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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 11 An effective passive micromixer with shifted trapezoidal blades using wide Reynolds number range
The HL, Thanh HL, Dong T, Ta BQ, Tran-Minh N, Karlsen F
12 - 20 Scale-up of the power draw of inline-rotor-stator mixers with high throughput
Schonstedt B, Jacob HJ, Schilde C, Kwade A
21 - 29 Herschel-Bulkley theological parameters of lightweight colloidal gas aphron (CGA) based fluids
Ziaee H, Arabloo M, Ghazanfari MH, Rashtchian D
30 - 37 Modeling and simulation of under-balanced drilling operation using two-fluid model of two-phase flow
Khezrian M, Hajidavalloo E, Shekari Y
38 - 47 Fluid dynamics characterization of a stirred model bio-methanation digester
Montante G, Paglianti A
48 - 54 A computational fluid dynamics study on oil-in-water dispersion in vertical pipe flows
Burlutskiy E, Turangan CK
55 - 65 Pressure drop and holdup predictions in horizontal oil-water flows for curved and wavy interfaces
Edomwonyi-Otu LC, Angeli P
66 - 78 Simulations of dissolution of spherical particles in laminar shear flow
Derksen JJ, Reynolds G, Crampton A, Huang ZY, Booth J
79 - 99 Investigations into the effects of mass transport and flow dynamics of spacer filled membrane modules using CFD
Saeed A, Vuthaluru R, Vuthaluru HB
100 - 112 A new process for ternary separations: Semicontinuous distillation without a middle vessel
Meidanshahi V, Adams TA
113 - 119 Study on the separation of binary azeotropic mixtures by continuous extractive distillation
Yuan SF, Zou CC, Yin H, Chen ZR, Yang WD
120 - 135 Insights on the dynamic behavior of thermally coupled distillation columns implemented on processes with recycles
Ramirez-Corona N, Mascote-Perez D, Sanchez-Hijar A, Fernandez-Pastrana MI, Jimenez-Gutierrez A
136 - 147 Kinetic behavior of potassium bicarbonate crystallization in a carbonate-based CO2 absorption process
Ye Q, Wang XL, Lu YQ
148 - 162 Analytical methods to calculate water content in natural gas
Zhu L, Li LL, Zhu J, Qin L, Fan JM
163 - 173 Counter-current spray drying with stream separation: Computational modeling of a novel dryer design
Soltani S, Gerde P, Acevedo F, Rasmuson A
174 - 184 Transient heat transfer simulation of a 1 kWth moving front solar thermochemical reactor for thermal dissociation of compressed ZnO
Villafan-Vidales HI, Abanades S, Montiel-Gonzalez M, Romero-Paredes H, Arancibia-Bulnes CA, Estrada CA
185 - 193 Synthesis of multipass heat exchanger network with the optimal number of shells and tubes based on pinch technology
Sun L, Luo XL, Zhao Y
194 - 202 On the modeling of gas-phase mass-transfer in metal sheet structured packings
Rejl FJ, Valenz L, Haidl J, Kordac M, Moucha T
203 - 212 Reducing the cost, environmental impact and energy consumption of biofuel processes through heat integration
Brunet R, Boer D, Guillen-Gosalbez G, Jimenez L
213 - 223 Interphase mass transfer of the high velocity bubbling fluidization regime
Saayman J, Nicol W
224 - 231 Thermo-mechanical analysis of copper-encapsulated NaNO3-KNO3
Parrado C, Caceres G, Bize F, Bubnovich V, Baeyens J, Degreve J, Zhang HL
232 - 250 Parameters study and analysis of turbulent flow and heat transfer enhancement in narrow channel with discrete grooved structures
Tang XY, Jiang G, Cao G
251 - 256 Use of a modified Taber abrasion apparatus for investigating the complete stress state during abrasion and in-process wear particle aerosol generation
Morgeneyer M, Shandilya N, Chen YM, Le Bihan O
257 - 268 A mild method of wood impregnation with biopolymers and resins using 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride as carrier
Croitoru C, Patachia S, Lunguleasa A
269 - 277 Ni-Cu based catalysts prepared by two different methods and their catalytic activity toward the ATR of methane
Lo Faro M, Frontera P, Antonucci P, Arico AS
278 - 286 Reaction precipitation of amorphous calcium phosphate: Population balance modelling and kinetics
