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1 - 11 Photo-catalytic oxidation for pyridine in circumneutral aqueous solution by magnetic Fe-Cu materials activated H2O2
Wei YH, Wang CR, Liu D, Jiang LX, Chen XY, Li HY, Zhang FL
12 - 20 Modeling atmospheric freeze-drying of food products operated above glass transition temperature
Nakagawa K, Horie A, Nakabayashi M
21 - 35 Fabricating a novel chitosan-based adsorbent with multifunctional synergistic effect for Cu(II) removal: Maleic anhydride as a connecting bridge
Chen W, Tang Q, Liu ZJ, Luo F, Liao Y, Zhao S, Zhang K, Cheng L, Ma DD
36 - 46 Dimensional analysis modeling of spraying operation - Impact of fluid properties and pressure nozzle geometric parameters on the pressure-flow rate relationship
Lachin K, Turchiuli C, Pistre V, Cuvelier G, Mezdour S, Ducept F
47 - 57 Determination of bubble sizes in bubble column reactors with machine learning regression methods
Thesseling C, Grunewald M, Biessey P
58 - 66 An investigation of performance of a conventional U type loop-seal for CFB reactors with side and bottom aerations
Chinsuwan A, Somjun J
67 - 75 Wiped film evaporators: Segmental assessment of wetting behavior and heat transfer performance
Jahnke S, Jasch K, Scholl S
76 - 84 Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of carbon nanofiber modified-polymer for ultra-removal of thorium ions from aquatic media
Tuzen M, Sari A, Saleh TA
85 - 95 Insights into the transition from plug to slug flow in a horizontal pipe: An experimental study
Abdulkadir M, Zhao D, Abdulkareem LA, Asikolaye NO, Hernandez-Perez V
96 - 106 Catalytic decomposition of methane by two-step cascade catalytic process: Simultaneous production of hydrogen and carbon nanotubes
Liu Q, Wu P, He J, Liu CJ, Jiang W
107 - 114 Selective adsorption of vanadium in asymmetric capacitive deionization with resin/activated carbon composite electrodes
Bao SX, Chen B, Zhang YM, Cui YY
115 - 124 Multivariate study of a novel hydrometallurgical route employing chloride/hypochlorite for leaching silver from printed circuit boards
Pereira MM, Costa FO, Gomes RF, Rodrigues MLM, da Silva GA, Leao VA
125 - 137 Chemical reactor/compounding vessel fingerprinting: Scale-up/down considerations for homogeneous and heterogeneous mixing using computational fluid dynamics
Pohar A, Naneh O, Bajec D, Likozar B
138 - 148 Partially coated TiO2 on Al2O3 membrane for high water flux and photodegradation by novel filtration strategy in photocatalytic membrane reactors
Ahmad R, Lee CS, Kim JH, Kim J
149 - 156 Desiloxanation process of biogas using an amorphous iron hydroxide-based adsorbent: A comparison between laboratory and field-scale experiments
Magnone E, Kim SD, Kim GS, Lee KH, Park JH
157 - 168 Staging of di-methyl-ether (DME) synthesis reactor from synthesis gas (syngas): Direct versus indirect route
Rafiee A
169 - 181 Numerical analysis of dilute gas-solid flows in a horizontal pipe and a 90 degrees bend coupled with a newly developed drag model
Dodds D, Sarhan AR, Naser J
182 - 191 A mesoscale method for effective simulation of Rayleigh convection in CO2 storage process
Jia SK, Cao XP, Qian X, Yuan XG, Yu KT
192 - 203 Underlying physics of heavy oil recovery by gas injection: An experimental parametric analysis when oil exists in the form of oil based emulsion
Mohammedalmojtaba M, Lin LX, Istratescu G, Babadagli T, Zadeh AB, Anderson M, Patterson C
204 - 216 Optimal design of an electricity-intensive industrial facility subject to electricity price uncertainty: Stochastic optimization and scenario reduction
Teichgraeber H, Brandt AR
217 - 229 Numerical study on performance and efficiency of batch submerged vacuum membrane distillation for desalination
Chang YS, Ooi BS, Ahmad AL, Leo CP, Lau WJ
230 - 240 Effect of lognormal particle size distributions of non-spherical particles on hopper discharge characteristics
Zhao Y, Chew JW
241 - 247 Ball-impact energy analysis of wet tumbling mill using a modified discrete element method considering the velocity dependence of friction coefficient
Iwasaki T, Yamanouchi H
248 - 261 Comprehensive evaluation of a data driven control strategy: Experimental application to a pharmaceutical crystallization process
Oner M, Montes FCC, Stahlberg T, Stocks SM, Bajtner JE, Sin G
262 - 262 RETRACTION: Enhanced gas separation performance using carbon membranes containing nanocrystalline cellulose and BTDA-TDI/MDI polyimide (Retraction of Vol 140, Pg 221, 2018)
Sazali N, Salleh WNW, Ismail AF, Ismail NH, Mohamed MA, Nordin NAHM, Sokri MNMM, Iwamoto Y, Honda S
263 - 272 Lyapunov-based economic model predictive control for nonlinear descriptor systems
Albalawi F
273 - 280 Risk assessment modeling of bio-based chemicals economics based on Monte-Carlo simulations
Dheskali E, Koutinas AA, Kookos IK
281 - 294 Overcoming unwanted foam in industrial processes of the chemical and food industry - an ongoing survey
Leuner H, Gerstenberg C, Lechner K, McHardy C, Rauh C, Repke JU
295 - 306 Simple packed-bed dielectric barrier discharge reactor for NOx treatment by an adsorption-discharge process without the aid of a solution and catalyst
Lee B, Park S, Park DW
307 - 319 Diffusive lagrangian mixing simulation
Matos J, Dias MM, Lopes JCB, Santos RJ
320 - 326 Development of high-performance hybrid ANN-finite volume scheme (ANN-FVS) for simulation of pharmaceutical continuous granulation
Ismail HY, Singh M, Shirazian S, Albadarin AB, Walker GM