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2017 - 2026 Coupled PermSMBR - Process design and development for 1,1-dibutoxyethane production
Pereira CSM, Silva VMTM, Rodrigues AE
2027 - 2040 A graphical design method for reaction-extraction processes in quaternary systems
Olan-Acosta MA, Rico-Ramirez V, Gonzalez-Alatorre G, Castrejon-Gonzalez EO
2041 - 2051 Prediction interval-based neural network modelling of polystyrene polymerization reactor - A new perspective of data-based modelling
Hosen MA, Khosravi A, Nahavandi S, Creighton D
2052 - 2070 Systematic retrofit design with Response Surface Method and process integration techniques: A case study for the retrofit of a hydrocarbon fractionation plant
Enriquez AH, Binns M, Kim JK
2071 - 2082 Heuristic framework for the debottlenecking of a palm oil-based integrated biorefinery
Kasivisvanathan H, Tan RR, Ng DKS, Aziz MKA, Foo DCY
2083 - 2094 Parameter estimation of methanol transformation into olefins through improved particle swarm optimization with attenuation function
Sun SY, Li JW
2095 - 2105 Development of topical gel containing aceclofenac-crospovidone solid dispersion by "Quality by Design (QbD)" approach
Jana S, Ali SA, Nayak AK, Sen KK, Basu SK
2106 - 2122 Techno-economical and environmental optimization of natural gas network operation
Kashani AHA, Molaei R
2123 - 2130 Bifurcation analysis of two continuous bioreactors operated in series with recycle
Vanavil B, Harikumar MP, Rao AS
2131 - 2147 Hybrid separations combining distillation and organic solvent nanofiltration for separation of wide boiling mixtures
Micovic J, Werth K, Lutze P
2148 - 2152 Predicting valve tray efficiency
Vennavelli AN, Whiteley JR, Resetarits MR
2153 - 2181 Roles of drag reducing polymers in single- and multi-phase flows
Abubakar A, Al-Wahaibi T, Al-Wahaibi Y, Al-Hashmi AR, Al-Ajmi A
2182 - 2190 Immiscible liquid-liquid slug flow characteristics in the generation of aqueous drops within a rectangular microchannel for preparation of poly(2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate) cryogel beads
Zhao W, Zhang SH, Lu MZ, Shen SC, Yun JX, Yao KJ, Xu LH, Lin DQ, Guan YX, Yao SJ
2191 - 2200 Effect of the impeller imbalance on the bending moment acting on a shaft in a stirred vessel
Shi DE, Liang YY, Eaglesham A, Gao ZM
2201 - 2212 Flow regimes in the emptying of pipes filled with a Herschel-Bulkley fluid
Palabiyik I, Olunloyo B, Fryer PJ, Robbins PT
2213 - 2222 Mixing performances of swirl flow and corrugated channel reactors
Ghanem A, Habchi C, Lemenand T, Della Valle D, Peerhossaini H
2223 - 2230 Hydrodynamic control of droplets coalescence in microfluidic devices to fabricate two-dimensional anisotropic particles through boundary element method
Wang JT, Yu DM, Jing HF, Tao J
2231 - 2246 Hydrodynamics and velocity measurements in gas-liquid swirling flows in cylindrical cyclones
Hreiz R, Gentric C, Midoux N, Laine R, Funfschilling D
2247 - 2254 Prediction of effective area and liquid hold-up in structured packings by CFD
Haroun Y, Raynal L, Alix P
2255 - 2263 Effect of gas flow on the bending moment acting on a shaft in a sparged vessel stirred by a Pitched Blade Turbine
Shi DE, Cai ZQ, Liang YY, Eaglesham A, Gao ZM
2264 - 2272 Comprehensive management of mineral scale deposition in carbonate oil fields - A case study
Zahedzadeh M, Karambeigi MS, Roayaei E, Emadi MA, Radmehr M, Gholamianpour H, Ashoori S, Shokrollahzadeh S
2273 - 2282 Flow separation from a spherical particle in supercritical water
Wei LP, Lu YJ, Wei JJ
2283 - 2293 Thermodynamic modeling of the dissociation conditions of hydrogen sulfide clathrate hydrate in the presence of aqueous solution of inhibitor (alcohol, salt or ethylene glycol)
Mohammadi A, Manteghian M, Mohammadi AH, Kamran-Pirzaman A
2294 - 2312 Experimental and CFD investigation of convective heat transfer in helically coiled tube heat exchanger
Pawar SS, Sunnapwar VK
