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1 - 8 Optimization of structured packings using twisted tape inserts
Olenberg A, Reschetnik W, Kullmer G, Kenig EY
9 - 18 Synthesis of carbonated vegetable oils: Investigation of microwave effect in a pressurized continuous-flow recycle batch reactor
Zheng JL, Tolvanen P, Taouk B, Eranen K, Leveneur S, Salmi T
19 - 27 Efficient extraction and enrichment of rare earth from diluent aqueous solution by organic hollow sphere
Xiao CX, Huang K, Cao WJ, Dong TT, Li M, Liu HZ
28 - 39 Relationship between scouring efficiency and overall concentration of fluidized granular activated carbon (GAC) in microfiltration
Wang JW, Fane AG, Chew JW
40 - 56 Sodium silicate gelants for water management in naturally fractured hydrocarbon carbonate formations
Hatzignatiou DG, Giske NH
57 - 68 Heterogeneous Fenton oxidation of phenol in fixed-bed reactor using Fe nanoparticles embedded within ordered mesoporous carbons
Shao Y, Chen HH
69 - 76 The rate of biocide leaching from porous renders
Styszko K, Kupiec K
77 - 88 Modeling and simulation of continuous extractive fermentation with CO2 stripping for bioethanol production
Rodrigues KCS, Sonego JLS, Cruz AJG, Bernardo A, Badino AC
89 - 114 Review on the design and optimization of natural gas liquefaction processes for onshore and offshore applications
He TB, Karimi IA, Ju YL
115 - 122 Process intensification of cellulosic ethanol production by waste heat integration
Song CF, Qiu YT, Liu QL, Ji N, Zhao YX, Kitamura Y, Hou XF
123 - 134 Treatment of multi-ionic solutions by a hybrid membrane system. Separation, concentration and recovery of Zn2+ cations
Szczepanski P
135 - 148 Shortcut-based optimization of distillation-based processes by a novel reformulation of the feed angle method
Skiborowski M, Recker S, Marquardt W
149 - 161 Computational study of flow and heat transfer in fixed beds with cylindrical particles for low tube to particle diameter ratios
Zhang MH, Dong H, Geng ZF
162 - 169 The effect of binder concentration in fluidized-bed granulation: Transition between wet and melt granulation
Bertin D, Cotabarren IM, Moraga SV, Pina J, Bucala V
170 - 177 Mathematical modelling of the evolution of the particle size distribution during ultrasound induced breakage of aspirin crystals
Rasche ML, Zeiger BW, Suslick KS, Braatz RD
178 - 186 The characteristics of resin/carbon composite electrode and application in selective adsorption of vanadium(IV) by capacitive deionization
Duan JH, Bao SX, Zhang YM
187 - 198 Kalman filter-based centralized controller design for non-square multi-input multi-output processes
Fasih H, Tavakoli S, Sadeghi J, Torabi H
199 - 207 Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of biodiesel in a hydroxyl-functionalized ionic liquid
Fan YC, Wang X, Zhang LN, Li J, Yang L, Gao PF, Zhou ZL
208 - 214 Determination of the gas hydrate formation limits to isenthalpic Joule-Thomson expansions
Yarveicy H, Ghiasi MM, Mohammadi AH
215 - 225 Activated carbon/Mn0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 composites: Facile synthesis, magnetic performance and their potential application for the removal of methylene blue from water
Wang R, Yu J, Hao Q
226 - 234 Numerical study on the flow of high viscous fluids out of conical vessels under low-frequency vibration
Zhan XB, Shen BJ, Sun ZB, He Y, Shi TL, Li XW
235 - 251 Mathematical modeling, simulation, and analysis for predicting improvement opportunities in the continuous catalytic regeneration reforming process
Babaqi BS, Takriff MS, Kamarudin SK, Othman NTA
252 - 275 Thermodynamic evaluation of chemical looping based nitric oxide and hydrogen production
Thengane SK, Hoadley A, Bhattacharya S, Mitra S, Bandyopadhyay S
276 - 284 Studies on glycerol conversion to tricaproin over sulfate promoted iron oxide as catalyst using response surface methodology
Kaur K, Sobti A, Wanchoo RK, Toor AP
285 - 294 Distributed fault detection in large-scale systems using hybrid extended information filter
Azarshab A, Shahbazian M
