Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.102 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Scale-up effects on flow patterns in the high shear mixing of cohesive powders
Cavinato M, Artoni R, Bresciani M, Canu P, Santomaso AC
10 - 23 Liquids mixing enhanced by multiple synthetic jet pairs at low Reynolds numbers
Xia QF, Zhong S
24 - 31 Thermodynamic modeling of aqueous ionic liquid solutions and prediction of methane hydrate dissociation conditions in the presence of ionic liquid
Jiang H, Adidharma H
32 - 41 Determining flotation circuit layout using genetic algorithms with pulp and froth models
Hu W, Hadler K, Neethling SJ, Cilliers JJ
42 - 55 Optimal design of dual-reflux pressure swing adsorption units via equilibrium theory
Bhatt TS, Storti G, Rota R
56 - 66 Flowsheet optimization of an integrated continuous purification-processing pharmaceutical manufacturing operation
Sen M, Rogers A, Singh R, Chaudhury A, John J, Ierapetritou MG, Ramachandran R
67 - 75 Acoustic detection of pressure-induced phase separation spinodals in polymer solutions
Rasouli G, Rey AD
76 - 86 An analytical model to describe the motion of a low concentration of spherical particles within a Newtonian fluid
Wilms JM, Smit GJF, Diedericks GPJ
87 - 98 Modeling fluid catalytic cracking risers with special pseudo-components
Zhang JR, Wang ZQ, Jiang H, Chu JZ, Zhou J, Shao S
99 - 105 Comparison of fully-porous beads and cored beads in size exclusion chromatography for protein purification
Luo J, Zhou WQ, Su ZG, Ma GH, Gu TY
106 - 120 Inlet conditions effect on bubble to slug flow transition in mini-channels
Gregorc J, Zun I
121 - 128 A simple model for predicting the pressure drop and film thickness of non-Newtonian annular flows in horizontal pipes
Li HW, Wong TN, Skote M, Duan F
129 - 138 The effect of biomass particles on the gas distribution and dilute phase characteristics of sand-biomass mixtures fluidized in the bubbling regime
Fotovat F, Chaouki J, Bergthorson J
139 - 150 Integrating process dynamics within batch process scheduling via mixed-integer dynamic optimization
Capon-Garcia E, Guillen-Gosalbez G, Espuna A
151 - 162 Achieving ultra-high platinum utilization via optimization of PEM fuel cell cathode catalyst layer microstructure
Marquis J, Coppens MO
163 - 175 Modelling of spatio-temporal evolution of electrostatic charge transfer during the pneumatic transport of powders: General solutions and special cases
Saleh K
176 - 185 Stability of oil-in-water macro-emulsion with anionic surfactant: Effect of electrolytes and temperature
Kundu P, Agrawal A, Mateen H, Mishra IM
186 - 199 A novel theoretical model of breakage rate and daughter size distribution for droplet in turbulent flows
Han LC, Gong SG, Li YQ, Ai QH, Luo HA, Liu ZF
200 - 208 Drag reduction induced by polymer in turbulent pipe flows
Yang SQ, Ding DH
209 - 219 GPU-based numerical simulation of multi-phase flow in porous media using multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method
Li XP, Zhang Y, Wang XW, Ge W
220 - 226 Development of kinetic Monte Carlo and Bin-Monte Carlo schemes for simulation of mixtures - vapor-liquid equilibria & adsorption
Nguyen VT, Fan CY, Razak MA, Do DD, Nicholson D, Ustinov E
227 - 245 Two-fluid modeling of three-dimensional cylindrical gas-solid fluidized beds using the kinetic theory of granular flow
Verma V, Deen NG, Padding JT, Kuipers JAM
246 - 256 A new model for two-dimensional numerical simulation of pseudo-2D gas-solids fluidized beds
Li TW, Zhang YM
257 - 267 Experimental quantification of the particle-wall frictional forces in pseudo-2D gas fluidised beds
Hernandez-Jimenez F, Sanchez-Prieto J, Soria-Verdugo A, Acosta-Iborra A
268 - 282 Direct numerical simulation of wall-to liquid heat transfer in dispersed gas-liquid two-phase flow using a volume of fluid approach
Deen NG, Kuipers JAM
283 - 288 Combining "chimie douce" and green principles for the developing world: Improving industrial viability of photocatalytic water remediation
Thomas T, Kottam N
289 - 299 An algorithmic revamp strategy for improving operational flexibility of multi-contaminant water networks
Jiang D, Chang CT
300 - 308 Formation of nanoemulsions in stirred media mills
Schmidt J, Damm C, Romeis S, Peukert W
309 - 314 Microcapsule flow behaviour in porous media
Gun WJ, Routh AF
