Chemical Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.101 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2509 (Print) 

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1 - 4 In situ Raman spectra of hydrogen in large cages of hydrogen plus tetrahydrofuran mixed hydrates
Nishikawa A, Tanabe T, Kitamura K, Matsumoto Y, Ohgaki K, Sugahara T
5 - 12 Magnetocaloric heat circulator based on self-heat recuperation technology
Kotani Y, Aziz M, Kansha Y, Fushimi C, Tsutsumi A
13 - 26 Micro-morphology and formation of layer-by-layer membranes and their performance in osmotically driven processes
Cui Y, Wang HL, Wang H, Chung TS
27 - 34 Size control of carbon-supported platinum nanoparticles made using polyol method for low temperature fuel cells
Favilla PC, Acosta JJ, Schvezov CE, Sercovich DJ, Collet-Lacoste JR
35 - 45 Modeling spray fluidized bed aggregation kinetics on the basis of Monte-Carlo simulation results
Hussain M, Kumar J, Peglow M, Tsotsas E
46 - 55 Stability analysis of reversible reactive flow displacements in porous media
Alhumade H, Azaiez J
56 - 68 Bubble-wall interaction for asymmetric injection of jets in solid-gas fluidized bed
Kumar A, Das S, Fabijanic D, Gao WM, Hodgson P
69 - 80 Mass transfer characteristics of gas-liquid absorption during Taylor flow in mini/microchannel reactors
Ganapathy H, Al-Hajri E, Ohadi M
81 - 89 Thermal performance of lab-scale solar reactor designed for kinetics analysis at high radiation fluxes
Bellan S, Alonso E, Gomez-Garcia F, Perez-Rabago C, Gonzalez-Aguilar J, Romero M
90 - 98 Efficient computation of periodic state of cyclic fixed-bed processes
Kolios G, Luss D, Garg R, Viswanathan G
99 - 108 Fisher information matrix based time-series segmentation of process data
Dobos L, Abonyi J
109 - 119 Analysis of the wall mass transfer on spinning disks using an integral boundary layer method
Prieling D, Steiner H
120 - 129 Experimental determination and modeling of gypsum and insoluble anhydrite solubility in the system CaSO4-H2SO4-H2O
Wang WL, Zeng DW, Chen QY, Yin X
130 - 143 Optimization of morphology and performance of PVDF hollow fiber for direct contact membrane distillation using experimental design
Song ZW, Jiang LY
144 - 164 The kinematics of non-cohesive, sphero-cylindrical particles in a low-speed, vertical axis mixer
Hua X, Curtis J, Hancock B, Ketterhagen W, Wassgren C
165 - 174 A validation of an embedded analytical description approach for the computations of high Schmidt number mass transfer from bubbles in liquids
Aboulhasanzadeh B, Hosoda S, Tomiyama A, Tryggvason G
175 - 190 Microstructural modeling for prediction of transport properties and electrochemical performance in SOFC composite electrodes
Bertei A, Nucci B, Nicolella C
191 - 198 Experimental design of systems involving multiple fluorescent protein reporters
Bansal L, Nelson R, Yang E, Jayaraman A, Hahn J
199 - 199 Determination of the metastable ice zone for a sodium sulphate system (vol 77, pg 184, 2012)
Randall DG, Nathoo J, Uner FEGG, Kramer HJM, Witkamp GJ, Lewis AE
200 - 212 Quality by Design for peptide nanofiltration: Fundamental understanding and process selection
Marchetti P, Butte A, Livingston AG
213 - 227 LES-DEM investigation of gas-solid flow dynamics in an internally circulating fluidized bed
Fang MM, Luo K, Yang SL, Zhang K, Fan JR
228 - 239 Lattice Boltzmann based discrete simulation for gas-solid fluidization
Wang LM, Zhang B, Wang XW, Ge W, Li JH
240 - 247 CO2-tolerant alkaline-earth metal-free single phase membrane for oxygen separation
Zheng Q, Xue J, Liao Q, Wei YY, Li Z, Wang HH
248 - 252 Perspectives of aerosol-photopolymerization: Nanoscale polymer particles
Akgun E, Hubbuch J, Worner M
253 - 265 On the uncertainty quantification of blood flow viscosity models
Pereira JMC, Moura JPSE, Ervilha AR, Pereira JCF
266 - 270 Predicting the surface tensions of ionic liquids by the quantitative structure property relationship method using a topological index
Shang QY, Yan FY, Xia SQ, Wang Q, Ma PS
