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1 - 9 Optimization of multi-stage hybrid RO-PRO membrane processes at the water-energy nexus
10 - 19 Modeling and simulation of downward vertical two-phase flow with pipe rotation
Raeiszadeh F, Hajidavalloo E, Behbahaninejad M, Hanafizadeh P
20 - 32 A pressurized Gas Switching Combustion reactor: Autothermal operation with a CaMnO3-delta-based oxygen carrier
Zaabout A, Cloete S, Tolchard JR, Amini S
33 - 46 Modeling of an industrial naphtha isomerization reactor and development and assessment of a new isomerization process
Ahmed AM, Jarullah AT, Abed FM, Mujtaba IM
47 - 59 Removal of oil from oil-water emulsions using thermally reduced graphene and graphene nanoplatelets
Diraki A, Mackey H, Mckay G, Abdala AA
60 - 74 Tailored catalyst pellet specification for improved fixed-bed transport characteristics: A shortcut method for the model-based reactor design
Pietschak A, Kaiser M, Freund H
75 - 88 Process simulation of dehydration unit for the comparative analysis of natural gas processing and carbon capture application
Sakheta A, Zahid U
89 - 100 Design considerations for small scale rotating fluidized beds in static geometry with screens for fine particles
Lavrich Z, Wagner DR, Taie Z, Halliday D, Hagen CL
A1 - A8 Data quality and assessment, validation methods and error propagation through the simulation software: Report from the Round-Table Discussion at the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Barcelona (October 1-5, 2017)
Mathias PM, Soto A, Fele-Zilnik L, de Hemptinne JC, Bazyleva A, Abildskov J
101 - 112 Load-dependent contact mechanics of particulate assemblies: Multi-variant particle size, shape and surface roughness in advanced materials and process applications
Tuzun U
113 - 124 Application of a novel tube reactor for investigation of calcium carbonate mineral scale deposition kinetics
Zhang P, Zhang N, Liu Y, Lu YT, Kan AT, Tomson MB
125 - 140 A general approach to module-based plant design
Eilermann M, Post C, Radatz H, Bramsiepe C, Schembecker G
141 - 153 Influence of distributed pore size and porosity on MTO catalyst particle performance: Modeling and simulation
Zhu LT, Ma WY, Luo ZH
154 - 163 Prediction of surface tension of liquid normal alkanes, 1-alkenes and cycloalkane using neural network
Lashkarbolooki M, Bayat M
164 - 173 Imidazolium based ionic liquids containing methanesulfonate anion: comprehensive thermodynamic study
Zaitsau DH, Yermalayeu AV, Pimerzin AA, Verevkin SP
174 - 185 Controlled synthesis of Ni-x-Co(1-x) bimetallic nanoparticles using the thermogravimetric method
Ghanbarabadi H, Khoshandam B
186 - 193 Propane/propylene separation and CO2 capture in magnetic ionic liquid [bmim][FeCl4]
He MG, Liu SQ, Bai LH, Liu XY
194 - 212 Experimental and modeling investigations towards tailoring cellulose triacetate membranes for high performance helium separation
Soleimany A, Karimi-Sabet J, Hosseini SS
213 - 220 Synthesis of a biobased monomer derived from castor oil and copolymerization in aqueous medium
Laurentino LS, Medeiros AMMS, Machado F, Costa C, Araujo PHH, Sayer C
221 - 234 A systematic decision analysis approach to design biomass combined heat and power systems
Ling WC, Andiappan V, Wan YK, Ng DKS
235 - 245 Kinetic study and process simulation of esterification of acetic acid and ethanol catalyzed by [HSO3-bmim][HSO4]
He RN, Zou Y, Dong YB, Muhammad Y, Subhan S, Tong ZF
246 - 264 SUSCAPE: A framework for the optimal design of SUStainable ChemicAl ProcEsses incorporating data envelopment analysis
Gonzalez-Garay A, Guillen-Gosalbez G
265 - 272 Gas-liquid mass transfer rates in unbaffled tanks stirred by PBT: scale-up effects and pumping direction
Petricek R, Labik L, Moucha T, Brucato A, Scargiali F
273 - 290 Rheometric assessment and numerical simulation of steady-state and periodic flows of fabric-water mixtures in household top-load washing machines
Loyola FR, Silva WDE, Campos LGC, Hermes CJL
291 - 307 Optimal selection of operating pressure for distillation columns
