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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 17 Modelling and experimental validation of dimethyl carbonate solvent recovery from an aroma mixture by batch distillation
Rodriguez-Donis I, Gerbaud V, Lavoine S, Meyer M, Thiebaud-Roux S, Dupouyet A
18 - 29 Equilibrium and heat of water vapor adsorption on the surface of natural lignocellulose materials
Ghanbari S, Diaz AM, Park J, Kang H, Niu CH
30 - 42 Boron adsorption removal by commercial and modified activated carbons
Kluczka J, Pudlo W, Krukiewicz K
43 - 54 Investigation of hydrodynamic behavior in random packing using CFD simulation
Kang JL, Ciou YC, Lin DY, Wong DSH, Jang SS
55 - 62 Enhanced separation of maximum boiling azeotropic mixtures with extractive heterogeneous-azeotropic distillation
Toth AJ, Szilagyi B, Haaz E, Solti S, Nagy T, Szanyi A, Nagy J, Mizsey P
63 - 72 Optimal grade transition of a non-isothermal continuous reactor with multi-objective dynamic optimization approach
Shirude S, Padhiyar N
73 - 82 Separation of fluoride and chloride ions from ammonia-based flue gas desulfurization slurry using a two-stage electrodialysis
Luo ZW, Wang D, Zhu DM, Xu JH, Jiang H, Geng WH, Wei WJ, Lian ZY
83 - 89 Design of heat-integrated columns: Industrial practice
Rix A, Hecht C, Paul N, Schallenberg J
90 - 97 Design of a test rig for the simulation of startup procedures in main heat exchangers of air separation plants
Haider P, Freko P, Lochner S, Reiter T, Rehfeldt S, Klein H
98 - 112 Pressure-driven dynamic simulation of start up and shutdown procedures of distillation columns in air separation units
Kender R, Wunderlich B, Thomas I, Peschel A, Rehfeldt S, Klein H
113 - 121 Valorization of anaerobic digestion liquid residue through the production of organic fertilizer by fluidized bed granulation
Cotabarren IM, Moreno J, Martinez AL, Cabrera FA, Pina J
122 - 145 Process intensification in multicomponent distillation: A review of recent advancements
Jiang ZY, Agrawal R
146 - 159 Star type polymer grafted and polyamidoxime modified silica coated-magnetic particles for adsorption of U(VI) ions from solution
Bayramoglu G, Arica MY
160 - 170 Supercritical water oxidation of ammonia with methanol as the auxiliary fuel: Comparing with isopropanol
Zhang J, Li P, Lu JL, Xin FD, Zheng X, Chen SL
171 - 186 Design and optimization of reactive distillation Moak tor processes for synthesis of isopropanol based on self-heat recuperation technology
Fan YF, Ye Q, Cen H, Chen JX, Liu T
187 - 199 Estimation of data uncertainty in the absence of replicate experiments
Dai W, Cremaschi S, Subramani HJ, Gao HJ
200 - 213 Economic and environmental benefit analysis of a renewable energy supply system integrated with carbon capture and utilization framework
Kim M, Kim K, Kim TH, Kim J
214 - 221 Design and commercial operation of a discretely heat-integrated distillation column
Wakabayashi T, Ferrari A, Hasebe S
222 - 231 Development of highly permeable polyelectrolytes (PEs)/UiO-66 nanofiltration membranes for dye removal
Wang K, Qin Y, Quan S, Zhang YJ, Wang P, Liang H, Ma J, Cheng XQ
232 - 243 Pressure correction for automotive catalytic converters: A multi-zone permeability approach
Cornejo I, Nikrityuk P, Hayes RE
244 - 258 Analysis of a rich vapor compression method for an ammonia-based CO2 capture process and freshwater production using membrane distillation technology
Ullah A, Soomro MI, Kim WS
259 - 277 Effects of turbulence modeling on the prediction of flow characteristics of mixing non-Newtonian fluids in a stirred vessel
Wang P, Reviol T, Ren HK, Bohle M
278 - 291 Comparative analysis on floc morphological evolution in cylindrical and square stirred-tank flocculating reactors with or without baffles: Flocculation-test and CFD-aided investigations
He WP, Lu WJ, Xu SR, Huang ML, Li HQ
292 - 304 Modeling of 2-phenylethanol adsorption onto polymeric resin from aqueous solution: Intraparticle diffusion evaluation and dynamic fixed bed adsorption
Cervenansky I, Mihal M, Markos J
305 - 318 Investigation of the impact of synthesized hydrophobic magnetite nanoparticles on mass transfer and hydrodynamics of stagnant and stirred liquid-liquid extraction systems
Hatami A, Azizi Z, Bastani D
319 - 337 An overview on control strategies for CO2 capture using absorption/stripping system
Salvinder KMS, Zabiri H, Taqvi SA, Ramasamy M, Isa F, Rozali NEM, Suleman H, Maulud A, Shariff AM
338 - 345 Beta-spodumene:Na2CO3:NaCl system calcination: A kinetic study of the conversion to lithium salt
dos Santos LL, do Nascimento RM, Pergher SBC
346 - 353 Thermal coupling opportunities for floating natural gas liquefaction plants
Halvorsen IJ, Dejanovic I, Olujic Z, Skogestad S
354 - 366 A study on the caking behaviour of binary mixtures of lactose due to solid-state crystallisation of the amorphous phase
Afrassiabian Z, Guessasma M, Saleh K
367 - 377 On controllability of a fully thermally coupled four-product dividing wall column
Lukac G, Halvorsen IJ, Olujic Z, Dejanovic I
378 - 389 Ultrasound-assisted extraction of biologically active compounds and their successive concentration by using membrane processes
