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1 - 11 Absolute and convective instabilities in double-diffusive two-fluid flow in a slippery channel
Ghosh S, Usha R, Sahu KC
12 - 22 Transient rotating electromagnetohydrodynamic micropumps between two infinite microparallel plates
Jian YJ, Si DQ, Chang L, Liu QS
23 - 35 Bayesian improved model migration methodology for fast process modeling by incorporating prior information
Luo LK, Yao Y, Gao FR
36 - 43 Dihydroxyacetone crystallization: Process, environmental, health and safety criteria application for solvent selection
Martinez-Gallegos JF, Burgos-Cara A, Caparros-Salvador F, Luzon-Gonzalez G, Fernandez-Serrano M
44 - 56 Analysis of water-using networks with multiple contaminants involving regeneration recycling
Li AH, Yang YZ, Liu ZY
57 - 66 Fully coupled TFM-DEM simulations to study the motion of fuel particles in a fluidized bed
Hernandez-Jimenez F, Garcia-Gutierrez LM, Soria-Verdugo A, Acosta-Iborra A
67 - 75 Experimental study on oscillation behaviors in T-jets reactor with excitation
Tu GY, Li WF, Qian WW, Shi ZH, Liu HF, Wang FC
76 - 85 Numerical and experimental investigation of dripping and jetting flow in a coaxial micro-channel
Lan WJ, Li SW, Luo GS
86 - 95 Single stage H-2 production, purification and heat supply by means of sorption-enhanced steam reforming of glycerol. A thermodynamic analysis
Wess R, Nores-Pondal F, Laborde M, Giunta P
96 - 107 Visual investigation on the interface morphology of Taylor bubble and the characteristics of two-phase flow in mini-channel
Lu Q, Chen DQ, Wang QH
108 - 118 Upscaling solute concentration transport equations of countercurrent dialyzer systems
Yang C, Wang QL, Guo JD, Nakayama A, Qiu T
119 - 128 Split of two-phase plug flow with elongated bubbles at a microscale branching T-junction
Kim S, Lee SY
129 - 137 Influence of fluid-mechanical parameters on volumetric mass transfer coefficient in a spout-fluid bed with a draft tube
Knezevic M, Povrenovic D
138 - 152 Electrogenerated bubbles induced convection in narrow vertical cells: Ply measurements and Euler-Lagrange CFD simulation
Hreiz R, Abdelouahed L, Funfschilling D, Lapicque F
153 - 168 Characterization of oil-water two-phase pipe flow with a combined conductivity/capacitance sensor and wavelet analysis
Tan C, Li PF, Dai W, Dong F
169 - 177 Initial reaction between CaO and SO2 under carbonating and non-carbonating conditions
Rasmussen MH, Wedel S, Pedersen KH, Illerup JB, Dam-Johansen K
178 - 195 Ageing of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes under long-term exposures to alkaline and acidic cleaning solutions
Anton E, Alvarez JR, Palacio L, Pradanos P, Hernandez A, Pihlajamaki A, Luque S
196 - 204 Mechanism and kinetics of titanium hydrolysis in concentrated titanyl sulfate solution based on infrared and Raman spectra
Wang WJ, Liu YH, Xue TY, Li J, Chen DS, Qi T
205 - 216 Bubble coalescence: Effect of bubble approach velocity and liquid viscosity
Orvalho S, Ruzicka MC, Olivieri G, Marzocchella A
217 - 221 Theoretical investigations of sp-sp(2) hybridized capped graphyne nanotubes
Gong J, Tang YQ, Yang HY, Yang P
222 - 229 Image analysis of X-ray tomograms of sludge during convective drying in a pilot-scale fixed bed
Li J, Plougonven E, Fraikin L, Salmon T, Toye D, Leonard A
230 - 237 Kinetic and reaction pathway of upgrading asphaltene in supercritical water
Li N, Yan B, Xiao XM
238 - 250 Hydrodynamic study of a Two-Section Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor with an immersed tube bank via PIV/DIA
Julian I, Gallucci F, Annaland MV, Herguido J, Menendez M
251 - 259 Taylor-Aris dispersion induced by axial variation in velocity profile in patterned microchannels
Bhaumik SK, Kannan A, DasGupta S
260 - 268 Thickening properties of several NCO-functionalized cellulose derivatives in castor oil
Gallego R, Arteaga JF, Valencia C, Franco JM
269 - 286 Comparison of numerical approaches to model FCC particles in gas-solid bubbling fluidized bed
Vashisth S, Motlagh AHA, Tebianian S, Salcudean M, Grace JR
287 - 296 Determining the solute-solid interactions in phytoextraction
Dreisewerd B, Merz J, Schembecker G
297 - 307 Designing thickeners by matching hindered settling and gelled suspension zones in the presence of aggregate densification
