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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.131 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Special issue - Energy systems engineering
Georgiadis MC, Liu P, Kopanos GM
5 - 15 Optimal scheduling for wind-powered ammonia generation: Effects of key design parameters
Allman A, Daoutidis P
16 - 28 Optimization of circuitry arrangements for heat exchangers using derivative-free optimization
Ploskas N, Laughman C, Raghunathan AU, Sahinidis NV
29 - 40 Simulation and optimization of a combined cycle gas turbine power plant for part-load operation
Liu ZM, Karimi IA
41 - 54 Energy efficient methanol-to-olefins process
Dimian AC, Bildea CS
55 - 65 Grid-search-and-box-search-assisted coordinate descent methodology for practical retrofit of the existing distillation columns to dividing wall columns
Long NVD, Minh LQ, Lee M
66 - 79 Cryogenic liquefaction and separation of CO2 using nitrogen removal unit cold energy
Knapik E, Kosowski P, Stopa J
80 - 91 System development of integrated high temperature and low temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for high value chemicals
Wu YL, Feng J, Li WY
92 - 103 Feasibility analysis of high-low temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis integration in olefin production
Huang Y, Chu Q, Yi Q, Li WY, Xie KC, Sun QW, Feng J
104 - 116 Improvement of humidification-dehumidification desalination unit using a desiccant wheel
El-Agouz SA, Sathyamurthy R, Manokar AM
117 - 126 Influences of syngas pretreatment on the performance and energy distribution in an IGCC power plant
Han L, Deng GY, Li Z, Liu P, Fan YC
127 - 143 Assessing multiple biomass-feedstock in the optimization of power and fuel supply chains for sustainable mobility
Ascenso L, d'Amore F, Carvalho A, Bezzo F
144 - 159 An efficient uncertainty representation for the design of sustainable energy generation systems
Medina-Gonzalez S, Espuna A, Puigjaner L
160 - 182 Optimal integrated facility for waste processing
Martin-Hernandez E, Sampat AM, Zavala VM, Martin M
183 - 192 A dynamic input-output method for energy system modeling and analysis
Pan LY, Liu P, Li Z, Wang YL
193 - 213 Techno-economic assessment of natural gas displacement potential of biomethane: A case study on domestic energy supply in the UK
Fubara T, Cecelja F, Yang AD
214 - 233 A general optimization framework for the design and planning of energy supply chain networks: Techno-economic and environmental analysis
Zulkafli NI, Kopanos GM
234 - 244 Spatial planning of biogas processing facilities in Greece: The sunflower's capabilities and the waste-to-bioproducts approach
Nikas E, Sotiropoulos A, Xydis GA
245 - 265 Maximizing the sustainability net present value of renewable energy supply networks
Zore Z, Cucek L, Sirovnik D, Pintaric ZN, Kravanja Z
266 - 278 Design of hydrogen transmission pipeline networks with hydraulics
Weber AC, Papageorgiou LG
279 - 292 A multi-objective optimization for the design and operation of a hydrogen network for transportation fuel
Ogumerem GS, Kim C, Kesisoglou I, Diangelakis NA, Pistikopoulos EN
293 - 317 A rolling horizon approach for optimal management of microgrids under stochastic uncertainty
Silvente J, Kopanos GM, Dua V, Papageorgiou LG
318 - 332 Optimal energy planning and scheduling of microgrids
Koltsaklis NE, Giannakakis M, Georgiadis MC
333 - 345 Combination of fuzzy based on a meta-heuristic algorithm to predict electricity price in an electricity markets
Gao W, Sarlak V, Parsaei MR, Ferdosi M
346 - 361 Design and preliminary operation of a hybrid syngas/solar PV/battery power system for off-grid applications: A case study in Thailand
Kohsri S, Meechai A, Prapainainar C, Narataruksa P, Hunpinyo P, Sin G
362 - 374 A model-based approach for the evaluation of new zeolite 13X-based adsorbents for the efficient post-combustion CO2 capture using P/VSA processes
Nikolaidis GN, Kikkinides ES, Georgiadis MC