Trojanowska A, Tsibranska I, Dzhonova D, Wroblewska M, Haponska M, Jovancic P, Marturano V, Tylkowski B
390 - 398 Mixed matrix PES-based nanofiltration membrane decorated by (Fe3O4-polyvinylpyrrolidone) composite nanoparticles with intensified antifouling and separation characteristics
Hosseini SM, Afshari M, Fazlali AR, Farahani SK, Bandehali S, Van der Bruggen B, Bagheripour E
399 - 411 RSM optimization of oil-in-water microemulsion stabilized by synthesized zwitterionic surfactant and its properties evaluation for application in enhanced oil recovery
Kumar A, Saw RK, Mandal A
412 - 429 Optimal design of shale gas supply chain network considering MPC-based pumping schedule of hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs
Ahn Y, Siddhamshetty P, Cao KY, Han J, Kwon JSI
430 - 442 Development of a mesoscale model for the gas phase fluid dynamics in structured packings based on fundamental experiments and CFD investigations
Sacher J, Repke JU
443 - 457 Comparison of NLDH and g-C3N4 nanoplates and formative Ag3PO4 nanoparticles in PES microfiltration membrane fouling: Applications in MBR
Ghalamchi L, Aber S, Vatanpour V, Kian M
458 - 469 Diffusion-reaction phenomenon for negative-order reactions in flow reactors
Singh S, Bhatia D
470 - 482 RANS-based predictions of dense solid-liquid suspensions in turbulent stirred tanks
Maluta F, Paglianti A, Montante G
483 - 492 Improving cyclone efficiency for small particles
Akhbarifar S, Shiruani M
493 - 509 Experimental and numerical investigation on mixing of dilute oil in water dispersions in a stirred tank
Naeeni SK, Pakzad L
510 - 519 Modeling the multistage process of the linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid manufacturing
Dolganova I, Ivanchina E, Dolganov I, Ivashkina E, Solopova A
520 - 528 Preparation of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles based on high-gravity technology and application for the removal of lead
Qi GS, Ren HY, Fan HL, Liu YZ
529 - 544 Multiscale computational fluid dynamics modeling of thermal atomic layer deposition with application to chamber design
Zhang YC, Ding YY, Christofides PD
545 - 560 Comparison of porous and nonporous filler effect on performance of poly (ether-block-amide) mixed matrix membranes for gas separation applications
Maleh MS, Raisi A
561 - 569 Turbulent statistics of flow fields using large eddy ID simulations in batch high shear mixers
Vikash, Kumar V
570 - 578 Mechanistic assessment of Seidlitzia Rosmarinus-derived surfactant for restraining shale hydration: A comprehensive experimental investigation
Aghdam SKY, Moslemizadeh A, Madani M, Ghasemi M, Shahbazi K, Moraveji MK
579 - 586 The ash formation and attrition characteristics of an Indonesia lignite coal ash for a 550 MWe ultra supercritical CFB boiler
Li DF, Ke XW, Yang HR, Ahn SG, Lyu JF, Jeon CH, Zhang M
587 - 596 Phase equilibrium measurement, thermodynamics modeling and process simulation for extraction of phenols from coal chemical wastewater with methyl propyl ketone
Chen Y, Xiong KN, Jiang ML, Lu R
597 - 602 Hydraulic and mass transfer performances of a commercial hybrid packing: The RSP200X-Key modelling parameters for gas treatment applications
Alix P, Roesler J, Courtial X, Schultes M
603 - 603 Distillation & Absorption 2018
Brunazzi E, Cai T, Kiss T, Repke JU, Skiborowski M, Sorensen E
604 - 614 Operating the CO2 absorption plant in a post-combustion unit in flexible mode for cost reduction
Moioli S, Pellegrini LA
615 - 623 A hydrodynamic analogy based modelling approach for zero-gravity distillation with metal foams
Rieks S, Wende M, Preusser N, Gambaryan-Roisman T, Kenig EY
624 - 633 Analysis of entrained liquid by use of optical measurement technology
Schulz J, Bart HJ
634 - 643 Experimental investigations of the fluid dynamics in liquid falling films over structured packing geometry
Gerke SJ, Repke JU
644 - 647 Power consumption prediction in a coalescent liquid in mechanically agitated gas-liquid reactors
Petricek R, Moucha T, Kracik T, Haidl J
648 - 663 On the evaluation of density of ionic liquids: towards a comparative study
Rostami A, Baghban A, Shirazian S
664 - 667 Prediction of volumetric mass transfer coefficient in mechanically and pneumatically agitated contactors
Kracik T, Moucha T, Petricek R
668 - 675 Realistic interplays between data science and chemical engineering in the first quarter of the 21st century: Facts and a vision
Piccione PM
676 - 688 Comparative assessment of different image processing methods to determine the gas-liquid interfacial area in froth regimes of sandwich packings from ultrafast X-ray tomography image data
Sohr J, Bieberle M, George GR, Flechsig S, Kenig EY, Schubert M, Hampel U
689 - 698 Liquid distributor design for random packed columns
Hanusch F, Kunzler M, Renner M, Rehfeldt S, Klein H
699 - 708 Extended performance comparison of different pressure drop, hold-up and flooding point correlations for packed columns
Wolf-Zollner V, Seibert F, Lehner M
709 - 720 Economic analysis of a horizontal diabatic separation system
Papadakis E, Huusom JK, Abildskov J
721 - 733 CAMD for entrainer screening of extractive distillation process based on new thermodynamic criteria
Cignitti S, Rodriguez-Donis I, Abildskov J, You XQ, Shcherbakova N, Gerbaud V