Zhang Y, Grassia P, Martin A, Usher SP, Scales PJ
308 - 311 How to estimate added mass of a spherical cap body: Two approaches
Ruzicka MC, Simcik M, Puncochar M
312 - 323 Cross-validation of 3D particle tracking velocimetry for the study of granular flows down rotating chutes
Shirsath SS, Padding JT, Clercx HJH, Kuipers JAM
324 - 339 Experimental characterization of vertical downward two-phase annular flows using Wire-Mesh Sensor
Vieira RE, Parsi M, McLaury BS, Shirazi SA, Torres CF, Schleicher E, Hampel U
340 - 347 Synergistic performance between oxidizability and acidity/texture properties for 1,2-dichloroethane oxidation over (Ce,Cr)(x)O-2/zeolite catalysts
Yang P, Shi ZN, Tao F, Yang SS, Zhou RX
348 - 359 Drag and turbulence modelling for free surface flows within the two-fluid Euler-Euler framework
Porombka P, Hohne T
360 - 366 Na2SO4 center dot 10H(2)O dehydration in view of thermal storage
Donkers PAJ, Linnow K, Pel L, Steiger M, Adan OCG
367 - 373 Precise kinetic measurements and spatial uniformity of catalytic beds
Pietrzyk SM, Redekop EA, Yablonsky GS, Marin GB
374 - 384 Catalytic performance of cobalt-silica catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Effects of reaction rates on efficiency of liquid synthesis
Moazami N, Mahmoudi H, Rahbar K, Panahifar P, Tsolakis A, Wyszynski ML
385 - 398 Simultaneous heat integrated resource allocation network targeting for total annual cost considering non-isothermal mixing
Ghazouani S, Zoughaib A, Pelloux-Prayer S
399 - 413 Influence of wall friction on flow regimes and scale-up of counter-current swirl spray dryers
Francia V, Martin L, Bayly AE, Simmons MJH
414 - 422 Modeling and control of ibuprofen crystal growth and size distribution
Nayhouse M, Tran A, Kwon JSI, Crose M, Orkoulas G, Christofides PD
423 - 432 An efficient computational scheme for building operating maps for a flow reversal reactor
Jia Z, Hayes RE
433 - 447 Investigation of gas-solids flow characteristics in a circulating fluidized bed with annular combustion chamber by pressure measurements and CPFD simulation
Qiu GZ, Ye JM, Wang HG
448 - 456 Design and modeling of large-scale cross-current multichannel Fischer-Tropsch reactor using channel decomposition and cell-coupling method
Park S, Jung I, Lee U, Na J, Kshetrimayum KS, Lee Y, Lee CJ, Han C
457 - 466 Euler-Lagrange approach to model heterogeneities in stirred tank bioreactors - Comparison to experimental flow characterization and particle tracking
Delafosse A, Calvo S, Collignon ML, Delvigne F, Crine M, Toye D
467 - 476 Real-time optimization based on SCFO for gold cyanidation leaching process
Zhang J, Mao ZZ, Jia RD
477 - 488 CFD study of exit effect of high-density CFB risers with EMMS-based two-fluid model
Zhao BD, Zhou Q, Wang JW, Li JH
489 - 495 Study on mass transfer of droplets in narrow space
Hu HY, Lee J, Wang M, Xu N, Chen H, Duan QN, Wang LP
496 - 503 Effect of operating variables on synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in fluidized beds
Jeong SW, Kim J, Lee DH
504 - 509 A mechanistic model for uridine 5'-monophosphate nucleotide synthesis
Rao NNS, Deshpande PA
510 - 520 Effect of viscosity contrast on plume formation in density stratified fluids
Nipin L, Tomar G
521 - 530 Visual study of liquid flow in a rotor-stator reactor
Li YW, Wang SW, Sun BC, Arowo M, Zou HK, Chen JF, Shao L
531 - 548 Three-dimensional simulation of gas-solid-liquid flows using the DEM-VOF method
Sun XS, Sakai M
549 - 554 Chemically modified polysulfone membrane containing palladium nanoparticles: Preparation, characterization and application as an efficient catalytic membrane for Suzuki reaction
Fayyazi F, Feijani EA, Mahdavi H
555 - 562 Effect of the temperature on the structural and textural properties of a compressed K-vermiculite
Balima F, Nguyen AN, Reinert L, Le Floch S, Pischedda V, Duclaux L, San-Miguel A
563 - 571 Modeling of microreactors for ethylene epoxidation and total oxidation
Russo V, Kilpio T, Carucci JH, Di Serio M, Salmi TO
572 - 580 Highly efficient hydrogen evolution catalysis by MoS2-MoN/carbonitride composites derived from tetrathiomolybdate/polymer hybrids
Dai XP, Du KL, Li ZZ, Sun H, Yang Y, Zhang X, Li XS, Wang H
