel: Effects of Brownian diffusion, shear rate and viscosity gradient
Heshmatian S, Bahiraei M
66 - 78 A scale-bridging model for ice particles melting in air
Bansal H, Ghaemi S, Nikrityuk P
79 - 99 DEM numerical investigation of wet particle flow behaviors in multiple-spout fluidized beds
Tang TQ, He YR, Tai T, Wen DS
100 - 106 From core-shell to Janus: Microfluidic preparation and morphology transition of Gas/Oil/Water emulsions
Zhang SB, Ge XH, Geng YH, Luo GS, Chen J, Xu JH
107 - 116 Numerical simulation and experimental study on a deoiling rotary hydrocyclone
Huang L, Deng SS, Chen M, Guan JF
117 - 124 Mean stop paths and diffusion regimes of molecules in one-dimensional zeolite channels
Liu JC, Cheng ZF, Wei J, Zhang QC, Chen X, Cen YH, Li LF
125 - 142 Investigating the effects of hydrodynamics and mixing on mass transfer through the free-surface in stirred tank bioreactors
de Lamotte A, Delafosse A, Calvo S, Delvigne F, Toye D
143 - 157 Numerical modelling and analysis of reactive flow and wormhole formation in fractured carbonate rocks
Liu PY, Yao J, Couples GD, Huang ZQ, Sun H, Ma JS
158 - 168 Scale-up agitation criteria for Trichoderma reesei fermentation
Hardy N, Augier F, Nienow AW, Beal C, Ben Chaabane F
169 - 181 Dynamic modeling of bubble growth in vapor-liquid phase change covering a wide range of superheats and pressures
Wang QG, Gu JP, Li ZH, Yao W
182 - 198 Interaction of a spherical particle with a neutrally buoyant immiscible droplet in salt solution
Gao Y, Mitra S, Wanless EJ, Moreno-Atanasio R, Evans GM
199 - 215 CFD-DEM study of the effect of cyclone arrangements on the gas-solid flow dynamics in the full-loop circulating fluidized bed
Wang S, Luo K, Hu CS, Fan JR
216 - 229 Characteristics of liquid flow in a rotating packed bed for CO2 capture: A CFD analysis
Xie P, Lu XS, Yang X, Ingham D, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
230 - 238 A complex model for the permeability and porosity of porous media
Tan XH, Jiang L, Li XP, Li YY, Zhang K
239 - 249 Semi-analytical solutions for tubular chemical reactors
Rodrigues D, Billeter J, Bonvin D
250 - 261 Numerical study of liquid-liquid mixing in helical pipes
Mansour M, Liu Z, Janiga G, Nigam KDP, Sundmacher K, Thevenin D, Zahringer K
262 - 277 Effects of different factors on sulfur trioxide formations in a coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler
Xiang BX, Shen WF, Zhang M, Yang HR, Lu JF
278 - 285 Dynamics of bubble formation in highly viscous liquids in a flow-focusing device
Zhang C, Fu TT, Zhu CY, Jiang SK, Ma YG, Li HZ
286 - 296 Asymptotic limits on tablet coating variability based on cap-to-band thickness distributions: A discrete element model (DEM) study
Pei CL, Elliott JA
297 - 309 An entropy criterion for the validity of Navier-Stokes order continuum theory for gas-solid flow: Kinetic theory analysis
Zhao BD, Wang J, Wang JW
310 - 322 A recurrence CFD study of heat transfer in a fluidized bed
Lichtenegger T, Peters EAJF, Kuipers JAM, Pirker S
323 - 334 Multi-scale modelling of heat transfer in polyurethane foams
Ferkl P, Toulec M, Laurini E, Pricl S, Fermeglia M, Auffarth S, Eling B, Settels V, Kosek J
335 - 352 An efficient level set remedy approach for simulations of two-phase flow based on sigmoid function
Chai M, Luo K, Shao CX, Fan JR
353 - 369 Study of the effect of condensation and evaporation of water on heat and mass transfer in CO2 absorption column
Putta KR, Svendsen HF, Knuutila HK
370 - 384 Hydrogenation of 2-ethylanthraquinone with monolithic catalysts: An experimental and modeling study
Guo YY, Dai CN, Lei ZG
385 - 394 Influence of recycle streams of C-5/C-6 and C-4 hydrocarbon cuts on the performance of methanol to propylene (PVM) reactors
Kazemi A, Beheshti M, Khalili R
395 - 406 On the internal solids circulation rates in freely-bubbling gas-solid fluidized beds
Medrano JA, Tasdemir M, Gallucci F, Annaland MV
407 - 413 A model for diffusion of water into a swelling particle with a free boundary: Application to a super absorbent polymer
