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1 - 19 A DNS study of flow and heat transfer through slender fixed-bed reactors randomly packed with spherical particles
Das S, Deen NG, Kuipers JAM
20 - 33 Statistical evaluation and discrimination of competing kinetic models and hypothesis for the mathematical description of poly-3(hydroxybutyrate) synthesis by Cupriavidus necator DSM 545
Trigueros DEG, Hinterholz CL, Fiorese ML, Aragao GMF, Schmidell W, Reis MAM, Kroumov AD
34 - 53 Oxygen storage dominated three-way catalyst modeling for fresh catalysts
Bickel J, Odendall B, Eigenberger G, Nieken U
54 - 71 Using chaos analysis for evaluating the quality of F-PIV measurements in a bubble column
de Moura HL, Amaral RD, Forero DIS, de Castilho GJ, Vianna SSV, Mori M
72 - 79 Ultra-stable aqueous foams with multilayer films stabilized by 1-dodecanol, sodium dodecyl sulfonate and polyvinyl alcohol
Du X, Zhao L, He X, Chen H, Fang W, Li WX
80 - 84 Modeling study of gas-liquid mass transfer enhancement by cylindrical catalyst particles
Cheng D, Wang S, Kuipers JAM
85 - 95 Numerical assessment of the effects of carbon deposition and oxidation on chemical looping combustion in a packed-bed reactor
Diglio G, Bareschino P, Mancusi E, Pepe F
96 - 105 LaMO3 perovskites (M=Co, Cu, Fe and Ni) as heterogeneous catalysts for activating peroxymonosulfate in water
Lin KYA, Chen YC, Lin YF
106 - 112 Assessment of polydisperse drag models for the size segregation in a bubbling fluidized bed using discrete particle method
Zhang Y, Zhao YM, Lu LQ, Ge W, Wang JW, Duan CL
113 - 120 An experimental study on the reproducibility of different multilayer OLED materials processed by slot die coating
Raupp SM, Merklein L, Pathak M, Schaffer P, Schabel W
121 - 130 Dynamic allocation of industrial utilities as an optimal stochastic tracking problem
Rivadeneira PS, Munera JAG, Costanza V
131 - 143 Experimental and numerical investigation of single-phase hydrodynamics in glass sponges by means of combined PTV measurements and CFD simulation
Meinicke S, Moller CO, Dietrich B, Schluter M, Wetzel T
144 - 160 Computational Fluid-Dynamic modeling of the pseudo-homogeneous flow regime in large-scale bubble columns
Besagni G, Inzoli F, Ziegenhein T, Lucas D
161 - 170 Application of film theory on the reactions of solid particles with liquids: Shrinking particles with changing liquid films
Salmi T, Russo V, Carletti C, Kilpio T, Tesser R, Murzin D, Westerlund T, Grenman H
171 - 182 Stereo imaging camera model for 3D shape reconstruction of complex crystals and estimation of facet growth kinetics
Zhang R, Ma CY, Liu JJ, Zhang Y, Liu YJ, Wang XZ
183 - 190 Investigating the partial structure of the hydrate film formed at the gas/water interface by Raman spectra
Zeng XY, Zhong JR, Sun YF, Li SL, Chen GJ, Sun CY
191 - 199 The effects of reactor design on the synthesis of titanium carbide-derived carbon
Dutzer MR, Mangarella MC, Schott JA, Dai S, Walton KS
200 - 209 The wound healing assay revisited: A transport phenomena approach
Ascione F, Caserta S, Guido S
210 - 226 Stability and convergence of computational eulerian two-fluid model for a bubble plume
Vaidheeswaran A, de Bertodano ML
227 - 235 Single phase mixing in coiled tubes and coiled flow inverters in different flow regimes
Sharma L, Nigam KDP, Roy S
236 - 244 Thin poly(ether-block-amide)/attapulgite composite membranes with improved CO2 permeance and selectivity for CO2/N-2 and CO2/CH4
Xiang L, Pan YC, Jiang JL, Chen Y, Chen J, Zhang LX, Wang CQ
245 - 253 Molten salt chemical looping for reactive separation of HBr in a halogen-based natural gas conversion process
Upham DC, Snodgrass ZR, Zavareh MT, McConnaughy TB, Gordon MJ, Metiu H, McFarland EW
254 - 268 Coupled autocatalytic reactions: Interconversion and extinction of species
Khot A, Pushpavanam S
269 - 274 An experimental investigation into the behaviour of antifoaming agents
McClure DD, Lamy M, Black L, Kavanagh JM, Barton GW
275 - 280 Characterizing the hydraulic properties of paper coating layer using FIB-SEM tomography and 3D pore-scale modeling
Aslannejad H, Hassanizadeh SM, Raoof A, de Winter DAM, Tomozeiu N, van Genuchten MT
281 - 290 Modelling geometrical and fluid-dynamic aspects of a continuous fluidized bed crystallizer for separation of enantiomers
Mangold M, Khlopov D, Temmel E, Lorenz H, Seidel-Morgenstern A
291 - 303 An equilibrium theory for catalytic steam reforming in membrane reactors
Murmura MA, Cerbelli S, Annesini MC
304 - 312 Development of electrolyte inhibitors in nickel cadmium batteries
Pourabdollah K
313 - 320 A rigorous criterion for approach to cyclic steady-state in PSA simulations
Effendy S, Farooq S, Ruthven DM
321 - 334 An efficient approximate moment method for multi-dimensional population balance models - Application to virus replication in multi-cellular systems
Durr R, Muller T, Duvigneau S, Kienle A
335 - 345 Performance study of heat and mass transfer in an adsorption process by numerical simulation
Cheng D, Peters EAJF, Kuipers JAM
346 - 353 Thermal bed mixing in rotary drums for different operational parameters
Nafsun AI, Herz F, Specht E, Komossa H, Wirtz S, Scherer V, Liu X
354 - 361 The effect of a drainage layer on the saturation of coalescing filters in the filtration process
Chang C, Ji ZL, Liu JL
362 - 369 By-line NMR emulsion droplet sizing
Ling NNA, Haber A, May EF, Fridjonsson EO, Johns ML
370 - 383 A study of integrated experiment design for NMPC applied to the Droop model
Telen D, Houska B, Vallerio M, Logist F, Van Impe J
384 - 395 Modification of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer foam and its application as effective sorbents for clean up of oil spills
Oribayo O, Feng XS, Rempel GL, Pan QM
396 - 418 Mechanistic understanding of non-spherical bacterial attachment and deposition on plant surface structures
Warning AD, Datta AK
419 - 427 Diffusion in sphere and spherical-cavity arrays with interacting gas and surface phases
Mirbagheri M, Hill RJ
428 - 428 Comment on the paper "Thermo-diffusion, diffusion-thermo and chemical reaction effects on MHD flow of viscous fluid in divergent and convergent channels" by Umar Khan, Naveed Ahmed, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din, Chemical Engineering Science 141 (2016) 17-27
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