581 - 598 The internal loads, moments, and stresses in rod-like particles in a low-speed, vertical axis mixer
Hua X, Curtis J, Guo Y, Hancock B, Ketterhagen W, Wassgren C
599 - 604 Direct velocity imaging by magnetic resonance in a static mixer model produced using stereo lithography
Herold H, Hardy EH, Brodhagen A, Muller C, Nestle N
605 - 618 Embedded multiple shooting methodology in a genetic algorithm framework for parameter estimation and state identification of complex systems
Sarode KD, Kumar VR, Kulkarni BD
619 - 631 Model-assisted analysis of fluidized bed chemical-looping reactors
Zhou ZQ, Han L, Bollas GM
632 - 647 The effect of chemical reaction on the onset of gravitational instabilities in a fluid saturated within a vertical Hele-Shaw cell: Theoretical and numerical studies
Kim MC, Kim YH
648 - 662 Analysis and modelling of bead contacts in wet-operating stirred media and planetary ball mills with CFD-DEM simulations
Beinert S, Fragniere G, Schilde C, Kwade A
663 - 670 Deactivation study of a heteropolyacid catalyst for glycerol dehydration to form acrolein
Martinuzzi I, Azizi Y, Zahraa O, Leclerc JP
671 - 680 A novel membrane distillation response technology for nucleation detection, metastable zone width measurement and analysis
Jiang XB, Ruan XH, Xiao W, Lu DP, He GH
681 - 693 Kinetics of ethanol hydrochlorination over gamma-Al2O3 in a microstructured reactor
Schmidt SA, Balme Q, Gemo N, Kumar N, Eranen K, Murzin DY, Salmi T
694 - 707 Flamelet/progress variable modeling of partial oxidation systems: From laboratory flames to pilot-scale reactors
Vascellari M, Xu HB, Hartl S, Hunger F, Hasse C
708 - 720 Kinetic-free selectivity control of chemical reactions leading to nonvolatile products
Maestri F, Rota R
721 - 726 Remote control of reaction rate by radiofrequency heating of composite catalyst pellets
Zadrazil A, Stepanek F
727 - 736 Influence of gas sweep on methane recovery from hydrate-bearing sediments
Wang XH, Sun CY, Chen GJ, He YN, Sun YF, Wang YF, Li N, Zhang XX, Liu B, Yang LY
737 - 745 Numerical study on biomass model compound gasification in a supercritical water fluidized bed reactor
Su XH, Jin H, Guo SM, Guo LJ
746 - 757 Heat transfer enhancement in three-start spirally corrugated tube: Experimental and numerical study
Kareem ZS, Abdullah S, Lazim TM, Jaafar MNM, Wahid AFA
758 - 766 Kinetics of synthesis of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers from paraformaldehyde and dimethoxymethane catalyzed by ion-exchange resin
Zheng YY, Tang Q, Wang TF, Wang JF
767 - 773 Effect of inlet pressure and temperature on density wave oscillations in a horizontal channel
Dorao CA
774 - 783 Effect of mill type on the size reduction and phase transformation of gamma alumina
Chauruka SR, Hassanpour A, Brydson R, Roberts KJ, Ghadiri M, Stitt H
784 - 799 A new slurry bubble column reactor for diesel fuel
Gidaspow D, He YT, Chandra V
800 - 812 Theoretical study of self-ignition and quenching limits in a catalytic micro-structured burner and their sensitivity analysis
Zimont VL
813 - 822 Effect of surfactant SDS on DMSO transport across water/hexane interface by molecular dynamics simulation
Hu YF, Lv WJ, Zhao SL, Shang YZ, Wang HL, Liu HL
823 - 833 Influence of substrate nature and beta-lactoglobulin on cleanability after soiling by suspension spraying and drying
Toure Y, Sindic M, Dupont-Gillain CC, Matagne A, Rouxhet PG
834 - 849 Coupled three dimensional DEM-CFD simulation of a lime shaft kiln-Calcination, particle movement and gas phase flow field
Krause B, Liedmann B, Wiese J, Wirtz S, Scherer V
850 - 860 Solution strategies to the stochastic design of mineral flotation plants
Jamett N, Cisternas LA, Vielma JP
861 - 879 Co-rotating twin-screw extruders: Detailed analysis of conveying elements based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics. Part 1: Hydrodynamics
Eitzlmayr A, Khinast J
880 - 886 Co-rotating twin-screw extruders: Detailed analysis of conveying elements based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics. Part 2: Mixing
Eitzlmayr A, Khinast J
887 - 890 Fundamental equation of state for ethylene oxide based on a hybrid dataset (vol 121, pg 87, 2015)
Thol M, Rutkai G, Koster A, Kortmann M, Span R, Vrabec J