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1 - 8 Laboratory and pilot plant fixed-bed reactors for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Mathematical modeling and experimental investigation
Ermolaev VS, Gryaznov KO, Mitberg EB, Mordkovich VZ, Tretyakov VF
9 - 16 Measurement and kinetic modeling on photoluminescence stability from "trenched" silicon microparticles under continuous excitation
Inasawa S, Yamaguchi Y
17 - 30 Numerical and experimental investigation of induced flow and droplet-droplet interactions in a liquid spray
Pawar S, Padding J, Deen N, Jongsma A, Innings F, Kuipers JAM
31 - 40 Operation and dynamic modeling of a novel integrated anaerobic-aerobic-anoxic reactor for sewage treatment
Plascencia-Jatomea R, Gonzalez I, Gomez J, Monroy O
41 - 58 Emulsion terpolymerization of St/MMA/SuA: Modeling of composition, number of particles and the influence of n-DDM on the molecular weights
Diaz-Ponce JA, Vazquez-Torres H, Martinez-Vera C
59 - 70 Two-phase modelling and simulation of the hydrothermal fractionation of holm oak in a packed bed reactor with hot pressurized water
Cabeza A, Sobron F, Yedro FM, Garcia-Serna J
71 - 85 The influence and optimisation of electrical parameters for enhanced coalescence under pulsed DC electric field in a cylindrical electrostatic coalescer
Yang DH, Xu MH, He LM, Luo XM, Lu YL, Yan HP, Tian CK
86 - 92 Thermodynamic and kinetic study of the dehydration process of CaO/Ca(OH)(2) thermochemical heat storage system with Li doping
Yan J, Zhao CY
93 - 98 12-Molybdophosphoric acid supported on titania: A highly active and selective heterogeneous catalyst for the transesterification of dimethyl carbonate and phenol
Wang SL, Tang RZ, Zhang YZ, Chen T, Wang GY
99 - 109 Study on the characteristics of hydrogen bubble formation and its transport during electrolysis of water
Chandran P, Bakshi S, Chatterjee D
110 - 117 Diffusion of propene in DDR crystals studied by interference microscopy
Lauerer A, Binder T, Haase J, Karger J, Ruthven DM
118 - 127 Qualitative and quantitative insights into multiphase flow in ceramic sponges using X-ray computed tomography
Wallenstein M, Hafen N, Heinzmann H, Schug S, Arlt W, Kind M, Dietrich B
128 - 139 Prediction of sizes and frequencies of nanoliter-sized droplets in cylindrical T-junction microfluidics
Zhang SH, Guivier-Curien C, Veesler S, Candoni N
140 - 152 Taylor flow heat transfer in microchannels-Unification of liquid-liquid and gas-liquid results
Dai ZH, Guo ZY, Fletcher DF, Haynes BS
153 - 163 Colloidal fouling of nanofiltration membranes: A novel transient electrokinetic model and experimental study
Al Mamun MA, Sadrzadeh M, Chatterjee R, Bhattacharjee S, De S
164 - 172 Dynamics of water transport and swelling in human stratum corneum
Li X, Johnson R, Weinstein B, Wilder E, Smith E, Kasting GB
173 - 193 An offset-method for Euler-Lagrange approach
Alobaid F
194 - 202 Effect of metal precursor on Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 synthesized by flame spray pyrolysis for direct DME production
Lee S, Schneider K, Schumann J, Mogalicherla AK, Pfeifer P, Dittmeyer R
203 - 215 A general enhancement factor model for absorption and desorption systems: A CO2 capture case-study
Gaspar J, Fosbol PL
216 - 226 Experimental study of mixing enhancement of viscous liquids in confined impinging jets reactor at low jet Reynolds numbers
Shi ZH, Li WF, Du KJ, Liu HF, Wang FC
227 - 238 Graphene oxide-embedded nanocomposite membrane for solvent resistant nanofiltration with enhanced rejection ability
Ding R, Zhang HQ, Li YF, Wang JT, Shi BB, Mao H, Dang JC, Liu JD
239 - 243 Highly controllable and selective hydroxyalkylation/alkylation of 2-methylfuran with cyclohexanone for synthesis of high-density biofuel
Deng Q, Han PJ, Xu JS, Zou JJ, Wang L, Zhang XW
244 - 255 A noninvasive X-ray technique for determination of liquid holdup in a rotating packed bed
Yang YC, Xiang Y, Chu GW, Zou HK, Luo Y, Arowo M, Chen JF
256 - 265 Hydrodynamics of countercurrent gas-liquid flow in inclined packed beds - A prospect for stretching flooding capacity with small packings
Wongkia A, Larachi F, Assabumrungrat S
266 - 280 Modeling the trajectory of microparticles subjected to dielectrophoresis in a microfluidic device for field flow fractionation
Mathew B, Alazzam A, Abutayeh M, Gawanmeh A, Khashan S