2313 - 2323 Mass transfer from nanofluid drops in a pulsed liquid-liquid extraction column
Bahmanyar A, Khoobi N, Moharrer MMA, Bahmanyar H
2324 - 2332 Diffusional mass transfer model for the adsorption of food dyes on chitosan films
Dotto GL, Buriol C, Pinto LAA
2333 - 2338 Effect of pulp fiber suspensions on the rate of mass transfer controlled corrosion in pipelines under turbulent flow conditions
Amin NK, Abdel-Aziz MH, El-Ashtoukhy ESZ
2339 - 2351 Critical heat flux of nanofluids inside a single microchannel: Experiments and correlations
Vafaei S, Wen DS
2352 - 2360 Effect of electrolytes in aqueous solutions on oxygen transfer in gas-liquid bubble columns
Baz-Rodriguez SA, Botello-Alvarez JE, Estrada-Baltazar A, Vilchiz-Bravo LE, Padilla-Medina JA, Miranda-Lopez R
2361 - 2370 CFD and experimental investigation of the gas-liquid flow in the distributor of a compact heat exchanger
Ben Saad S, Gentric C, Fourmigue JF, Clement P, Leclerc JP
2371 - 2382 Optimization of a plate-fin heat exchanger design through an improved multi-objective teaching-learning based optimization (MO-ITLBO) algorithm
Patel V, Savsani V
2383 - 2395 An initial study on feasible treatment of Serbian lignite through utilization of low-rank coal upgrading technologies
Stakic M, Cvetinovic D, Skobalj P, Spasojevic V
2396 - 2403 Analysis the fry-drying process of oily sludge sample
Zhang K, Zhu JH, Zhou Y, Wu BC
2404 - 2412 The effect of melt viscosity on thermal efficiency for single screw extrusion of HDPE
Vera-Sorroche J, Kelly AL, Brown EC, Gough T, Abeykoon C, Coates PD, Deng J, Li K, Harkin-Jones E, Price M
2413 - 2424 The evolution of pellet size and shape during spheronisation of an extruded microcrystalline cellulose paste
Lau CLS, Yu Q, Lister VY, Rough SL, Wilson DI, Zhang M
2425 - 2430 Modification of precipitated calcium carbonate with cellulose esters and use as filler in papermaking
Gamelas JAF, Lourenco AF, Xavier M, Ferreira PJ
2431 - 2438 Fabrication of asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes for separation of carbon dioxide from methane using polyetherimide as polymeric additive
Saedi S, Madaeni SS, Shamsabadi AA
2439 - 2448 Fabrication and characterization of Matrimid/MIL-53 mixed matrix membrane for CO2/CH4 separation
Dorosti F, Omidkhah M, Abedini R
2449 - 2460 Preparation and characterization of PVDF-montmorillonite mixed matrix hollow fiber membrane for gas-liquid contacting process
Rezaei M, Ismail AF, Hashemifard SA, Matsuura T
2461 - 2469 Interfacial sol-gel processing for preparation of porous titania particles using a piezoelectric inkjet nozzle
Kadota K, Tamura H, Shirakawa Y, Tozuka Y, Shimosaka A, Hidaka J
2470 - 2478 Effect of nozzle geometry and processing parameters on the formation of nanoparticles using FSP
Torabmostaedi H, Zhang T
2479 - 2492 Effect of operating parameters inside circulating fluidized bed reactor riser with ring baffles using CFD simulation and experimental design analysis
Chalermsinsuwan B, Samruamphianskun T, Piumsomboon P
2493 - 2508 Droplet breakage and coalescence models for the flow of water-in-oil emulsions through a valve-like element
Mitre JF, Lage PLC, Souza MA, Silva E, Barca LF, Moraes AOS, Coutinho RCC, Fonseca EF
2509 - 2522 Dissolution and rheological behaviour of hematite and quartz particles in aqueous media at pH 1
MacCarthy J, Nosrati A, Skinner W, Addai-Mensah J
2523 - 2533 Effect of solvent exchange on the stability of sterically functionalized magnetite nanoparticles in poly(methyl methacrylate) solutions and resulting spray dried composites
Bremerstein T, Rudolph M, Peuker UA
2534 - 2541 Automated self seeding of batch crystallizations via plug flow seed generation
Ferguson S, Morris G, Hao HX, Barrett M, Glennon B
2542 - 2549 Enhancing the solubility and bioavailability of isoflavone by particle size reduction using a supercritical carbon dioxide-based precipitation process
Xu JJ, Luo KQ
