Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.153 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for Analyzing microstructure evolution of NaA zeolite membrane in acid water/ethanol solution
Cai XS, Zhang YT, Yin LW, Ding DD, Jing WH, Gu XH
10 - 20 CuO-Fe2O3-CeO2/HZSM-5 bifunctional catalyst Hydrogenated CO2 for enhanced dimethyl ether synthesis
Zhou XH, Su TM, Jiang YX, Qin ZZ, Ji HB, Guo ZH
21 - 33 Multi-objective operation optimization of ethylene cracking furnace based on AMOPSO algorithm
Geng ZQ, Wang Z, Zhu QX, Han YM
34 - 44 Microparticle trajectories in a high-throughput channel for contact-free fractionation by dielectrophoresis
Wang Y, Du F, Pesch GR, Koser J, Baune M, Thoming J
45 - 57 Modelling agglomeration and deposition of gas hydrates in industrial pipelines with combined CFD-PBM technique
Balakin BV, Lo S, Kosinski P, Hoffmann AC
58 - 74 CFD optimization of feedstock injection angle in a FCC riser
Chen S, Fan YP, Yan ZH, Wang W, Liu XH, Lu CX
75 - 86 On fiber behavior in turbulent vertical channel flow
Challabotla NR, Zhao LH, Andersson HI
87 - 92 Structural characteristics of adlayer in heterogeneous catalysis
Sun F, Huang WL, Li JH
93 - 107 Three-dimensional simulation of micrometer-sized droplet impact and penetration into the powder bed
Tan H
108 - 116 Influence of the heating method on the particle characteristics of copper oxide powders synthesized from copper nitrate aqueous solutions
Segawa T, Fukasawa T, Huang AN, Yamada Y, Suzuki M, Fukui K
117 - 128 A novel robust regression model based on functional link least square (FLLS) and its application to modeling complex chemical processes
He YL, Zhu QX
129 - 145 A comprehensive numerical investigation on the hydrodynamics and erosion characteristics in a pressurized fluidized bed with dense immersed tube bundles
Hu CS, Luo K, Yang SL, Wang S, Fan JR
146 - 154 Analogy of absorption and distillation processes. Wetted-wall column study
Rejl FJ, Haidl J, Valenz L, Moucha T, Schultes M
155 - 164 Particle tracking using micro bubbles in bubbly flows
Ziegenhein T, Garcon M, Lucas D
165 - 173 Colloid particle transport in a microcapillary: NMR study of particle and suspending fluid dynamics
Fridjonsson EO, Seymour JD
174 - 187 Describing diffusion in fluid mixtures at elevated pressures by combining the Maxwell-Stefan formulation with an equation of state
Krishna R, van Baten JM
188 - 198 Modelling of a Simulated Moving Bed in case of non-ideal hydrodynamics
Gomes LF, Augier F, Leinekugel-le-Cocq D, Vinkovic I, Simoens S
199 - 211 A liquid distribution model for a column with structured packing under offshore conditions
Son Y, Min K, Lee KS
212 - 220 Extending an equation of state to confined fluids with basis on molecular simulations
Barbosa GD, Travalloni L, Castier M, Tavares FW
221 - 235 Numerical analysis of core-scale methane hydrate dissociation dynamics and multiphase flow in porous media
Chen L, Yamada H, Kanda Y, Lacaille G, Shoji E, Okajima J, Komiya A, Maruyama S
236 - 245 Reduction kinetics of lanthanum ferrite perovskite for the production of synthesis gas by chemical-looping methane reforming
Dai XP, Cheng J, Li ZZ, Liu MZ, Ma YD, Zhang X
246 - 254 Kinetic study of vapor-phase Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime over silicalite-1
Ge C, Li ZK, Chen G, Qin ZF, Li XF, Dou T, Dong M, Chen JG, Wang JG, Fan WB
255 - 269 Breakup dynamics for droplet formation in a flow-focusing device: Rupture position of viscoelastic thread from matrix
Du W, Fu TT, Zhang QD, Zhu CY, Ma YG, Li HZ
270 - 283 Computational minimization of the specific energy demand of large-scale aerobic fermentation processes based on small-scale data
Kreyenschulte D, Emde F, Regestein L, Buchs J
284 - 294 Cellulose acetate nanofiber electrospun on nylon substrate as novel composite matrix for efficient, heat-resistant, air filters
Nicosia A, Keppler T, Muller FA, Vazquez B, Ravegnani F, Monticelli P, Belosi F
295 - 307 Thermodynamic and mass transfer modeling of carbon dioxide absorption into aqueous 2-piperidineethanol
Sherman BJ, Ciftja AF, Rochelle GT
308 - 329 Experimental investigation on modulation of homogeneous and isotropic turbulence in the presence of single particle using time-resolved PIV
Hoque MM, Mitra S, Sathe MJ, Joshi JB, Evans GM
330 - 343 Voronoi analysis of the packings of non-spherical particles
Dong KJ, Wang CC, Yu AB
344 - 353 Interfacial precipitation and clogging in straight capillaries
Pal S, Kulkarni AA
354 - 362 A mathematical model for carbon fixation and nutrient removal by an algal photobioreactor
Al Ketife AMD, Judd S, Znad H
363 - 373 On an efficient hybrid soft and hard sphere collision integration scheme for DEM
Buist KA, Seelen LJH, Deen NG, Padding JT, Kuipers JAM
374 - 381 Direct synthesis of hierarchical USY zeolite for retardation of catalyst deactivation
Liu BY, Xie KH, Oh SC, Sun DL, Fang YX, Xi HX
382 - 393 Simplified volume-averaged models for liquid-liquid dispersions: Correct derivation and comparison with other approaches
Buffo A, De Bona J, Vanni M, Marchisio DL
394 - 410 Recurrence CFD - A novel approach to simulate multiphase flows with strongly separated time scales
Lichtenegger T, Pirker S
411 - 433 The influence of the wall thermal inertia over a single-phase natural convection loop with internally heated fluids
Cammi A, Luzzi L, Pini A
434 - 443 A new method for reconstruction of the structure of micro-packed beds of spherical particles from desktop X-ray microtomography images. Part B. Structure refinement and analysis
Kashani MN, Zivkovic V, Elekaei H, Herrera LF, Affleck K, Biggs MJ