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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.91, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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2291 - 2298 Optimal retrofit of a side stream column to a dividing wall column for energy efficiency maximization
Long NVD, Lee M
2299 - 2308 A comparative study of controlling the externally heat-integrated double distillation columns (EHIDDiC)
Ma JP, Li MY, Chen HS, Huang KJ, Wei NN, Xia CY
2309 - 2322 Experiments and dynamic modeling of a reactive distillation column for the production of ethyl acetate by considering the heterogeneous catalyst pilot complexities
Fernandez MF, Barroso B, Meyer XM, Meyer M, Le Lann MV, Le Roux GC, Brehelin M
2323 - 2332 Transient modeling of zinc extraction with D2EHPA in a Kuhni column
Neto AP, Mansur MB
2333 - 2345 CFD and experimental studies of liquid weeping in the circular sieve tray columns
Zarei A, Hosseini SH, Rahimi R
2346 - 2354 Experimental and numerical investigation on mixing and axial dispersion in Taylor-Couette flow patterns
Nemri M, Climent E, Charton S, Lanoe JY, Ode D
2355 - 2368 CFD modelling of the hydrodynamics and kinetic reactions in a fluidised-bed MTO reactor
Chang J, Zhang K, Chen HG, Yang YP, Zhang LM
2369 - 2376 Tailored surface roughnesses for enhanced deposition of fine liquid droplets from a flowing gas
Paterson DA, Threlfall G, Griffin G, Burke N, Huang SH, Zhu Y
2377 - 2388 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer characteristics in an internal loop airlift reactor with sieve plates
Luo LJ, Yuan JQ, Xie P, Sun JW, Guo W
2389 - 2400 Effect of hydrodynamics during sol-gel synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles: From morphology to photocatalytic properties
Hatat-Fraile M, Mendret J, Rivallin M, Brosillon S
2401 - 2411 Development of a no-moving-part blower for difficult operating conditions
Tesar V
2412 - 2419 Dehydration of ethylene glycol by pervaporation using gamma alumina/NaA zeolite composite membrane
Jafari M, Bayat A, Mohammadi T, Kazemimoghadam M
2420 - 2426 Synthesis, characterization and bioactivity of bioglasses in the Na2O-CaO-P2O5-SiO2 system prepared via sol gel processing
Catteaux R, Grattepanche-Lebecq I, Desanglois F, Chai F, Hornez JC, Hampshire S, Follet-Houttemane C
2427 - 2436 Effects of shear thinning on forward roll coating
Hewson RW, Kapur N
2437 - 2446 Design of microcrystalline cellulose-free alginate spheroids by extrusion-spheronization technique
Zolkefpeli SNM, Wong TW
2447 - 2456 Preparation of granular activated carbon from oil palm shell by microwave-induced chemical activation: Optimisation using surface response methodology
Hesas RH, Arami-Niya A, Daud WMAW, Sahu JN
2457 - 2464 Optimization of process conditions using response surface methodology for the microwave-assisted transesterification of Jatropha oil with KOH impregnated CaO as catalyst
Liao CC, Chung TW
2465 - 2476 Optimal design of a natural gas transmission network layout
Sanaye S, Mahmoudimehr J
2477 - 2483 Fluidization and coating of very dense powders by Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapour Deposition
Rodriguez P, Caussat B, Ablitzer C, Iltis X, Brothier M
2484 - 2490 Influence of powder characteristics on the behaviour of PIM feedstock
Bricout J, Gelin JC, Ablitzer C, Matheron P, Brothier M
2491 - 2496 Decorated carbon nanotubes by silicon deposition in fluidized bed for Li-ion battery anodes
Coppey N, Noe L, Monthioux M, Caussat B
2497 - 2508 Fabrication and characterization of millimeter-sized glass shells for inertial confinement fusion targets
Qi XB, Gao C, Zhang ZW, Chen SF, Li B, Wei S
2509 - 2514 Pressure drop prediction for horizontal dense-phase pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal associated with feeding to gasifier
Guo XL, Lu WX, Lu HF, Cong XL, Xie K, Liu HF, Gong X
