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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.146 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Multi-Helical-Channel dust separator: CFD simulation and experiment
Behrang M, Shirvani M, Hashemabadi SH
11 - 21 Mitigation of scale formation in unbaffled stirred tanks-experimental assessment and quantification
Davoody M, Graham LJW, Wu J, Witt PJ, Madapusi S, Parthasarathy R
22 - 35 Heating, evaporation, fragmentation, and breakup of multi-component liquid droplets when heated in air flow
Antonov DV, Strizhak PA
36 - 47 Heat transfer enhancement of a nanofluid in a helical coil with flattened cross-section
Naghibzadeh SK, Hajmohammadi MR, Saffar-Avval M
48 - 59 A rate-based equation-oriented parallel column model: Application to dividing wall columns
Zhou J, Kooijman HA, Taylor R
60 - 70 Process simulation and techno-economic analysis of bio-jet fuel and green diesel production - Minimum selling prices
Martinez-Hernandez E, Ramirez-Verduzco LF, Amezcua-Allieri MA, Aburto J
71 - 77 A new simplified tray efficiency model with improved accuracy for sieve trays
Duss M, Taylor R
78 - 86 Drying of Maltodextrin solution in a vacuum spray dryer
Ramos FD, Ubbink J, Silveira V, Prata AS
87 - 103 Pulp mineralogy and chemistry, leaching and rheological behaviour relationships of refractory gold ore dispersions
Asamoah RK, Skinner W, Addai-Mensah J
104 - 116 Numerical modeling for characterization of CO2 bubble formation through submerged orifice in ionic liquids
Ali MF, Yu L, Chen XC, Yu GR, Abdeltawab AA, Yakout SM
117 - 129 Evaporation experiment and numerical simulation study of desulfurization wastewater in high-temperature raw gas
Li C, Deng T, Wen ZG, Tian TQ, Li GQ, Zhang YF, Li ZH
130 - 140 Preparation of pineapple waste-derived porous carbons with enhanced CO2 capture performance by hydrothermal carbonation-alkali metal oxalates assisted thermal activation process
Zhu MY, Cai WQ, Verpoort F, Zhou JB
141 - 153 Rapid feasibility assessment for the use of wiped-film evaporation in the purification of thermally labile products
Fonseca JD, Suaza A, Cortes RF, Gil ID, Rodriguez G, Orjuela A
154 - 161 Kinetics of interfacial hydrolysis of an aromatic acid chloride
Behera S, Suresh AK
162 - 165 Particle technology as a uniform discipline? Towards a holistic approach to particles, their creation, characterisation, handling and processing!
Morgeneyer M, Ramirez-Gomez A, Poletto M, Ward-Smith S, TWeedie RJ, Heng JYY, Maass S, Bressot C
166 - 181 Desublimation based separation of CO2 inside a cryogenic packed bed: Performance mapping with the spatiotemporal evolution of CO2 frost
Debnath B, Mukherjee A, Mullick A, Ghoshdastidar S, Ganguly S, Kargupta K
182 - 189 Graphene oxide/cross-linked polyimide (GO/CLPI) composite membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration
Liu ML, Wang J, Guo JL, Lu TD, Cao XL, Sun SP
190 - 200 A Framework for the Experimental Characterisation of Novel Solvents in a Pilot-plant Scale CO2 Capture Process under Industrial Conditions Using a Data-driven Modelling Approach
Wilhelm R, Esche E, Guetta Z, Menzel J, von Morstein O, Thielert H, Repke JU
201 - 210 Balancing between risk and profit in refinery hydrogen networks: A Worst-Case Conditional Value-at-Risk approach
Wei LL, Shen YD, Liao ZW, Sun JY, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR
211 - 220 Application of polysaccharide derivatives as novel draw solutes in forward osmosis for desalination and protein concentration
Ding C, Zhang X, Shen L, Huang JQ, Lu A, Zhong FR, Wang Y
221 - 238 Sensitivity analysis for an optimal control problem of chemical processes based on a smoothing cost penalty function approach
Wu X, Zhang KJ, Cheng M
239 - 248 Extraction/adsorption as applied to the dearomatization of white mineral oil
Busto M, Tarifa EE, Vera CR
249 - 262 Experimental evidences on the chemi-electro-hydrodynamic absorption of sulphur dioxide in electrified water sprays
Di Natale F, Carotenuto C, Caserta S, Troiano M, Manna L, Lancia A
263 - 276 Temperature difference control and pressure-compensated temperature difference control for four-product extended Petlyuk dividing-wall columns
