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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.138 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Effect of decaying swirl flow on tubular turbulent heat transfer enhancement by using short length helical tapes
Hong YX, Du J, Wang SF, Huang SM, Ye WB
13 - 20 Effect of nozzle diameter on bubble generation with gas self-suction through swirling flow
Xu X, Ge XL, Qian YD, Zhang BH, Wang HL, Yang Q
21 - 31 Effect of elevated pressure on bubble properties in a two-dimensional gas-solid fluidized bed
Song JL, Liu DY, Ma JL, Chen XP
32 - 42 Biodiesel separation using ultrafiltration poly(ether sulfone) hollow fiber membranes: Improving biodiesel and glycerol rich phases settling
Noriega MA, Narvaez PC, Habert AC
43 - 50 Reduction of energy demand by use of air sparging during ultrafiltration of alkali-extracted wheat bran hemicelluloses
Thuvander J, Arkell A, Jonsson AS
51 - 76 A simple multi-model prediction method
Strutzel FAM, Bogle IDL
77 - 86 Exploration of oligomeric sodium carboxylates as novel draw solutes for forward osmosis
Long QW, Huang JQ, Xiong S, Shen L, Wang Y
87 - 104 Flow regimes in gas-solid fluidized bed with for vertical internals
Taofeeq H, Al-Dahhan M
105 - 115 Bipolar membrane electrodialysis for the recycling of ammonium chloride wastewater: Membrane selection and process optimization
Lv Y, Yan HY, Yang BJ, Wu CM, Zhang X, Wang XL
116 - 124 Describing physical properties of CO2 unloaded and loaded MDEA plus PZ solutions
Moioli S, Pellegrini LA
125 - 134 Ignition of homo/hetero combustion of propane in a microreactor with catalyst segmentation
Kommu M, Kaisare NS
135 - 143 Kinetic modelling and kinetic parameters Chock for calculation in the lipase-catalysed synthesis of updstos geranyl acetate
Murcia MD, Gomez M, Gomez E, Gomez JL, Hidalgo AM, Sanchez A, Vergara P
144 - 157 Adsorption equilibrium models: Computation of confidence regions of parameter estimates
Tolazzi N, Steffani E, Barbosa-Coutinho E, Junior JBS, Pinto JC, Schwaab M
158 - 167 Performance evaluation of venturi scrubber for the removal of iodine in filtered containment venting system
Bal M, Reddy TT, Melkap BC
168 - 175 Production of gas hydrate in a semi-batch spray reactor process as a means for separation of carbon dioxide from methane
Partoon B, Sabil KM, Lau KK, Lal B, Nasrifar K
176 - 189 Solution enhanced dispersion by supercritical fluids (SEDS): An approach in particle engineering to modify aqueous solubility of andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata extract
Lee SY, Abdullah LC, Rahman RA, Abas F, Tan WK, Chong GH
190 - 199 Multilayered Pd nanocatalysts with nano-bulge structure in a microreactor for multiphase catalytic reaction
Feng H, Zhang B, Zhu X, Chen R, Liao Q, Ye DD, Liu J, Liu M, Chen G
200 - 211 Crystallization kinetics in an airlift and a stirred draft draft tube crystallizer; Secondary nucleation models revisited
Anisi F, Kramer HJM
212 - 228 CFD modeling a fluidized bed large scale reactor with various internal elements near the heated particles feeder
Soloveva OV, Solovev SA, Egorova SR, Lamberov AA, Antipin AV, Shamsutdinov EV
229 - 247 A prediction and outlier detection scheme of molten steel temperature in ladle furnace
Wang B, Mao ZZ, Huang KK
248 - 259 PVDF-co-HFP/superhydrophobic acetylene-based nanocarbon hybrid membrane for seawater desalination via DCMD
Aljumaily MM, Alsaadi MA, Hashim NA, Alsalhy QF, Mjalli FS, Atieh MA, Al-Harrasi A
260 - 279 Step by step methodology of designing a liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed using computational fluid dynamic approach
