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1 - 7 Membrane dehydration-enhanced esterification for biodiesel production from a potential feedstock of Firmiana platanifolia L.f. seed oil
Lv EM, Dou T, Ding SX, Lu J, Li Z, Yi WM, Li JX, Ding JC
8 - 20 Fabrication of a new emulsion polyvinyl chloride (EPVC) nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane modified by para-hydroxybenzoate alumoxane (PHBA) additive to improve permeability and antifouling performance
Farjami M, Vatanpour V, Moghadassi A
21 - 36 Graphene-based adsorbents for water remediation by removal of organic pollutants: Theoretical and experimental insights
Mandeep, Gulati A, Kakkar R
37 - 48 A facile coating to intact SAPO-34 membranes for wet CO2/CH4 mixture separation
Rehman RU, Song QN, Peng L, Wu ZQ, Gu XH
49 - 62 Crystal engineering of hierarchical zeolite in dynamically maintained Pickering emulsion
Zhao XL, Duan HC, Gao SB, Shi ZR, Zhu KK, Zhou XG
63 - 74 Hydro-processing of biomass-derived oil into straight-chain alkanes
Wang WC, Hsieh CH
75 - 84 Computational fluid dynamic design of spent coffee ground cabinet dryer using recycled heat from air compressor
Prommuak C, Tharangkool N, Pauasant P, Ponpesh P, Jarunglumlert T
85 - 95 Linking process variables to residence time distribution in a hybrid flowsheet model for continuous direct compression
Galbraith SC, Park S, Huang Z, Liu H, Meyer RF, Metzger M, Flamm MH, Hurley S, Yoon S
96 - 106 Adsorption of propane and propylene on M-MOF-74 (M = Cu, Co): Equilibrium and kinetic study
Abedini H, Shariati A, Khosravi-Nikou MR
107 - 119 A linear, analytical solution to the principal stress cap, force balance equations for asymmetrical stresses in cylindrical silos
Matchett AJ
120 - 135 A thermo-economic multi-objective optimization model for simultaneous synthesis of heat exchanger networks including compressors
Yang R, Zhuang Y, Zhang L, Du J, Shen SQ
136 - 145 Improved transport of gold(I) from aurocyanide solution using a green ionic liquid-based polymer inclusion membrane with in-situ electrodeposition
Sun Y, Wang ZY, Wang YT, Liu M, Li SJ, Tang LH, Wang SX, Yang XJ, Ji SP
146 - 161 On coherent structures in gas-solid fluidization
Lungu M, Wang HT, Sun JY, Wang JD, Yang YR, Chen FQ, Siame J
162 - 174 New prognosis approach for preventive and predictive maintenance - Application to a distillation column
Daher A, Hoblos G, Khalil M, Chetouani Y
175 - 186 Mixed matrix membranes consisting of ZIF-8 in rubbery amphiphilic copolymer: Simultaneous improvement in permeability and selectivity
Kang DA, Kim K, Lim JY, Park JT, Kim JH
187 - 200 Amoxicillin removal by Fe-based nanoparticles immobilized on polyacrylonitrile membrane: Individual nanofiltration or Fenton reaction, vs. engineered combined process
Karimnezhad H, Navarchian AH, Gheinani TT, Zinadini S
201 - 211 Experiments and CFD modelling for two phase flow in a vertical annulus
Kiran R, Ahmed R, Salehi S
212 - 219 Construction of a microbubble generation and measurement unit for use in flotation systems
Brasileiro PPF, dos Santos LB, Chaprao MJ, de Almeida DG, da Silva RDFS, Roque BAC, dos Santos VA, Sarubbo LA, Benachour M
220 - 232 Fabricating a hydrophobic modified flocculant through UVC irradiation initiation for metalworking wastewater treatment
Chen W, Peng JJ, Du B, Fan LQ, Luo HB, Lu YB, Feng KQ, Zheng HL
233 - 245 Fault diagnosis of nonlinear systems using recurrent neural networks
Shahnazari H
246 - 256 Zone economic model predictive control of a coal-fired boiler-turbine generating system
Zhang Y, Decardi-Nelson B, Liu JB, Shen J, Liu JF
257 - 262 Design of a 1000 L pilot-scale airlift bioreactor for nitrification with application of a three-phase hydrodynamic mathematical model and prediction of a low liquid circulation velocity
Pelivanoski B, Detmann B, Ooms K, Winkler M, Vasyukova E, Denecke M
263 - 275 Application of a new pilot-scale distillation system for monoethylene glycol recovery using an energy saving falling film distillation column
Pires APB, da Silva VF, Alues JLF, Marangoni C, Bolzan A, Machado RAF
276 - 283 Investigation of the apparent kinetics of air and oxy-fuel biomass combustion in a spout fluidised-bed reactor
Yan YL, Clough PT, Anthony EJ
284 - 293 Development of facilitated transport membranes composed of a dense gel layer containing CO2 carrier formed on porous cylindrical support membranes
