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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Kinetic modelling of the synthesis of diethyl carbonate and propylene carbonate from ethanol and 1,2-propanediol associated with CO2
Decultot M, Ledoux A, Fournier-Salaun MC, Estel L
11 - 25 Artificial Neural Networks for dynamic optimization of stochastic multiscale systems subject to uncertainty
Kimaev G, Ricardez-Sandoval LA
26 - 37 Integrating dynamic neural network models with principal component analysis for adaptive model predictive control
Hassanpour H, Corbett B, Mhaskar P
38 - 44 Control of a distillation column with side stripper and side rectifier
Luyben WL
45 - 57 Deep eutectic solvent based on choline chloride and propylene glycol as a potential medium for extraction denitrification of hydrocarbon fuels
Rogosic M, Kucan KZ
58 - 71 New model for large scale chemical industrial layout optimization
Wu Y, Zhang S, Wang RQ, Wang YF, Feng X
72 - 81 Separation of sodium and potassium using adsorption - elution/crystallization scheme from bittern
Guo XF, Dan L, Liu JL, Wang ZR, Jun W, Zhao YY, Yuan JS
82 - 94 Modelling the photocatalytic behaviour of p-n nickel-titanium oxide nanocomposite
Purkayastha MD, Datta J, Ray PP, Singh N, Darbha GK, Denrah S, Sarkar M, Majumder TP, Ghosh D
95 - 102 Fluidized bed: Online monitoring of particle temperature using a thermal camera
Li F, Hounslow MJ, Litster JD, Salman AD
103 - 114 An experimental study on the non-coalescence exhibited by anchored aqueous droplets in oil
Hasib R, Thaokar RM
115 - 124 A new approach to simulate the fluid dynamics in a wiped film evaporator using Modelica
Appelhaus D, Jasch K, Jahnke S, Bin Khab HH, Tegethoff W, Kohler J, Scholl S
125 - 129 Exponential stress in silos - An example from literature
Matchett AJ
130 - 145 Advanced imaging techniques to understand the impact of process variables on the particle morphology in a corn stover pellet
Tumuluru JS, Fillerup E, Kane JJ, Murray D
146 - 158 Large temperature range model for the atmospheric pressure Chemical vapor deposition of Silicon dioxide films on thermosensitive substrates
Topka KC, Chliavoras GA, Senocq F, Vergnes H, Samelor D, Sadowski D, Vahlas C, Caussat B
159 - 167 Experimental investigation of gas-liquid two-phase splitting in parallel pipelines with risers
Ma LH, He LM, Luo XM, Mi XR, Xu YQ, Li QP
168 - 177 Hydrocyclone performance for bentonite clay purification
Gama AJA, Neves GA, Barros PL, Neto ATP, Alves JJN
178 - 186 Kinetic study of the hydrogenation of bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate with a one-dimensional Pd-Ni bimetallic wire
Su YC, Wang CC, Chen CY
187 - 196 Mixing enhancement through a micromixer using topology optimization
Dehghani T, Moghanlou FS, Vajdi M, Asl MS, Shokouhimehr M, Mohammadi M
197 - 205 Design of hierarchical control strategies for biological wastewater treatment plants to reduce operational costs
Tejaswini ESS, Panjwani S, Rao AS
206 - 217 Development of Polyethersulfone/alpha-Zirconium phosphate (PES/alpha-ZrP) flat-sheet nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes
Abdulkarem E, Ibrahim Y, Naddeo V, Banat F, Hasan SW
218 - 231 Simulation and optimization of reactive distillation for the production of ethyl acetate using [BMIM]HSO4 as catalyst
He RN, Dong YB, Zou Y, Zhao JH, Yaseen M, Mu CX, Tong ZF
232 - 239 High-Performance thin film composite forward osmosis membrane on tannic Acid/Fe3+ coated microfiltration substrate
Razavi SR, Shakeri A, Babaheydari SMM, Salehi H, Lammertink RGH
240 - 252 Multi-stage and multi-objective decision-support tool for biopharmaceutical drug product manufacturing: Equipment technology evaluation
Zurcher P, Shirahata H, Badr S, Sugiyama H
253 - 259 Polyethylene with radiation-grafted sulfonated polystyrene membranes for butane and butenes separation
Zhilyaeva NA, Lytkina AA, Mironova EY, Ermilova MM, Orekhova NV, Shevlyakova NV, Tverskoy VA, Yaroslavtsev AB
260 - 270 Droplet length and generation rate investigation inside microfluidic devices by means of CFD simulations and experiments
Chaves IL, Duarte LC, Coltro WKT, Santos DA
271 - 278 Predicting the loading ratio and optimum extractant concentration for solvent extraction
DeSimone D, Counce R, Watson J
279 - 303 Integrated design of emulsified cosmetic products: A review
Calvo F, Gomez JM, Ricardez-Sandoval L, Alvarez O
304 - 311 Selection criteria of diluents of tri-n-butyl phosphate for recovering neodymium(III) from nitrate solutions
Regadio M, Batchu NK, Binnemans K
312 - 321 Surface modification on semi-coke-based activated carbon for enhanced separation of CH4/N-2
Yang ZY, Ning HL, Liu JP, Meng ZY, Li YY, Ju XQ, Chen ZP
322 - 331 Experimental analysis and compartmental modeling of the residence time distribution in DN6 and DN15 continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer (COBC) systems
Egedy A, Oliva JA, Szilagyi B, Nagy ZK
332 - 339 A facile sol-gel synthesis of chitosan-boehmite film with excellent acid resistance and adsorption performance for Pb(II)
Chen YT, Cai WQ, Dang CX, Fan JJ, Zhou JB, Liu ZL
340 - 356 Characterization of mass transfer coefficients and pressure drops for packed towers with Mellapak 250.X
Flagiello D, Di Natale F, Lancia A, Erto A