Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.155 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Nucleation curves of methane - propane mixed gas hydrates in hydrocarbon oil
Maeda N
10 - 15 Inhibiting effects of transition metal salts on methane hydrate stability
Sylva TY, Kinoshita CK, Masutani SM
16 - 26 CFD-PBM simulation of droplets size distribution in rotor-stator mixing devices
Qin CP, Chen C, Xiao Q, Yang N, Yuan CS, Kunkelmann C, Cetinkaya M, Mulheims K
27 - 37 Effect of foam processing parameters on bubble nucleation and growth dynamics in high-pressure foam injection molding
Shaayegan V, Wang GL, Park CB
38 - 44 Gas-liquid mass transfer in a falling film microreactor: Effect of reactor orientation on liquid-side mass transfer coefficient
Lokhat D, Domah AK, Padayachee K, Baboolal A, Ramjugernath D
45 - 64 Experimental and CFD simulations of fluid flow and temperature distribution in a natural circulation driven Passive Moderator Cooling System of an advanced nuclear reactor
Pal E, Kumar M, Nayak AK, Joshi JB
65 - 82 QMOM-based population balance model involving a fractal dimension for the flocculation of latex particles
Vlieghe M, Coufort-Saudejaud C, Line A, Frances C
83 - 98 Mass transfer, gas hold-up and cell cultivation studies in a bottom agitated draft tube reactor and multiple impeller Rushton turbine configuration
Tervasmaki P, Latva-Kokko M, Taskila S, Tanskanen J
99 - 110 Stability analysis of stratified Rayleigh-Benard-Poiseuille convection. Part II: Influence of thermocapillary forces
Fontana E, Mancusi E, de Souza AAU, de Souza SMAGU
111 - 126 Experimental study of the formation and deposition of gas hydrates in non-emulsifying oil and condensate systems
Straume EO, Kakitani C, Merino-Garcia D, Morales REM, Sum AK
127 - 140 Ceramic block packing of Honeycomb type for absorption processes and direct heat transfer
Darakchiev R, Darakchiev S, Dzhonova-Atanasova D, Nakov S
141 - 152 Synthesis of mesoporous materials SBA-16 with different morphologies and their application in dibenzothiophene hydrodesulfurization
Cao ZK, Du P, Duan AJ, Guo R, Zhao Z, Zhang HL, Zheng P, Xu CM, Chen ZT
153 - 166 Methodology for evaluating modular production concepts
Sievers S, Seifert T, Schembecker G, Bramsiepe C
167 - 174 Adsorption of mixed DDA/NaOL surfactants at the air/water interface by molecular dynamics simulations
Wang L, Liu RQ, Hu YH, Sun W
175 - 185 Heterogeneous reactive extraction for isopropyl alcohol liquid phase synthesis: Microkinetics and equilibria
Walter V, Pfeuffer B, Hoffmann U, Turek T, Hoell D, Kunz U
186 - 193 Mean penetration depth of metals in hydrodemetallation catalysts
Sorbier L, Bazer-Bachi F, Moreaud M, Moizan-Basle V
194 - 200 Pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading of low-rank coal using a NiO/MgO-Al2O3 catalyst
Li Y, Amin MN, Lu XM, Li CS, Ren FQ, Zhang SJ
201 - 209 Kinetic investigations of the steam reforming of methanol over a Pt/In2O3/Al2O3 catalyst in microchannels
Wichert M, Zapf R, Ziogas A, Kolb G, Klemm E
210 - 220 Modeling the change in particle size distribution in a gas-solid fluidized bed due to particle attrition using a hybrid artificial neural network-genetic algorithm approach
Farizhandi AAK, Zhao H, Lau R
221 - 232 Experimental and computational study of a high speed pin mixer via PEPT, visualization and CFD
Konz AK, Windhab E
233 - 238 Compromise between minimization and maximization of entropy production in reversible Gray-Scott model
Huang WL, Li JH
239 - 247 Practical designs of membrane contactors and their performances in CO2/CH4 separation
Kim SJ, Park A, Nam SE, Park YI, Lee PS