Kamio E, Kasahara S, Moghadam F, Matsuyama H
294 - 305 Photocatalytic degradation using ZnO for the treatment of RB 19 and RB 21 dyes in industrial effluents and mathematical modeling of the process
Rodrigues J, Hatami T, Rosa JM, Tambourgi EB, Mei LHI
306 - 314 Non-isothermal evaporation and heat transfer of the salt solution layer on a structured wall in the presence of corrosion
Misyura SY
315 - 336 Ultrasonic enhanced adsorption of methylene blue onto the optimized surface area of activated carbon: Adsorption isotherm, kinetics and thermodynamics
Egbosiuba TC, Abdulkareem AS, Kovo AS, Afolabi EA, Tijani JO, Auta M, Roos WD
337 - 349 Sustainable production of glucaric acid from corn stover via glucose oxidation: An assessment of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic oxidation production routes
Thaore VB, Armstrong RD, Hutchings GJ, Knight DW, Chadwick D, Shah N
350 - 368 Validation of the pressure drop-flow rate relationship predicted by lattice Boltzmann simulations for immiscible liquid-liquid flows through SMX static mixers
Leclaire S, Vidal D, Fradette L, Bertrand F
369 - 379 Simulation of non-Newtonian fluid seepage into porous media stacked by carbon fibers using micro-scale reconstruction model
Wang LC, Li TQ, Guo T, Cai WF, Zhang DH, Xin F
380 - 390 Pyrometer-based control of a steam cracking furnace
Vangaever S, Reyniers PA, Symoens SH, Ristic ND, Djokic MR, Marin GB, Van Geem KM
391 - 400 Ionic liquid-water flow in T-shaped microchannels with different aspect ratios
Yagodnitsyna AA, Kovalev AV, Bilsky AV
401 - 418 Effect of contact force modeling parameters on the system hydrodynamics of spouted bed using CFD-DEM simulation and 2(k) factorial experimental design
Yurata T, Piumsomboon P, Chalermsinsuwan B
419 - 426 Deformation and breakage of biofuel wood pellets
Russell A, Larsson S, Shekhar S, Solomon I, Salehi H, Subirana J, Samuelsson R
427 - 434 Synthesis and characterization of Tunisian organoclay: Application as viscosifier in oil drilling fluid
Msadok I, Hamdi N, Rodriguez MA, Ferrari B, Srasra E
435 - 442 The formation of satellite droplets in micro-devices due to the rupture of neck filament
Yu XX, Wu YN, Li Y, Yang Z, Ma YG
443 - 451 Study on hydrodynamic characteristics of oil-water annular flow in 90 degrees elbow
Wu JQ, Jiang WM, Liu Y, He Y, Chen JN, Qiao L, Wang TY
452 - 462 Experimental study and modeling on supercritical CO2 extraction of Indonesian raw propolis usiing response surface method: Influence of pressure, temperature and CO2 mass flowrate on extraction yield
Fachri BA, Sari P, Yuwanti S, Subroto E
463 - 495 A review of in-line and on-line measurement techniques to monitor industrial mixing processes
Bowler AL, Bakalis S, Watson NJ
496 - 506 Modelling of mass transport and insulin secretion of a membrane-based encapsulation device of pancreatic islets
Skrzypek K, Curcio E, Stamatialis D
507 - 516 Negative temperature effect of complex reaction kinetics system of Fe and Al mineral impurities in liquid-solid process
Liu DJ, Jiang CF
517 - 527 Evaluation of the membrane efficiency of both Nafion and sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) using electrochemical membrane reactor toward desulfurization of a model diesel fuel
Mehri F, Ghamati M, Rowshanzamir S, Sauter W, Schroder U
528 - 536 Deep CO2 removal using high pressure membrane contactors with low liquid-to-gas ratio
Chan ZP, Li L, Kang GD, Ab Manan N, Cao YM, Wang TH
537 - 546 Design of the reversible biphasic arrangement in the microfluidic chip reactor for asymmetric hydrogenation reactions
Kluson P, Stavarek P, Penkavova V, Vychoclilova H, Hejda S, Bendova M, Dosek M
547 - 561 Use of pressure signal analysis to characterise counter-current two-phase flow regimes in annuli
Wu B, Ribeiro AS, Firouzi M, Rufford TE, Towler B
562 - 571 Amorphous porous layered-Al2O3 derived from AlFu MOFs as an adsorbent for removing fluorine ions in industrial ZnSO4 solution
Yang K, Li YF, Zhao ZJ, Tian ZL, Lai YQ
572 - 581 Cross-flow deposited hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC)/polypropylene (PP) thin-film composite membrane for aqueous and non-aqueous nanofiltration
Liu MH, Wu YY, Wu YC, Gao MF, Lu ZH, Yu SC, Gao CJ