Szilagyi B, Muntean N, Barabas R, Ponta O, Lakatos BG
287 - 292 Effect of solids concentration on particle size distribution of deagglomerated barium titanate in stirred media mills
Simpson ABG, Byrne JA, McLaughlin JAD, Strawhorne M
293 - 303 A probabilistic analysis of some selected mixing indices
Gu ZY, Chen JJJ
304 - 317 Multi-scale modeling of granulation processes: Bi-directional coupling of PBM with DEM via collision frequencies
Barrasso D, Ramachandran R
318 - 329 Using discrete element method to analyze the mixing of the solid particles in a slant cone mixer
Alian M, Ein-Mozaffari F, Upreti SR, Wu JN
330 - 348 A model for stresses in a circular silo with an off-centre circular core, using the concept of a principal stress cap: Solution for a completely filled silo and comparison with Janssen and DEM data
Matchett AJ, Langston PA, McGlinchey D
349 - 354 The influence of the cohesion coefficient (C) on the flowability of different sorbitol types
Szalay A, Kelemen A, Pintye-Hodi K
355 - 365 Representing solute solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide: A novel empirical model
Khansary MA, Amiri F, Hosseini A, Sani AH, Shahbeig H
366 - 376 Optimization of spray drying conditions for production of Bidens pilosa L. dried extract
Cortes-Rojas DF, Souza CRF, Oliveira WP
377 - 391 Toward production of microalgae in photobioreactors under temperate climate
Saeid A, Chojnacka K
392 - 401 Heat exchanger specification: Coupling design and surface performance evaluation
Zheng ZY, Johnston AM, Fletcher DF, Haynes BS
402 - 410 An algorithmic approach to generate timesharing schemes for multi-period HEN designs
Jiang D, Chang CT
411 - 431 Process analysis and economic optimization of intensified process alternatives for simultaneous industrial scale production of dimethyl carbonate and propylene glycol
Holtbruegge J, Kuhlmann H, Lutze P
432 - 440 Techno-economic evaluation of the production of polyesters from glycerol and adipic acid
Bueno L, Toro C, Martin M
441 - 456 A simulation tool for analysis and design of reverse electrodialysis using concentrated brines
Tedesco M, Cipollina A, Tamburini A, Bogle IDL, Micale G
457 - 463 Impact on the optimal design of bioethanol supply chains by a new European Commission proposal
Mazzetto F, Simoes-Lucas G, Ortiz-Gutierrez RA, Manca D, Bezzo F
464 - 472 Nonlinear parameter estimation of e-NRTL model for quaternary ammonium ionic liquids using Cuckoo Search
Jaime-Leal JE, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Bhargava V, Fateen SEK
473 - 482 Sensor fault compensation via software sensors: Application in a heat pump's helical evaporator
Escobar RF, Astorga-Zaragoza CM, Hernandez JA, Juarez-Romero D, Garcia-Beltran CD
483 - 495 An integrated approach for oscillation diagnosis in linear closed loop systems
Srinivasan B, Nallasivam U, Rengaswamy R
496 - 510 Techno-economic evaluation of different CO2-based processes for dimethyl carbonate production
Kongpanna P, Pavarajarn V, Gani R, Assabumrungrat S
511 - 521 Real option framework for equipment wise expansion of modular plants applied to the design of a continuous multiproduct plant
Seifert T, Schreider H, Sievers S, Schembecker G, Bramsiepe C
522 - 530 Evaluation of electrocoagulation process for the removal of strontium and cesium from aqueous solution
Kamaraj R, Vasudevan S
531 - 540 Comparison of solvents for the recovery of low-molecular carboxylic acids and furfural from aqueous solutions
Demesa AG, Laari A, Tirronen E, Turunen I
541 - 553 Dehydration of methanol to light olefins upon zeolite/alumina catalysts: Effect of reaction conditions, catalyst support and zeolite modification
Hajimirzaee S, Ainte M, Soltani B, Behbahani RM, Leeke GA, Wood J
554 - 564 Wettability alteration in gas-condensate carbonate reservoir using anionic fluorinated treatment
Karandish GR, Rahimpour MR, Sharifzadeh S, Dadkhah AA
565 - 575 Partial oxidation of n-hexadecane through decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in supercritical water