295 - 302 Modelling of the shape effect on the drying shrinkage of wet granular materials
Rungsiyopas M, Ruiz T
303 - 312 Optimization of the synthesis of Ni catalysts via chemical vapor deposition by response surface methodology
Schuler C, Betzenbichler F, Drescher C, Hinrichsen O
313 - 324 Copper-cobalt catalyzed liquid phase hydrogenation of furfural to 2-methylfuran: An optimization, kinetics and reaction mechanism study
Srivastava S, Jadeja GC, Parikh J
325 - 337 NaCl cleaning of 0.1 mu m polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane fouled with humic acid (HA)
Wang Z, Li YL, Song P, Wang X
338 - 345 Mixing enhancement of a novel C-SAR microfluidic mixer
Chen KX, Lu H, Sun M, Zhu L, Cui YP
346 - 357 Effect of inclination angle on the condensation of R134a inside an inclined smooth tube
Abadi SMANR, Meyer JP, Dirker J
358 - 369 Techno-economic assessment of scale-up of bio-flocculant extraction and production by using okra as biomass feedstock
Lee CS, Chong MF, Binner E, Gomes R, Robinson J
370 - 384 Investigation of synergistic effect of nanoparticle and surfactant in macro emulsion based EOR application in oil reservoirs
Maurya NK, Mandal A
385 - 398 Conceptual design optimization of an integrated membrane bioreactor system for wastewater treatment
Ko D
399 - 408 Optimization of liquid-liquid extraction combined with either heterogeneous azeotropic distillation or extractive distillation processes to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
Zhao TR, Geng XL, Qi PC, Zhu ZY, Gao J, Wang YL
409 - 423 Controllability comparisons of a reactive dividing-wall column for transesterification of methyl acetate and isopropanol
Feng SY, Ye Q, Xia H, Chen JX, Liu T, Wu WZ
424 - 435 Preparation and characterization of SiO2/PDMS/PVDF composite membrane for phenols recovery from coal gasification wastewater in pervaporation
Li D, Yao J, Sun H, Liu B, Li DY, van Agtmaal S, Feng CH
436 - 444 Investigation of vertical mixing in thin-layer cascade reactors using computational fluid dynamics
Severin TS, Apel AC, Bruck T, Weuster-Botz D
445 - 451 Plasma-etched electrospun nanofiber membrane as adsorbent for dye removal
Bai L, Jia L, Yan ZD, Liu ZC, Liu YQ
452 - 459 Simulation of chemical reaction process in gas-particle CFB downers by anisotropic turbulent mass transfer model
Li WB, Yu KT, Yuan XG, Shao YY, Zhu J
460 - 469 Experimental study on drag reduction performance of mixed polymer and surfactant solutions
Liu DJ, Wang QH, Wei JJ
470 - 478 Determination and modelling for solubility of o-aminobenzamide and its mixture in subcritical 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
Zhu J, Wang YB, Jin JS, Qin LR
479 - 491 Palladium nanoparticles supported on ceria thin film for capillary microreactor application
Tanimu A, Ganiyu SA, Muraza O, Alhooshani K
492 - 504 Experimental and numerical evaluation of membrane distillation module for oxygen-18 separation
Ahadi H, Karimi-Sabet J, Shariaty-Niassar M, Matsuura T
505 - 517 Bio-inspired dechlorination of poly vinyl chloride
Singh R, Pant D
518 - 535 Comparative analysis on flocculation performance in unbaffled square stirred tanks with different height-to-width ratios: Experimental and CFD investigations
He WP, Xue LP, Gorczyca B, Nan J, Shi Z
536 - 550 Different approaches for the dynamic model for the production of biodiesel
Zapata BYL, Medina MA, Gutierrez PA, de Leon HH, Beltran CG, Gordillo RM
551 - 563 Improved process design and optimization of 200 kt/a ethylene glycol production using coal-based syngas
Wei RX, Yan CL, Yang A, Shen WF, Li J
564 - 583 Separation of hexavalent chromium from industrial effluent through liquid membrane using environmentally benign solvent: A study of experimental optimization through response surface methodology
Mondal SK, Saha P
584 - 592 Scale-up and viscosity effects on gas-liquid mass transfer rates in unbaffled stirred tanks
Labik L, Petricricek R, Moucha T, Brucato A, Caputo G, Grisafi F, Scargiali F
593 - 605 Experimental and modeling of reactive separation of protocatechuic acid
