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1 - 2 The future of multiphase reactor engineering-13th international conference on gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid reactor engineering Preface
Haut B, Cockx A, Debaste F, Delvigne F, Thomas D, Toye D
3 - 15 Analysis of CO2 solubility and absorption heat into 1-dimethylamino-2-propanol solution
Liu HL, Gao HX, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Liang ZW
16 - 25 Reaction kinetics of the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) in aqueous solutions of sterically hindered secondary alkanolamines using the stopped-flow technique
Liu B, Luo X, Gao HX, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Olson W, Liang ZW
26 - 35 Heat duty, heat of absorption, sensible heat and heat of vaporization of 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1-Propanol (AMP), Piperazine (PZ) and Monoethanolamine (MEA) tri-solvent blend for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture
Nwaoha C, Idem R, Supap T, Saiwan C, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Rongwong W, Al-Marri MJ, Benamor A
36 - 47 Kinetics of reaction between CO2 and ionic liquid-carbon dioxide binding organic liquid hybrid systems: Analysis of gas-liquid absorption and stopped flow experiments
Orhan OY, Alper E
48 - 57 Evaluation of the heat duty of catalyst-aided amine-based post combustion CO2 capture
Srisang W, Pouryousefi F, Osei PA, Decardi-Nelson B, Akachuku A, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Idem R
58 - 67 Equilibrium solubility and enthalpy of CO2 absorption in aqueous bis (3-aminopropyl) amine and its mixture with MEA, MDEA, AMP and K2CO3
Mondal BK, Bandyopadhyay SS, Samanta AN
68 - 76 Fast determination of gas-liquid diffusion coefficient by an innovative double approach
Xu FS, Jimenez M, Dietrich N, Hebrard G
77 - 90 Valorisation of CO2 with epoxides: Influence of gas/liquid mass transfer on reaction kinetics
Moreno VC, Ledoux A, Estel L, Derrouiche S, Denieul MP
91 - 97 Experimental investigation into the drag volume fraction correction term for gas-liquid bubbly flows
McClure DD, Kavanagh JM, Fletcher DF, Barton GW
98 - 104 Bubble pinch-off in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
Jiang XF, Zhu CY, Li HZ
105 - 115 Discussion about the differences in mass transfer, bubble motion and surrounding liquid motion between a contaminated system and a clean system based on consideration of three-dimensional wake structure obtained from LIF visualization
Huang J, Saito T
116 - 121 Experimental characterization of multi-component absorption in complex liquid: New method and apparatus
Benizri D, Dietrich N, Hebrard G
122 - 138 Low Kapitza falling liquid films
Mendez MA, Scheid B, Buchlin JM
139 - 153 Settling/rising of a foreign particle in solid-liquid fluidized beds: Application of dynamic mesh technique
Ghatage SV, Khan MS, Peng ZB, Doroodchi E, Moghtaderi B, Padhiyar N, Joshi JB, Evans GM, Mitra S
154 - 175 Interactions in droplet and particle system of near unity size ratio
Mitra S, Evans GM, Doroodchi E, Pareek V, Joshi JB
176 - 183 On nature of mass transfer near liquid-liquid interface in the presence of Marangoni instabilities
Khadamkar HP, Khanwale MA, Sawant SS, Mathpati CS
184 - 194 On the dynamics of instabilities in two-fluid models for bubbly flows
Jareteg K, Strom H, Sasic S, Demaziere C
195 - 203 The relationship between bubble motion and particle flocculation pattern under 20-kHz-ultrasound radiation in water
Muramatsu H, Saito T
204 - 212 A hydrophobic wire mesh for better liquid dispersion in air
Zhang JP, Luo Y, Chu GW, Sang L, Liu Y, Zhang LL, Chen JF
213 - 224 Particle agglomeration studies in a slurry bubble column due to liquid bridging: Effects of particle size and sparger design
Maclntyre S, Hammad A, Pjontek D
225 - 233 Extraction of information and reconstruction entropies from ultrafast X-ray tomography data in a bubble column
Nedeltchev S, Hampel U, Schubert M