Qian X, Huang KJ, Jia SK, Chen HS, Yuan Y, Zhang L, Wang SF
277 - 289 Operational safety of an ammonia process network via model predictive control
Zhang ZH, Wu Z, Rincon D, Christofides PD
290 - 310 Development and implementation of systematic model-development strategy using model-based experimental design
Jiang ZK, Portha JF, Commenge JM, Falk L
311 - 323 Microalgae-based coproduction of ammonia and power employing chemical looping process
Nurdiawati A, Zaini IN, Amin M, Sasongko D, Aziz M
324 - 335 Improving the mixing characteristics of coiled configurations by early flow inversion
Khot P, Mansour M, Thevenin D, Nigam KDP, Zahringer K
336 - 343 Extraction behavior of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide in ionic liquids
Fan YC, Cai DX, Yang L, Chen XY, Zhang L
344 - 351 Operational study of a monoethylene glycol (MEG) desalination pilot plant. Part I: Development of a new method for the estimation of MEG content in the presence of NaCl solid particles
Hou RZ, Rodriguez RAL, Crawley-Boevey SA, Messenger BE, Martin PJ
352 - 362 Influence of a single microstructure on local mass transfer in liquid film flows
Kapoustina V, Guffart J, Hien A, Strischakov J, Medina I, Radle M, Repke JU
363 - 368 Mass transfer modeling and industrial validation for sodium aerosols removal in a designed turbulent contact absorber
Li C, Lu P, Zhang AA, Zhang C, Yan XL
369 - 378 Coupling intermittent micro-aeration to anaerobic digestion improves tetra-azo dye Direct Black 22 treatment in sequencing batch reactors
Menezes O, Brito R, Hallwass F, Florencio L, Kato MT, Gauazza S
379 - 390 Image analysis assessment of the effect on mixing on aqueous dissolution of CO2 and air bubble swarms in a bubble column
Legendre D, Zeuenhoven R
391 - 403 Benzene purification from thiophene using dimethylformamide as an entrainer in thermally coupled extractive distillation columns
Anokhina EA, Timoshenko AV, Akishin AY, Remizova AV
404 - 415 Transparent polymers to emulate the rheological properties of primary, activated, and digested sludge
Amiraftabi M, Khiadani M
416 - 426 Dynamics and control of a heat pump assisted azeotropic dividing-wall column for biobutanol purification
Patrascu I, Bildea CS, Kiss AA
427 - 435 Theoretical investigation of ethane oxidative dehydrogenation over MoVTeNbO catalyst in fixed-bed reactors with intermediate water removal
Fazlinezhad A, Naeimi A, Yasari E
436 - 448 Air impingement drying of digestate Experimental and modelling study
Boy V, Liu XJ, Chamaa MA, Lemee Y, Sabourin C, Lendormi T, Lanoiselle JL
449 - 463 Influencing the solid fraction distribution in a circulating fluidized bed system using differently shaped internals
Stollhof M, Penthor S, Piesenberger S, Hofbauer H
464 - 469 Surface tension-driven effects in the reconstitution of food powders
Mitchell WR, Forny L, Althaus T, Niederreiter G, Palzer S, Hounslow MJ, Salman AD
470 - 477 A descaling methodology for a water-filled pipe based on leaky guided ultrasonic waves cavitation
Qu ZG, Wu LQ, An Y, Fang R, Jin S, Yang J, Liu Y, Wang LK, Yang XL, Yan DX
478 - 485 Influence of various shapes of CuO nanomaterial on nanofluid forced convection within a sinusoidal channel with obstacles
Nguyen TK, Saidizad A, Jafaryar M, Sheikholeslami M, Gerdroodbary MB, Moradi R, Shafee A, Li ZX
486 - 498 Comparison of batch heteroazeotropic distillation operational strategies for the dehydration of isopropanol
Nemeth B, Hegely L, Lang P
499 - 508 Parameter optimization of gas-solid heat transfer process in sinter packed bed based on further exergy analysis
Zhang S, Zhao L, Feng JS, Luo XF, Dong H
509 - 517 A comparison between amino acid based solvent and traditional amine solvent processes for CO2 removal
Moioli S, Pellegrini LA, Ho MT, Wiley DE
518 - 527 Axial dispersion and CFD models for the extraction of levulinic acid from dilute aqueous solution in a Kuhni column with 2-methyltetrahydrofuran solvent
Laitinen AT, Penttila KJT, Manninen MT, Syrjanen JK, Kaunisto JM, Murtomaki LS
528 - 539 Optimization of a 3-D isothermal plug-flow model of a monolith reactor featuring first order reactions
Al Duweesh F, Al-Husseini Z, Manousiouthakis VI