2550 - 2556 Study of release kinetics and diffusion coefficients in swellable cellulosic thin films by means of a simple spectrophotometric technique
Pedacchia A, Adrover A
2557 - 2567 Catalytic carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol: A review of recent studies
Jadhav SG, Vaidya PD, Bhanage BM, Joshi JB
2568 - 2574 Co-oxidation of ammonia and isopropanol in supercritical water in a tubular reactor
Cabeza P, Al-Duri B, Bermejo MD, Cocero MJ
2575 - 2583 Simulation and thermodynamic analysis of chemical looping reforming and CO2 enhanced chemical looping reforming
Yahom A, Powell J, Pavarajarn V, Onbhuddha P, Charojrochkul S, Assabumrungrat S
2584 - 2597 Reduction and oxidation properties of Fe2O3/ZrO2 oxygen carrier for hydrogen production
Kang KS, Kim CH, Bae KK, Cho WC, Jeong SU, Lee YJ, Park CS
2598 - 2608 Methanol synthesis from CO2 and H-2 in multi-tubular fixed-bed reactor and multi-tubular reactor filled with monoliths
Arab S, Commenge JM, Portha JF, Falk L
2609 - 2617 Analysis of the hydrodynamics of a periodically operated trickle-bed reactor-A shock wave velocity
Gancarczyk A, Janecki D, Bartelmus G, Burghardt A
2618 - 2625 Operation simulation of a recycled electrochemical ozone generator using artificial neural network
Abbasi M, Soleymani AR, Parssa JB
2626 - 2639 Transpiring wall reactor in supercritical water oxidation
Xu DH, Wang SZ, Huang CB, Tang XY, Guo Y
2640 - 2648 Dissolving grade eco-clean cellulose pulps by integrated fractionation of cardoon (Cynara carclunculus L.) stalk biomass
Shatalov AA, Pereira H
2649 - 2658 A numerical method of cascade analysis and design for multi-component isotope separation
Zeng S, Cheng L, Jiang DJ, Borisevich VD, Sulaberidze GA
2659 - 2667 Online droplet diameter measurements to improve the crude oil dehydration process
Less S, Vilagines R, Al-Khalifa H
2668 - 2680 Boehmite-phenolic resin carbon molecular sieve membranes-Permeation and adsorption studies
Teixeira M, Rodrigues SC, Campo M, Tanaka DAP, Tanco MAL, Madeira LM, Sousa JM, Mendes A
2681 - 2693 High-efficiency HFSLM for silver-ion pertraction from pharmaceutical wastewater and mass-transport models
Wongsawa T, Sunsandee N, Pancharoen U, Lothongkum AW
2694 - 2704 Electrocoalescence of binary water droplets falling in oil: Experimental study
Mohammadi M, Shahhosseini S, Bayat M
2705 - 2714 Membrane contactor for reactive extraction of succinic acid from aqueous solution by tertiary amine
Agrahari GK, Pandey N, Verma N, Bhattacharya PK
2715 - 2724 Adsorption of Cd(II), Hg(II) and Zn(II) from aqueous solution using mesoporous activated carbon produced from Bambusa uulgaris striata
Gonzalez PG, Pliego-Cuervo YB
2725 - 2733 Hexavalent chromium adsorption on superparamagnetic multi-wall carbon nanotubes and activated carbon composites
Bayazit SS, Kerkez O
2734 - 2739 Correlation of solute solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide using a new empirical equation
Hozhabr SB, Mazloumi SH, Sargolzaei J
2740 - 2748 Degradation of azo dye from aqueous solutions using nano-SnO2/Ti electrode prepared by electrophoretic deposition method: Experimental Design
Chianeh FN, Parsa JB
2749 - 2757 Improvement of predictive Soave-Redlich-Kwong (PSRK) equation of state for representing volumetric properties of carbon dioxide-expanded organic solvents
2758 - 2769 Influence of the plate-type continuous micro-separator dimensions on the efficiency of demulsification of oil-in-water emulsion
Roques-Carmes T, Monnier H, Portha JF, Marchal P, Falk L
2770 - 2774 Improving the gas recovery and separation efficiency of a hydrate-based gas separation
Tajima H, Oota Y, Yamagiwa K
2775 - 2781 Prediction of size distribution of crude oil drops in the permeate using a slotted pore membrane
Ullah A, Holdich RG, Naeem M, Khan SW, Starov VM
2782 - 2791 Parameters optimization of recombinant hepatitis B antigen adsorption-desorption in purification process on three different kinds of diatomaceous earth matrix
Ghaisari P, Hosseini SN, Sharifnia S, Khatami M