281 - 290 Kinetic modelling of char gasification by accounting for the evolution of the reactive surface area
Zoulalian A, Bounaceur R, Dufour A
291 - 302 Experimental study of the particle deposition characteristics in an entrained flow gasifier
Gong Y, Yu GS, Guo QH, Zhou ZJ, Wang FC, Liu YD
303 - 314 CFD based modeling on chemical looping combustion in a packed bed reactor
Guo XY, Zhu ZP
315 - 323 Liquid culture of microalgae in a photobioreactor (PBR) based on oscillatory baffled reactor (OBR) technology - A feasibility study
Abbott MSR, Brain CM, Harvey AP, Morrison MI, Perez GV
324 - 332 Hydrodynamic study of a novel membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR): Tracer experiments and CFD simulation
Plascencia-Jatomea R, Almazan-Ruiz FJ, Gomez J, Rivero EP, Monroy O, Gonzalez I
333 - 346 The product distribution in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: An extension of the ASF model to describe common deviations
Fortsch D, Pabst K, Gross-Hardt E
347 - 352 Thermodynamic inhibition of 4-methylmorpholine while forming sH hydrate with methane
Park S, Kang H, Lim D, Lee JW, Seo Y, Lee H
353 - 362 Recovery of metals from an acid leachate of spent hydrodesulphurization catalyst using molecular recognition technology
Pinto ISS, Sadeghi SM, Izatt NE, Soares HMVM
363 - 374 Oxygenated hydrocarbons steam reforming over Ni/CeZrGdO2 catalyst: Kinetics and reactor modeling
Bakhtiari M, Abu Zahid M, Ibrahim H, Khan A, Sengupta P, Idem R
375 - 384 Oxidative protein refolding on size exclusion chromatography: From batch single-column to multi-column counter-current continuous processing
Saremirad P, Wood JA, Zhang Y, Ray AK
385 - 395 Production of well dispersible single walled carbon nanotubes via a "floating catalyst"-method
Toni F, Xing HC, Walter J, Strauss V, Nacken TJ, Damm C, Wirth KE, Guldi D, Peukert W
396 - 402 Shape-selective synthesis of para-diethylbenzene over pore-engineered ZSM-5: A kinetic study
Hodala JL, Bhat YS, Halgeri AB, Shanbhag GV
403 - 413 An evaluation of the assumptions of the flamelet model for diesel combustion modeling
Ameen MM, Magi V, Abraham J
414 - 431 Two-dimensional simulation of premixed laminar flame at microscale
Turkeli-Ramadan Z, Sharma RN, Raine RR
432 - 445 Cratering of a particle bed by a subsonic turbulent jet: Effect of particle shape, size and density
LaMarche CQ, Curtis JS
446 - 456 Pore scale modeling of cold-start emissions in foam based catalytic reactors
von Rickenbach J, Lucci F, Eggenschwiler PD, Poulikakos D
457 - 464 Manipulating silver dendritic structures via diffusion and reaction
Yang T, Han YS, Li JH
465 - 472 Design and optimization of a catalytic membrane reactor for the direct synthesis of propylene oxide
Kertalli E, d'Angelo MFN, Schouten JC, Nijhuis TA
473 - 481 Ultrahigh mechanically stable hierarchical mordenite zeolite monolith: Direct binder-/template-free hydrothermal synthesis
Zhang JL, Mao YM, Li J, Wang XC, Xie JY, Zhou Y, Wang J
482 - 498 Application of an advanced coupled EMMS-TFM model to a pilot scale CFB carbonator
Zeneli M, Nikolopoulos A, Nikolopoulos N, Grammelis P, Kakaras E
499 - 509 X-ray tomography-based analysis of transport and reaction in the catalyst coating of a reformer
Naseri AT, Peppley BA, Pharoah JG, Mandal P, Litster S, Abatzoglou N
510 - 515 Cooperative adsorption based kinetics for dichlorobenzene dechlorination over Pd/Fe bimetal
Chen HC, Liu SJ
516 - 523 Selective withdrawal and draining of a viscous liquid under air from a cylindrical tank through a tube imbedded in the liquid
Psihogios J, Benekis V, Hatziavramidis D
524 - 530 Continuous ethanol production from sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate at high temperature with cell recycle and in-situ recovery of ethanol
Kumar S, Dheeran P, Singh SP, Mishra IM, Adhikari DK
531 - 543 Online fault prognosis with relative deviation analysis and vector autoregressive modeling
Zhao CH, Gao FR
544 - 551 Characterization of solid content and distinction between type A and B crystals of TBAB hydrates by Time Domain NMR
Rondeau-Mouro C, Delahaye A, Cambert M, Fournaison L, Mariette F
552 - 565 Modeling the transport and bioreduction of hexavalent chromium in aquifers: Influence of natural organic matter
Thacher R, Hsu L, Ravindran V, Nealson KH, Pirbazari M
