Chemical Engineering Research & Design

Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.141 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Biodiesel production catalyzed by liquid and immobilized enzymes: Optimization and economic analysis
Andrade TA, Martin M, Errico M, Christensen KV
15 - 31 Modeling and simulation of cooling water systems subjected to fouling
Souza ARC, Costa ALH
32 - 46 Extraction of polyphenols from olive pomace: Mathematical modeling and technological feasibility in a high temperature and high pressure stirred reactor
Neviani M, Aliakbarian B, Perego P, Paladino O
47 - 55 Integration of an adsorptive desulfurization unit into an SOFC-based auxiliary power unit operated with diesel fuel
Neubauer R, Kienzl N, Hochenauer C
56 - 65 Stress mechanisms acting during the dispersing in highly viscous media and their impact on the production of nanoparticle composites
Finke B, Nolte H, Schilde C, Kwade A
66 - 83 CFD simulation for up flow jet-loop reactors by use of bi-dispersed bubble model
Gao YX, Hong D, Cheng YW, Wang LJ, Li X
84 - 92 Pertraction of americium(III) through supported liquid membranes containing benzene-centered tripodal diglycolamides (Bz-T-DGA) as an extractant/carrier
Mahanty B, Mohapatra PK, Leoncini A, Huskens J, Verboom W
93 - 114 CFD modelling of mass and heat dispersion in sphere fixed bed with porosity-dependent segmented-continuum approaches
Hamzah AB, Ookawara S, Yoshikawa S, Matsumoto H
115 - 132 Multi-objective optimization of maleic anhydride circulating fluidized bed (CFB) reactors
Chaudhari P, Garg S
133 - 143 Study of shear rate production in different geometric configurations of hydraulic reactors for ultra-flocculation
del Rio M, Cornejo P, Betancourt F, Concha F, Rulyov N
144 - 155 Distributed economic model predictive control of wastewater treatment plants
Zhang A, Yin XY, Liu S, Zeng J, Liu JF
156 - 169 New reliable tools to mathematically model chemical reaction systems
Amin JS, Zendehboudi S, Eftekhari A
170 - 180 Application of pressure gauge measurement method beyond its limits
Kutukcu B, Ayranci I
181 - 186 The synergistic effect of benzyl benzoate on the selective oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde
Lu C, Hu JM, Meng YN, Zhou AD, Zhang F, Zhang ZB
187 - 197 New method of running the bisphenol A synthesis process using the set of two-zone reactors
Chrusciel A, Kiedik M, Hreczuch W
198 - 219 Castor oil biorefinery: Conceptual process design, simulation and economic analysis
Dimian AC, Iancu P, Plesu V, Bonet-Ruiz AE, Bonet-Ruiz J
220 - 228 The effect of the secondary air injection on the gas-solid flow characteristics in the circulating fluidized bed
Zheng WJ, Zhang M, Zhang Y, Lyu JF, Yang HR
229 - 271 Review of extractive distillation. Process design, operation, optimization and control
Gerbaud V, Rodriguez-Donis I, Hegely L, Lang P, Denes F, You XQ
272 - 278 Modeling the transport and capture of analytes in a two-phase heterogeneous microfluidic immunosensor
Rath D, Panda S
279 - 289 Large eddy simulation of transient turbulent flow and mixing process in an SCR denitration system
Shang D, Li BK, Liu ZQ
290 - 301 Adsorption of textile dye in activated carbons prepared from DVD and CD wastes modified with multi-wall carbon nanotubes: Equilibrium isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamic study
Noorimotlagh Z, Mirzaee SA, Martinez SS, Alavi S, Ahmadi M, Jaafarzadeh N
302 - 316 Modeling of granular heat transfer in cryogenic grinding system: Black pepper seeds
Ghodki BM, Goswami TK
317 - 327 Poly(dopamine) grafted bio-silica composite with tetraethylenepentamine ligands for enhanced adsorption of pollutants
Arica TA, Kuman M, Gercel O, Ayas E