Cui CT, Liu SY, Sun JS
308 - 318 Characterization and aerosolization performance of mannitol particles produced using supercritical assisted atomization
Wu HT, Su YC, Wang YM, Tsai HM
319 - 328 Post-combustion CO2 capture using supported K2CO3: Comparing physical mixing and incipient wetness impregnation preparation methods
Bararpour ST, Karami D, Mahinpey N
329 - 349 Intensity and efficiency of droplet dispersion: Pulsating flow type apparatus vs. static mixers
Vasilev MP, Abiev RS
350 - 359 Modeling and optimal control of conversion section of styrene plant to overcome effect of catalyst deactivation on production capacity
Edraki Z, Farsi M, Rahimpour MR
360 - 375 Removal of nickel from industrial effluent using a synergistic mixtures of acidic and solvating carriers in palm oil-based diluent via supported liquid membrane process
Sulaiman RNR, Othman N, Noah NFM, Jusoh N
376 - 394 Semi-analytical models of non-spherical particle shapes using optimised spherical harmonics
Radvilaite U, Ramirez-Gomez A, Rusakeviaus D, Kacianauskas R
395 - 402 Blending in above ground storage tanks with side-entering agitators
Grenville RK, Giacomelli JJ, VanOmmeren GJ, Hastings CF, Walters MJ
403 - 411 Diatomite precoat filtration for wastewater treatment: Filtration performance and pollution mechanisms
Guo D, Wang HL, Fu PB, Huang Y, Liu Y, Lv WJ, Wang F
412 - 420 Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of laterally-fed membrane chromatography
Umatheva U, Madadkar P, Selvaganapathy PR, Ghosh R
421 - 433 Experimental investigation of oil-in-water microfiltration assisted by Dielectrophoresis: Operational condition optimization
Monfared MA, Sheikhi M, Kasiri N, Mohammadi T
434 - 451 Mixed-time mixed-integer linear programming for optimal detailed scheduling of a crude oil port depot
Zhang HR, Liang YT, Liao Q, Gao J, Yan XH, Zhang W
452 - 460 Effect of additives on liquid-liquid equilibrium properties of butane/bitumen systems with applications to solvent aided bitumen recovery processes
Yamchi HS, Zirrahi M, Hassanzadeh H, Abedi J, Fadaei H
461 - 466 A study of bubble size evolution in Jameson flotation cell
Zhu HZ, Valdivieso AL, Zhu JB, Song SX, Min FF, Arroyo MAC
467 - 477 Production of N-2-hydroxyethylpiperazine-N'-2-ethanesulfonic acid by BMED process using porous P84 co-polyimide membranes
Sun MJ, Li M, Wang P, Zhang X, Wu CM, Wu YH
478 - 487 Role of oxygen storage/supply capacity of mixed oxides of Ce and Zr in ethanol oxidation
Rana PH, Parikh PA
488 - 501 Optimal multi-floor process plant layout with production sections
Ejeh JO, Liu SS, Papageorgiou LG
502 - 509 Cold-model investigation of effects of operating parameters and overflow outlet diameter on separation with a liquid -liquid cyclone reactor for isobutane alkylation catalyzed by ionic liquid
Wang ZB, Zhang MY, Liu ZC, Zhu LY, Jin YH, Xu CM
510 - 533 Liquid-liquid extraction-based process concepts for recovery of carboxylic acids from aqueous streams evaluated for dilute streams
Reyhanitash E, Brouwer T, Kersten SRA, van der Ham AGJ, Schuur B
534 - 543 Characterization of a vibromixer: Experimental and modelling study of mixing in a batch reactor
Orlewski PM, Wang Y, Hosseinalipour MS, Kryscio D, Iggland M, Mazzotti M
544 - 552 Design method for continuous bioreactors in series with recirculation and productivity optimization
Gomez-Perez CA, Espinosa J
553 - 565 Sparse Bayesian learning for data driven polynomial chaos expansion with application to chemical processes
Duong PLT, Minh LQ, Qyyum MA, Lee M
566 - 576 Performance of continuous countercurrent extractor on the fractionation of Citrus bergamia essential oil using ethanol/water mixtures as solvents
Goncalves D, Koshima CC, Batista FRM, Rodrigues CED
577 - 588 Response surface optimization, kinetic study and process design of n-butyl levulinate synthesis
Kokare MB, Ranjani V, Mathpati CS
589 - 608 A superstructure optimization approach for process synthesis under complex reaction networks
Ramapriya GM, Won WY, Maravelias CT