375 - 384 Modeling of a CO2-piperazine-membrane absorption system
Zhang ZE, Chen F, Rezakazemi M, Zhang WX, Lu CF, Chang HX, Quan XJ
385 - 392 Solubility of CO2 in aqueous sodium beta-alaninate: Experimental study and modeling using Kent Eisenberg model
Aftab A, Shariff AM, Garg S, Lal B, Shaikh MS, Faiqa N
393 - 405 A design procedure for the assessment of carbon capturing and utilization of flue gas from power plant using experimental data
Dehjalali FR, Avami A
406 - 413 Testing the stability of novel adsorbents for carbon capture applications using the zero length column technique
Hu XY, Brandani S, Benin AI, Willis RR
414 - 429 Solvent effects on design with operability considerations in post-combustion CO2 capture plants
Damartzis T, Papadopoulos AI, Seferlis P
430 - 439 Dynamic modeling and advanced control of post-combustion CO2 capture plants
He X, Wang YF, Bhattacharyya D, Lima FV, Turton R
440 - 464 Sustainable chemical processing and energy-carbon dioxide management: Review of challenges and opportunities
Vooradi R, Bertran MO, Frauzem R, Anne SB, Gani R
465 - 487 Bayesian model averaging for estimating the spatial temperature distribution in a steam methane reforming furnace
Tran A, Pont M, Aguirre A, Durand H, Crose M, Christofides PD
488 - 505 Experimental study and modelling of the kinetic of biomass char gasification in a fluidized bed reactor
Morin M, Pecate S, Hemati M
506 - 519 Technical and economic evaluation of flare gas recovery in a giant gas refinery
Hajizadeh A, Mohamadi-Baghmolaei M, Azin R, Osfouri S, Heydari I
520 - 544 Transient and steady state analysis of drill cuttings transport phenomena under turbulent conditions
Epelle EI, Gerogiorgis DI
545 - 556 Numerical study of the accuracy of temperature measurement by thermocouples in small-scale reactors
Blay V, Bobadilla LF
557 - 570 An improved optimization procedure for production and injection scheduling using a hybrid genetic algorithm
Azamipour V, Assareh M, Mittermeir GM
571 - 583 Flexibility Assessment of Heat Exchanger Networks: From a Thorough Data Extraction to Robustness Evaluation
Payet L, Hetreux RT, Hetreux G, Bourgeois F, Floquet P
584 - 599 A direct steam generation concentrated solar power plant with a decalin/naphthalene thermochemical storage system
Lai HX, Adams TA
600 - 616 Dynamic simulation and optimal heat management policy of a coupled solar reforming-heat storage process
Pantoleontos G, Koutsonikolas D, Lorentzou S, Karagiannakis G, Lekkos CP, Konstandopoulos AG
617 - 625 Parametric evaluation and performance comparison of a modified CO2 transcritical refrigeration cycle in air-conditioning applications
Wang Z, Han FH, Sunden B
626 - 634 Concomitant removal of NOx and SOx from a pressurized oxy-fuel combustion process using a direct contact column
Tumsa TZ, Lee SH, Normann F, Andersson K, Ajdari S, Yang W
635 - 642 Bauxite-modified oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion: A possible solution to the heat of combustion compensation
Kong L, Bao JH, Chen LY, Fan Z, Li W, Nikolic H, Liu KL
643 - 655 Synthesis cooling water system with air coolers
Ma JZ, Wang YF, Feng X, Xu DM
656 - 670 Model predictive control (MPC) strategies for PEM fuel cell systems - A comparative experimental demonstration
Ziogou C, Voutetakis S, Georgiadis MC, Papadopoulou S
671 - 685 Electric vehicle development in China: A charging behavior and power sector supply balance analysis
Chen ZH, Ma LW, Liu P, Li Z
686 - 698 Life cycle assessment of optimised chemical looping air separation systems for electricity production
Tagliaferri C, Gorke R, Scott S, Dennis J, Lettieri P
699 - 708 Development and application of an electric vehicles life-cycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions analysis model
Peng TD, Ou XM, Yan XY
709 - 722 Life cycle analysis of coal-based synthetic natural gas for heat supply and electricity generation in China
Gao D, Qiu X, Zheng XH, Zhang YN