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1 - 11 Agromining of hyperaccumulator biomass: Study of leaching kinetics of extraction of nickel, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and manganese from Alyssum murale ashes by sulfuric acid
Houzelot V, Ranc B, Laubie B, Simonnot MO
12 - 24 Pore-expanded SBA-15 for the immobilization of a recombinant Candida antarctica lipase B: Application in esterification and hydrolysis as model reactions
Rios NS, Pinheiro MP, Lima MLB, Freire DMG, da Silva IJ, Rodriguez-Castellon E, de Sant'Ana HB, Macedo AC, Goncalves LRB
25 - 33 Modeling of heat and mass transfer during ultrasound-assisted drying of a packed bed consisting of highly shrinkable material
Musielak G
35 - 54 Breakup and coalescence regularity of non-dilute oil drops in a vane-type swirling flow field
Liu S, Zhang D, Yang LL, Xu JY
55 - 63 CFD simulation of sieve-fixed valve tray hydrodynamics
Zhao HK, Li L, Jin JS, Li QS
64 - 74 CO2 capture by amine-based aqueous solution containing atorvastatin functionalized mesocellular silica foam in a counter-current rotating packed bed: Central composite design modeling
Jafari B, Rahimi MR, Ghaedi M, Dashtian K, Mosleh S
75 - 88 Graphene composites as dye adsorbents: Review
Kyzas GZ, Deliyanni EA, Bikiaris DN, Mitropoulos AC
89 - 101 The formation of complex droplets in liquid three phase systems and their effect on dispersion and phase separation
Hohl L, Kraume M
102 - 110 Facile and rapid separation of oil from emulsions by hydrophobic and lipophilic Fe3O4/sawdust composites
Di X, Zhang WB, Jiang ZS, Zhang M, Wang YZ, Liu F, Ho SH, Wang CY
111 - 121 Adsorption modeling of CO2 in fluidized bed reactor
Yaghoobi-Khankhajeh S, Alizadeh R, Zarghami R
122 - 131 An MILP model for optimal design of multi-period natural gas transmission network
Wang BH, Yuan M, Zhang HR, Zhao WJ, Liang YT
132 - 149 Synthesis of high growth rate SWCNTs and their magnetite cobalt sulfide nanohybrid as super-adsorbent for mercury removal
Alijani H, Shariatinia Z
150 - 159 Thermodynamic modeling of hydrate formation conditions using different activity coefficient models in the presence of tetrahydrofuran (THF)
Beheshtimaal A, Haghtalab A
160 - 169 Emulsion ionic liquid membrane for recovery process of lead. Comparative study of experimental and response surface design
Mesli M, Belkhouche NE
170 - 181 Experimental and CFD studies on the effects of surface texture on liquid thickness, wetted area and mass transfer in wave-like structured packings
Yu D, Cao DP, Li ZZ, Li QS
182 - 196 Electrospun fumarate ferroxane/polyacrylonitrile nanocomposite nanofibers adsorbent for lead removal from aqueous solution: Characterization and process optimization by response surface methodology
Moradi G, Dabirian F, Mohammadi P, Rajabi L, Babaei M, Shiri N
197 - 208 Conceptual design for the extractive distillation of cyclopentane and neohexane using a mixture of N,N-dimethyl formamide and ionic liquid as the solvent
Wu LH, Wu L, Liu YS, Guo XQ, Hu YF, Cao R, Pu XY, Wang X
209 - 216 Studies on lignin extraction from rice husk by a soda-ethanol treatment: Kinetics, separation, and characterization of products
Dagnino EP, Felissia FE, Chamorro E, Area MC
217 - 230 Adsorption and visible-light photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride from aqueous solutions using 3D hierarchical mesoporous BiOI: Synthesis and characterization, process optimization, adsorption and degradation modeling
Dehghan A, Dehghani MH, Nabizadeh R, Ramezanian N, Alimohammadi M, Najafpoor AA
231 - 236 Contaminant uptake by polymeric passive samplers: A modeling study with experimental validation
Jooshani S, Khansary MA, Marjani A, Shirazian S, Shang J
237 - 247 An optimized process for treating sodium acetate waste residue: Coupling of diffusion dialysis or electrodialysis with bipolar membrane electrodialysis
Xue S, Wu CM, Wu YH, Zhang CY
248 - 258 Monte Carlo simulation of the light distribution in an annular slurry bubble column photocatalytic reactor
Akach J, Ochieng A
259 - 270 Adsorption of cationic dyes onto Fe@graphite core-shell magnetic nanocomposite: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics
Konicki W, Helminiak A, Arabczyk W, Mijowska E
271 - 296 Production and performance of activated carbon from rice husks for removal of natural organic matter from water: A review
Menya E, Olupot PW, Storz H, Lubwama M, Kiros Y
297 - 305 Economic evaluation of NGL recovery process schemes for lean feed compositions
Jin C, Lim Y
306 - 313 Effect of various key factors on the law of droplet evaporation on the heated horizontal wall
Misyura SY
314 - 326 Pressure-swing-adsorption of gaseous mixture in isotropic porous medium: Numerical sensitivity analysis in CFD
Gautier R, Dbouk T, Harion JL, Hamon L, Pre P
327 - 343 Experimental investigation on an aerated mixing vessel through electrical resistance tomography (ERT) and response surface methodology (RSM)
Malik D, Pakzad L
344 - 355 Design of carbon dioxide dehydration process using derivative-free superstructure optimization
An J, Na J, Lee U, Han C
356 - 375 Hydrodynamic modeling of ionic liquids and conventional amine solvents in bubble column
Ali MF, Gan JQ, Chen XC, Yu GR, Zhang Y, Ellahi M, Abdeltawab AA
376 - 383 The "No Sampling Parameter Estimation (NSPE)" algorithm for stochastic differential equations
Yenkie KM, Dituekar U
384 - 390 Photocatalytic degradation, toxicological assessment and degradation pathway of CI Reactive Blue 19 dye
Bilal M, Rasheed T, Iqbal HMN, Li CL, Wang H, Hu HB, Wang W, Zhang XH
391 - 402 Dynamic controllability comparison of reactive distillation columns with single and double reactive sections for two-stage consecutive reactions
Oksal IN, Kaymak DB
403 - 411 An investigation on the evolution of granule formation by in-process sampling of a high shear granulator
Mandi F, Hassanpour A, Muller F
412 - 414 A model for stresses in a circular silo with an off-centre circular core, using the concept of a principal stress cap: Solution for a completely filled silo and comparison with Janssen and DEM data (vol 93, pg 330, 2015)
Matchett AJ, Langston PA, McGlinchey D
415 - 416 A "principal stress cap" model for stresses in a circular silo with an off-centre circular core: Finite core models, including filled silos, incipient flow and switch stresses (vol 106, pg 263, 2016)
Matchett AJ, Langston PA, McGlinchey D
417 - 418 A continuum model of stresses in a vertical silo with a flow channel in the vicinity of the wall, using the principal stress cap surface approach for the bulk solids (vol 122, pg 211, 2017)
Matchett AJ, Langston PA, McGlinchey D