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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Evaluation of powder tensile strength by compression, shear and fluidization modules of the powder rheometer
Lu HF, Cao JK, Guo XL, Gong X, Luo C
11 - 19 Design and conception of an innovative packing for separation column-Part I: Hydrodynamic study on wire intersections
Dejean B, Meyer M, Rouzineau D
20 - 30 Distributed state estimation for a class of nonlinear processes based on high-gain observers
Yin KY, Liu JF
31 - 38 On the performance of a spouted bed type device for feeding spent coffee grounds to a circulating fluidized bed reactor
Sousa LM, Ferreira MC
39 - 51 Optimization of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of sweet paprika (Capsicum annuum L.) using response surface methodology
Kostrzewa D, Dobrzynska-Inger A, Turczyn A
52 - 62 An experimental investigation on gas flow field dynamic characteristics in a reverse cyclone
Sun LQ, Song JF, Wang D, Wang JY, He J, Wei YD
63 - 73 Exploring the novel PES/malachite mixed matrix membrane to remove organic matter for water purification
Ly QV, Matindi C, Kuvarega AT, Ngo HH, Le QV, Nam VH, Li JX
74 - 88 Sequential model-based design of experiments for development of mathematical models for thin film deposition using chemical vapor deposition process
Shahmohammadi A, Bonnecaze RT
89 - 104 Continuous crystallization as a downstream processing step of pharmaceutical proteins: A review
Pu SY, Hadinoto K
105 - 118 Separation of high velocity wet gas by phase-isolation and split-flow method
Wei PK, Wang D, Niu PM, Zhang H, Liu M
119 - 128 Oil spill remediation from water surface using induction of magnetorheological behavior in oil by functionalized sawdust
Kamgar A, Hassanajili S, Unbehaun H
129 - 140 Miniaturisation of the toroidal fluidisation concept using 3D printing
McDonough JR, Law R, Reay DA, Groszek D, Zivkovic V
141 - 153 A parametric study of process design and cycle configurations for pre-combustion PSA applied to NGCC power plants
Solares RAA, Wood J
154 - 161 Influence of type of granulators on formation of seeded granules
Kitching VR, Rahmanian N, Jamaluddin NH, Kelly A
162 - 174 Combustion of nickel hyperaccumulator plants investigated by experimental and thermodynamic approaches
Cassayre L, Hazotte C, Laubie B, Carvalho WM, Simonnot MO
175 - 189 Efficient optimization of a large-scale biorefinery system using a novel decomposition based approach
Punnathanam V, Shastri Y
190 - 198 Performance comparison of dome and basket extrusion granulation
Zukowski SR, Kodam M, Khurana S, Taylor J, Frishcosy M, Hercamp J, Snedeker J, Williams E
199 - 215 An integrated methodology for the economic and environmental assessment of a biorefinery supply chain
Galanopoulos C, Giuliano A, Barletta D, Zondervan E
216 - 223 Stick-slip behavior of sessile drop on the surfaces with irregular roughnesses
Tabar MA, Shayesteh M, Shafiei Y, Ghazanfari MH
224 - 232 Fatty acid alkyl esters obtained from babassu oil using C-1-C-8 alcohols and process integration into a typical biodiesel plant
de Oliveira VF, Parente EJS, Manrique-Rueda ED, Cavalcante CL, Luna FMT
233 - 239 Dehydrated cranberry juice powder obtained by osmotic distillation combined with freeze-drying: Process intensification and energy reduction
Plaza A, Cabezas R, Merlet G, Zurob E, Concha-Meyer A, Reyes A, Romero J
240 - 253 A combined experimental and computational study of the flow characteristics in a Type B aortic dissection: Effect of primary and secondary tear size
Zadrazil I, Corzo C, Voulgaropoulos V, Markides CN, Xu XY
254 - 263 Mesoporous rGO@ZnO composite: Facile synthesis and excellent water treatment performance by pesticide adsorption and catalytic oxidative dye degradation
Gulati A, Mandeep, Malik J, Kakkar R
264 - 300 Ionic liquids: Promising compounds for sustainable chemical processes and applications
Nasirpour N, Mohammadpourfard M, Heris SZ