Sweijen T, van Duijn CJ, Hassanizadeh SM
414 - 422 Optimizing sulfur-driven mixotrophic denitrification process: System performance and nitrous oxide emission
Liu YW, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Zhou JL, Peng L, Wang DB, Chen XM, Sun J, Ni BJ
423 - 433 On the effect of dispersed phase viscosity and mean residence time on the droplet size distribution for high-shear mixers
De Hert SC, Rodgers TL
434 - 443 Community-based synthesis of distributed control architectures for integrated process networks
Jogwar SS, Daoutidis P
444 - 452 Diffusion controlled LHHW kinetics. Simultaneous determination of chemical kinetic and equilibrium adsorption constants by using the Weisz-Prater approach
Garcia JR, Bidabehere CM, Sedran U
453 - 462 First, second and nth order autocatalytic kinetics in continuous and discontinuous reactors
Russo V, Salmi T, Mammitzsch F, Jogunola O, Lange R, Warna J, Mikkola JP
463 - 475 A novel simplified multivariate PBE solution method for mass transfer problems
Buffo A, Alopaeus V
476 - 486 Study of bubble dynamics in gas-solid fluidized beds using ultrashort echo time (UTE) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Fabich HT, Sederman AJ, Holland DJ
487 - 502 Modelling of paste ram extrusion subject to liquid phase migration and wall friction
Patel MJ, Blackburn S, Wilson DI
503 - 512 Application of Lattice Boltzmann method to meso-scale modelling of coal devolatilisation
Grucelski A, Pozorski J
513 - 527 Roles of hydrogen sulfide concentration and fuel gas injection on aromatics emission from Claus furnace
Ibrahim S, Rahman RK, Raj A
528 - 544 Nonlinear simulation of miscible displacements with concentration-dependent diffusion coefficient in homogeneous porous media
Yuan QW, Zhou X, Zeng FH, Knorr KD, Imran M
545 - 558 Modelling microbial transport in simulated low-grade heap bioleaching systems: The hydrodynamic dispersion model
Govender-Opitz E, Kotsiopoulos A, Bryan CG, Harrison STL
559 - 570 Modeling the dynamic behavior of industrial fixed bed reactors for the manufacture of maleic anhydride
Lesser D, Mestl G, Turek T
571 - 584 Adaptive just-in-time and relevant vector machine based soft-sensors with adaptive differential evolution algorithms for parameter optimization
Liu YQ
585 - 602 Numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations using the Path Tubes method
Henderson N, Pacheco F, Kischinhevsky M
603 - 611 Capsule equilibrium positions near channel center in Poiseuille flow
He L, Luo ZY, Liu WR, Bai BF
612 - 621 Novel glucose-based adsorbents (Glc-As) with preferential adsorption of ethane over ethylene and high capacity
Ma C, Wang XJ, Wang X, Yuan BQ, Wu YF, Li Z
622 - 635 Flow pattern and power consumption in a vibromixer
Wojtowicz R
636 - 651 Modelling of the flow of ellipsoidal particles in a horizontal rotating drum based on DEM simulation
Ma HQ, Zhao YZ
652 - 666 Segregation dynamics of a binary-size mixture in a three-dimensional rotating drum
Yang SL, Sun YH, Zhang LQ, Chew JW
667 - 676 Numerical simulation of gas jet in liquid crossflow with high mean jet to crossflow velocity ratio
Rek Z, Gregorc J, Bouaifi M, Daniel C
677 - 687 Analysis of particle-laden fluid flows, tortuosity and particle-fluid behaviour in metal foam heat exchangers
Kuruneru STW, Sauret E, Vafai K, Saha SC, Gu YT
688 - 693 Complete removal of carbon monoxide by functional nanoparticles for hydrogen fuel cell application
Choi H, Kim J, Choung SJ, Kim J, Othman MR
694 - 706 Unsteady MHD Falkner-Skan flow of Casson nanofluid with generative/destructive chemical reaction
Ullah I, Shafie S, Makinde OD, Khan I
707 - 721 A dual grid method for the compressible two-fluid model which combines robust flux splitting methodology with high-resolution capturing of incompressible dynamics
Akselsen AH
722 - 730 Calibration of drag models for mesoscale simulation of gas-liquid flow through packed beds
Finn JR, Galvin JE
731 - 743 A freeze-drying microscopy study of the kinetics of sublimation in a model lactose system
Ray P, Rielly CD, Stapley AGF