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1 - 8 A nonlinear Cole-Cole model for large-amplitude electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Hernandez-Jaimes C, Vazquez-Arenas J, Vernon-Carter J, Alvarez-Ramirez J
9 - 21 On-line measurement of the real size and shape of crystals in stirred tank crystalliser using non-invasive stereo vision imaging
Zhang R, Ma CY, Liu JJ, Wang XZ
22 - 30 Development of a coalescence model due to turbulence for the population balance equation
Das SK
31 - 39 Effect of solvent addition on bitumen-air bubble attachment in process water
He L, Lin F, Li XG, Xu ZH, Sui H
40 - 58 Nonlinear frequency response analysis of forced periodic operation of non-isothermal CSTR with simultaneous modulation of inlet concentration and inlet temperature
Nikolic D, Seidel-Morgenstern A, Petkovska M
59 - 68 A further catalysis mechanism study on Amberlyst 35 resins application in alkylation desulfurization of gasoline
Wang R, Wan JB, Li YH, Sun HW
69 - 78 Modeling and simulation of soot combustion dynamics in a catalytic diesel particulate filter
Di Sarli V, Di Benedetto A
79 - 90 New insights into fabrication of hydrophobic/hydrophilic composite hollow fibers for direct contact membrane distillation
Zhu JM, Jiang LY, Matsuura T
91 - 105 Formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Claus process from contaminants in H2S feed gas
Mohammed S, Raj A, Al Shoaibi A, Sivashanmugam P
106 - 118 Operating optimality assessment and nonoptimal cause identification for non-Gaussian multimode processes with transitions
Liu Y, Wang FL, Chang YQ, Ma RC
119 - 130 Preparation of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles for pharmaceutical applications using glass capillary microfluidics
Othman R, Vladisavljevic GT, Nagy ZK
131 - 139 PSF hollow fiber membrane fabricated from PSF-HBPE-PEG400-DMAc dope solutions via reverse thermally induced phase separation (RTIPS) process
Zhao LB, Liu M, Xu ZL, Wei YM, Xu MX
140 - 151 Ensemble local kernel learning for online prediction of distributed product outputs in chemical processes
Liu Y, Zhang ZJ, Chen JH
152 - 160 From the design to the development of a continuous fixed bed photoreactor for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in wastewater
Vaiano V, Sacco O, Pisano D, Sannino D, Ciambelli P
161 - 169 Effect of heating rate on the accuracy of measuring equilibrium conditions for methane and argon hydrates
Semenov AP, Medvedev VI, Gushchin PA, Yakushev VS
170 - 177 Screening of desulfurization adsorbent in metal-organic frameworks: A classical density functional approach
Liu Y, Guo FY, Hu J, Zhao SL, Liu HL, Hu Y
178 - 187 The method for steady states determination in tubular biofilm reactors
Skoneczny S, Tabis B
188 - 204 Rigorous modeling of CO2 absorption and chemisorption: The influence of bubble coalescence and breakage
Gruber MC, Radl S, Khinast JG
205 - 215 Shear dispersion in combined pressure-driven and electro-osmotic flows in a channel with porous walls
Dejam M, Hassanzadeh H, Chen ZX
216 - 234 Modelling of coffee extraction during brewing using multiscale methods: An experimentally validated model
Moroney KM, Lee WT, O'Brien SBG, Suijver F, Marra J
235 - 242 Predicting and eliminating Joule heating constraints in large dielectrophoretic IDE separators
Wang Y, Du F, Baune M, Thoming J
243 - 253 Airlift bioreactor for biological applications with microbubble mediated transport processes
AL-Mashhadani MKH, Wilkinson SJ, Zimmerman WB
254 - 267 CaCO3 calcination by the simultaneous reduction of CuO in a Ca/Cu chemical looping process
Alarcon JM, Fernandez JR