De BS, Wasewar KL, Dhongde VR, Ingle AA, Mondal H
606 - 615 An iterative LMI approach for H-infinity synthesis of multivariable PI/PD controllers for stable and unstable processes
Merrikh-Bayat F
616 - 626 On integration of feedback control and safety systems: Analyzing two chemical process applications
Zhang ZH, Wu Z, Durand H, Albalawi F, Christofides PD
627 - 643 Experimental and numerical flow analysis and design optimization of a fume hood using the CFD method
Pietrowicz S, Kolasinski P, Pomorski M
644 - 651 Biodiesel production from date seed oil (Phoenix dactylifera L.) via egg shell derived heterogeneous catalyst
Farooq M, Ramli A, Naeem A, Mahmood T, Ahmad S, Humayun M, Ul Islam MG
652 - 663 Numerical study on the heat transfer enhancement and fatigue life by flow-induced vibration
Duan DR, Ge PQ, Bi WB
664 - 676 Chitosan crosslinked with genipin as supporting matrix for biodegradation of synthetic dyes: Laccase immobilization and characterization
Ma HF, Meng G, Cui BK, Si J, Dai YC
677 - 685 Mass transfer study of water deoxygenation in a rotor-stator reactor based on principal component regression method
Zhao ZM, Wang JX, Sun BC, Arowo M, Shao L
686 - 696 Removal of catalyst particles from fluid catalytic cracking slurry oil by the simultaneous addition of a flocculants and a weighting agent
Song XN, Liu D, Lou B, Li ZH, Guo AJ, Zhang DM, Wang LH
697 - 713 Modeling and multi-objective optimization of vacuum membrane distillation for enhancement of water productivity and thermal efficiency in desalination
Cheng DJ, Li N, Zhang JH
714 - 728 Study of particle inertia effects on drag force of finite sized particles in settling process
Zaidi AA
729 - 742 Preparation and characteristics of a multifunctional dust suppressant with agglomeration and wettability performance used in coal mine
Zhou G, Ma YL, Fan T, Wang G
743 - 750 Performance of a depth fibrous filter at particulate loading conditions. Description of temporary and local phenomena with structure development
Sikorska E, Gac JM, Gradon L
751 - 765 Comparative techno-economic analysis of single-step and two-step biodiesel production with supercritical methanol based on process simulation
Martinovic FL, Kiss FE, Micic RD, Simikic MD, Tomic MD
766 - 784 Hybrid simulation-equation based synthesis of chemical processes
Quirante N, Javaloyes-Anton J, Caballero JA
785 - 794 Nutrient recycling in large-scale microalgal production: Mass and energy analysis of two recovery strategies by process simulation
Barbera E, Sforza E, Musolino V, Kumar S, Bertucco A
795 - 811 Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation of the ALD of alumina from TMA and H2O in a commercial reactor
Gakis GP, Vergnes H, Scheid E, Vahlas C, Caussat B, Boudouvis AG
812 - 821 Highly hydrophilic and antifouling nanofiltration membrane incorporated with water-dispersible composite activated carbon/chitosan nanoparticles
Bagheripour E, Moghadassi AR, Hosseini SM, Ray MB, Parvizian F, Van der Bruggen B
822 - 830 Breakup modes and criterion of droplet with surfactant under direct current electric field
Luo XM, Huang X, Yan HP, Yang DH, Wang J, He LM
831 - 842 Multi-particle suspension in a laminar flow agitated by a Rushton turbine
Wang C, Zhang L, Li ZP, Gao ZM, Derksen JJ
843 - 852 Single-stage water gas shift reaction over structural modified Cu-Ce catalysts at medium temperatures: Synthesis and catalyst performance
Roshan AC, Irankhah A, Mahmoudizadeh M, Arandiyan H
853 - 864 Optimization model for the design and feasibility analysis of membrane-based gas separation systems for CO2 enhanced coal bed methane (CO2-ECBM) applications
Kim M, Kim J
865 - 880 Hydrodynamics in a stirred tank in the transitional flow regime
Mendoza E, Banales AL, Cid E, Xuereb C, Poux M, Fletcher DF, Aubin J
881 - 889 Study of drop coalescence and mixing in microchannel using Ghost Particle Velocimetry
Kovalchuk NM, Chowdhury J, Schofield Z, Vigolo D, Simmons MJH
890 - 901 Macro- and micro-scale mixing in a shaken bioreactor for fluids of high viscosity
Rodriguez G, Micheletti M, Ducci A