248 - 257 Nucleation behavior of eszopiclone-butyl acetate solutions from metastable zone widths
Xu SJ, Wang JK, Zhang KK, Wu SG, Liu SY, Li KL, Yu B, Gong JB
258 - 267 Fluid and particle coarsening of drag force for discrete-parcel approach
Ozel A, Kolehmainen J, Radl S, Sundaresan S
268 - 276 Pressure drop across stainless steel fiber sintered felts with honeycombed channels
Deng J, Wan ZP, Cao R
277 - 293 Development of a non-invasive optical technique to study liquid evaporation in gas-solid fluidized beds
Kolkman T, Annaland MV, Kuipers JAM
277 - 293 Development of a non-invasive optical technique to study liquid evaporation in gas-solid fluidized beds
Kolkman T, Annaland MV, Kuipers JAM
294 - 305 Phase equilibrium and formation behaviour of CO2-TBAB semi-clathrate hydrate at low pressures for cold storage air conditioning applications
Wang XL, Dennis M
306 - 313 Experimental study of the contribution of liquid film for liquid-liquid Taylor flow mass transfer in a microchannel
Matsuoka A, Noishiki K, Mae K
314 - 337 Computer virtual experiment on fluidized beds using a coarse-grained discrete particle method-EMMS-DPM
Lu LQ, Xu J, Ge W, Gao GX, Jiang Y, Zhao MC, Liu XH, Li JH
338 - 347 Novel C-PDA adsorbents with high uptake and preferential adsorption of ethane over ethylene
Wang XJ, Wu Y, Zhou X, Xiao J, Xia QB, Wang HH, Li Z
348 - 365 Oxidative destruction of monocyclic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminants in sulfur recovery units
Rahman RK, Ibrahim S, Raj A
366 - 375 Engineered polymeric nanoparticles of Efavirenz: Dissolution enhancement through particle size reduction
Hari BNV, Lu CL, Narayanan N, Wang RR, Zheng YT
376 - 385 Pressure drop study on packings of differently shaped particles in milli-structured channels
Hofmann S, Bufe A, Brenner G, Turek T
386 - 396 Micromixing efficiency of a novel helical tube reactor: CFD prediction and experimental characterization
Luo JZ, Luo Y, Chu GW, Arowo M, Xiang Y, Sun BC, Chen JF
397 - 404 Capacity and absorption rate of tertiary and hindered amines blended with piperazine for CO2 capture
Du Y, Yuan Y, Rochelle GT
405 - 414 Incorporation of 10-hydroxycamptothecin nanocrystals into zein microspheres
Liu GJ, Li SM, Huang YX, Wang HD, Jiang YB
415 - 427 Capillary bundle model for gravitational flow of emulsion through granular media and experimental validation
Blaszczyk MM, Sek JP, Przybysz L
428 - 437 Droplet in droplet: LBM simulation of modulated liquid mixing
Fu YH, Bai L, Zhao SF, Bi KX, Jin Y, Cheng Y
438 - 448 Experimental investigation on pressure drop and heat transfer in metal foam filled tubes under convective boundary condition
Wang H, Guo LJ
449 - 458 Multiscale modeling and experimental analysis of chemical vapor deposited aluminum films: Linking reactor operating conditions with roughness evolution
Aviziotis IG, Cheimarios N, Duguet T, Vahlas C, Boudouvis AG
459 - 468 Euler-Euler simulation of mass-transfer in bubbly flows
Rzehak R, Krepper E
469 - 481 Modeling simultaneous deposition and aggregation of colloids
Lazzari S
482 - 503 Analysis of the state equations of a real gas at high pressures with the virial coefficients obtained from controlled chaotic oscillations
Perez-Polo MF, Perez-Molina M, Varo EF, Chica JG
504 - 523 A new technique for in-situ measurements of bubble characteristics in bubble columns operated in the heterogeneous regime
Raimundo PM, Cartellier A, Beneventi D, Forret A, Augier F
524 - 536 Experimental methodology for study of granular material flow using digital speckle photography
Larsson S, Gustafsson G, Oudich A, Jonsen P, Haggblad HA