Alshammari YM, Hellgardt K
576 - 583 Experimental study of alcoholic retarded acid systems for high temperature gas wells acidizing process
Fayzi P, Mirvakili A, Rahimpour MR, Farsi M, Jahanmiri A
584 - 590 Benzylation of acetic acid to benzyl acetate over highly active and reusable Micro/Meso-HZSM-5
Nandiwale KY, Galande ND, Raut SA, Bokade VV
591 - 601 Modelling current efficiency in an electrochemical hypochlorite reactor
Spasojevic M, Krstajic N, Spasojevic P, Ribic-Zelenovic L
602 - 610 Sorption selectivity and original kinetic analysis of an heterogeneous fatty acrylate esterification on a poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) sulfonated resin
Vonner A, Castel C, Schaer E, Moreliere A
611 - 620 Improved rate-based modeling of the process of CO2 capture with PZ solution
Moioli S, Pellegrini LA
621 - 631 Intensification of Hypericum perforatum L. oil isolation by solvent-free microwave extraction
Abdelhadi M, Meullemiestre A, Gelicus A, Hassani A, Rezzoug SA
632 - 639 Integration of light hydrocarbons cryogenic separation process in refinery based on LNG cold energy utilization
Li YJ, Luo H
640 - 651 Removal of trimethylamine and isovaleric acid from gas streams in a continuous flow surface discharge plasma reactor
Assadi AA, Bouzaza A, Lemasle M, Wolbert D
652 - 661 Phosphate removal from aqueous solutions by a nano-structured Fe-Ti bimetal oxide sorbent
Lu JB, Liu DF, Hao J, Zhang GW, Lu B
662 - 674 Multiphase equilibrium flash with salt precipitation in systems with multiple salts
Lucia A, Henley H, Thomas E
675 - 683 Adsorption of copper by magnetic graphene oxide-supported beta-cyclodextrin: Effects of pH, ionic strength, background electrolytes, and citric acid
Hu XJ, Liu YG, Wang H, Zeng GM, Hu X, Guo YM, Li TT, Chen AW, Jiang LH, Guo FY
684 - 695 Analysis of fouling mechanisms in TiO2 embedded high density polyethylene membranes for collagen separation
Jafarzadeh Y, Yegani R
696 - 709 A new and effective nanobiocomposite for sequestration of Cd(II) ions: Nanoscale zerovalent iron supported on sineguelas seed waste
Soleymanzadeh M, Arshadi M, Salvacion JWL, SalimiVahid F
710 - 719 Mixed matrix membranes' gas separation performance prediction using an analytical model
Bakhtiari O, Sadeghi N
720 - 726 Physical properties of PZ solution used as a solvent for CO2 removal
Moioli S, Pellegrini LA
727 - 735 Removal of vegetable tannins to recover water in the leather industry by ultrafiltration polymeric membranes
Romero-Dondiz EM, Almazan JE, Rajal VB, Castro-Vidaurre EF
736 - 746 Performance of a low-cost iron ore as an oxygen carrier for Chemical Looping Combustion of gaseous fuels
Pans MA, Gayan P, de Diego LF, Garcia-Labiano F, Abad A, Adanez J
747 - 754 Mass transfer coefficients in a Kuhni extraction column
Hemmati A, Torab-Mostaedi M, Asadollahzadeh M
755 - 772 Analysis of synergistic and antagonistic adsorption of heavy metals and acid blue 25 on activated carbon from ternary systems
Tovar-Gomez R, Moreno-Virgen MD, Moreno-Perez J, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Hernandez-Montoya V, Duran-Valle CJ
773 - 778 Concentrating orange juice through CO2 clathrate hydrate technology
Li SF, Shen YM, Liu DB, Fan LH, Tan Z
779 - 788 Heavy metal ions removal from aqueous media by modified magnetic mesoporous silica MCM-48
Anbia M, Kargosha K, Khoshbooei S
789 - 799 Application of the perturbed chain-SAFT equation of state for modeling CO2 solubility in aqueous monoethanolamine solutions
Baygi SF, Pahlavanzadeh H
800 - 811 Theoretical and experimental studies of benzoic acid batch adsorption dynamics using vermiculite-based adsorbent
Pouya ES, Abolghasemi H, Assar M, Hashemi SJ, Salehpour A, Foroughi-dahr M
812 - 812 Mass-transfer characteristics by surface aeration of large paddle impeller: Application to a polymerization reactor with liquid level change (vol 86, pg 1345, 2008)
Yatomi R, Takenaka K, Takahashi K, Tanguy PA