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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.142 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Verification of energy conservation for discretely heat integrated distillation column through commercial operation
Wakabayashi T, Yoshitani K, Takahashi H, Hasebe S
13 - 24 A computational fluid dynamics analysis of transient flow through a generic Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear respirator canister
Wood SGA, Chakraborty N, Smith MW, Summers MJ
25 - 33 Effect of liquid phase rheology and gas-liquid interface property on mass transfer characteristics in bubble columns
Dong X, Liu ZJ, Liu FX, Li ZY, Wei W, Wang XJ, Xu XF
34 - 43 Development of ultrafiltration membrane via in-situ grafting of nano-GO/PSF with anti-biofouling properties
Khajouei M, Najafi M, Jafari SA
44 - 52 Sulfur dioxide solubility prediction in ionic liquids by a group contribution - LSSVM model
Baghban A, Sasanipour J, Habibzadeh S, Zhang ZE
53 - 61 Induced rapid magnetic sedimentation of stabilized-Fe3O4 nanoparticles by bridging and depletion flocculation
Yeap SP, Tia SY
62 - 77 Parameter estimation using multiparametric programming for implicit Euler's method based discretization
Mid EC, Dua V
78 - 86 Improved dewatering of clay rich mineral dispersions using recyclable superabsorbent polymers
Joseph-Soly S, Saldanha T, Nosrati A, Skinner W, Addai-Mensah J
87 - 99 Influence of viscosity for oil-in-water and water-in-oil nanoemulsions production by SPG premix membrane emulsification
Alliod O, Messager L, Fessi H, Dupin D, Charcosset C
100 - 110 Froth properties and entrainment in lab-scale flotation: A case of carbonaceous sedimentary phosphate ore
Hoang DH, Heitkam S, Kupka N, Hassanzadeh A, Peuker UA, Rudolph M
111 - 120 Membrane oscillation and slot (pore) blocking in oil-water separation
Ullah A, Ahmad J, Khan H, Khan SW, Zamani F, Hasan SW, Starov VM, Chew JW
121 - 132 Investigating the diffusivity and swelling in propane-heavy oil system using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Fayazi A, Kryuchkov S, Kantzas A
133 - 142 The valorization of biogas slurry with a pilot dual stage reverse osmosis membrane process
Zhou ZZ, Chen LH, Wu QG, Zheng T, Yuan HR, Peng N, He MY
143 - 153 Computer tomographic detection of the liquid-liquid mixing and separation within the Annular Centrifugal Contactor/Extractor
Eggert A, Kogl T, Arlt W, Jupke A
154 - 164 A data-centric predictive control approach for nonlinear chemical processes
Wang RG, Bao J, Yao YC
165 - 175 Experimental and kinetic study of fluoride adsorption by Ni and Zn modified LD slag based geopolymer
Sarkar C, Basu JK, Samanta AN
176 - 188 Fabrication and characterization of anti-fouling and non-toxic polyvinylidene fluoride -Sulphonated carbon nanotube ultrafiltration membranes for membrane bioreactors applications
Ayyaru S, Pandiyan R, Ahn YH
189 - 194 Magnetically recoverable Fe2O3/N-graphene with enhanced visible photocatalytic performance
Wang F
195 - 203 Intensifying Kaibel dividing-wall column via vapor recompression heat pump
Qian X, Huang KJ, Chen HS, Yuan Y, Zhang L, Wang SF
204 - 213 Model-based strategies for sensor fault accommodation in uncertain dynamic processes with multi-rate sampled measurements
Allen J, Chen SR, El-Farra NH
214 - 224 Partial coalescence of droplets at oil-water interface subjected to different electric waveforms: Effects of non-ionic surfactant on critical electric field strength
Yang DH, Sun YX, He LM, Luo XM, Lu YL, Gao QF
225 - 236 Direct evaporative cooling performance of ambient air using a ceramic wet porous layer
Sellami K, Feddaoui M, Labsi N, Najim M, Oubella M, Benkahla YK
237 - 244 Effect of zoning on mixing and mass transfer in dual agitated gassed vessels
Jamshed A, Cooke M, Rodgers TL
245 - 256 Vacuum pressure swing adsorption system for N-2/CH4 separation under uncertainty
Han ZY, Xing R, Zhang DH, Shen YH, Fu Q, Ding ZY, Tian CX
257 - 267 Subsea natural gas dehydration with membrane processes: Simulation and process optimization
Dalane K, Hillestad M, Deng LY
268 - 284 Utilization of ultrasonic-assisted RESOLV (US-RESOLV) with polymeric stabilizers for production of amiodarone hydrochloride nanoparticles: Optimization of the process parameters
Sodeifian G, Sajadian SA
285 - 297 Operation optimization research of circulating cooling water system based on superstructure and domain knowledge
Zhu XC, Niu DP, Wang FL, Guo YM, Jia MX
298 - 306 Mixing performance in Split-And-Recombine Milli-Static Mixers-A numerical analysis
Habchi C, Ghanem A, Lemenand T, Della Valle D, Peerhossaini H
307 - 326 A DEM model-based study to quantitatively compare the effect of wet and dry binder addition in high-shear wet granulation processes
Tamrakar A, Chen SW, Ramachandran R
327 - 335 Frequency analysis of torque variation of a rotationally reciprocating impeller using newtonian and viscoelastic fluids
Komoda Y, Tomimasu F, Hidema R, Suzuki H
336 - 345 Performance study of a microfluidic reactor for cogeneration of chemicals and electricity
Wouters B, Hereijgers J, De Malsche W, Breugelmans T, Hubin A
346 - 354 Conversion of waste polystyrene foam into sulfonated hyper-crosslinked polymeric adsorbents for cadmium removal in a fixed-bed column
Jia JZ, Fu ZY, Wang L, Huang ZA, Liu CK
355 - 368 Improved nonlinear process monitoring based on ensemble KPCA with local structure analysis
Cui P, Zhan CJ, Yang YP
369 - 385 Viscoelastic displacement and anomalously enhanced oil recovery of a novel star-like amphiphilic polyacrylamide
Liu R, Du DJ, Pu WF, Peng Q, Tao ZW, Pang Y
386 - 411 COMSOL simulation and experimental validation of promoter geometries facilitating citric acid transport in electrodialysis
Chandra A, Pathiwada D, Chattopadhyay S
412 - 428 A modelling approach to kinetics study and novel monolith channel design for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) applications
Shin SB, Skau KI, Menon M, Maroor S, Spatenka S