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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.144 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 10 A new hybrid photobioreactor design for microalgae culture
Depra MC, Merida LGR, de Menezes CR, Zepka LQ, Jacob-Lopes E
11 - 18 Sn-based deep eutectic solvents assisted synthesis of Sn and SnO2 supported hexagonal boron nitrides for adsorptive desulfurization
Li HP, Zhang JR, Yi JJ, Luo J, Zhu SW, Sun LH, Xiong J, Zhu WS, Li HM
19 - 34 Polyvinyl alcohol)/ZSM-5 zeolite mixed matrix membranes for pervaporation dehydration of isopropanol/water solution through response surface methodology
Huang Z, Ru XF, Zhu YT, Guo YH, Teng LJ
35 - 46 Facile synthesis of chitosan/gelatin filled with graphene bead adsorbent for orange II removal
Wu M, Chen WJ, Mao QH, Bai YS, Ma HZ
47 - 62 Mass transfer from a soluble Taylor bubble to the surrounding flowing liquid in a vertical macro tube - A numerical approach
Silva MCF, Campos JBLM, Araujo JDP
63 - 78 On accounting for equipment-control interactions in economic model predictive control via process state constraints
Durand H
79 - 94 A data-driven method for pipeline scheduling optimization
Liao Q, Zhang HR, Xia TQ, Chen QJ, Li ZB, Liang YT
95 - 106 Bubble characterization and gas-liquid interfacial area in two phase gas-liquid system in bubble column at low Reynolds number and high temperature and pressure
Feng D, Ferrasse JH, Soric A, Boutin O
107 - 114 Modification of a tri-reforming reactor based on the feeding policy to couple with methanol and GTL units
Lari MF, Farsi M, Rahimpour MR
115 - 122 Kinetic study of soybean oil hydrolysis catalyzed by lipase from solid castor bean seeds
Corradini FAS, Alves ES, Kopp W, Ribeiro MPA, Mendes AA, Tardioli PW, Giordano RC, Giordano RLC
123 - 134 Solvent selection for extractive distillation processes to separate close-boiling polar systems
Sprakel LMJ, Kamphuis P, Nikolova AL, Keijsper DJ, Schuur B
135 - 149 Novel conical section design for ultra-fine particles classification by a hydrocyclone
Ye JX, Xu YX, Song XF, Yu JG
150 - 158 Preparation of thiourea-modified magnetic chitosan composite with efficient removal efficiency for Cr(VI)
Cai WQ, Zhu F, Liang H, Jiang YH, Tu WJ, Cai ZJ, Wu JR, Zhou JB
159 - 173 Microbubble-enhanced DBD plasma reactor: Design, characterisation and modelling
Wright A, Taglioli M, Montazersadgh F, Shaw A, Iza F, Bandulasena HCH
174 - 184 Removal of Ni(II) from fuel ethanol by PAMAM dendrimers/silica hybrid materials: Combined experimental and theoretical study
Qiu ZM, Niu YZ, Fu TT, Wang K, Mu QH, Wang F
185 - 197 Hierarchical batch-to-batch optimization of cobalt oxalate synthesis process based on data-driven model
Jia RD, Mao ZZ, He DK, Chu F
198 - 208 Enhanced elemental mercury removal by facile sulfurization of agrowaste chars
Saman N, Johari K, Kong H, Mohtar SS, Hassan O, Ali N, Mat H
209 - 215 Absorption and desorption mass transfer rates as a function of pressure and mixing in a simple hydrocarbon system
Daniel AB, Mohammad SA, Miranda MA, Aichele CP
216 - 227 An enumeration-based synthesis framework for multi-effect distillation processes
Cui CT, Xi ZJ, Liu SY, Sun JS
228 - 236 Facile synthesis of tri(octyl-decyl) amine-modified biomass carbonaceous aerogel for rapid adsorption and removal of iodine ions
Sun L, Li KX, Huang JC, Jiang ZQ, Huang YL, Liu HN, Wei G, Ge F, Ye XS, Zhang YJ, Wu AG, ZhijianWu
237 - 246 Robust stability analysis for barrier-based equation-free multi-linear model predictive control
Petsagkourakis P, Heath WP, Theodoropoulos C
247 - 257 Dynamic characterization of nanoparticles production in a droplet-based continuous flow microreactor
Ma HY, Jin N, Zhang P, Zhou YF, Zhao YC, Zhang XL, Lu HY, Liu J
258 - 271 An extended superstructure modeling method for simultaneous synthesis of direct work exchanger networks
