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1 - 11 Void fraction measurement using electrical capacitance tomography and high speed photography
Sardeshpande MV, Harinarayan S, Ranade VV
12 - 17 An investigation of steam production in chemical-looping combustion (CLC) and chemical-looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU) for solid fuels
Dansie JK, Sahir AH, Hamilton MA, Lighty JS
18 - 31 Mathematical programming approaches for downstream processing optimisation of biopharmaceuticals
Liu SS, Simaria AS, Farid SS, Papageorgiou LG
32 - 43 Modification of crosslinked chitosan membrane using NaY zeolite for pervaporation separation of water-isopropanol mixtures
Premakshi HG, Ramesh K, Kariduraganavar MY
44 - 51 Disk structure on the performance of a rotating-disk dynamic filter: A case study on microalgae microfiltration
Hwang KJ, Wu SE
52 - 71 A two-stage optimization approach for the synthesis of resource conservation networks involving interception units
Kolluri SS, Esfahani IJ, Garikiparthy PSN, Yoo CK
72 - 89 Modelling, design and flexibility analysis of rotating packed beds for distillation
Sudhoff D, Leimbrink M, Schleinitz M, Gorak A, Lutze P
90 - 97 Mass transfer performance in an asymmetric rotating disc contactor
Torab-Mostaedi M, Asadollahzadeh M
98 - 104 Breakthrough in a flat channel membrane microcontactor
Hereijgers J, Breugelmans T, De Malsche W
105 - 111 Different influences of V2O5/Al2O3 introduction on initial conversion of n-heptane over fresh and equilibrium ZSM-5 catalyst
Hu XY, Li CY, Yang CH
112 - 118 Design of iron oxide nanoparticles decorated oleic acid and bovine serum albumin for drug delivery
Tran TTD, Vo TV, Tran PHL
119 - 130 Self-tuning final product quality control of batch processes using kernel latent variable model
Jia RD, Mao ZZ, Wang FL, He DK
131 - 140 A new approach for direct leaching of vanadium from LD converter slag
Mirazimi SMJ, Rashchi F, Saba M
141 - 152 Competitive kinetics study of sulfide oxidation by chlorine using sulfite as reference compound
Azizi M, Biard PF, Couvert A, Ben Amor M
153 - 163 Impact of hardness and surface texture on cleaning action of various projectiles
Abd-Elhady MS, Malayeri MR
164 - 172 Efficient demulsification of water-in-oil emulsion by a novel nano-titania modified chemical demulsifier
Nikkhah M, Tohidian T, Rahimpour MR, Jahanmiri A
173 - 181 Surfactant effects on the efficiency of oil sweeping from the dead ends: Numerical simulation and experimental investigation
Kamyabi A, Ramazani SAA, Kamyabi M
182 - 193 Safety enhancement by transposition of the nitration of toluene from semi-batch reactor to continuous intensified heat exchanger reactor
Raimondi ND, Olivier-Maget N, Gabas N, Cabassud M, Gourdon C
194 - 203 Greener and efficient epoxidation of 4-vinyl-1-cyclohexene with polystyrene 2-(aminomethyl)pyridine supported Mo(VI) catalyst in batch and continuous reactors
Mohammed ML, Mbeleck R, Patel D, Niyogi D, Sherrington DC, Saha B
204 - 212 A hydrodynamic analysis of a rotating drum operating in the rolling regime
Santos DA, Dadalto FO, Scatena R, Duarte CR, Barrozo MAS
213 - 241 Retrofit strategy for the site-wide mitigation of CO2 emissions in the process industries
Gharaie M, Panjeshahi MH, Kim JK, Jobson M, Smith R
242 - 253 Study on efficient removal of anionic, cationic and nonionic dyes from aqueous solutions by means of mesoporous carbon nanospheres with empty cavity
Konicki W, Cendrowski K, Bazarko G, Mijowska E
254 - 265 Sorption and pervaporation of methanol/water mixtures with poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) membranes
Villegas M, Vidaurre EFC, Gottifredi JC
266 - 274 Terminal sliding mode control for continuous stirred tank reactor
Zhao DY, Zhu QM, Dubbeldam J