2515 - 2549 Integration of process design and control: A review
Sharifzadeh M
2550 - 2558 Quantification of alarm chatter based on run length distributions
Kondaveeti SR, Izadi I, Shah SL, Shook DS, Kadali R, Chen TW
2559 - 2568 Multi-loop nonlinear internal model controller design based on a dynamic fuzzy partial least squares model
Chi QH, Zhao Z, Hu B, Lv Y, Liang J
2569 - 2578 Targeting water utilities for the threshold problem without waste discharge
Parand R, Yao HM, Tade MO, Pareek V
2579 - 2586 Modelling of the continuous foaming operation by dimensional analysis
Mary G, Mezdour S, Delaplace G, Lauhon R, Cuvelier G, Ducept F
2587 - 2600 Comparative efficiency of shear, elongation and turbulent droplet breakup mechanisms: Review and application
Lemenand T, Dupont P, Della Valle D, Peerhossaini H
2601 - 2616 Kinetics of dealkylation-transalkylation of C-9 alkyl-aromatics over zeolites of different structures
Ali SA, Ogunronbi KE, Al-Khattaf SS
2617 - 2629 Photoassisted Fenton-like degradation of aqueous poly(acrylic acid): From mechanistic kinetic model to CFD modeling
Ghafoori S, Mehrvar M, Chan PK
2630 - 2638 A new method of amine solvent recovery with acid addition for energy reduction in the CO2 absorption process
Lee HS, Lee NR, Yang DR
2639 - 2647 Catalytic hydrogen adsorption of nano-crystalline hydrotalcite derived mixed oxides
Salam MA, Sufian S, Murugesan T
2648 - 2662 Production process for diesel fuel components poly(oxymethylene) dimethyl ethers from methane-based products by hierarchical optimization with varying model depth
Burger J, Strofer E, Hasse H
2663 - 2670 Evaluation and modelling of continuous flow sub-critical water hydrolysis of biomass derived components; lipids and carbohydrates
Baig MN, Santos RCD, King J, Pioch D, Bowra S
2671 - 2681 Design and demonstration of an experimental membrane reactor set-up for oxidative coupling of methane
Godini HR, Trivedi H, de Villasante AG, Gorke O, Jaso S, Simon U, Berthold A, Witt W, Wozny G
2682 - 2690 Pyrolysis kinetics of forestry residues from the Portuguese Central Inland Region
Amutio M, Lopez G, Alvarez J, Moreira R, Duarte G, Nunes J, Olazar M, Bilbao J
2691 - 2702 Iron incorporated rice husk silica as a sorbent for hexavalent chromium attenuation in aqueous system
Oladoja NA, Ololade IA, Alimi OA, Akinnifesi TA, Olaremu GA
2703 - 2712 Tubular composite PVA ceramic supported membrane for bio-ethanol production
Samei M, Mohammadi T, Asadi AA
2713 - 2720 Adsorption and desorption of DMF on macroporous resin NKA-II in the fixed bed
Ye CS, Wang HX, Huang GQ, Qiu T
2721 - 2731 Planning of carbon capture and storage with pinch analysis techniques
Ooi REH, Foo DCY, Ng DKS, Tan RR
2732 - 2742 Performance of FeOOH-brick based composite for Fe(II) removal from water in fixed bed column and mechanistic aspects
Allahdin O, Dehou SC, Wartel M, Recourt P, Trentesaux M, Mabingui J, Boughriet A
2743 - 2747 Assembled-magnetite membrane for recovery of starch granules in an open flow
Uno Y, Morisada S, Ohto K, Kawakita H
2748 - 2758 Thermodynamics, kinetics, and isotherms studies for gold(III) adsorption using silica functionalized by diethylenetriaminemethylenephosphonic acid
Liu W, Yin P, Liu XG, Dong XQ, Zhang J, Xu Q
2759 - 2764 Effective removal of Fe(II) impurity from rare earth solution using surface imprinted polymer
Wang WS, Li YB, Gao BJ, Huang XW, Zhang YQ, Xu Y, An FQ
2765 - 2774 Purification process for recovering hydroxy acids from soda black liquor
Hellsten S, Lahti J, Heinonen J, Kallioinen M, Manttari M, Sainio T
2775 - 2781 Experimental study on additives inhibiting ammonia escape in carbon capture process using ammonia method
Ma SC, Song HH, Zang B, Chen GD
2782 - 2788 Design of an autonomous solar desalination plant using vacuum membrane distillation, the MEDINA project
Ben Abdallah S, Frikha N, Gabsi S