268 - 275 Iron-chloride ionic liquid immobilized on SBA-15 for solvent-free oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde with H2O2
Cang RB, Lu B, Li XP, Niu R, Zhao JX, Cai QH
276 - 286 A comparative study of Rh and Ni coated microchannel reactor for steam methane reforming using CFD with detailed chemistry
Cao CX, Zhang N, Chen X, Cheng Y
287 - 292 Study of gas hydrate metastability and its decay for hydrate samples containing unreacted supercooled liquid water below the ice melting point using pulse NMR
Madygulov MS, Nesterov AN, Reshetnikov AM, Vlasov VA, Zavodovsky AG
293 - 300 Transient effectiveness factors in the dynamic analysis of heterogeneous reactors with porous catalyst particles
Bidabehere CM, Garcia JR, Sedran U
301 - 307 Production of formic acid from CO2 reduction by means of potassium borohydride at ambient conditions
Fletcher C, Jiang YJ, Amal R
308 - 319 A molecular dynamics study of water vapor nucleation in the presence of ions
Zhang C, Wang YS, Liu YW, Yang Y
320 - 337 Pressure drop in flow across ceramic foams-A numerical and experimental study
Regulski W, Szumbarski J, Laniewski-Wollk L, Gumowski K, Skibinski J, Wichrowski M, Wejrzanowski T
338 - 351 Mass-count plots for crystal size control
Griffin DJ, Grover MA, Kawajiri Y, Rousseau RW
352 - 363 Linear general rate model of chromatography for core-shell particles: Analytical solutions and moment analysis
Qamar S, Abbasi JN, Mehwish A, Seidel-Morgenstern A
364 - 372 A catalytic hollow fibre membrane reactor for combined steam methane reforming and water gas shift reaction
Gil AG, Wu ZT, Chadwick D, Li K
373 - 383 Heat transfer and fluid flow analysis of a 4 kW solar thermochemical reactor for ceria redox cycling
Furler P, Steinfeld A
384 - 397 Feature of acoustic sound signals involved in vapor bubble condensation and its application in identification of condensation regimes
Tang JG, Yan CQ, Sun LC
398 - 403 Biomolecular interactions control the shape of stains from drying droplets of complex fluids
Hurth C, Bhardwaj R, Andalib S, Frankiewicz C, Dobos A, Attinger D, Zenhausern F
404 - 411 Proton transfer mechanism of 1,3,5-tri(2-benzimidazolyl) benzene with a unique triple-stranded hydrogen bond network as studied by DFT-MD simulations
Nimmanpipug P, Laosombat T, Lee VS, Vannarat S, Chirachanchai S, Yana J, Tashiro K
412 - 422 Breakup morphology of annular liquid sheet with an inner round air stream
Zhao H, Xu JL, Wu JH, Li WF, Liu HF
423 - 435 Model-based cost optimization of a reaction-separation integrated process for the enzymatic production of the rare sugar D-psicose at elevated temperatures
Wagner N, Bosshart A, Wahler S, Failmezger J, Panke S, Bechtold M
436 - 446 New methods for flow regime identification in bubble columns and fluidized beds
Nedeltchev S
447 - 457 A new approach for determination of single component gas hydrate formation kinetics in the absence or presence of kinetic promoters
ZareNezhad B, Mottahedin M, Varaminian F
458 - 465 Effect of chemical structure of organics on pore wetting
Li X, Fan H, Fan X
466 - 475 Experimental investigation of process stability of continuous spray fluidized bed layering with external product separation
Schmidt M, Rieck C, Buck A, Tsotsas E
476 - 486 Simulation of gas-liquid flow in a helical static mixer
Zidouni F, Krepper E, Rzehak R, Rabha S, Schubert M, Hampel U
487 - 503 Towards efficient and inherently safer continuous reactor alternatives to batch-wise processing of fine chemicals: CSTR nonlinear dynamics analysis of alkylpyridines N-oxidation
Cui X, Mannan MS, Wilhite BA
