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1 - 10 Impact of operating parameters on values of a volumetric mass transfer coefficient in a single-use bioreactor with wave-induced agitation
Pilarek M, Sobieszuk P, Wierzchowski K, Dabkowska K
11 - 24 Optimal design of an intensified column with side-reactor configuration for the methoxy-methylheptane process
Hussain A, Lee M
25 - 31 Influence of reagents choice (buffer, acid and inert salt) on triiodide production in the Villermaux-Dushman method applied to a stirred vessel
Baqueiro C, Ibaseta N, Guichardon P, Falk L
32 - 40 Complementary methods for the determination of the just-suspended speed and suspension state in a viscous solid-liquid mixing system
Bertrand O, Blais B, Bertrand F, Fradette L
41 - 47 Hydrolysis kinetics of epoxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride in ethanol/water solution system
Wan XF, Liu MZ, Yu T, Chai XS, Li YM, Lin K, Chen GX
48 - 56 Effect of shear rate on primary nucleation of para-amino benzoic acid in solution under different fluid dynamic conditions
Nappo V, Sullivan R, Davey R, Kuhn S, Gavriilidis A, Mazzei L
57 - 70 Design and control of extractive distillation process for separation of the minimum-boiling azeotrope ethyl-acetate and ethanol
Zhang QJ, Liu ML, Li CXD, Zeng AW
71 - 82 Fractional Monte Carlo time steps for the simulation of coagulation for parallelized flowsheet simulations
Kotalczyk G, Kruis FE
83 - 93 Critical electric field strength for partial coalescence of droplets on oil-water interface under DC electric field
Yang DH, Ghadiri M, Sun YX, He LM, Luo XM, Lu YL
94 - 104 Gas holdup and liquid velocity distributions in the up flow jet-loop reactor
Gao YX, Hong D, Lu HR, Cheng YW, Wang LJ, Li X
105 - 118 Desulfurization of FCC gasoline by using spiral wound pervaporation module: Removal of different types of sulfur containing species
Jain M, Gupta SK
119 - 128 Fabrication and investigation of PEBAX/Fe-BTC, a high permeable and CO2 selective mixed matrix membrane
Dorosti F, Alizadehdakhel A
129 - 143 Model-based design of experiments in the presence of structural model uncertainty: an extended information matrix approach
Quaglio M, Fraga ES, Galvanin F
144 - 153 CFD simulation for the effect of the header match on the flow distribution in a central-type parallel heat exchanger
Zhou J, Ding M, Bian HZ, Zhang YX, Sun ZN
154 - 164 Pervaporative desalination of high-salinity water
Wu DH, Gao AR, Zhao HT, Feng XS
165 - 176 Equal split of gas-liquid two-phase flow at variable extraction ratio
Liang FC, Sun ST, Gao JF, Han LY, Shang GB
177 - 198 Novel technological solutions for eco-protective water supply by economical and sustainable seawater desalination
Topaloglu D, Tilki YM, Aksu S, Yilmaz TN, Celebi EE, Oncel S, Aydiner C
199 - 206 A quantitative analysis of drug migration during granule drying
Kataria A, Oka S, Smrcka D, Grof Z, Stepanek F, Ramachandran R
207 - 218 The interaction of confined swirling flow with a conical bluff body: Numerical simulation
Kharoua N, Khezzar L, Alshehhi M
219 - 229 Ehanced catalytic ozonation of NO over black-TiO2 catalyst under inadequate ozone (O-3/NO molar ratio=0.6)
Han CY, Zhang SL, Guo LN, Zeng YQ, Li XH, Shi ZC, Zhang Y, Zhang BQ, Zhang Q
230 - 241 Second law analysis for flow of a nanofluid containing graphene-platinum nanoparticles in a minichannel enhanced with chaotic twisted perturbations
Bahiraei M, Mazaheri N
242 - 250 Effect of ammonia on gasification performances of phenol in supercritical water
Wang YZ, Zhu YT, Liu ZA, Fang CQ, Yang JQ, Guo YF, Wang SZ
251 - 261 Predictive dimensionless solubility (pDS) model for solid solutes in supercritical CO2 that requires only pure-component physical properties
Ota M, Sato Y, Smith RL, Inomata H
262 - 270 Enhancing the separation performance of vanadium from a black shale leaching solution by supported liquid membrane using trialkylamine
Liu H, Zhang YM, Huang J, Liu T, Xue NN, Luo DS
271 - 281 Inhibition effect of CeO2 promoted SiO2 coating on coke growth during steam cracking of ethane
Mahmoudi E, Hafizi A, Rahimpour MR, Bolhasani A, Shariati A