Palkar RR, Patnaikuni VS, Shilapuram V
280 - 291 Investigation of the flow patterns produced from sudden expansion geometries using pressure difference measurements and flow visualisation techniques
Huang X, Langrish TAG, Abbas A, Fletcher DF
292 - 313 Stability criterion for the intensification of batch processes with model predictive control
Kahm W, Vassiliadis VS
314 - 330 Applicability of the power model to mixed slurries with non-spherical particles and networking effect
Kutukcu B, Ayranci I
331 - 340 Smart models to predict the minimum spouting Cheek for velocity of conical spouted beds with non-porous draft tube
Hosseini SH, Rezaei MJ, Bag-Mohammadi M, Altzibar H, Olazar M
341 - 357 Optimisation approaches for supply chain planning and scheduling under demand uncertainty
Aguirre AM, Liu SS, Papageorgiou LG
358 - 365 Synthesis and functionalization of graphene oxide (GO) for salty water desalination as adsorbent
Zahed M, Parsamehr PS, Tofighy MA, Mohammadi T
366 - 373 Drop behavior in a pilot plant asymmetric rotating disc extraction column for three various liquid-liquid systems
Asadollahzadeh M, Torab-Mostaedi M, Torkaman R
374 - 386 Numerical simulation and experimental study of liquid-liquid flow dispersion in conical spiral pipes
Zhang T, Guo K, Liu CJ, Feng AG, Cai HW, Ren SY
387 - 397 Adsorption of xylene isomers using Ba-faujasite type zeolite: Equilibrium and kinetics study
Ahmadi-Pour M, Khosravi-Nikou MR, Shariati A
398 - 404 Influence of rheological properties of stirred liquids on the axial and tangential forces in a vessel with a PMT impeller
Story A, Jaworski Z, Major-Godlewska M, Story G
405 - 417 An area-wide layout design method considering piecewise steam piping and energy loss
Wu Y, Wang RQ, Wang YF, Feng X
418 - 432 Modeling of plate heat exchanger based on sensitivity analysis and model updating
Guo YM, Wang FL, Jia MX, Zhang SN
433 - 443 Predicting effects of operating condition variations on breakage rates in stirred media mills
Fragniere G, Beinert S, Overbeck A, Kampen I, Schilde C, Kwade A
444 - 457 Characterization of shapes and volumes of droplets generated in PDMS T-junctions to study nucleation
dos Santos EC, Ladosz A, Maggioni GM, von Rohr PR, Mazzotti M
458 - 471 CFD analysis of flow distributor designs for numbering-up of biodiesel synthesis
Lopes MGM, Santana HS, Andolphato VF, Silva JL, Taranto OP
472 - 481 Flow pulsation plays an important role for high-pressure homogenization in laboratory-scale
Hakansson A
482 - 489 Characterization and selection of waste oils for the absorption and biodegradation of VOC of different hydrophobicities
Lhuissier M, Couvert A, Amrane A, Kane A, Audic JL
490 - 505 A possibilistic location-inventory model for multi-period perishable pharmaceutical supply chain network design
Savadkoohi E, Mousazadeh M, Torabi SA
506 - 518 Facile and efficient microwave combustion fabrication of Mg-spinel as support for MgO nanocatalyst used in biodiesel production from sunflower oil: Fuel type approach
Yousefi S, Haghighi M, Vahid BR
519 - 532 Numerical research on vapor splitter in divided wall column
Hu YQ, Chen S, Li CL
533 - 545 Reactive diffusion migration layer and mass transfer wall function to model active chlorine generation in a filter press type electrochemical reactor for organic pollutant degradation
Rivero EP, Rodriguez FA, Cruz-Diaz MR, Gonzalez I
546 - 553 Transfer learning for efficient meta-modeling of process simulations
Chuang YC, Chen T, Yao Y, Wong DSH
554 - 567 Modeling of a double effect evaporator: Bond graph approach
Ben-Ali S