504 - 514 Large-scale synthesis of ZIF-67 and highly efficient carbon capture using a ZIF-67/glycol-2-methylimidazole slurry
Pan Y, Li H, Zhang XX, Zhang Z, Tong XS, Jia CZ, Liu B, Sun CY, Yang LY, Chen GJ
515 - 524 Modeling carbon dioxide transport in PDMS-based microfluidic cell culture devices
Maki AJ, Peltokangas M, Kreutzer J, Auvinen S, Kallio P
525 - 531 Adsorption properties and performance of CPO-27-Ni/alginate spheres during multicycle pressure-vacuum-swing adsorption (PVSA) CO2 capture in the presence of moisture
Dasgupta S, Divekar S, Aarti, Spjelkavik AI, Didriksen T, Nanoti A, Blom R
532 - 540 BaxSr1-xO/MgO nano-composite sorbents for tuning the transition pressure of oxygen: Application to air separation
Jung T, Na JG, Cho DW, Park JH, Yang RT
541 - 547 An empirical correlation of the longitudinal and transverse dispersion coefficients for flow through random particle packs
Yan XH, Li L, Wang QW
548 - 555 Dynamics of biconcave vesicles in a confined shear flow
Luo ZY, Bai BF
556 - 571 Population balance modeling of full two-dimensional molecular weight and branching distributions for ldPE with topological scission in continuous stirred tank reactor
Yaghini N, Iedema PD
572 - 582 An extended corresponding states equation of state (EoS) for CCS industry
Ibrahim M, Skaugen G, Ertesvag IS
583 - 589 The fastest capillary penetration of power-law fluids
Shou DH, Fan JT
590 - 600 The collision efficiency of liquid bridge agglomeration
Balakin BV, Kutsenko KV, Layrukhin AA, Kosinski P
601 - 612 Adiabatic reactor network synthesis using coupled genetic algorithm with quasi linear programming method
Soltani H, Shafiei S
613 - 625 Robust design of optimal solvents for chemical reactions-A combined experimental and computational strategy
Zhou T, Lyu ZX, Qi ZW, Sundmacher K
626 - 630 Nano-film modification of collagen hydrogels for controlled growth factor release
Choi M, Chung JH, Cho YH, Hong BY, Hong JK
631 - 645 Sub-ambient heat exchanger network design including compressors
Fu C, Gundersen T
646 - 655 3D CFD simulation of a circulating fluidized bed with on-line adjustment of mechanical valve
Liu CF, Zhao MZ, Wang W, Li JH
656 - 664 Experimental and modeling study on the phase equilibria for hydrates of gas mixtures in TBAB solution
Liao ZX, Guo XQ, Li Q, Sun Q, Li J, Yang LY, Liu AX, Chen GJ, Zuo JLY
665 - 676 Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid cocurrent downflow in floating packed beds
Dashliborun AM, Larachi F
677 - 684 Mathematical modeling of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactors: Simultaneous accounting for hydrodynamics and bio-dynamics
Chen Y, He J, Mu Y, Huo YC, Zhang Z, Kotsopoulos TA, Zeng RJ
685 - 696 Numerical modeling of carbon dioxide chemisorption in sodium hydroxide solution in a micro-structured bubble column
Jain D, Kuipers JAM, Deen NG
697 - 711 Kinetic modeling and optimization of carbon dioxide fixation using microalgae cultivated in oil-sands process water
Kasiri S, Ulrich A, Prasad V
712 - 721 Design aspects of UV/H2O2 reactors
Wols BA, Harmsen DJH, van Remmen T, Beerendonk EF, Hofman-Caris CHM
722 - 729 Autohydrolysis: A promising pretreatment for the improvement of acetone, butanol, and ethanol production from woody materials
Amiri H, Karimi K
730 - 739 Effect of temperature jump on forced convective transport of nanofluids in the continuum flow and slip flow regimes
Yang C, Wang Q, Nakayama A, Qiu T
740 - 751 1-Butanol dehydration in microchannel reactor: Kinetics and reactor modeling
Khan Y, Mann M, Karinen R, Lehtonen J, Kanervo J
752 - 767 Comparison of specific energy dissipation rate calculation methodologies utilising 2D PIV velocity measurement
