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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.164 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 10 The effect of chemistry of nanoparticle modifier groups on the PVDF membranes for membrane distillation
Kumar R, Ahmed M, Bhadrachari G, Al-Missri A, Thomas JP
11 - 22 Calibrated bubble depth determination using a single camera
Noelle F, Molteno MR, Pott RWM
23 - 34 Presented during the French Chemical Engineering Congress SFGP 2019, Nantes 15-17 October 2019.Energetic study of beech wood gasification in fluidized bed reactor under different gasification conditions
Reyes L, Abdelouahed L, Buvat JC, Campusano B, Boyer CD, Taouk B
35 - 45 A multi-enzyme strategy for the production of a highly valuable lactonized statin side-chain precursor
Svarc A, Blazevic ZF, Vasic-Racki D, Charnock SJ, Presecki AV
46 - 58 Designing of spiral wound nanofiltration multistage process for oil concentration and solvent recovery from soybean oil/n-hexane miscella
Firman LR, Ochoa NA, Marchese J, Pagliero C
59 - 67 Production of bio-waste granules and their evaluation as adsorbent for removal of hexavalent chromium and methylene blue dye
Jaiyeola OO, Chen HL, Albadarin AB, Mangwandi C
68 - 85 Recent advances in pervaporation hollow fiber membranes for dehydration of organics
Castro-Munoz R, Galiano F, Figoli A
86 - 101 Process development for biomass delignification using deep eutectic solvents. Conceptual design supported by experiments
Smink D, Kersten SRA, Schuur B
102 - 112 A batch-wise LSTM-encoder decoder network for batch process monitoring
Ren JY, Ni D
113 - 124 Multiscale modeling and neural network model based control of a plasma etch process
Xiao TQ, Ni D
125 - 146 A dual-layer, nanofibrous styrene-acrylonitrile membrane with hydrophobic/hydrophilic composite structure for treating the hot dyeing effluent by direct contact membrane distillation
Shirazi MMA, Bazgir S, Meshkani F
147 - 161 Nanocomposite pervaporation membrane for desalination
Prihatiningtyas I, Van der Bruggen B
162 - 194 Asset maintenance optimisation approaches in the chemical and process industries - A review
Chin HH, Varbanov PS, Klemes JJ, Benjamin MFD, Tan RR
195 - 208 Maldistribution and dynamic liquid holdup quantification of quadrilobe catalyst in a trickle bed reactor using gamma-ray computed tomography: Pseudo-3D modelling and empirical modelling using deep neural network
Qi BB, Farid O, Uribe S, Al-Dahhan M
209 - 218 A green method for extraction of Bi and Pb from bismuth-rich melt by super-gravity
Wen XC, Yang YR, Bao QP, Guo L, Guo ZC
219 - 229 Leaching Kinetics of Antimony from Refractory Gold Ore in Alkaline Sodium Sulfide under Ultrasound
Hu YT, Guo P, Wang SX, Zhang LB
230 - 239 Design and mixing performance characterization of a mini-channel mixer with nature-inspired geometries
Tarlet D, Fan YL, Luo LG
240 - 247 Surge analysis in a centrifugal compressor using a dimensionless surge number
Yoon JW, Wilailak S, Bae JE, Lee CJ, Kim IW
248 - 260 Fuzzy distributional chance-constrained programming for handling stochastic and epistemic uncertainties during flotation processes
Liang Y, He DK, Wang QK, Lu XL
261 - 280 Towards a fully predictive multi-scale pressure drop model for a wall-flow filter
Mesquida IMV, Cornejo I, Nikrityuk P, Greiner R, Votsmeier M, Hayes RE
281 - 292 The novel micro-phase separated CO2-selective mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) modified with ester group by EPEG
Zhao D, Wu YD, Ren JZ, Qiu YT, Hua KS, Deng MC
293 - 298 WGS reaction empirical kinetics over novel potassium promoted ZnAlLa mixed oxides catalyst
Antoniak-Jurak K, Kowalik P, Michalska K, Franczyk E, Mrozek A
299 - 310 Effective removal of toluene at near room temperature using cyclic adsorption-oxidation operation in alternative fixed-bed plasma-catalytic reactor
Hossain MM, Mok YS, Nguyen DB, Ahmed R, Saud S, Heo I
311 - 323 Study of reducing deposits formation in the urea-SCR system: Mechanism of urea decomposition and assessment of influential parameters
Chen YJ, Huang HZ, Li ZH, Wang H, Hao B, Chen YJ, Huang GY, Guo XY
324 - 337 Multi-objective optimization tool for ultrasound-assisted extraction including environmental impacts
Bouchez A, Vauchel P, D'Alessandro LG, Dimitrov K
338 - 351 Comparative review of efficiency analysis for airborne solid submicrometer particle sampling by nuclepore filters
Xiang MQ, Morgeneyer M, Philippe F, Manokaran M, Bressot C
352 - 360 Mathematical modelling of supercritical fluid extraction of liquid lanoline from raw wool. Solubility and mass transfer rate parameters
Valverde A, Alvarez-Florez J, Recasens F
361 - 372 Removal of Cu(II) ions from simulated wastewater using bagasse pith grafted polyacrylamide copolymer
Shen JL, Li KC, Muhammad Y, Zhang N, Guo X, Subhan S, Lan CL, Liu K, Huang FC
373 - 384 Impact of surface temperature on CaSO4 deposition from surface energy perspective
Nategh M, Nikoo AH, Malayeri MR
385 - 399 Continuous Time Scheduling of Gasoline Production and Distribution with a Remarkable Formulation Size Reduction using Extended Graphical Genetic Algorithm
Bayu F, Panda D, Ramteke M
400 - 411 Crystallization process modifications to address polymorphic and particle size challenges in early stage development of an API salt
Abhishek MS, Hazra D, Steele G, Pal S
412 - 423 Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of essential oil from tangerine peel: Experimental optimization and kinetics modelling
Xiong KN, Chen Y
424 - 436 Numerical investigation of a fluidic oscillator with resonance channel and vortex amplifier
Amouei A, Farhadi M