582 - 591 Volume averaging theory (VAT) based modeling for longitudinal mass dispersion in structured porous medium with porous particles
Yang C, Huang R, Lin YX, Qiu T
592 - 602 Using design spaces for more accurate cost estimation during early engineering phases
Post C, Wentingmann N, Bramsiepe C, Schembecker G
603 - 612 Diblock Sodium Alginate Grafted Poly (N-vinylimidazole) in blank copolymeric beads and immobilized algal beads for water treatment
Fares MM, Abu Al-Rub FA, Talafha T
613 - 625 Dynamic study of the evaporation stage of an integrated first and second generation ethanol sugarcane biorefinery using EMSO software
Emori EY, Ferreira J, Secchi AR, Ravagnani MASS, Costa CBB
626 - 634 CFD analysis of a luminescent solar concentrator-based photomicroreactor (LSC-PM) with feedforward control applied to the synthesis of chemicals under fluctuating light intensity
de Oliveira GX, Lira JOB, Cambie D, Noel T, Riella HG, Padoin N, Soares C
635 - 656 Model-based experimental design for nonlinear dynamical systems with unknown state delay and continuous state inequalities
Liang YT, Yang CH, Sun B
657 - 665 An insight into a di-chain surfactant adsorption onto sandstone minerals under different salinity-temperature conditions: Chemical EOR applications
Abbas AH, Moslemizadeh A, Sulaiman WRW, Jaafar MZ, Agi A
666 - 676 Optimization of reactive extraction of propionic acid with ionic liquids using central composite design
Ayan E, Baylan N, Cehreli S
677 - 683 Coaxial traveling-wave microwave reactors: Design challenges and solutions
Sarabi FE, Ghorbani M, Stankiewicz A, Nigar H
684 - 696 Fragmentation of compact polymer-bridged flocs in the laminar taylor vortex flow regime: population balance and breakage function
Au PI, Yang W, Liu JS, Leong YK
697 - 708 Purification step enhancement of the 2,3-butanediol production process through minimization of high pressure steam consumption
Haider J, Qyyum MA, Minh LQ, Lee M
709 - 720 Enhanced decolorization of rhodamine B solution through simultaneous photocatalysis and persulfate activation over Fe/C3N4 photocatalyst
Heidarpour H, Padervand M, Soltanieh M, Vossoughi M
721 - 727 Analysis of membrane unit performance in presence of wet CO2-containing mixtures
Melone L, Giorno L, Brunetti A, Barbieri G
728 - 756 A review on novel methodologies for drug nanoparticle preparation: Microfluidic approach
Shrimal P, Jadeja G, Patel S
757 - 767 Short-cut method for assessing solvents for gas cleaning by reactive absorption
Vasiliu D, Kessler E, von Harbou E, Hasse H
768 - 788 Mathematical Modeling of Spray Impingement and Film Formation on Pharmaceutical Tablets during Coating
Christodoulou C, Sorensen E, Garcia-Munoz S, Mazzei L
789 - 805 Characterization and enhancement of the gas separation properties of mixed matrix membranes: Polyimide with nickel oxide nanoparticles
Aframehr WM, Molki B, Bagheri R, Heidarian P, Davodi SM
806 - 818 Batch and continuous flow studies of Cr(VI) adsorption from synthetic and real wastewater by magnetic pine cone composite
Pholosi A, Naidoo EB, Ofomaja AE
819 - 828 Cloud point extraction of La(III) by C13E10 non-ionic surfactant: Statistical refinement of experimental optimization by L-9 Taguchi's design
Sefrou Z, Belkhouche NE
829 - 838 Static and dynamic filtration of nickel and lead ions by adsorptive membrane induced by POP via layer by layer technique
Bisheh MG, Ghorbani M, Peyravi M, Jahanshahi M
839 - 848 Spinach-based photo-catalyst for selective plating on polyimide-based substrates for micro-patterning circuitry
Marques-Hueso J, Jones TDA, Watson DE, Ryspayeva A, Esfahani MN, Shuttleworth MP, Harris RA, Kay RW, Desmulliez MPY
849 - 864 Integration of safety and health aspects in a simultaneous process and molecular design framework
Ten JY, Hassim MH, Chemmangattuvalappil NG
865 - 874 Mixing indices allow scale-up of stirred tank slurry reactor conditions for equivalent homogeneity
Harrison STL, Kotsiopoulos A, Stevenson R, Cilliers JJ
875 - 886 Quaternized graphene oxide modified PVA-QPEI membranes with excellent selectivity for alkali recovery through electrodialysis
Li M, Sun MJ, Liu WY, Zhang X, Wu CM, Wu YH
887 - 906 Water impact of an optimal natural gas production and distribution system: An MILP model and the case-study of Mexico
Laguna-Martinez MG, Garibay-Rodriguez J, Rico-Ramirez V, Castrejon-Gonzalez EO, Ponce-Ortega JM