315 - 323 A novel Lagrangian algebraic slip mixture model for two-phase flow in horizontal pipe
Shang Z, Lou J, Li HY
324 - 334 CFD simulation of bubbling fluidized bidisperse mixtures: Effect of integration methods and restitution coefficient
Tagliaferri C, Mazzei L, Lettieri P, Marzocchella A, Olivieri G, Salatino P
335 - 345 Experimental and numerical study of two-phase flows in arrays of cylinders
Horgue P, Augier F, Duru P, Prat M, Quintard M
346 - 353 Using the breakage matrix approach to define the optimal particle size distribution of the input material in a milling operation
Fistes A, Rakic D, Takaci A, Brdar M
354 - 364 Experimental and theoretical investigation of mass transfer in a circulating fluidized bed
Hou BL, Tang HL, Zhang HY, Shao GQ, Li HZ, Zhu QS
365 - 372 Effect of a cluster on gas-solid drag from lattice Boltzmann simulations
Shah MT, Utikar RP, Tade MO, Evans GM, Pareek VK
373 - 377 Predicting methods for sulfur removal from model oils using COSMO-RS and partition coefficient
Wilfred CD, Man Z, Chan ZP
378 - 386 Experimental study on phase change solvents in CO2 capture by NMR spectroscopy
Ciftja AF, Hartono A, Svendsen HF
387 - 396 Heterogeneous condensation on insoluble spherical particles: Modeling and parametric study
Fan Y, Qin FH, Luo XS, Lin LY, Gui HQ, Liu JG
397 - 404 Hydrodynamics of an inclined gas-liquid cocurrent upflow packed bed
Bouteldja H, Hamidipour M, Larachi F
405 - 423 Surfactant transport onto a foam lamella
Vitasari D, Grassia P, Martin P
424 - 431 Cationic kinetic hydrate inhibitors and the effect on performance of incorporating cationic monomers into N-vinyl lactam copolymers
Nakarit C, Kelland MA, Liu DJ, Chen EYX
432 - 441 Numerical analysis and implementation of finite domain complete trial functions method of moments (FCMOM) in CFD codes
Abbasi E, Arastoopour H
442 - 450 A lattice Boltzmann method for particle-fluid two-phase flow
Song FF, Wang W, Li JH
451 - 460 Investigation of liquid flow morphology inside a structured packing using X-ray tomography
Janzen A, Steube J, Aferka S, Kenig EY, Crine M, Marchot P, Toye D
461 - 473 Metabolic pathway analysis and reduction for mammalian cell cultures-Towards macroscopic modeling
Niu HX, Amribt Z, Fickers P, Tan WS, Bogaerts P
474 - 485 Flow regime identification in a three-phase bubble column based on statistical, Hurst, Hilbert-Huang transform and Shannon entropy analysis
Li WL, Zhong WQ, Jin BS, Xiao R, He TT
486 - 501 Multiphase flow pattern recognition in pipeline-riser system by statistical feature clustering of pressure fluctuations
Ye J, Guo LJ
502 - 513 Coupling population balance and residence time distribution for the ice crystallization modeling in a scraped surface heat exchanger
Arellano M, Benkhelifa H, Alvarez G, Flick D
514 - 523 Simplified modeling of the influence of surfactants on the rise of bubbles in VOF-simulations
Fleckenstein S, Bothe D
524 - 543 Experimental investigations of a pseudo-2D spout fluidized bed with draft plates
Sutkar VS, van Hunsel TJK, Deen NG, Salikov V, Antonyuk S, Heinrich S, Kuipers JAM
544 - 550 Mesoscale simulation study of the structure and rheology of dilute solutions of flexible micelles
Zhang CW, Wei JJ
551 - 566 On the measurement of local gas hold-up, interfacial area and bubble size distribution in gas-liquid contactors via light sheet and image analysis: Imaging technique and experimental results
Busciglio A, Grisafi F, Scargiali F, Brucato A
567 - 576 Dense suspension of solid particles as a new heat transfer fluid for concentrated solar thermal plants: On-sun proof of concept
Flamant G, Gauthier D, Benoit H, Sans JL, Garcia R, Boissiere B, Ansart R, Hemati M
577 - 584 Experimental study on flow patterns for water boiling in horizontal heated tubes
Yin SW, Zhang JX, Tong LG, Yao Y, Wang L
585 - 601 Flow patterns and draining films created by horizontal and inclined coherent water jets impinging on vertical walls
Wang T, Faria D, Stevens LJ, Tan JSC, Davidson JF, Wilson DI
602 - 612 Development of soft-sensors for online quality prediction of sequential-reactor-multi-grade industrial processes
Liu Y, Gao ZL, Chen JH
613 - 621 Improvements in ATAD using quantitative feedback control and nonlinear generator of optimal operating points
Najera S, Zambrano JA, Gil-Martinez M
622 - 631 Measurement and analysis of bimodal drop size distribution in a rotor-stator homogenizer
Liu CW, Li MZ, Liang C, Wang WY