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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Effect of mixing conditions on the wet preparation of ceramic foams
Celani A, Blackburn S, Simmons MJH, Stitt EH
15 - 25 An analysis of the mini-tablet fluidized bed coating process
Sibanc R, Turk M, Dreu R
26 - 35 Multi-stage granulation: An approach to enhance final granule attributes
Al Hassn AZ, Jessberger S, Hounslow MJ, Salman AD
36 - 51 Optimization of steady-state and dynamic performances of water-gas shift reaction in membrane reactor
Saw SZ, Nandong J, Ghosh UK
52 - 61 Multilayer petal-like enzymatic-inorganic hybrid micro-spheres [CPO-(Cu/Co/Cd)(3)(PO4)(2)] with high bio-catalytic activity
Wang SJ, Ding Y, Chen R, Hu MC, Li SN, Zhai QG, Jiang YC
62 - 79 Optimal heat exchanger network synthesis based on improved cuckoo search via Levy flights
Zhang HL, Cui GM
80 - 89 An innovative bioprocess for methane conversion to methanol using an efficient methane transfer chamber coupled with an airlift bioreactor
Ghaz-Jahanian MA, Khoshfetrat AB, Rostami MH, Parapari MH
90 - 103 An outlook towards hydrogen supply chain networks in 2050-Design of novel fuel infrastructures in Germany
Bique AO, Zondervan E
104 - 116 Process design and techno-economical analysis of hydrogen production by aqueous phase reforming of sorbitol
Sladkovskiy DA, Godina LI, Semikin KV, Sladkovskaya EV, Smirnova DA, Murzin DY
117 - 129 Demulsifier assisted film thinning and coalescence in crude oil emulsions under DC electric fields
Mhatre S, Simon S, Sjoblom J, Xu ZH
130 - 139 Structure of shear-enhanced flow on membrane surface with horizontal vibration and its effect on filtration performance
Takata K, Tanida K
140 - 153 Robust state estimation of feeding-blending systems in continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing
Liu JF, Su QL, Moreno M, Laird C, Nagy Z, Reklaitis G
154 - 161 Modelling the selective removal of sodium ions from greenhouse irrigation water using membrane technology
Qian Z, Miedema H, de Smet LCPM, Sudholter EJR
162 - 171 Synergism between ionic liquid and ultrasound for greener extraction of geraniol: Optimization using different statistical tools, comparison and prediction
Thakker MR, Parikh JK, Desai MA
172 - 185 Coupled model based on radiation transfer and reaction kinetics of gas-liquid-solid photocatalytic mini-fluidized bed
Wang XY, Liu MY, Yang ZG
186 - 197 CFD analyses of liquid flow characteristics in a rotor-stator reactor
Ouyang Y, Wang SW, Xiang Y, Zhao ZM, Wang JX, Shao L
198 - 211 Fast and green separation of malachite green in water samples by micro-dispersion scanometry method without heating, cooling and organic solvents at room temperature
Nekouei S, Nekouei F, Zadeh MAF
212 - 225 Optimization-based design of crude oil distillation units using surrogate column models and a support vector machine
Ibrahim D, Jobson M, Li J, Guillen-Gosalbez G
226 - 237 Dynamic parameter estimation and identifiability analysis for heterogeneously-catalyzed reactions: Catalytic synthesis of nopol
Casas-Orozco D, Villa AL, Guerra OJ, Reklaitis GV
238 - 256 Real-time furnace balancing of steam methane reforming furnaces
Tran A, Pont M, Crose M, Christofides PD
257 - 267 Development of a biogas production and purification process using promoted gas hydrate formation - A feasibility study
Filarsky F, Schmuck C, Schultz HJ
268 - 276 Prediction of filtrate suspended solids and solids capture based on operating parameters for belt filter press
Kholisa B, Fester VG, Haldenwang R
277 - 291 Prediction of heat transfer, pressure drop and entropy generation in shell and helically coiled finned tube heat exchangers
Sepehr M, Hashemi SS, Rahjoo M, Farhangmehr V, Alimoradi A
292 - 308 Inner-phase and inter-phase analysis based operating performance assessment and nonoptimal cause identification for multiphase batch processes