271 - 271 Predicting fluid penetration during slot die coating onto porous substrates (vol 99, pg 67, 2013)
Ding XY, Fuller TF, Harris TAL
272 - 282 Numerical simulation of macro-mixing in liquid-liquid stirred tanks
Cheng D, Feng X, Cheng JC, Yang C
283 - 302 A Volume-of-Fluid-based method for mass transfer processes at fluid particles
Bothe D, Fleckenstein S
303 - 314 Flow patterns of pulverized coal pneumatic conveying and time-series analysis of pressure fluctuations
Cong XL, Guo XL, Lu HF, Gong X, Liu K, Sun XL, Xie K
315 - 328 Effect of silica nanoparticles on the bulk flow properties of fine cohesive powders
Kojima T, Elliott JA
329 - 344 Laminar liquid-liquid dispersion in the SMX static mixer
Das MD, Hrymak AN, Baird MHI
345 - 345 Layered two- and four-bed PSA processes for H-2 recovery from coal gas (vol 68, pg 413, 2012)
Ahn S, You YW, Lee DG, Kim KH, Oh M, Lee CH
346 - 358 Prediction of thickener performance with aggregate densification
Zhang Y, Martin A, Grassia P
359 - 365 Dynamic adsorption of water soluble crude oil components at air bubbles
Eftekhardadkhah M, Reynders P, Oye G
366 - 373 Discrete element model for an attritor mill with impeller responding to interactions with milling balls
Santhanam PR, Ermoline A, Dreizin EL
374 - 381 Effect of hydrothermal treatment on Cr-SiO2 mesoporous materials
Zapata PMC, Nazzarro MS, Parentis ML, Gonzo EE, Bonini NA
382 - 389 Remote control of desorption by radiofrequency heating: Single pellet experiments
Zadrazil A, Stepanek F
390 - 400 Analysis of pressure fluctuations in fluidized beds. III. The significance of the cross correlations
Dashtian H, Sahimi M
401 - 411 Binary and ternary VLE of the 2-(diethylamino)-ethanol (DEEA)/3-(methylamino)-propylamine (MAPA)/water system
Hartono A, Saleem F, Arshad MW, Usman M, Svendsen HF
412 - 423 Three-component solids velocity measurements in the middle section of a riser
Pantzali MN, Bayon NL, Heynderickx GJ, Marin GB
424 - 431 Efficient removal of dyes using heterogeneous Fenton catalysts based on activated carbon fibers with enhanced activity
Yao YY, Wang L, Sun LJ, Zhu S, Huang ZF, Mao YJ, Lu WY, Chen WX
432 - 450 beta-lactoglobulin denaturation, aggregation, and fouling in a plate heat exchanger: Pilot-scale experiments and dimensional analysis
Petit J, Six T, Moreau A, Ronse G, Delaplace G
451 - 453 Crisis phenomenon in a chemical reactor with recycle
Berezowski M
454 - 460 Kinetic investigation of the Dushman reaction at concentrations relevant to mixing studies in microstructured cyclone type mixers
Kolbl A, Kraut M, Dittmeyer R
461 - 469 Measurement of the intrinsic mass transfer coefficient for CO2 dissolution in brine
Blyton CAJ, Bryant SL
470 - 477 Bread dough aeration dynamics during pressure step-change mixing: Studies by X-ray tomography, dough density and population balance modelling
Trinh L, Lowe T, Campbell GM, Withers PJ, Martin PJ
478 - 485 A "non-linear" quantitative structure-property relationship for the prediction of electrical conductivity of ionic liquids
Gharagheizi F, Sattari M, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Mohammadi AH, Ramjugernath D, Richon D
486 - 502 Dynamics of non-spherical particles in a rotating drum
Dube O, Alizadeh E, Chaouki J, Bertrand F
503 - 514 Ray tracing as a supportive tool for interpretation of FBRM signals from spherical particles
Scheler S
515 - 522 Capillary models of solvent diffusion
Gulak Y, Braido D, Cuitino A
523 - 532 Synthesis of spherical macroporous WO3 particles and their high photocatalytic performance
Nandiyanto ABD, Arutanti O, Ogi T, Iskandar F, Kim TO, Okuyama K
533 - 542 Biological self-heating in compost piles: A Semenov formulation
Luangwilai T, Sidhu HS, Nelson MI
543 - 553 Modelling of water removal during a paper vacuum dewatering process using a Level-Set method
Rezk K, Nilsson L, Forsberg J, Berghel J
554 - 564 Convective mixing in a wet planar foam
Ireland PM
565 - 576 Segregation dynamics of dense polydisperse fluidized suspensions modeled using a novel formulation of the direct quadrature method of moments
Mazzei L
