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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Kinetic models for conventional and ultrasound assistant extraction of polyphenols from defatted fresh and distilled grape marc and its main components skins and seeds
Natolino A, Da Porto C
13 - 22 A parametric study of the drying process of polypropylene particles in a pilot-scale fluidized bed dryer using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Nabizadeh A, Hassanzadeh H, Asadieraghi M, Hassanpour A, Moradi D, Moraveji MK, Namin MH
23 - 30 Sanding and analysis of dust from nano-silica filled composite resins for stereolithography
Bressot C, Morgeneyer M, Aguerre-Chariol O, Bouillard J, Zaras K, Visser GW, Meier RJ
31 - 42 Supercritical fluid extraction and solubilization of Carica papaya linn. leaves in ternary system with CO2 + ethanol solvents
Chai YH, Yusup S, Ruslan MSH, Chin BLF
43 - 53 Mild hydrothermal preparation of millimeter-sized carbon beads from chitosan with significantly improved adsorption stability for Cr(VI)
Yi RW, Cai WQ, Dang CX, Han BW, Liu LQ, Fan JJ
54 - 63 Enhancement of photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen contained in water using a static mixer
Nunez-Flores A, Sandoval A, Mancilla E, Hidalgo-Millan A, Ascanio G
64 - 75 Influence of compression at elevated temperature on the compactibility of thermo-mechanically processed polymers
Partheniadis I, Karantzalis AE, Shah RR, Al-Zoubi N, Nikolakakis I
76 - 85 The effect of flow pulsation on Al2O3 nanofluids heat transfer behavior in a helical coil: A numerical analysis
Guo WW, Li GN, Zheng YQ, Dong C
86 - 99 Observer-based Economic Model Predictive Control for Direct Contact Membrane Distillation
Guo XG, Albalawi F, Laleg-Kirati TM
100 - 107 Development of a hydrocyclone for ultra-low flow rates
Lee H, Park J, Lee JC, Ko K, Seo Y
108 - 130 Bubble size distribution and specific bubble interfacial area in two-phase microstructured dense bubbling bed
Prakash R, Majumder SK, Singh A
131 - 137 Evaluation of the gas absorption performance of a flow-type hydrate-based gas uptake system
Ezure R, Matsumoto Y, Takano S, Shimizu M, Komatsu H, Yamagiwa K, Tajima H
138 - 145 Removal of hydrogen chloride gas using honeycomb-supported natural soda ash
Tsubouchi N, Matsuoka N, Fukuyama K, Mochizuki Y
146 - 155 Wall heat transfer coefficient and effective radial conductivity of ceramic foam catalyst supports
Turchetti L, Murmura MA, Monteleone G, Annesini MC
156 - 170 3-D Numerical study for the film thickness distribution of n-pentane falling film flow around the curved egg-shaped tube bundle
Han H, Wang SW, Li YX, Sun CZ
171 - 179 Preparation of pervaporation membranes by interfacial polymerization for acid wastewater purification
Cui KJ, Li P, Zhang R, Cao B
180 - 194 A Tchebycheff-based multi-objective combined with a PSO-SQP dynamic real-time optimization framework for cycling energy systems
Kim R, Lima FV
195 - 208 Preparation and performance characterization of a composite dust suppressant for preventing secondary dust in underground mine roadways
Sun J, Zhou G, Gao DH, Wei ZY, Wang NG
209 - 225 Optimization and utilities relocation approach for the improvement of heat exchanger network designs
Zamora JM, Hidalgo-Munoz MG, Pedroza-Robles LE, Nunez-Serna RI
226 - 239 Liquid-solid two-phase jet in a turbulent crossflow: Experiments and simulations
Teh AL, Phoo YW, Chin WM, Ooi EH, Foo JJ
240 - 250 Preparation and characterization of novel nanoporous SBA-16-COOH embedded polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane for protein separation
Vatanpour V, Rabiee H, Farahani MHDA, Masteri-Farahani M, Niakan M
251 - 262 Comparative biosorption of chromium (VI) using chemically modified date pits (CM-DP) and olive stone (CM-OS): Kinetics, isotherms and influence of co-existing ions
