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1 - 1 11th International Conference on Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering (GLS-11) Preface
Kang Y, Kim SD
2 - 14 A new method for identification of the main transition velocities in multiphase reactors based on information entropy theory
Nedeltchev S, Shaikh A
15 - 22 Comprehensive study of regime transitions throughout a bubble column using resistivity probe
Shiea M, Mostoufi N, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R
23 - 32 Experimental hydrodynamic study of valve trays
Brahem R, Royon-Lebeaud A, Legendre D, Moreaud M, Duval L
33 - 38 Immersed Boundary Method applied to single phase flow past crossing cylinders
Segers QIE, Kuipers JAM, Deen NG
39 - 51 Particle cluster dynamics during fluidization
McMillan J, Shaffer F, Gopalan B, Chew JW, Hrenya C, Hays R, Karri SBR, Cocco R
52 - 68 Characterization of turbulence in rectangular bubble column
Sathe M, Joshi J, Evans G
69 - 73 Hydrodynamics of multiphase flow in a trickle-bed filled with small particles under the supercritical condition
Jin J, Cheng ZM, Li JG, Wu SC
74 - 82 A novel approach for simultaneous hydrodynamic characterization of gas-liquid and gas-solid systems
Abbasi M, Mostoufi N, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R, Zarghami R
83 - 90 Experimental study and numerical simulation of local void fraction in cold-gassed and hot-sparged stirred reactors
Yang J, Bao YY, Lin ML, Zhu S, Gao ZM
91 - 97 Prediction of layer inversion velocity in three-phase fluidized beds
Rim G, Jeong C, Bae J, Lee Y, Lee DH, Epstein N, Grace JR, Kim SD
98 - 104 Measurement technique of bubble velocity and diameter in a bubble column via single-tip optical-fiber probing with judgment of the pierced position and angle
Mizushima Y, Sakamoto A, Saito T
105 - 119 Droplet impact dynamics on a spherical particle
Mitra S, Sathe MJ, Doroodchi E, Utikar R, Shah MK, Pareek V, Joshi JB, Evans GM
120 - 136 Effect of turbulence on particle and bubble slip velocity
Ghatage SV, Sathe MJ, Doroodchi E, Joshi JB, Evans GM
137 - 144 Phase diagrams for dual frequency sonic processors using organic liquid medium
Khanna S, Chakma S, Moholkar VS
145 - 152 pH influence on oxygen mass transfer coefficient in a bubble column. Individual characterization of k(L) and a
Ferreira A, Cardoso P, Teixeira JA, Rocha F
153 - 159 Mass transfer in molten salt and suspended molten salt in bubble column
Kanai Y, Fukunaga K, Terasaka K, Fujioka S
160 - 171 Mass transfer in the wake of non-spherical air bubbles quantified by quenching of fluorescence
Jimenez M, Dietrich N, Hebrard G
172 - 182 A new direct technique for visualizing and measuring gas-liquid mass transfer around bubbles moving in a straight millimetric square channel
Dietrich N, Loubiere K, Jimenez M, Hebrard G, Gourdon C
183 - 194 Comprehensive mass transfer and reaction kinetics studies of a novel reactive 4-diethylamino-2-butanol solvent for capturing CO2
Sema T, Naami A, Fu KY, Chen GY, Liang ZW, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P
195 - 202 Experimental study on mass transfer and prediction using artificial neural network for CO2 absorption into aqueous DETA
Fu KY, Chen GY, Sema T, Zhang X, Liang ZW, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P
203 - 211 Interfacial area and liquid-side and overall mass transfer coefficients in a three-phase circulating fluidized bed
Lee JS, Jin HR, Lim H, Lim DH, Kang Y, Kim SD, Jun KW
212 - 224 Dynamic simulation of degradation of toluene in waste gas by the photo-Fenton reaction in a bubble column
Tokumura M, Shibusawa M, Kawase Y
225 - 233 Catalytic activity of low cost materials for pollutants abatement by Fenton's process
Martins RC, Henriques LR, Quinta-Ferreira RM
234 - 241 Activated DEEA solutions for CO2 capture-A study of equilibrium and kinetic characteristics
Sutar PN, Vaidya PD, Kenig EY
242 - 248 Catalytic performance of immobilized ionic liquid onto PEG for the cycloaddition of carbon dioxide to allyl glycidyl ether