Zhuang Y, Liu LL, Zhang L, Du J, Shen SQ
272 - 284 An investigation of the detection of acoustic sand signals from the flow of solid particles in pipelines
Wang K, Liu G, Li YC, Wang JB, Wang G, Qin M, Yi LT
285 - 299 Just-in-time learning based soft sensor with variable selection and weighting optimized by evolutionary optimization for quality prediction of nonlinear processes
Pan B, Jin HP, Wang L, Qian B, Chen XG, Huang S, Li JG
300 - 309 Photocatalytic degradation of binary and ternary mixtures of antibiotics: reactive species investigation in pilot scale
Zeghioud H, Kamagate M, Coulibaly LS, Rtimi S, Assadi AA
310 - 317 DEM investigation of the power draw for material movement in rotary drums with axis offset
Wu WN, Liu XY, Zhang R, Hu Z
318 - 333 Stability and control of a partial nitritation reactor with biomass retention
Jamilis M, Garelli F, De Battista H, Volcke EIP
334 - 353 New deterministic tools to systematically investigate fouling occurrence in membrane bioreactors
Hamedi H, Ehteshami M, Mirbagheri SA, Zendehboudi S
354 - 369 Techno-economic comparison of reverse water gas shift reaction to steam and dry methane reforming reactions for syngas production
Rezaei E, Dzuryk S
370 - 385 Characterizing droplet breakup rates of shear-thinning dispersed phase in microreactors
Wong VL, Loizou K, Lau PL, Graham RS, Hewakandamby BN
386 - 396 Robust optimization of a post-combustion CO2 capture absorber column under process uncertainty
Cerrillo-Briones IM, Ricardez-Sandoval LA
397 - 404 Process control for energy efficient operation of reactive dividing wall columns
Egger LS, Fieg G
405 - 417 Efficient hybrid modeling of CO2 absorption in aqueous solution of piperazine: Applications to energy and environment
Dashti A, Raji M, Razmi A, Rezaei N, Zendehboudi S, Asghari M
418 - 428 Tailoring the separation performance and fouling reduction of PES based nanofiltration membrane by using a PVA/Fe3O4 coating layer
Bagheripour E, Moghadassi AR, Paruizian F, Hosseini SM, Van der Bruggen B
429 - 433 Effect of acidity of oxide support on the activity and stability of mu-nitrido diiron phthalocyanine complex
Cho K, Kim H, Nhut LM, Seo K, Kim MG, Kim C
434 - 443 A dynamic and unified model of hydrodynamics in waste stabilization ponds
Passos RG, Ferreira VVM, von Sperling M
444 - 458 Mass transfer intensification of 2-methyl-5-nitrotetrazole synthesis in two-phase liquid-liquid Taylor flow in microreactor
Abiev RS, Pavlyukova YN, Nesterova OM, Svetlov SD, Ostrovskii VA
459 - 471 Development of the adsorption capability of MCM-41 particles synthesized at room temperature using 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonic acid for removal of Co(II) and Cr(VI) in binary systems
Soliman MA, Rashad GM, Mahmoud MR
472 - 482 Hydrodynamic and electrostatic interactions of water droplet pairs in oil and electrocoalescence
Xia Y, Reboud JL
483 - 493 Clustering analysis for pervaporation performance assessment of alginate hybrid membranes in dehydration of ethanol
Dudek G, Krasowska M, Turczyn R, Strzelewicz A, Djurado D, Pouget S
494 - 504 Design of experiment for optimization of nitrophenol reduction by green synthesized silver nanocatalyst
Denrah S, Sarkar M
505 - 511 Removal of arsenic from flue gas using NaClO/NaClO2 complex absorbent
Zhao Y, Qiu W, Sun ZH
512 - 519 Optimal operation of a dividing wall column using an enhanced active vapor distributor
Harvianto GR, Kim KH, Kang KJ, Lee M
520 - 537 Perspective of renewable desalination by using membrane distillation
Gopi G, Arthanareeswaran G, Ismail AF
538 - 549 Experimental study and mathematical modeling of two phase flow with a Eulerian approach in a continuous gas evolving electrochlorinator
Ramirez JA, Rodriguez A, Rivera FF, Castaneda F
550 - 558 Study on droplet velocity in a pulsed sieve plate extraction column by four-sensor optical fiber probe
Sun YD, Gao Y, Hou HG, Jiao CS, Zhou Y, Zhang M