282 - 294 Multi-criterion control of a bioprocess in fed-batch Cheek reactor using EKF based economic model predictive control
Markana A, Padhiyar N, Moudgalya K
295 - 303 New modules for membrane bioreactors: Improving fouling control
Mororo RR, Borges CP, Kronemberger FD
304 - 314 Feasibility, mechanisms, and optimisation of organic pollutant degradation by thermally activated persulphate
Ike IA, Orbell JD, Duke M
315 - 323 Shear rate and mass transfer coefficient in internal loop airlift reactors involving non-Newtonian fluids
Kumar N, Bansal A, Gupta R
324 - 333 Recovery of ethanol via vapor phase by polydimethylsiloxane membrane with excellent performance
Si ZH, Shan HC, Hu S, Cai D, Qin PY
334 - 346 Optimal design of dynamic experiments in the development of cybernetic models for bioreactors
Luna MF, Martinez EC
347 - 357 Removal of scale forming species from cooling tower blowdown water by electrocoagulation using different electrodes
Hafez OM, Shoeib MA, El-Khateeb MA, Abdel-Shafy HI, Youssef AO
358 - 370 Gas distribution characteristics for heterogeneous flows in the slender particle-containing scrubbing-cooling chamber of an entrained-flow gasifier
Peng X, Wang YF, Wei ZY, Yu GS
371 - 384 Modeling and simulation of a direct ethanol fuel cell considering overpotential losses and variation of principal species concentration
Gomes RS, De Souza MM, De Bortoli AL
385 - 402 A review of catalytic partial oxidation of fossil fuels and biofuels: Recent advances in catalyst development and kinetic modelling
Arku P, Regmi B, Dutta A
403 - 416 Effect of moisture content and length of flexible filamentous particles on cluster characteristics in a fluidized bed dryer
Wu K, Gao LY, Yuan ZL, Li B, Zhu WK, Wu Y, Zhang K, Lu DF, Luo DS
417 - 430 Performance analyses of LP and MILP solvers based on newly introduced scale: Case studies of water network problems in chemical processes
Silori GK, Khanam S
431 - 446 Characterisation of structured and functionalised particles by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)
Nirschl H, Guo XA
447 - 455 Early assessment of bulk powder processability as a part of solid form screening
Upadhyay PP, Pudasaini N, Mishra MK, Ramamurty U, Rantanen J
456 - 467 A molecular collision based Lattice Boltzmann method for simulation of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions
Abdollahzadeh Y, Mansourpour Z, Moqtaderi H, Ajayebi SN, Montazeri MM
468 - 476 Determination of steady-states in a tubular biofilm bioreactor with axial dispersion
Skoneczny S, Cioch M
477 - 490 Flow and power characteristics of an axial discharge rotor-stator mixer
Minnick BA, Kim JW, Ko DI, Calabrese RV
491 - 501 Perikinetic and orthokinetic aggregation of small solid particles in the presence of strong repulsive forces
Baldyga J, Tyl G, Bouaifi M
502 - 512 Kinetic modeling of cellobiose by a beta-glucosidase from Aspergillus fumigatus
Wojtusik M, Yepes CM, Villar JC, Cordes A, Arroyo M, Garcia-Ochoa F, Ladero M
513 - 528 Compared novel thermally coupled extractive distillation sequences for separating multi-azeotropic mixture of acetonitrile/benzene/methanol
Wang C, Guang C, Cui Y, Wang C, Zhang ZS
529 - 535 Continuous protein crystallisation platform and process: Case of lysozyme
Yang HY, Peczulis P, Inguva P, Li XY, Heng JYY
536 - 547 Selective laser sintering of ceramic powders with bimodal particle size distribution
Sofia D, Chirone R, Lettieri P, Barletta D, Poletto M
548 - 563 Comparative DEM-CFD study of binary interaction and acoustic agglomeration of aerosol microparticles at low frequencies
Kacianauskas R, Rimsa V, Kaceniauskas A, Maknickas A, Vainorius D, Pacevic R
564 - 580 Natural frequency analysis of a cantilevered piping system conveying gas-liquid two-phase slug flow
Liu G, Wang YS
581 - 592 Magnetic thiolated/quaternized-chitosan composites design and application for various heavy metal ions removal, including cation and anion
Song XL, Li L, Zhou L, Chen P
593 - 609 DEM simulations of screening processes under the influence of moisture
Elskamp F, Kruggel-Emden H
610 - 619 Micromechanical analysis on the compaction of tetrahedral particles
He Y, Guo FH