Choi HJ, Selvaraj M, Park DW
249 - 258 CO2 absorption in aqueous solutions of N-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperazine: Experimental characterization using interferometry and modeling
Wylock C, Dehaeck S, Quintans DA, Colinet P, Haut B
259 - 265 Direct numerical simulation of an exothermic gas-phase reaction in a packed bed with random particle distribution
Mousazadeh F, van Den Akker HEA, Mudde RF
266 - 278 Liquid dispersion in packed columns: Experiments and numerical modeling
Fourati M, Roig V, Raynal L
279 - 292 Stability-constrained multi-fluid CFD models for gas-liquid flow in bubble columns
Xiao Q, Yang N, Li JH
293 - 299 Direct Numerical Simulations of gas-liquid-solid three phase flows
Baltussen MW, Seelen LJH, Kuipers JAM, Deen NG
300 - 325 Reduction in thermal stratification in two phase natural convection in rectangular tanks: CFD simulations and Ply measurements
Gandhi MS, Joshi JB, Nayak AK, Vijayan PK
326 - 331 Modeling of zinc adsorption onto clinoptilolite in a slurry bubble column
Vivacqua V, Xu WJ, Hebrard G, Li LY, Grace JR
332 - 341 Effect of H2O on Mg(OH)(2) carbonation pathways for combined CO2 capture and storage
Fricker KJ, Park AHA
342 - 351 Monolith catalysts for the alkylation of benzene with propylene
Dai CN, Lei ZG, Zhang J, Li YX, Chen BH
352 - 359 Process intensification and optimization for hydroxyapatite nanoparticles production
Castro F, Kuhn S, Jensen K, Ferreira A, Rocha F, Vicente A, Teixeira JA
360 - 372 Optimisation of industrial-scale n-butyl acrylate production using reactive distillation
Niesbach A, Kuhlmann H, Keller T, Lutze P, Gorak A
373 - 383 Simulation of structured catalytic packings in a bubble-point reactor
Dai CN, Lei ZG, Zhang J, Li QS, Chen BH
384 - 391 Doping of fluorine into SrTiO3 by spray pyrolysis for H-2 evolution under visible light irradiation
Kang HW, Park SB
392 - 401 A novel exergy recuperative drying module and its application for energy-saving drying with superheated steam
Liu YP, Aziz M, Kansha Y, Tsutsumi A
402 - 412 Discrete axial motion of a radioactive tracer reconstructed from the response of axially aligned detectors: Application to the analysis of a bubble column dynamics
Salierno GL, Maestri M, Piovano S, Cassanello M, Cardona MA, Hojman D, Somacal H
413 - 420 Cycle time in draft tube conical spouted bed dryer for sludge from paper industry
San Jose M, Alvarez S, Penas FJ, Garcia I
421 - 432 Direct contact heat transfer via injecting volatile liquid in a hot liquid pool: Generation and motion of bubbles
Kulkarni AA, Ranade VV
433 - 444 Transport of interacting and evaporating liquid sprays in a gas-solid riser reactor
Patel R, He PF, Zhang B, Zhu C
445 - 455 3D simulations of the impact of two-phase flow on PEM fuel cell performance
Ding YL, Bi XT, Wilkinson DP
456 - 463 Mixing performance and drug nano-particle preparation inside slugs in a gas-liquid microchannel reactor
Zhao SF, Wang WT, Shao T, Zhang MX, Jin Y, Cheng Y
464 - 473 Mass transfer properties in a bubble column associated with micro-bubble dispersions
Muroyama K, Imai K, Oka Y, Hayashi J
474 - 485 Effect of electrolytes on interphase mass transfer in microbubble-sparged airlift reactors
Al Taweel AM, Idhbeaa AO, Ghanem A
486 - 495 Generating microbubbles in a co-flowing microfluidic device
Wang K, Xie LS, Lu YC, Luo GS
496 - 505 Discrete bubble modeling for a micro-structured bubble column
Jain D, Lau YM, Kuipers JAM, Deen NG
506 - 514 Bubbles scatter light, yet that does not hurt the performance of bubbly slurry photocatalytic reactors
Motegh M, van Ommen JR, Appel PW, Mudde RF, Kreutzer MT
515 - 528 Multi-scale analysis of the influence of physicochemical parameters on the hydrodynamic and gas-liquid mass transfer in gas/liquid/solid reactors
Kherbeche A, Milnes J, Jimenez M, Dietrich N, Hebrard G, Lekhlif B
529 - 538 A new experimental method to analyze the dynamics and the morphology of bubbles in liquids: Application to single ellipsoidal bubbles
Mikaelian D, Larcy A, Dehaeck S, Haut B