301 - 320 A model for the fluid dynamic behavior of a film coating suspension during tablet coating
Christodoulou C, Sorensen E, Khair AS, Garcia-Munoz S, Mazzei L
321 - 325 Precise monodisperse droplet production in a flow-focusing microdroplet generator
Zeng W, Fu H
326 - 334 Developing novel thin film composite membrane on a permeate spacer backing fabric for forward osmosis
Sahebi S, Sheikhi M, Ramavandi B, Zhao SF, Baniasadi J, Fadaie N, Mohammadi T
335 - 350 Experimental study of micromixing in curved tube reactors by the reactive tracer method
Rozen A, Kopytowski J
351 - 355 Tribute to S. Sourirajan: Great scientist, inventor and philosopher
Matsuura T
356 - 369 Bubble size distribution in aerated stirred tanks: Quantifying the effect of impeller-stator design
Mesa D, Brito-Parada PR
370 - 382 On the application of shooting method for determining semicontinuous distillation limit cycles
Madabhushi PB, Adams TA
383 - 394 Influence of surfactant on the penetration time of hydrophilic microparticles impacting into the gas-liquid interface at low impact velocities
Zhu SJ, Zhao CX, Lu HF, Chen XL
395 - 404 Pilot-scale fabrication of nanofiltration membranes and spiral-wound modules
Chen BZ, Ju XH, Liu N, Chu CH, Lu JP, Wang C, Sun SP
405 - 416 A new synthetic composite nano-catalyst achieving an environmentally Friendly fuel by batch oxidative desulfurization
Jarullaha AT, Aldulaimi SK, Al-Tabbakh BA, Mujtaba IM
417 - 425 An experimental investigation on the use of saponin as a non-ionic surfactant for chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in sandstone and carbonate oil reservoirs: IFT, wettability alteration, and oil recovery
Khayati H, Moslemizadeh A, Shahbazi K, Moraveji MK, Riazi SH
426 - 436 Improvements of on-demand electrohydrodynamic injection of droplet and droplet pair in a dielectric liquid
Xia Y, Reboud JL, Attena P
437 - 446 The investigation of the reversed enantio-selectivity by an alpha-cyclodextrin doped thin film composite membrane
Zhou ZZ, Li D, Wu QG, Zheng T, Yuan HR, Peng N
447 - 453 Isobutyl acetate by reactive distillation. Part II. Kinetic study
Martinez AF, Sanchez CA, Orjuela A, Gil ID, Rodriguez G
454 - 464 A novel simulation for gasification of Shenmu Coal in an entrained flow gasifier
Dong K, Rong QQ, Li MH, Lin J, Xiao RR, Li YF
465 - 475 A novel stirred microcalorimetric cell for DSC measurements applied to the study of ice slurries and clathrate hydrates
Torre JP, Plantier F, Marlin L, Andre R, Haillot D
476 - 485 CFD simulation and experimental validation of nanoparticles fluidization in a conical spouted bed
Ahmadabadi EF, Haghshenasfard M, Esfahany MN
486 - 498 Novel eco-efficient process for dimethyl carbonate production by indirect alcoholysis of urea
Patrascu I, Bildea CS, Kiss AA
499 - 507 Optimization of C-13 enrichment by carbon monoxide cryogenic distillation
Pellegrini LA, Sangiorgio VA, De Guido G, Szucs-Balazs JZ, Gligan ML
508 - 520 An encoder-decoder LSTM-based EMPC framework applied to a building HVAC system
Ellis MJ, Chinde V
521 - 532 Comparative CFD simulation studies on monolith and packed bed reactors for oxidation of Cu in unmixed combustion (UMC) process
Deshpande A, Arya A
533 - 539 Rheological profile in mixer torque rheometer of samples containing furazolidone and different binders
Belem BR, Ferraz HG
540 - 550 Particle-Scavenging prediction in sieve plate scrubber via dimension reduction in computational fluid dynamics
Huang SH, Kang JL, Wong DSH, Jang SS, Lin CA
551 - 560 Production and evaluation of properties of waste-based carbon adsorbent
Nistratov AV, Klushin VN, Makashova ES, Kim LV
561 - 570 Experimental study on a new gas-liquid separator for a wide range of gas volume fraction
Zeng XB, Fan GM, Xu JX, Liu AT, Xu YF, Yan CQ
571 - 586 Design and control of economically attractive side-stream extractive distillation process
Zhang QJ, Zeng AW, Yuan XG, Ma YG
587 - 592 Mass transfer in coalescent batch fermenters with mechanical agitation
Kracik T, Petricek R, Moucha T