Hogue MM, Sathe MJ, Mitra S, Joshi JB, Evans GM
768 - 785 The thermodynamics and biodegradability of chelating agents upon metal extraction
Chauhan G, Stein M, Seidel-Morgenstern A, Pant KK, Nigam KDP
786 - 795 Highly permeable macroporous polymers via controlled agitation of emulsion templates
Tebboth M, Kogelbauer A, Bismarck A
796 - 806 Sequential Bayesian adaptive Monte Carlo model discrimination framework with application to chemical kinetics
Masoumi S, Reilly PM, Duever TA
807 - 815 Prerequisites for kinetic modeling of TPD data of porous catalysts-Exemplified by toluene/H-ZSM-5 system
Kanervo JM, Kouva S, Kanervo KJ, Kolvenbach R, Jentys A, Lercher JA
816 - 827 Kinetic modeling of protein PEGylation
Pfister D, Bourgeaux E, Morbidelli M
828 - 836 On speeding up stochastic simulations by parallelization of random number generation
Shu CC, Iran V, Binagia J, Ramkrishna D
837 - 851 Enhancement of mixing by different baffle arrays in cavity flows
Xu BP, Kuang TQ, Yu HW, Wang MG, Turng LS
852 - 861 Discrete element method prediction of particle curtain properties
Goetsch RJ, Regele JD
862 - 874 Large eddy simulation of passive scalar transport in a high Schmidt number turbulent incompressible wake with experimental validation
Jansen KM, Kong B, Fox RO, Hill JC, Olsen MG
875 - 883 Experimental approach to evaluate the influence of characteristic length on the dynamics of biphasic flow in vacuum impregnation
Carciofi BAM, Teleken JT, Bertelli VZ, Prat M, Laurindo JB
884 - 895 A computational study of short-range surface-directed phase separation in polymer blends under a linear temperature gradient
Tabatabaieyazdi M, Chan PK, Wu JN
896 - 903 Effects of different anionic surfactants on methane hydrate formation
Wang F, Jia ZZ, Luo SJ, Fu SF, Wang L, Shi XS, Wang CS, Guo RB
904 - 913 Cs ion exchange by a potassium nickel hexacyanoferrate loaded on a granular support
Michel C, Barre Y, de Dieuleveult C, Grandjean A, De Windt L
914 - 937 A mathematical modeling study of the influence of small amounts of KCl solution tracers on mixing in water and residence time distribution of tracers in a continuous flow reactor-metallurgical tundish
Chen C, Jonsson LTI, Tilliander A, Cheng GG, Jonsson PG
938 - 946 An experimental study on the formation behavior of single and binary hydrates of TBAB, TBAF and TBPB for cold storage air conditioning applications
Wang XL, Dennis M
947 - 954 Synthesis and evaluation of straight and bead-free nanofibers for improved aerosol filtration
Balgis R, Kartikowati CW, Ogi T, Gradon L, Bao L, Seki K, Okuyama K
955 - 963 Decreasing costs of distillation columns with vapor feeds
Wankat PC
964 - 976 Optimal design of adsorbents for NORM removal from produced water in natural gas fracking. Part 1: Group contribution method for adsorption
Benavides PT, Diwekar U
977 - 985 Optimal design of adsorbents for NORM removal from produced water in natural gas fracking. Part 2: CAMD for adsorption of radium and barium
Benavides PT, Gebreslassie BH, Diwekar UM
986 - 1004 Feasibility and flexibility analysis of black-box processes Part 1: Surrogate-based feasibility analysis
Rogers A, Ierapetritou M
1005 - 1013 Feasibility and flexibility analysis of black-box processes part 2: Surrogate-based flexibility analysis
Rogers A, Ierapetritou M
1014 - 1023 Laminar mixing in a SMX static mixer evaluated by positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Mihailova O, Lim V, McCarthy MJ, McCarthy KL, Bakalis S
1024 - 1033 Laminar mixing of miscible fluids in a SMX mixer evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Lim V, Hobby AM, McCarthy MJ, McCarthy KL