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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 19 A two-stage strategy for the pump optimal scheduling of refined products pipelines
Xin SC, Liang YT, Zhou XY, Li WJ, Zhang J, Song X, Yu CQ, Zhang HR
20 - 29 Nature-inspired geometrical design of a chemical reactor
Magnanelli E, Solberg SBB, Kjelstrup S
30 - 37 Surface modification of carbon nanotube: Effects on pulsating heat pipe heat transfer
Kazemi-Beydokhti A, Meyghani N, Samadi M, Hajiabadi SH
38 - 47 Artificial neural network modeling on the prediction of mass transfer coefficient for ozone absorption in RPB
Liu TR, Liu YR, Wang D, Li YW, Shao L
48 - 59 Multi-Fluid VoF model assessment to simulate the horizontal air-water intermittent flow
Akhlaghi M, Mohammadi V, Nouri NM, Taherkhani M, Karimi M
60 - 70 Incorporation of graphene oxide/nanodiamond nanocomposite into PVC ultrafiltration membranes
Khakpour S, Jafarzadeh Y, Yegani R
71 - 84 Digital and lean development method for 3D-printed reactors based on CAD modeling and CFD simulation
Bettermann S, Kandelhard F, Moritz HU, Pauer W
85 - 94 Increasing operational efficiency through the integration of an oil refinery and an ethylene production plant
Ketabchi E, Mechleri E, Arellano-Garcia H
95 - 105 Facile synthesis of protonated g-C3N4 and acid-activated montmorillonite composite with efficient adsorption capacity for PO43- and Pb(II)
Wan X, Khan MA, Wang FY, Xia MZ, Lei W, Zhu SD, Fu CL, Ding Y
106 - 122 The Limerick bubbly flow rig: Design, performance, hold-up and mixing pattern
Muilwijk C, Van den Akker HEA
123 - 133 Computer-aided reaction solvent design considering inertness using group contribution-based reaction thermodynamic model
Liu QL, Zhang L, Tang K, Feng YX, Zhang JY, Zhuang Y, Liu LL, Du J
134 - 148 Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) for production optimisation of naturally flowing and artificial lift wells with routing constraints
Epelle EI, Gerogiorgis DI
149 - 164 Preparation of amino functionalized titanium oxide nanotubes and their incorporation within Pebax/PEG blended matrix for CO2/CH4 separation
Noroozi Z, Bakhtiari O
165 - 179 Effect of column inclination and oscillation on liquid spreading in a trickle bed
Shah MT, Utikar RP, Pareek VK
180 - 192 Oil shale reactor: process analysis and design by CFD
Stahnke C, Silva MK, Rosa LM, Noriler D, Martignoni WP, Bastos JCSC, Meier HF
193 - 200 Conversion of levoglucosan to glucose using an Choar tor acidic heterogeneous Amberlyst 16 catalyst: Kinetics and packed bed measurements
Abdilla-Santes RM, Rasrendra CB, Winkelman JGM, Heeres HJ
201 - 215 Fractionation of polyethylene wax by pilot-scale molecular distillation: new insights on process development
Maziero EV, Salles RB, Tovar LP, Tanabe EH, Bertuol DA
216 - 225 An experimental study on the effect of conductivity, frequency and droplets separation on the coalescence of two aqueous drops under an electric field
Anand V, Juvekar VA, Thaokar RM
226 - 241 Electrocoalescence of water droplets in sunflower oil using a novel electrode geometry
Li B, Vivacquab V, Wang JF, Wang ZT, Sun ZQ, Wang ZB, Ghadirib M
242 - 253 Measurements by using an automatic pressure control and predictions of isobaric VLE at 1.5 MPa for binary mixtures of methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, 1-propanol and 1-butanol
Susial P, Vera DG, Montesdeoca I, Susial R, Stevenson SD, Melian NP
254 - 268 Study on flow characteristics of dilute phase flexible ribbon particles in a fluidised bed riser using particle tracking velocimetry
Wu K, Dai L, Li B, Gu CH, Yuan ZL, Luo DS
269 - 277 The role of rheological parameters on drying behaviour of a water-based cast tape
Jabbari M, Esfahani MN
278 - 287 Aggregation in mixing tanks - The role of inter-particle forces
Lim JW, Derksen JJ
288 - 299 Macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of particles in a novel gas-solid cyclone reactor
Li AJ, Wang GT, Wang K, Zhu LY, Wang ZB
300 - 308 Dewatering parameters in a screw press and their influence on the screw press outputs
El Idrissi B, Loranger E, Lanouette R, Bousquet JP, Martinez M
309 - 319 Suggestion of new correlations for the exergy efficiency and coefficient of exergy performance of annulus section of conically coiled tube-in-tube heat exchangers
Al-Salem K, Hosseini E, Nohesara A, Mehri M, Ali M, Almuzaiqer R, Alimoradi A, Tlili I
320 - 335 An integrated MILP method for gathering pipeline networks considering hydraulic characteristics
Hong BY, Li XP, Di GJ, Li Y, Liu XS, Chen SL, Gong J
336 - 347 Continuous viral filtration for the production of monoclonal antibodies
David L, Niklas J, Budde B, Lobedann M, Schembecker G
348 - 362 Effect of interparticle force on gas dynamics in a bubbling gas-solid fluidized bed: A CFD-DEM study
Okhovat-Alavian SM, Shabanian J, Norouzi HR, Zarghami R, Chaouki J, Mostoufi N
363 - 371 Kinetic study of the effect of the heating rate on the waste tyre pyrolysis to maximise limonene production
Mkhize NM, Danon B, van der Gryp P, Gorgens JF
372 - 383 Machine learning-based adaptive model identification of systems: Application to a chemical process
Bhadriraju B, Narasingam A, Kwon JSI
384 - 392 2D magnetic scallion sheathing-based biochar composites design and application for effective removal of arsenite in aqueous solutions
Song XL, Zhang Y, Luo XD, Chen P, Liu JL
393 - 401 Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of a cuboid packed-bed chromatography device
Umatheva U, Chen GQ, Ghosh R
402 - 414 Ultrasonically assisted adsorption of methyl orange dye using Aliquat-336 impregnated Amberlite XAD-4 in batch and recirculating flow vessel
Iqbal M, Datta D
415 - 432 An efficient tool to determine physical properties of ternary mixtures containing 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium based ILs and molecular solvents
Soroush E, Mesbah M, Zendehboudi S
433 - 446 Method to assess the drying performance of water vapour-permeable membrane pouches for fruit juice preservation
Phinney R, Sjoholm I, Ostbring K, Rayner M
447 - 454 Effects of elongated particles rotation on discharge flow of mixed granular systems
Zhu LZ, Wang NS, Lu HF, Liu HF
455 - 465 Optimizing process economics and operational safety via economic MPC using barrier functions and recurrent neural network models
Wu Z, Christofides PD
466 - 473 Heat transfer coefficient in internal mixers for different polymers and processing conditions
Marinho VAD, Cesario LV, Costa ARM, Carvalho LH, Almeida TG, Canedo EL