620 - 637 An MILP approach for detailed scheduling of multi-product pipeline in pressure control mode
Liao Q, Liang YT, Xu N, Zhang HR, Wang JN, Zhou XY
638 - 653 CFD modeling of air and highly viscous liquid two-phase slug flow in horizontal pipes
Pineda-Perez H, Kim T, Pereyra E, Ratkovich N
654 - 662 Enhanced mass transfer from the installation of a sieve tray subject to the variation of liquid heights and flow regimes in a bubble column
Im H, Lee S, Lee JW
663 - 674 STEM imaging to characterize nanoparticle emissions and help to design nanosafer paints
Morgeneyer M, Aguerre-Chariol O, Bressot C
675 - 686 Optimization of simultaneously propagating multiple fractures in hydraulic fracturing to achieve uniform growth using data-based model reduction
Siddharnshetty P, Wu K, Sang-Il Kwon J
687 - 697 Characteristics of bubble, cloud and wake in jetting fluidised bed determined using a capacitance probe
Huang JK, Lu YJ
698 - 711 Modelling of hydrodynamic cavitation with orifice: Influence of different orifice designs
Simpson A, Ranade VV
712 - 720 Removal of copper(II) ions from aqueous solutions by complexation-ultrafiltration using rotating disk membrane and the shear stability of PAA-Cu complex
Tang SY, Qiu YR
721 - 733 Multi-mode plant-wide process operating performance assessment based on a novel two-level multi-block hybrid model
Chang YQ, Zou XY, Wang FL, Zhao LP, Zheng W
734 - 743 Purification of crude wax using a filter medium modified with a nanofiber coating
Missau J, da Rocha JD, Dotto GL, Bertuol DA, Cero LP, Tanabe EH
744 - 752 Reusable carbon nanofibers for efficient removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution
Ibupoto AS, Qureshi UA, Ahmed F, Khatri Z, Khatri M, Maqsood M, Brohi RZ, Kim IS
753 - 760 CO2 gas-adsorption calorimetry applied to the study of chemically activated carbons
Maia DAS, de Oliveira JCA, Nazzarro MS, Sapag KM, Lopez RH, de Lucena SMP, de Azevedo DCS
761 - 775 Design and performance of a three-dimensional micromixer with curved ribs
Borgohain P, Arumughan J, Dalal A, Natarajan G
776 - 785 Preparation and characterization of Chilean propolis coprecipitates using Supercritical Assisted Atomization
Di Capua A, Bejarano A, Adami R, Reverchon E
786 - 794 An efficient and sustainable [P-6,P-6,P-6,P-14](2)[BDOAC] ionic liquid based extraction-precipitation strategy for rare earth recovery
Su X, Guo XG, Zhao ZY, Dong YM, Wang YL, Li FJ, Sun XQ
795 - 805 Synthesis of magnetic 3D graphene decorated with CaCO3 for anionic azo dye removal from aqueous solution: Kinetic and RSM modeling approach
Arsalani N, Nasiri R, Zarei M
806 - 815 A new feedback predictive control approach for processes with time delay in the manipulated variable
Rollins DK, Mei Y
816 - 824 Heat transfer analysis of hydromagnetic water-graphene oxide nanofluid flow in the channel with asymmetric forced convection on walls
Javanmard M, Taheri MH, Abbasi M, Ebrahimi SM
825 - 833 Relating speed of sound and echo amplitude with biodiesel manufacture
Figueiredo MKK, Silva CER, Aluarenga AV, Costa-Felix RPB
834 - 845 Thermodynamic modeling of the system of CO2 and potassium taurate solution for simulation of the carbon dioxide capture process
Moioli S, Ho MT, Wiley DE, Pellegrini LA
846 - 858 CFD-based scale-up of hydrodynamics and mixing in bubble columns
Gemello L, Cappello V, Augier F, Marchisio D, Plais C
859 - 869 Assessing the influence of viscosity and milling Cheek for bead size on the stressing conditions in a stirred media mill by single particle probes
Strobel A, Schwenger J, Wittpahl S, Schmidt J, Romeis S, Peukert W
870 - 885 Inter-compartment interaction in multi-impeller mixing: Part I. Experiments and multiple reference frame CFD
Haringa C, Vandewijer R, Mudde RF
886 - 899 Inter-compartment interaction in multi-impeller mixing. Part II. Experiments, sliding mesh and large Eddy simulations
Haringa C, Vandewijer R, Mudde RF
900 - 905 Effects of gas leakage on the separation performance of a cyclone. Part 1: Experimental investigation
Huang YQ, Zhang M, Lyu JF, Liu Z, Yang HR
906 - 915 Effects of gas leakage on the separation performance of a cyclone. Part 2: Simulation
Huang YQ, Zhang M, Lyu JF, Liu Z, Yang HR