Mangwandi C, Kurniawan TA, Albadarin AB
263 - 272 Prediction of the droplet spreading dynamics on a solid substrate at irregular sampling intervals: Nonlinear Auto-Regressive eXogenous Artificial Neural Network approach (NARX-ANN)
Heidari E, Daeichian A, Sobati MA, Movahedirad S
273 - 280 Enhanced anti-protein fouling of PVDF membrane via hydrophobic-hydrophobic adsorption of styrene-terminated amphiphilic linker
Lin YC, Liu KM, Chao CM, Wang DK, Tung KL, Tseng HH
281 - 288 Intensified regeneration performance of spent caustic from LPG sweetening by HiGee reactor
Zhan YY, Cai Y, Chu GW, Luo Y, Zhang LL, Chen JF
289 - 299 Dyes removal by composite membrane of sepiolite impregnated polysulfone coated by chemical deposition of tea polyphenols
Zhu ZX, Liu DQ, Cai SZ, Tan YK, Liao J, Fang YJ
300 - 310 Characterization method for mass mixing in batch reactors based on temperature profiles
Camps L, Moens L, Groth U, Braeken L, Kuhn S, Thomassen LCJ
311 - 323 Remarkable performance of microstructured ceria foams for thermochemical splitting of H2O and CO2 in a novel high-temperature solar reactor
Haeussier A, Abanades S, Julbe A, Jouannaux J, Drobek M, Ayral A, Cartoixa B
324 - 332 Conceptual design of water separation process in glycerol-based acrylic acid production
Song D, Yang JH, Lee CJ
333 - 342 Thermo-responsive separation membrane with smart anti-fouling and self-cleaning properties
Zhao YY, Wen JP, Sun HG, Pan D, Huang YF, Bai YP, Shao L
343 - 352 The effect of particle initial charge on minimum pickupvelocity (U-pu) in pneumatic conveying
Zhao Y, Dahiphale S, Tan YZ, Wang CH, Chew JW
353 - 370 A process synthesis tool for WWTP - An application to design sustainable energy recovery facilities
Behera CR, Al R, Gernaey KV, Sin G
371 - 383 Effect of nanoboehmite/poly(ethylene glycol) on the performance and physiochemical attributes EPVC nano-composite membranes in protein separation
Farjami M, Vatanpour V, Moghadassi A
384 - 390 Heat current model of solid granule cooling processes in moving packed beds and its applications
Shao W, Chen X, Zhao T, Chen Q
391 - 401 Improvement on slurry ability and combustion dynamics of low quality coals with ultra-high ash content
Hu SX, Li JG, Yang X, Chen YM, Li FH, Wang JF, Wu CN, Weng L, Liu K
402 - 413 Numerical simulation and theoretical investigation of a multi-cycle dual-evaporator adsorption desalination and cooling system
Naeimi A, Nowee SM, Amiri HAA
414 - 424 Reduction of clean fracturing fluid filtration loss by viscosity enhancement using nanoparticles: Is it feasible?
Dai CL, Li Y, Xie QC, Xu K, Hu Y, Zhou ZN, Wu YN
425 - 432 Experimental study on EOR by CO2 huff-n-puff and CO2 flooding in tight conglomerate reservoirs with pore scale
Du DJ, Pu WF, Jin FY, Liu R
433 - 441 Oleic acid-functionalized TiO2 nanoparticles for fabrication of PES-based nanofiltration membranes
Parvizian F, Ansari F, Bandehali S
442 - 455 Study of wall-to-bed heat transfer in circulating fluidized bed riser based on CFD simulation
Wanchan W, Khongprom P, Limtrakul S
456 - 468 Performance analysis and methodology for replacing conventional lamps by optimized LED arrays for photocatalytic processes
Tapia-Tlatelpa T, Buscio V, Trull J, Sala V
469 - 477 Exploring the wet granulation growth regime map - validating the boundary between nucleation and induction
Wade JB, Miesle JE, Auiles SL, Sen M
478 - 494 Preparation and characterization of PVDF-filled MWCNT hollow fiber mixed matrix membranes for gas absorption by Al2O3 nanofluid absorbent via gas-liquid membrane contactor
Talauari A, Ghanauati B, Azimi A, Sayyahi S
495 - 506 System model development and computer experiments for continuous API manufacturing
Lee BW, Peterson JJ, Yin KH, Stockdale GS, Liu YC, O'Brien A
507 - 518 Collision of single particle in rotating flow field
Ma X, Peng YX, Yu Q, Lai K, Li J, Wu D