Liu Y, Ma RC, Wang FL, Chang YQ, Gao FR
309 - 318 Acting on hydrodynamics to improve the local bed-to-wall heat transfer in bubbling fluidized beds
Hofer G, Schony G, Proll T
319 - 335 Development of a mathematical model for the anaerobic digestion of antibiotic-contaminated wastewater
Fonseca RF, de Oliveira GHD, Zaiat M
336 - 346 Facile fabrication of gelatin/bentonite composite beads for tunable removal of anionic and cationic dyes
Li WY, Ma QL, Bai YS, Xu DD, Wu M, Ma HZ
347 - 358 Separation of CO2 and N-2 from CH4 using modified DD3R zeolite membrane: A comparative study of synthesis procedures
Vaezi MJ, Babaluo AA, Maghsoudi H
359 - 369 Entropy generation analysis of Rayleigh convection in gas-liquid mass transfer process
Li D, Chen M, Zhao S, Zeng AW
370 - 381 A Multigene Genetic Programming approach for modeling effect of particle size in a liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed reactor
Razzak SA, Hossain SA, Rahman SM, Hossain MM, Zhu J
382 - 391 Improving performance of dividing wall column using multistage vapor recompression with intermediate reboiler
Xu LH, Gao LR, Yin XH, Yuan XG
392 - 404 Mixing of fluids with dissimilar viscosities in Confined Impinging Jets
Brito MSCA, Esteves LP, Fonte CP, Dias MM, Lopes JCB, Santos RJ
405 - 419 Subsystem decomposition and distributed moving horizon estimation of wastewater treatment plants
Yin XY, Decardi-Nelson B, Liu JF
420 - 433 Water-in-oil emulsification in a bifurcated tree-like network: Flow distribution properties and their impact on the emulsion polydispersity
Zhou PP, Tarlet D, Fan YL, Hu XF, Luo LG
434 - 442 Influence of additive to bulk viscosity ratio on inline blending in laminar flow
Dawson MK, Aparicio I
443 - 462 A guide on the industrial application of rotating packed beds
Neumann K, Gladyszewski K, Gross K, Qammar H, Wenzel D, Gorak A, Skiborowski M
463 - 475 Dynamic modeling of the chemo-enzymatic epoxidation of alpha-pinene and prediction of continuous process performance
Meyer-Wassewitz J, Elyorgun D, Conradi C, Drews A
476 - 486 Up-scaled flash nano-precipitation production route to develop a MnOx-CeO2-Al2O3 catalyst with enhanced activity and H2O resistant performance for NOx selective catalytic reduction with NH3
Wang C, Yu F, Zhu MY, Shi YL, Dan JM, Lv Y, Guo XH, Dai B
487 - 496 Enhancement of oxygen permeation fluxes of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-delta hollow fiber membrane via macrostructure modification and (La0.5Sr0.5)(2)CoO4+delta decoration
Han N, Meng B, Yang NT, Sunarso J, Zhu ZH, Liu SM
497 - 506 Effects of hydrate-slurry decomposition conditions on gas generation and recovery performance
Tajima H, Hattori M, Akagami H, Komatsu H, Yamagiwa K
507 - 517 An investigation of mixing performance in helically coiled microchannels by the Villermaux/Dushman reaction
Izadi M, Rahimi M, Beigzadeh R
518 - 527 Plantwide control of a coupled reformer/ammonia process
Luyben WL
528 - 539 Evaluation of variable pressure dead-end ultrafiltration behaviors of nanocolloids based on filter cake properties
Iritani E, Katagiri N, Masuda H
540 - 552 Isotherms and thermodynamics of CO2 adsorption on a novel carbon-magnetite composite sorbent
Raganati F, Alfe M, Gargiulo V, Chirone R, Ammendola P
553 - 563 Comprehensive study of decomposition effects on distributed output tracking of an integrated process over a wide operating range
Pourkargar DB, Almansoori A, Daoutidis P
564 - 574 Techno-economic analysis of biodiesel production process from waste cooking oil using catalytic membrane reactor and realistic feed composition
Abdurakhman YB, Putra ZA, Bilad MR, Nordin NAHM, Wirzal MDH
575 - 588 Advanced analysis of liquid dispersion and gas-liquid mass transfer in a bubble column with dense vertical internals
Moller F, MacIsaac A, Lau YM, Schleicher E, Hampel U, Schubert M