902 - 912 Breakup of nanoparticle clusters using Microfluidizer M110-P
Gavi E, Kubicki D, Padron GA, Ozcan-Taskin NG
913 - 921 Particle de-agglomeration with an in-line rotor-stator mixer at different solids loadings and viscosities
Padron GA, Ozcan-Taskin NG
922 - 929 Linking continuous and recycle emulsification kinetics for in-line mixers
De Hert SC, Rodgers TL
930 - 941 Hydrodynamic characterization of dual-impeller submerged membrane bioreactor relevant to single-use bioreactor options
Vlaev SD, Tsibranska I, Dzhonoua-Atanasova D
942 - 953 Optimisation of mixing performance of helical ribbon mixers for high throughput applications using computational fluid dynamics
Mihailova O, Mothersdale T, Rodgers T, Ren Z, Watson S, Lister V, Kowalski A
954 - 965 Local hydrodynamics investigation within a dynamic filtration unit under laminar flow
Xie X, Dietrich N, Fillaudeau L, Le Men C, Schmitz P, Line A
966 - 981 A two-dimensional population balance model for cell growth including multiple uptake systems
Quedeville V, Ouazaite H, Polizzi B, Fox RO, Villedieu P, Fede P, Letisse F, Morchain J
982 - 988 Pumping capacity of inline dynamic mixers and its effect on process flow control
Casugbo C, Baker MR
989 - 1004 Flow studies in an in-line Silverson 150/250 high shear mixer using PIV
Espinoza CJU, Simmons MJH, Alberini F, Mihailova O, Rothman D, Kowalski AJ
1005 - 1019 Modeling for design and operation of high-pressure membrane contactors in natural gas sweetening
Quek VC, Shah N, Chachuat B
1020 - 1029 Effect of water addition on flow properties of lignite particles
Jin Y, Lu HF, Guo XL, Gong X
1030 - 1036 Lubrication force model for a pendular liquid bridge of power-law fluid between two particles
Washino K, Hashino S, Midou H, Chan EL, Tsuji T, Tanaka T
1037 - 1053 Impact of solid and gas flow patterns on solid mixing in bubbling fluidized beds
Li YN, Rong JG, Zhang K, Fan XF
1054 - 1059 Microstructure of micro-crystalline cellulose based granules produced by high-shear wet granulation with long wet-massing time
Farber L, Michaels JN
1060 - 1069 Coarse grain model for DEM simulation of dense and dynamic particle flow with liquid bridge forces
Chan EL, Washino K
1070 - 1081 Growth kinetics of nuclei formed from different binders and powders in vertical cylindrical mixing devices
Baghdadi YN, Shah RK, Albadarin AB, Mangwandi C
1082 - 1090 Resolving the rapid water absorption of porous functionalised calcium carbonate powder compacts by terahertz pulsed imaging
Markl D, Wang P, Ridgway C, Karttunen AP, Bawuah P, Ketolainen J, Gane P, Peiponen KE, Zeitler JA
1091 - 1104 Modelling of the spray drying process for particle design
Cotabarren IM, Bertin D, Razuc M, Ramirez-Rigo MV, Pina J
1105 - 1116 CFD-DEM modelling of circulation frequencies and residence times in a prismatic spouted bed
Pietsch S, Kieckhefen P, Heinrich S, Muller M, Schonherr M, Jager FK
1117 - 1130 Cohesive strength measurement of catalyst layer: Uniform drying and on-line monitoring
Yang JK, Holt EM, Huang K, Blanco-Garcia P, Wagland A, Hounslow MJ, Salman AD
1131 - 1142 Experimental analysis of inter- and intra-batch variation of granule porosity, stiffness and dissolution rate
Smrcka D, Lesakova V, Dohnal J, Grof Z, Stepanek F
1143 - 1159 Numerical investigation of collision dynamics of wet particles via force balance
Buck B, Lunewski J, Tang Y, Deen NG, Kuipers JAM, Heinrich S
1160 - 1169 Unwanted agglomeration of industrial amorphous food powder from a particle perspective
Haider CI, Niederreiter G, Palzer S, Hounslow MJ, Salman AD
1170 - 1179 Evaluation of pellet cycle times in a Wurster chamber using a photoluminescence method
Kitak D, Sibanc R, Dreu R
1180 - 1192 Investigation of coating process in Wurster fluidised bed using electrical capacitance tomography
Che HQ, Ye JM, Tu QY, Yang WQ, Wang HG
1193 - 1201 Improvements of theobromine pharmaceutical properties using solid dispersions prepared with newfound technologies
Pinho LAG, Lima SGB, Malaquias LFB, Pires FD, Sa-Barreto LL, Cardozo L, Gratieri T, Gelfuso GM, Cunha M