Chemical Engineering Research & Design

Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.148 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Improvement of recovery of gaseous fluids using the replacement of supersonic separator instead of Joule-Thomson valve in dehydration/NGL recovery unit with computational fluid dynamic modeling
Shoghl SN, Nazerifard R, Naderifar A
11 - 20 Evaluation of different solvent performance in a 0.7 MWe pilot scale CO2 capture unit
Frimpong RA, Nikolic H, Pelgen J, Ghorbanian M, Figueroa JD, Liu KL
21 - 44 Investigation of hydrodynamics of binary solids mixture spouted beds using radioactive particle tracking (RPT) technique
Al-Juwaya T, Ali N, Al-Dahhan M
45 - 55 Mathematical modeling and process parametric study of CO2 removal from natural gas by hollow fiber membranes
Chu YH, Lindbrathen A, Lei LF, He XZ, Hillestad M
56 - 67 Seawater desulphurization scrubbing in spray and packed columns for a 4.35 MW marine diesel engine
Flagiello D, Parisi A, Lancia A, Carotenuto C, Erto A, Di Natale F
68 - 74 Optimization of a hybrid sludge drying system with flush drying and microwave drying technology
Eom H, Jang YH, Lee DY, Kim SS, Lee SM, Cho EM
75 - 85 Life cycle assessment and optimization of Claus reaction furnace through kinetic modeling
Zarei S
86 - 101 Techno-economic modeling and optimization of catalytic reactive distillation for the esterification reactions in bio-oil upgradation
Khan MA, Adewuyi YG
102 - 118 Detailed geometrical analysis of statistical activity variations in diluted catalyst beds
Ganzer G, Daniel A, Freund H
119 - 128 Bubble rise velocity and bubble size in thickened waste activated sludge: Utilising electrical resistance tomography (ERT)
Bobade V, Euans G, Eshtiaghi N
129 - 141 Liquid phase axial mixing in distillation column packed with structured packing: Effect on column performance
Rejl FJ, Cmelikova T, Valenz L, Haidl J, Moucha T, Kracik T
142 - 154 Iron oxide nanoparticles incorporated polyethersulfone electrospun nanofibrous membranes for effective oil removal
Al-Husaini IS, Yusoff ARM, Lau WJ, Ismail AF, Al-Abri MZ, Wirzal MDH
155 - 163 Qualitative and quantitative DEM analysis of cohesive granular material behaviour in FT4 shear tester
Louati H, Bednarek X, Martin S, Ndiaye A, Bonnefoy O
164 - 168 Generation of an equipment module database - A maximum coverage problem
Eilermann M, Schach C, Sander P, Bramsiepe C, Schembecker G
169 - 179 Magnetite synthesis using iron oxide waste and its application for phosphate adsorption with column and batch reactors
Shahid MK, Kim Y, Choi YG
180 - 190 Capillary condensation mechanism for gas transport in fiber reinforced poly (ether-b-amide) membranes
Karimi MB, Hassanajili S, Khanbabaei G
191 - 201 Experimental and bifurcation analysis of a hybrid CSTR plant
Skupin P, Metzger M, Laszczyk P, Niedzwiedz M
202 - 217 Experimental and numerical investigations of convection heat transfer in corrugated channels using alumina nanofluid under a turbulent flow regime
Ajeel RK, Salim WSIW, Hasnan K
218 - 226 Synthesis and characterization of silver loaded alumina and evaluation of its photo catalytic activity on photo degradation of methylene blue dye
Saeed M, Muneer M, Akram N, ul Haq A, Afzal N, Hamayun M
227 - 239 CuBTC metal organic framework incorporation for enhancing separation and antifouling properties of nanofiltration membrane
Misdan N, Ramlee N, Hairom NHH, Ikhsan SNW, Yusof N, Lau WL, Ismail AF, Nordin NAHM
240 - 250 An empirical model of absorption of nitric oxide with ammoniacal cobalt (II) solutions in a Spray Tower
Wang HM, Li QH, You CF, Tan ZC
251 - 259 Investigating the effects of mixing ionic liquids on their density, decomposition temperature, and gas absorption
Altamash T, Khraisheh M, Qureshi MF
260 - 270 An improved design method for retrofitting industrial heat exchanger networks based on Pinch Analysis
Li BH, Castillo YEC, Chang CT
271 - 279 On the reliability of lab-scale experiments for the determination of membrane specific flux measurements in organic solvent nanofiltration
Goebel R, Schreiber M, Koleva V, Horn M, Gorak A, Skiborowski M
280 - 290 Pilot-scale experiment and simulation optimization of dual-loop wet flue gas desulfurization spray scrubbers
Qin MC, Dong Y, Cui L, Yao JW, Ma CY
291 - 297 Production of levulinic acid from glucose in sulfolane/water mixtures
Mikola M, Ahola J, Tanskanen J
298 - 311 Process analysis of extractive distillation for the separation of ethanol-water using deep eutectic solvent as entrainer
Shang XY, Ma ST, Pan Q, Li JF, Sun YH, Ji K, Sun LY
312 - 320 Liquid-liquid flow patterns and slug characteristics in cross-shaped square microchannel for cryogel beads preparation
Guan TT, Yan Q, Wan LZ, Zhang SH, Xu LH, Wang JL, Yun JX
321 - 335 Computing meaningful models of continuous data
Lavoie FB, Muteki K, Gosselin R
336 - 348 CFD-DEM modelling of particles attrition in jet-in-fluidized beds
Ghods N, Golshan S, Zarghami R, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R
349 - 360 An experimental study on single drop rising in a low interfacial tension liquid-liquid system
Zhang JYZ, Wang YD, Stevens GW, Fei WY
361 - 374 Structural optimization of a demulsification and dewatering device coupled with swirl centrifugal and high-voltage fields by response surface methodology combined with numerical simulation
Gong HF, Yu B, Zhang XM, Peng Y, Liu YQ
375 - 392 Optimal production of syngas via super-dry reforming. Analysis for natural gas and biogas under different CO2 taxes
Hernandez B, Martin M
393 - 402 Kinetics of hematite to magnetite transformation by gaseous reduction at low concentration of carbon monoxide
Ponomar VP, Brik OB, Cherevko YI, Ousienko VV
403 - 416 Dynamic analysis and multiple model control of continuous microbial fuel cell (CMFC)
Yewale A, Methekar R, Agrawal S
417 - 428 Effect of residence time and energy dissipation on drop size distribution for the dispersion of oil in water using KMS and SMX plus static mixer
Forte G, Brunazzi E, Alberini F
429 - 439 A paper about the slope of the equilibrium line
Taylor R, Duss M
440 - 450 Predictive modeling of a commercial spiral wound seawater reverse osmosis module
451 - 459 Blue lemon@quaternary graphene oxide open frameworks: As a novel nanostructure for performance enhancement of thin film nanocomposite forward osmosis membrane
Shakeri A, Salehi H, Razavi SR, Babaheydari SMM
460 - 474 A review on mechanical activation and mechanical alloying in stirred media mill
Mucsi G