234 - 240 Determination of the entropy radial minimum and the various transition velocities in an air-water bubble column
Nedeltchev S, Schubert M
241 - 250 A mesoscale approach for population balance modeling of bubble size distribution in bubble column reactors
Yang N, Xiao Q
251 - 262 Numerical simulation of the bubble column at elevated pressure with a CFD-PBM coupled model
Yang GY, Guo KY, Wang TF
263 - 269 Flow regime transitions in a bubble column
Medjiade WT, Alvaro AR, Schumpe A
270 - 296 The effect of liquid phase properties on bubble column fluid dynamics: Gas holdup, flow regime transition, bubble size distributions and shapes, interfacial areas and foaming phenomena
Besagni G, Inzoli F
297 - 305 Investigations of flow structure and liquid mixing in bubble column equipped with selected internals
George KJH, Jhawar AK, Prakash A
306 - 319 Simulation and experimental validation of reactive bubble column reactors
Hlawitschka MW, Kovats P, Zahringer K, Bart HJ
320 - 331 On the experimental investigation of gas-liquid flow in bubble columns using ultrafast X-ray tomography and radioactive particle tracking
Azizi S, Yadav A, Lau YM, Hampel U, Roy S, Schubert M
332 - 346 Comparative analysis of liquid hydrodynamics in a co-current flow-through bubble column with densely packed internals via radiotracing and Radioactive Particle Tracking (RPT)
Kalaga DV, Yadav A, Goswami S, Bhusare V, Pant HJ, Dalvi SV, Joshi JB, Roy S
347 - 354 Investigation of effective interfacial area in a rotating packed bed with structured stainless steel wire mesh packing
Luo Y, Luo JZ, Chu GW, Zhao ZQ, Arowo M, Chen JF
355 - 364 Modeling and experimental studies of mass transfer in the cavity zone of a rotating packed bed
Sang L, Luo Y, Chu GW, Liu YZ, Liu XZ, Chen JF
365 - 377 3D numerical simulation of a rotating packed bed with structured stainless steel wire mesh packing
Liu Y, Luo Y, Chu GW, Luo JZ, Arowo M, Chen JF
378 - 392 Advanced understanding of local wetting behaviour in gas-liquid-solid packed beds using CFD with a volume of fluid (VOF) method
Du W, Zhang JX, Lu PP, Xu J, Wei WS, He GX, Zhang LF
393 - 399 Oscillations induced by bubble flow in a horizontal cylindrical vessel
Kanai Y, Suzukawa K
400 - 409 Effect of solids on O-2 mass transfer in an oscillatory flow reactor provided with smooth periodic constrictions
Ferreira A, Adesite PO, Teixeira JA, Rocha F
410 - 421 Measurement and simulation of mass transfer and backmixing behavior in a gas-liquid helically coiled tubular reactor
Jokiel M, Wagner LM, Mansour M, Kaiser NM, Zahringer K, Janiga G, Nigam KDP, Thevenin D, Sundmacher K
422 - 436 Investigation of two-phase (oil-water) flow in coiled geometries using "Radioactive Particle Tracking-Time of Flight (RPT-TOF)" and "Radioactive Particle Tracking-Volume Fraction (RPT-VOF)" measurements
Sharma L, Nigam KDP, Roy S
437 - 450 Displacement flows in periodically moving pipe: Understanding multiphase flows hosted in oscillating geometry
Amiri A, Larachi F, Taghavi SM
451 - 463 Volumetric mass transfer coefficient in viscous liquid in mechanically agitated fermenters. Measurement and correlation
Labik L, Moucha T, Petricek R, Rejl JF, Valenz L, Haidl J
464 - 475 Power consumption and mass transfer in a gas-liquid-solid stirred tank reactor with various triple-impeller combinations
Zhang JJ, Gao ZM, Cai YT, Cao HY, Cai ZQ, Bao YY
476 - 490 Electrical resistance tomography for gas holdup in a gas-liquid stirred tank reactor
Sardeshpande MV, Gupta S, Ranade VV
491 - 500 Impact of catalyst density distribution on the fluid dynamics of an ebullated bed operating at high gas holdup conditions
Parisien V, Pjontek D, McKnight CA, Wiens J, Macchi A
501 - 507 Horizontal immersed heater-to-bed heat transfer with layer inversion in gas-liquid-solid fluidized beds of binary solids
Kim JY, Bae JW, Grace JR, Epstein N, Lee DH
508 - 517 Mass transfer studies on catalyst-aided CO2 desorption from CO2-loaded amine solution in a post-combustion CO2 capture plant