328 - 338 Studies into the mass transfer and energy consumption of commercial feed spacers for RO membrane modules using CFD: Effectiveness of performance measures
Kavianipour O, Ingram GD, Vuthaluru HB
339 - 349 Two-phase hydrodynamic modelling and experimental characterization in an activated sludge electrooxidation flow reactor
Barrios JA, Solis-Caballero FE, Cano A, Duran U, Orozco G, Rivera FF
350 - 360 Mixing enhancement using chaos theory in fluid dynamics: Experimental and numerical study
Shirmohammadi F, Tohidi A
361 - 371 Improved models for predicting bubble velocity, bubble frequency and bed expansion in a bubbling fluidized bed
Agu CE, Tokheim LA, Eikeland M, Moldestad BME
372 - 387 Optimization of structural parameters of an inner preheating transpiring-wall SCWO reactor
Zhang FM, Yang J, Ma JN, Su CJ, Ma CY
388 - 401 Performance comparison of different pressure drop, hold-up and flooding point correlations for packed columns
Wolf-Zollner V, Seibert F, Lehner M
402 - 412 In situ modification of polyamide reverse osmosis membrane module for improved fouling resistance
Liu MH, Yu C, Wu YY, Lu ZH, Yu SC, Gao CJ
413 - 424 Substantially improved antifouling properties in electro-oxidative graphene laminate forward osmosis membrane
Rastgar M, Bozorg A, Shakeri A, Sadrzadeh M
425 - 435 Calibration of ADM1 using the Monte Carlo Markov Chain for modeling of anaerobic biodigestion of sugarcane vinasse in an AnSBBR
Couto PT, Brustello M, Albanez R, Rodrigues JAD, Zaiat M, Ribeiro R
436 - 448 Hydrodynamic characteristics of the microbubble dissolution in liquid using orifice type microbubble generator
Juwana WE, Widyatama A, Dinaryanto O, Budhijanto W, Indarto, Deendarlianto
449 - 454 An efficient start-up strategy of a continuous stirred tank bioreactor with biofilm
Skoneczny S, Tabis B
455 - 463 Enhanced catalytic activity of the Rh/gamma-Al2O3 pellet catalyst for N2O decomposition using high Rh dispersion induced by citric acid
Kim MJ, Kim YJ, Lee SJ, Ryu IS, Kim HJ, Kim Y, Ko CH, Jeon SG
464 - 480 A general primal bounding framework for large-scale multistage stochastic programs under endogenous uncertainties
Zeng Z, Cremaschi S
481 - 491 Kinetics of the reduction and oxidation of Mg added NiO/Al2O3 for chemical looping combustion
Park JH, Hwang RH, Rasheed HU, Baek JI, Ryu HJ, Yi KB
492 - 501 Enhanced performance of polyvinylidene fluoride ultrafiltration membranes by incorporating TiO2/graphene oxide
Wu LG, Zhang XY, Wang T, Du CH, Yang CH
502 - 515 Nonlinear state estimation with delayed measurements using data fusion technique and cubature Kalman filter for chemical processes
Zhao LQ, Wang RT, Wang JL, Yu T, Su AD
516 - 528 Improving the performance of heterogeneous azeotropic distillation via self-heat recuperation technology
Chen JX, Ye Q, Liu T, Xia H, Feng SY
529 - 539 Coal gasification in the presence of lithium orthosilicate. Part 1: Reaction kinetics
Domenico MD, Amorim SM, Collazzo GC, Jose HJ, Moreira RFPM
540 - 549 Shape evolution of a water drop in asphaltene solution under weak DC electric fields
Mhatre S, Simon S, Sjoblom J
550 - 565 Estimation of kinetic coefficients in micro-reactors for biodiesel synthesis: Bayesian inference with reduced mass transfer model
Costa JM, Naveira-Cotta CP
566 - 579 A multi-scenario and multi-objective scheduling optimization model for liquefied light hydrocarbon pipeline system
Qiu R, Zhang HR, Gao XY, Zhou XY, Guo ZC, Liao Q, Liang YT
580 - 591 Determination of protein crystallization kinetics by a through-flow small-angle X-ray scattering method
Poplewska I, Lyskowski A, Kolodziej M, Szalanski P, Piatkowski W, Antos D
592 - 607 On the effect of turbulence models on CFD simulations of a counter-current spray drying process
Jubaer H, Afshar S, Xiao J, Chen XD, Selomulya C, Woo MW