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1 - 12 Kinetics of CO2 absorption by aqueous N,N-diethylethanolamine solutions: Literature review, experimental results and modelling
Monteiro JGMS, Knuutila H, Penders-van Elk NJMC, Versteeg G, Svendsen HF
13 - 24 Investigation of CaO-CO2 reaction kinetics by in-situ XRD using synchrotron radiation
Biasin A, Segre CU, Salviulo G, Zorzi F, Strumendo M
25 - 30 Phase separation of a microsized powder mixture of Si and SiC by Cu-Si alloying
Li JC, Huang K, Zhu HM
31 - 39 Optimization of CO2 fixation by Chlorella kessleri using response surface methodology
Kasiri S, Abdulsalam S, Ulrich A, Prasad V
40 - 51 Effects of pore size distribution and coordination number on the prediction of filtration coefficients for straining from percolation theory
Ding BB, Li CL, Zhang M, Ji F, Dong XQ
52 - 59 Modeling of CO2-assisted liquid phase oxidation of para-xylene catalyzed by transition metals/bromide
Shang JP, Sun WZ, Zhao L, Yuan WK
60 - 71 Liquid-liquid mixing enhancement rules by microbubbles in three typical micro-mixers
Lin XY, Wang K, Zhang JS, Luo GS
72 - 83 A mathematical modeling of catalytic milli-fixed bed reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Influence of tube diameter on Fischer Tropsch selectivity and thermal behavior
Chabot G, Guilet R, Cognet P, Gourdon C
84 - 94 CFD-PBM coupled simulation of silicon CVD growth in a fluidized bed reactor: Effect of silane pyrolysis kinetic models
Liu SS, Xiao WD
95 - 105 An investigation on the mechanics of homogeneous expansion in gas-fluidized beds
Oke O, Lettieri P, Mazzei L
106 - 114 Thermodynamic and mechanistic studies on recovering phenol crystals from dilute aqueous solutions using pervaporation-crystallization coupling (PVCC) system
Li CC, Zhang XR, Hao XG, Feng XS, Pang XY, Zhang H
115 - 125 Time-frequency analysis of acoustic and unsteadiness evaluation in effervescent sprays
Sun CH, Ning Z, Lv M, Yan K, Fu J
126 - 132 Development of a new ion-exchange/coordinating phosphate ligand for the sorption of U(VI) and trivalent ions from phosphoric acid solutions
Zhu XP, Alexandratos SD
133 - 142 A novel Friday 13th risk assessment of fuel-to-steam efficiency of a coal-fired boiler
Davey KR
143 - 150 A high-precision method for calculating the pressure drop across wire mesh filters
Sun HO, Bu S, Luan YG
151 - 174 A new look at the topographical global optimization method and its application to the phase stability analysis of mixtures
Henderson N, Rego MD, Sacco WF, Rodrigues RA
175 - 188 Optimal synthesis of heat exchanger networks for multi-period operations involving single and multiple utilities
Isafiade A, Bogataj M, Fraser D, Kravanja Z
189 - 201 Towards a CFD model of bubble columns containing significant surfactant levels
McClure DD, Norris H, Kavanagh JM, Fletcher DF, Barton GW
202 - 209 Analysis of electroosmotic characters in fractal porous media
Liang MC, Yang SS, Miao TJ, Yu BM
210 - 219 A method for handling batch-to-batch parametric drift using moving horizon estimation: Application to run-to-run MPC of batch crystallization
Kwon JSI, Nayhouse M, Orkoulas G, Ni D, Christofides PD
220 - 229 High dimensional population balances for the growth of faceted crystals: Combining Monte Carlo integral estimates and the method of characteristics
Reinhold A, Briesen H
230 - 238 Cross-linking kinetics of hyperbranched epoxy cured hyperbranched polyurethane and optimization of reaction conversion by central composite design
Gogoi S, Barua S, Karak N
239 - 252 A new graphical-based approach for mass integration and exchange network design
Gadalla MA
253 - 259 On the effort of approaching pure components and azeotropes in distillation
Bortz M, Burger J, Asprion N, Blagov S, Kufer KH, Hasse H
260 - 268 Adsorptive absorption: A preliminary experimental and modeling study on CO2 solubility
Lei ZG, Dai CN, Song WJ
269 - 275 Partial oxidation of methane using silver/gadolinia-doped ceria composite membranes
Ruiz-Trejo E, Boldrin P, Medley-Hallam JL, Darr J, Atkinson A, Brandon NP
276 - 284 On the improvement of pore accessibility through post-synthesis hydrothermal treatments of spray dried SBA-15 microspheres
Waldron K, Wu ZX, Zhao DY, Chen XD, Selomulya C
285 - 292 Molecular dynamics simulation of trihalomethanes separation from water by functionalized nanoporous graphene under induced pressure
Azamat J, Khataee A, Joob SW
293 - 309 Direct perturbation of the Peng-Robinson attraction and covolume parameters for reservoir fluid characterization
Kumar A, Okuno R
310 - 322 Investigation of particle velocity in FCC gas-fluidized beds based on different measurement techniques
Tebianian S, Dubrawski K, Ellis N, Cocco RA, Hays R, Karri SBR, Leadbeater TW, Parker DJ, Chaouki J, Jafari R, Garcia-Trinanes P, Seville JPK, Grace JR
323 - 333 Comparison of k-epsilon, RSM and LES models for the prediction of flow pattern in jet loop reactor
Khan Z, Joshi JB
334 - 343 Evaluation of scalar dissipation rate sub-models for modeling unsteady reacting jets in engines
Ameen MM, Abraham J
344 - 361 CFD model for pneumatic mixing with bubble chains: Application to glass melts
Simcik M, Ruzicka MC
362 - 373 Advanced control approaches for combined cooling/antisolvent crystallization in continuous mixed suspension mixed product removal cascade crystallizers
Yang Y, Nagy ZK
374 - 391 Reaction factorization for the dynamic analysis of atomic layer deposition kinetics
Remmers EM, Travis CD, Adomaitis RA
392 - 400 High-pressure visual experimental studies of oil-in-water dispersion droplet size
Aman ZM, Paris CB, May EF, Johns ML, Lindo-Atichati D
401 - 417 Inorganic microporous membranes for H-2 and CO2 separation-Review of experimental and modeling progress
Li H, Haas-Santo K, Schygulla U, Dittmeyer R
418 - 424 Transient processes in Q-cascades for separation of multicomponent mixtures
Smirnov AY, Sulaberidze GA, Borisevich VD, Zeng S, Jiang D
425 - 465 Discrete element models for non-spherical particle systems: From theoretical developments to applications
Lu G, Third JR, Muller CR