Osei PA, Akachuku A, Decardi-Nelson B, Srisang W, Pouryousefi F, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Idem R
518 - 529 A flexible and robust model for low temperature catalytic desorption of CO2 from CO2-loaded amines over solid acid catalysts
Decardi-Nelson B, Akachuku A, Osei P, Srisang W, Pouryousefi F, Idem R
530 - 541 Hybrid electrocoagulation/electroflotation/electrodisinfection process as a pretreatment for seawater desalination
Hakizimana JN, Najid N, Gourich B, Vial C, Stiriba Y, Naja J
542 - 560 Selection of components for formulation of amine blends for post combustion CO2 capture based on the side chain structure of primary, secondary and tertiary amines
Narku-Tetteh J, Muchan P, Saiwan C, Supap T, Idem R
561 - 573 Gas-liquid absorption in industrial cross-flow membrane contactors: Experimental and numerical investigation of the influence of transmembrane pressure on partial wetting
Fougerit V, Pozzobon V, Pareau D, Theoleyre MA, Stambouli M
574 - 582 Screening tests of aqueous alkanolamine solutions based on primary, secondary, and tertiary structure for blended aqueous amine solution selection in post combustion CO2 capture
Muchan P, Saiwan C, Narku-Tetteh J, Idem R, Supap T, Tontiwachwuthikul P
583 - 596 Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid cocurrent upflow in oscillating packed beds for offshore marine applications
Dashliborun AM, Larachi F, Schubert M
597 - 605 Enhanced oxygen delivery to a multiphase continuous bioreactor
Fang S, Todd PW, Hanley TR
606 - 627 Mixing and liquid-to-gas mass transfer under digester operating conditions
Trad Z, Vial C, Fontaine JP, Larroche C
628 - 638 Influence of liquid phase hydrodynamics on biofilm formation on structured packing: Optimization of surfactin production from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Zune Q, Telek S, Calvo S, Salmon T, Alchihab M, Toye D, Delvigne F
639 - 652 Performance evaluation of biogas upgrading by pressurized water scrubbing via modelling and simulation
Wylock CE, Budzianowski WM
653 - 669 Euler-Lagrange analysis towards representative down-scaling of a 22 m(3) aerobic S. cerevisiae fermentation
Haringa C, Deshmukh AT, Mudde RF, Noorman HJ
670 - 676 A new bioreactor design for culturing basidiomycetes: Mycelial biomass production in submerged cultures of Ceriporiopsis subvermispora
Domingos M, de Souza-Cruz PB, Ferraz A, Prata AMR
677 - 693 Biochemical engineering's grand adventure
Noorman HJ, Heijnen JJ
694 - 704 A three-phase Robinson-Mahoney reactor as a tool for intrinsic kinetic measurements: Determination of gas-liquid hold up and volumetric mass transfer coefficient
Lauwaert J, Raghuveer CS, Thybaut JW
705 - 719 Numerical modeling of ferrous iron oxidation in a split-rectangular airlift reactor
Stiriba Y, Gourich B, Vial C
720 - 730 Rheological properties study of foam fracturing fluid using CO2 and surfactant
Li C, Huang YQ, Sun XM, Gao R, Zeng FH, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Liang ZW
731 - 742 CFD modeling of the coke combustion in an industrial FCC regenerator
Amblard B, Singh R, Gbordzoe E, Raynal L
743 - 755 Mechanistic analysis of ultrasound-assisted biodiesel synthesis with Cu2O catalyst and mixed oil feedstock using continuous (packed bed) and batch (slurry) reactors
Malani RS, Patil S, Roy K, Chakma S, Goyal A, Moholkar VS
756 - 766 Kinetic study of nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes in a fixed bed
Sharma A, Dasgupta K, Patwardhan A, Joshi J
767 - 776 Strongly coupled model for the prediction of the performances of an electrochemical reactor
Litrico G, Vieira CB, Askari E, Proulx P
777 - 789 Effect of differential flow schemes on gas-liquid flow and liquid phase mixing in a Basic Oxygen Furnace
Quiyoom A, Golani R, Singh V, Buwa VV
790 - 798 Kinetic modeling for catalytic cracking of pyrolysis oils with VGO in a FCC unit
Naik DV, Karthik V, Kumar V, Prasad B, Garg MO