275 - 289 Evaluation of Parameter Estimation Methods for Crystallization Processes Modeled via Population Balance Equations
Besenhard MO, Chaudhury A, Vetter T, Ramachandran R, Khinast JG
290 - 300 Modeling and experimental evaluation of enantioselective liquid-liquid extraction of (D, L)-4-chlorophenylglycine in a biphasic system
Tang KW, Fu T, Zhang PL, Yang CA, Zhou CS, Liang EX
301 - 306 High performance acid composition based on cationic beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes for enhancing oil recovery
Qin YB, Zou CJ, Yan XL, Zhou L, Luo PY
307 - 316 Investigation of coil outlet temperature effect on the performance of naphtha cracking furnace
Barazandeh K, Dehghani O, Hamidi M, Aryafard E, Rahimpour MR
317 - 323 Poly(vinyl alcohol) as a novel constituent to form aqueous two-phase systems with acetonitrile: Phase diagrams and partitioning experiments
Cardoso GD, Souza IN, Pereira MM, Costa LP, Freire MG, Soares CMF, Lima AS
324 - 336 Influence of geometry and slurry properties on fine particles suspension at high loadings in a stirred vessel
Ibrahim S, Wong SD, Baker IF, Zamzam Z, Sato M, Kato Y
337 - 354 Mesoscopic simulation of magnetic field effect on natural convection of power-law fluids in a partially heated cavity
Kefayati GR
355 - 364 Magnetic field and slip effects on free convection inside a vertical enclosure filled with alumina/water nanofluid
Malvandi A, Ganji DD
365 - 374 Preparation and characterization of Pd/Al2O3 catalysts on aluminum foam supports for multiphase hydrogenation reactions in rotating foam reactors
Lali F, Bottcher G, Schoneich PM, Haase S, Hempel S, Lange R
375 - 389 Experimental investigation of CO2-foam stability improvement by alkaline in the presence of crude oil
Farzaneh SA, Sohrabi M
390 - 395 Operation and simulation of pilot-scale forward osmosis desalination with ammonium bicarbonate
Kim Y, Lee JH, Kim YC, Lee KH, Park IS, Park SJ
396 - 406 Supercritical water oxidation of a pesticide wastewater
Xu DH, Wang SZ, Zhang J, Tang XY, Guo Y, Huang CB
407 - 416 Optimizing the fluidized-bed reactor for synthesis gas production by tri-reforming
Khajeh S, Aboosadi ZA, Honarvar B
417 - 427 Preparation, characterization and fouling analysis of ZnO/polyethylene hybrid membranes for collagen separation
Jafarzadeh Y, Yegani R, Sedaghat M
428 - 439 Techno-economic optimization of IGCC integrated with utility system for CO2 emissions reduction-Simultaneous heat and power generation from IGCC
Gharaie M, Jobson M, Panjeshahi MH, Zhang N, Smith R
440 - 448 Liquid-liquid equilibria for the systems ethylene carbonate plus ethylene glycol plus glycerol; ethylene carbonate plus glycerol carbonate plus glycerol and ethylene carbonate plus ethylene glycol plus glycerol carbonate plus glycerol at catalytic reacting temperatures
Esteban J, Ladero M, Garcia-Ochoa F
449 - 455 Mass and heat transfer at an array of horizontal cylinders placed at the bottom of a square agitated vessel
Atef NM, Abdel-Aziz MH, Fouad YO, Farag HA, Sedahmed GH
456 - 465 Oxygen transfer in different pneumatic bioreactors containing viscous Newtonian fluids
Mendes CE, Badino AC
466 - 474 Multivariate data modeling using modified kernel partial least squares
Gao YB, Kong XY, Hu CH, Zhang ZX, Li HZ, Hou LA
475 - 484 Synthesis, adsorption and regeneration of nanoporous silica aerogel and silica aerogel-activated carbon composites
Mohammadi A, Moghaddas J
485 - 493 Nanofiltration of glucose: Analysis of parameters and membrane characterization
Almazan JE, Romero-Dondiz EM, Rajal VB, Castro-Vidaurre EF
494 - 500 Investigation of characteristic velocity in a pulsed packed column in the presence of SiO2 nanoparticles
Rezamohammadi A, Bahmanyar H, Najafabadi MS, Rouzbahani MG
501 - 507 Fluidized countercurrent solvent extraction of oil pollutants from contaminated soil. Part 1: Fluid mechanics