566 - 574 Transparent conducting films made of different carbon nanotubes, processed carbon nanotubes, and graphene nanoribbons
Anson-Casaos A, Mis-Fernandez R, Lopez-Alled CM, Almendro-Lopez E, Hernandez-Ferrer J, Gonzalez-Dominguez JM, Martinez MT
575 - 580 Exploration of anionic inhibition of the alpha-carbonic anhydrase from Thiomicrospira crunogena XCL-2 gammaproteobacterium: A potential bio-catalytic agent for industrial CO2 removal
Mahon BP, Bhatt A, Vullo D, Supuran CT, McKenna R
581 - 591 Experiments and modeling of fixed-bed debarking residue pyrolysis: The effect of fuel bed properties on product yields
Boriouchkine A, Sharifi V, Swithenbank J, Jamsa-Jounela SL
592 - 599 Particle Size Distribution and yield control in continuous Plug Flow Crystallizers with recycle
Cogoni G, de Souza BP, Frawley PJ
600 - 606 Monitoring in real time the production of Fe-oxide nanoparticles
Fernandez-Garcia MP, Teixeira JM, Machado P, Leblebici ME, Lopes JCB, Freire C, Araujo JP
607 - 615 Numerical simulation of particle-particle adhesion by dynamic liquid bridge
Kan H, Nakamura H, Watano S
616 - 621 Application of nanoporous graphene membranes in natural gas processing: Molecular simulations of CH4/CO2, CH4/H2S and CH4/N-2 separation
Sun CZ, Wen BY, Bai BF
622 - 633 Entropy generation analysis on cyclone separators with different exit pipe diameters and inlet dimensions
Duan L, Wu XL, Ji ZL, Fang QX
634 - 645 A model to predict the cell density and cell size distribution in nano-cellular foams
Khan I, Adrian D, Costeux S
646 - 654 Enhancing the pre-polymerization coordination of 1-vinylimidazole
Hamilton JR, Abedini A, Zhang ZT, Whitley JW, Bara JE, Turner CH
655 - 662 The dynamic adsorption of different surfactants on droplet formation in coaxial microfluidic devices
Chen Y, Xu JH, Luo GS
663 - 672 Revisiting the reaction kinetics of selective hydrogenation of phenylacetylene over an egg-shell catalyst in excess styrene
Zhou ZM, Hu JW, Zhang R, Li L, Cheng ZM
673 - 684 Dynamic shaping of transport-reaction processes with a combined sliding mode controller and Luenberger-type dynamic observer design
Pourkargar DB, Armaou A
685 - 688 Manipulation of the pore size of clinoptilolite for separation of ethane from ethylene
Farjoo A, Sawada JA, Kuznicki SM
689 - 697 A novel approach to evaluate the elastic impact of spheres on thin plates
Mueller P, Boettcher R, Russell A, Truee M, Tomas J
698 - 705 Incertitude induced by testing a small number of catalytic pellets in fixed beds
Rolland M, Fonte CP
706 - 711 Raman spectroscopic study of CO2 in hydrate cages
Chen LT, Lu HL, Ripmeester JA
712 - 729 Sub-ambient heat exchanger network design including expanders
Fu C, Gundersen T
730 - 740 Kinetic modeling of Escherichia coli and Enterococcus sp. inactivation in wastewater treatment by photo-Fenton and H2O2/UV-vis processes
Rodriguez-Chueca J, Ormad MP, Mosteo R, Ovelleiro JL
741 - 759 A computational study of the interfacial heat or mass transfer in spherical and deformed fluid particles flowing at moderate Re numbers
Cerqueira RFL, Paladino EE, Maliska CR
760 - 771 Online model-based optimization and control for the combined optimal operation and runaway prediction and prevention in (fed-)batch systems
Rossi F, Copelli S, Colombo A, Pirola C, Manenti F
772 - 779 Experimental analysis of a flighted rotary drum to assess the optimum loading
Karali MA, Sunkara KR, Herz F, Specht E
780 - 790 Generalised mathematical model to estimate Zn, Pb, Cd, Ni, Cu, Cr and As release from contaminated estuarine sediment using pH-static leaching tests
Martin-Torre MC, Ruiz G, Galan B, Viguri JR
791 - 809 Numerical simulation of industrial die filling using the discrete element method
Tsunazawa Y, Shigeto Y, Tokoro C, Sakai M
810 - 813 Evaluating upper flammability limit of low hydrocarbon diluted with an inert gas using threshold temperature
Shu GQ, Long B, Tian H, Wei HQ, Liang XY
814 - 826 Customization of an optical probe device and validation of a signal processing procedure to study gas-liquid-solid flows. Application to a three-phase internal-loop gas-lift Bioreactor
Mota A, Ferreira A, Vicente AA, Sechet P, Martins JMF, Teixeira JA, Cartellier A
827 - 833 Microfluidic solvent extraction, stripping, and phase disengagement for high-value platinum chloride solutions
Kriel FH, Holzner G, Grant RA, Woollam S, Ralston J, Priest C