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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.90, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1697 - 1700 Computing all the roots of Sigma(ai)(i)/(lambda-Ci)=1 equations by a matrix-based approach
Vacahern M, Monroy-Loperena R
1701 - 1710 Simulation of transient gas flow using the orthogonal collocation method
Ebrahimzadeh E, Shahrak MN, Bazooyar B
1711 - 1718 Experimental study on the restart of core-annular flow
Strazza D, Poesio P
1719 - 1726 Numerical study on microstructured reactor with chaotic heat and mass transfer and its potential application for exothermic process
Xia HM, Wang ZP, Wan SYM, Yin FF
1727 - 1738 Visualization of compound drops formation in multiphase processes for the identification of factors influencing bubble and water droplet inclusions in oil drops
Corkidi G, Rojas A, Pimentel A, Galindo E
1739 - 1749 Smart RTD for multiphase flow systems
Simcik M, Ruzicka MC, Mota A, Teixeira JA
1750 - 1764 Experimental study on instantaneous pressure fluctuation time series in the novel tank agitated by multiple horizontal jets
Meng HB, Wang W, Wu JH, Yu YF, Wang F
1765 - 1778 The use of drying experiments in the study of the effective thermal conductivity in a solid containing a multicomponent liquid mixture
Gamero R, Martinez J
1779 - 1799 Role of entropy generation during convective thermal processing in right-angled triangular enclosures with various wall heatings
Basak T, Anandalakshmi R, Gunda P
1800 - 1806 Surface modification of low density polyethylene films by homogeneous catalytic ozonation
Patel D, Wu JN, Chan P, Upreti S, Turcotte G, Ye TJ
1807 - 1814 Adsorption of 4-chlorophenol by inexpensive sewage sludge-based adsorbents
Monsalvo VM, Mohedano AF, Rodriguez JJ
1815 - 1822 Nitrate removal from water using functionalized carbon nanotube sheets
Tofighy MA, Mohammadi T
1823 - 1833 Experimental study of iron-control agents selection for high temperature sour gas and oil wells acidizing process
Mirvakili A, Rahimpour MR, Jahanmiri A
1834 - 1846 Formulation and statistical optimization of multiple-unit ibuprofen-loaded buoyant system using 2(3)-factorial design
Malakar J, Nayak AK
1847 - 1855 In-situ monitoring of pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals crystallization processes using endoscopy-stroboscopy and multivariate image analysis
Simon LL, Merz T, Dubuis S, Lieb A, Hungerbuhler K
1856 - 1870 Analysis and prediction of input multiplicity for the reactive flash separation using reaction-invariant composition variables
Jaime-Leal JE, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Segovia-Hernandez JG, Hernandez S, Hernandez-Escoto H
1871 - 1882 Dynamic modelling and sensitivity analysis of a tubular SOFC fuelled with NH3 as a possible replacement for H-2
Hajimolana SA, Hussain MA, Daud WMAW, Chakrabarti MH
1883 - 1895 Multi-period design of heat exchanger networks
Ahmad MI, Zhang N, Jobson M, Chen L
1896 - 1900 A simple predictive tool for monitoring steam loss in traps
Bahadori A
1901 - 1917 Research progress of hot gas filtration, desulphurization and HCl removal in coal-derived fuel gas: A review
Dou BL, Wang C, Chen HS, Song YC, Xie BZ, Xu YJ, Tan CQ
1918 - 1922 Physicochemical processes in a flow reactor using laser radiation energy for heating reactants
Snytnikov VN, Mischenko TI, Snytnikov VN, Chernykh IG
1923 - 1929 Performance evaluation of a continuous flow Photo-Impinging Streams Cyclone Reactor for phenol degradation
Royaee SJ, Sohrabi M, Barjesteh PJ
1930 - 1942 Kinetics of methane combustion over Pt and Pt-Pd catalysts
Abbasi R, Wu L, Wanke SE, Hayes RE
1943 - 1955 Kinetic modeling of heavy reformate conversion into xylenes over mordenite-ZSM5 based catalysts
Al-Mubaiyedh UA, Ali SA, Al-Khattaf SS
1956 - 1968 Evaluation of the economic and environmental impact of combining dry reforming with steam reforming of methane
Gangadharan P, Kanchi KC, Lou HH
1969 - 1978 Numerical simulation of mass transport in a filter press type electrochemical reactor FM01-LC: Comparison of predicted and experimental mass transfer coefficient
Rivero EP, Rivera FF, Cruz-Diaz MR, Mayen E, Gonzalez I
1979 - 1988 A comparative activity study of a new ultra-dispersed catalyst system for a hydrocracking/hydrotreating technology using vacuum residue oil: Merey/Mesa
Noguera G, Araujo S, Hernandez J, Rivas A, Mendoza D, Castellano O
1989 - 1996 Sensitivity analysis applied to independent parallel reaction model for pyrolysis of bagasse
Santos KG, Lobato FS, Lira TS, Murata VV, Barrozo MAS
1997 - 2001 Effects of tar model compounds on commercial water gas shift catalysts
Grieco EM, Baldi G
2002 - 2012 Comparison of gas excess adsorption models and high pressure experimental validation
Chilev C, Lamari FD, Kirilova E, Pentchev I
2013 - 2022 Electrothermal performance of an activated carbon honeycomb monolith
Ribeiro RPPL, Grande CA, Rodrigues AE
2023 - 2033 Experimental study of vapor permeation of C-5-C-7 alkane through PDMS membrane
Lin DJ, Ding ZW, Liu LY, Ma RY
2034 - 2040 The use of an ionic liquid in a Karr reciprocating plate extraction column
Yung KKL, Smith CD, Bowser T, Perera JM, Stevens GW
2041 - 2050 Experimental and modeling of CO2 capture by dry sodium hydroxide carbonation
Kianpour M, Sobati MA, Shahhosseini S