Liu B, Li XG, Li ZY, Sui H, Li H
508 - 515 Preparation of liposomes at large scale using the ethanol injection method: Effect of scale-up and injection devices
Charcosset C, Juban A, Valour JP, Urbaniak S, Fessi H
516 - 523 Methylene blue removal by carbon nanotube-based aerogels
Tabrizi NS, Yavari M
524 - 537 Plasma deposition of silver nanoparticles on ultrafiltration membranes: Antibacterial and anti-biofouling properties
Cruz MC, Ruano G, Wolf M, Hecker D, Vidaurre EC, Schmittgens R, Rajal VB
538 - 548 Fault detection via local and nonlocal embedding
Ma YX, Song B, Shi HB, Yang YW
549 - 564 CFD study of diesel oil hydrotreating process in the non-isothermal trickle bed reactor
Heidari A, Hashemabadi SH
565 - 572 Catalytic performance of vanadium-substituted molybdophosphoric acid supported on zirconium modified mesoporous silica in oxidative desulfurization
Chamack M, Mahjoub AR, Aghayan H
573 - 583 Temperature effects on solubility of asphaltenes in crude oils
Chandio ZA, Ramasamy M, Mukhtar HB
584 - 593 Reactor scale simulation of an atomic layer deposition process
Shaeri MR, Jen TC, Yuan CY
594 - 604 Numerical modelling and performance studies of the original and advanced TEMKIN reactor in laboratory scale testing of industrial egg shell catalysts for the selective hydrogenation of acetylene
Gotz D, Kuhn M, Claus P
605 - 610 Polymer inclusion membrane extraction of cadmium(II) with Aliquat 336 in micro-channel cell
Annane K, Sahmoune A, Montels P, Tingry S
611 - 623 Annular flow microreactor: An efficient tool for kinetic studies in gas phase at very short residence times
Burkle-Vitzthum V, Moulis F, Zhang J, Commenge JM, Schaer E, Marquaire PM
624 - 631 Dissolution of surfactants in supercritical CO2 with co-solvents
Zhang Y, Zhang L, Wang YT, Wang M, Wang YQ, Ren SR
632 - 647 Conceptual design of unit operations to separate aromatic hydrocarbons from naphtha using ionic liquids. COSMO-based process simulations with multi-component "real" mixture feed
Ferro VR, de Riva J, Sanchez D, Ruiz E, Palomar J
648 - 659 Monolith Ce0.65Zr0.35O2-based catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Fang ZT, Yuan B, Lin T, Xu HD, Cao Y, Shi ZH, Gong MC, Chen YQ
660 - 672 An assessment on modeling drying processes: Equilibrium multiphase model and the spatial reaction engineering approach (S-REA)
Putranto A, Chen XD
673 - 680 Influence of the geometry of cylindrical enclosure on natural convection heat transfer of Newtonian nanofluids
Moradi H, Bazooyar B, Etemad SG, Moheb A
681 - 690 A computer simulation study on the diffusion and permeation of dimethylformamide/water mixtures through poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(acrylic acid) blend membranes
Zhong J, Yang BZ, Chen RY, Zhang Q, Huang WQ, Gu CR, Chen CL
691 - 701 PIV experimental study on the flow field in the rotor zone of an annular centrifugal contactor
Xu Y, Wang JG, Zhao SL, Bai ZS
702 - 713 Combining two orthogonal secondary flows to enhance the mixing in an annular duct
Zambaux JA, Harion JL, Russeil S, Bouvier P
714 - 720 Experimental determination of the characteristics of physico-chemical particles in air-scouring-membrane (microfiltration) backwash water produced during drinking water treatment
Park NS, Kang MS, Jeong W, Kim JO
721 - 725 Using positron emission tomography (PET) to determine liquid content in overflowing foam
Cole K, Brito-Parada PR, Morrison A, Govender I, Buffler A, Hadler K, Cilliers JJ
726 - 735 Enhancement removal of crystal violet dye using magnetic calcium ferrite nanoparticle: Study in single- and binary-solute systems
An S, Liu XY, Yang LJ, Zhang L
736 - 736 Modelling of an industrial fluid catalytic cracking unit using neural networks (vol 79, pg 137, 2001)
Michalopoulos J, Papadokonstantakis S, Arampatzis G, Lygeros A