577 - 585 Elucidation of the structures of tributyl phosphate/Li complexes in the presence of FeCl3 via UV-visible, Raman and IR spectroscopy and the method of continuous variation
Zhou ZY, Qin W, Chu YF, Fei WY
586 - 592 Separation of acetic acid-methanol-methyl acetate-water reactive mixture
Penkova AV, Polotskaya GA, Toikka AM
593 - 602 Prediction and control of crystal shape distribution in the presence of crystal growth modifiers
Majumder A, Nagy ZK
603 - 614 Spray models for discrete element simulations of particle coating processes
Toschkoff G, Just S, Funke A, Djuric D, Knop K, Kleinebudde P, Scharrer G, Khinast JG
615 - 619 Experimental evaluation of adsorption technology for CO2 capture from flue gas in an existing coal-fired power plant
Wang L, Yang Y, Shen WL, Kong XM, Li P, Yu JG, Rodrigues AE
620 - 630 A numerical study of the deposition characteristics of sulfuric acid vapor on heat exchanger surfaces
Han H, He YL, Tao WQ
631 - 641 Mechanism and model for solubilization of inclusion bodies
Walther C, Mayer S, Sekot G, Antos D, Hahn R, Jungbauer A, Durauer A
642 - 654 A novel and energy-efficient coaxial mixer for agitation of non-Newtonian fluids possessing yield stress
Pakzad L, Ein-Mozaffari F, Upreti SR, Lohi A
655 - 662 Improved dispersion of cellulose microcrystals in polylactic acid (PLA) based composites applying surface acetylation
Mukherjee T, Sani M, Kao N, Gupta RK, Quazi N, Bhattacharya S
663 - 673 Solution of the population balance equation by the direct dual quadrature method of generalized moments
Santos FP, Favero JL, Lage PLC
674 - 685 Model design of a class of moving-bed tubular gasification reactors
Badillo-Hernandez U, Alvarez-Icaza L, Alvarez J
686 - 698 A model for the structures of impact polypropylene copolymers produced by an atmosphere-switching polymerization process
Tian Z, Gu XP, Feng LF, Hu GH
699 - 711 A method for modeling a catalytic distillation process based on seepage catalytic packing internal
Zhang H, Li XG, Gao X, Li H
712 - 720 Mixing time in high aspect ratio vessels stirred with multiple impellers
Magelli F, Montante G, Pinelli D, Paglianti A
721 - 730 Scale invariants in the preparation of reverse high internal phase ratio emulsions
May-Masnou A, Porras M, Maestro A, Gonzalez C, Gutierrez JM
731 - 743 Aggregation of growing crystals in suspension: I. Mumtaz revisited
Hounslow MJ, Wynn EJW, Kubo M, Pitt K
744 - 754 Study of the hydrodynamic characteristics of a free flowing liquid film in open inclined microchannels
Anastasiou AD, Gavriilidis A, Mouza AA
755 - 763 Kinetic study on the catalytic esterification of acetic acid with isoamyl alcohol over Amberlite IR-120
Osorio-Viana W, Duque-Bernal M, Fontalvo J, Dobrosz-Gomez I, Gomez-Garcia MA
764 - 784 Some aspects of photocatalytic reactor modeling using computational fluid dynamics
Boyjoo Y, Ang M, Pareek V
785 - 799 Electrohydrodynamic effects in the leveling of coatings
Ramkrishnan A, Kumar S
800 - 812 Simulated second-order moments of clusters and dispersed particles in riser
Lu H, Chen JH, Liu GD, Lu HL, Li D, Zhao FX
813 - 827 Fractal model used for heterogeneously isothermal nth-order reaction
Wang S, Ma ZF, Yao HQ, Liu FS
828 - 836 Experimental measurement of the coefficient of restitution of irregular shaped particles impacting on horizontal surfaces
Hastie DB
837 - 850 Numerical modelling of velocity field and phase distribution in dense monodisperse solid-liquid suspensions under different regimes of agitation: CFD and PEPT experiments
Liu L, Barigou M
851 - 864 Solubility of carbon dioxide in aqueous blends of 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol and piperazine
Tong DL, Maitland GC, Trusler MJP, Fennell PS
865 - 877 Evaporation dynamics of microbubbles
Zimmerman WB, Al-Mashhadani MKH, Bandulasena HCH
878 - 885 Investigation of factors affecting isolation of needle-shaped particles in a vacuum-agitated filter drier through non-invasive measurements by Raman spectrometry
Hamilton P, Littlejohn D, Nordon A, Sefcik J, Slavin P, Andrews J, Dallin P