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Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.125 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Performance evaluation of process tomography system for cold flow catalytic column
Acharya R, Yenumula L, Kumar U, Patankar VH, Kar S, Dash A
9 - 23 Synchronized Bayesian state estimation in batch processes using a two-dimensional particle filter
Zhou S, Wang YZ, Liu YL, Ji GL
24 - 34 Estimation of gas induction in jet loop reactors: Influence of nozzle designs
Sharma DV, Patwardhan AW, Ranade VV
35 - 45 Preparation, characterization and anti-fouling properties of nanoclays embedded polypropylene mixed matrix membranes
Taghaddosi S, Akbari A, Yegani R
46 - 56 CFD modeling of styrene polymerization in a CSTR
Xu CZ, Wang JJ, Gu XP, Feng LF
57 - 71 Process development for chemical stabilization of fly ash from municipal solid waste incineration
Vavva C, Voutsas E, Magoulas K
72 - 78 Techno-economic impacts of varied compositional profiles of sugarcane experimental hybrids on a biorefinery producing sugar, ethanol and electricity
Mendes FM, Dias MOS, Ferraz A, Milagres AMF, Santos JC, Bonomi A
79 - 87 A new empirical model to correlate solute solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide in presence of co-solvent
Soltani S, Mazloumi SH
88 - 95 Mass and heat transfer from the surface of a gas sparged pool of liquid to an immiscible liquid under swirl flow and potential applications
Sedahmed GH, Abdel-Aziz MH, Abdo MSE, Hassan MS, Konsowa AH
96 - 107 Feasibility study of LSCF5582 membrane integration into a nitrogen based chemical looping air separation process
Paymooni K, Doroodchi E, Motuzas J, da Costa JCD, Moghtaderi B
108 - 118 The design analysis of continuous bioreactors in series with recirculation using Singular Value Decomposition
Gomez-Perez CA, Espinosa J
119 - 129 Prediction of product morphology of lyophilized drugs in the case of Vacuum Induced Surface Freezing
Pisano R, Capozzi LC
130 - 145 Process for n-butyl acrylate production using reactive distillation: Design, control and economic evaluation
Moraru MD, Bildea CS
146 - 155 Temperature controlled interval contact design for ultrasound assisted liquid-liquid extraction
John JJ, Kuhn S, Braeken L, Van Geruen T
156 - 165 Effect of mixed matrix membranes comprising a novel trinuclear zinc MOF, fumed silica nanoparticles and PES on CO2/CH4 separation
Mandavi H, Moradi-Garakani F
166 - 180 Simultaneous design of separation sequences and whole process energy integration
Leeson D, Fennell P, Mac Dowell N, Shah N
181 - 189 Equilibrium and kinetics of uranium(VI) extraction from a sulfate leach liquor solution by Alamine 336 using single drop technique
Khanramaki F, Shirani AS, Safdari J, Torkaman R
190 - 203 Hydrodynamic performance of the ASI impeller in an aerated bioreactor containing the biopolymer solution through tomography and CFD
Khalili F, Nasr MRJ, Kazemzadeh A, Ein-Mozaffari F
204 - 213 Integrating a vapor recompression heat pump into a lower partitioned reactive dividing-wall column for better energy-saving performance
Feng SY, Ye Q, Xia H, Li R, Suo XM
214 - 225 Fabrication of a magnetic porous hydrogel sphere for efficient enrichment of Rb+ and Cs+ from aqueous solution
Zhu YF, Zhang HF, Wang WB, Ye XS, Wu ZJ, Wang AQ
226 - 232 Experimental characterization of stable liquid rivulets on inclined surfaces: Influence of surface tension, viscosity and inclination angle on the interfacial area
Bonart H, Marek A, Repke JU
233 - 244 Residence time distribution in a biomass pretreatment reactor: Experimentation and modeling
Youssef Z, Ducept F, Bennaceur H, Malinowska B, Almeida G, Perre P, Flick D
245 - 256 Energy efficient configuration of Membrane Distillation units for brackish water desalination using exergy analysis
Ali E
257 - 264 Phase holdup distribution and dispersion performance in a novel liquid-liquid cyclone reactor of isobutane alkylation catalyzed by ionic liquid
Zhang MY, Wang L, Zhu LY, Wang ZB, Liu ZC, Jin YH
265 - 281 Methodical design and operation of membrane distillation plants for desalination
Hagedorn A, Fieg G, Winter D, Koschikowski J, Mann T
282 - 290 Flow field in a liquid-liquid cyclone reactor for isobutane alkylation catalyzed by ionic liquid
Zhang MY, Zhu LY, Wang ZB, Liu ZC, Liu ZZ, Xu CM, Jin YH
291 - 305 Superporous pellicular kappa-Carrageenan-Nickel composite beads; morphological, physical and hydrodynamics evaluation for expanded bed adsorption application
Abatari MN, Emami MRS, Jahanshahi M, Shahavi MH
306 - 318 Effects of sand and flocculation on dewaterability of kaolin slurries aimed at treating mature oil sands tailings
Angle CW, Gharib S
319 - 327 Comparison of the adsorption preference using superparamagnetic Fe3O4-SH nanoparticles to remove aqueous heavy metal contaminants
Lin S, Liu L, Yang Y, Zhang W, Lian C, Lin KF
328 - 347 Principles of viscous sintering in amorphous powders: A critical review
Kamyabi M, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R, Zarghami R, Saleh K
348 - 360 Hybrid process for the purification of water contaminated with nitrites: Ion exchange plus catalytic reduction
Mendow G, Grosso CI, Sanchez A, Querini CA
361 - 366 Modeling of purge-gas recovery using membrane separation
Zhang DM, Wang HZ, Li CX, Meng H
367 - 384 Formulation optimization of reverse microemulsions using design of experiments for nanoparticles synthesis
Nourafkan E, Gao H, Hu ZL, Wen DS
385 - 397 Preliminary techno-economic analysis of non-commercial ceramic and organosilica membranes for hydrogen peroxide ultrapurification
Abejon R, Abejon A, Puthai W, Ibrahim SB, Nagasawa H, Tsuru T, Garea A
398 - 407 Predicting hydrodynamic parameters and volumetric gas-liquid mass transfer coefficient in an external-loop airlift reactor by support vector regression
Kojic P, Oniorjan R
408 - 421 ZnO nanoparticles loaded different mesh size of porous activated carbon prepared from Pinus eldarica and its effects on simultaneous removal of dyes: Multivariate optimization
Jafari M, Rahimi MR, Ghaedi M, Dashtian K
422 - 432 Optimal design for dividing wall column using support vector machine and particle swarm optimization
Jia SK, Qian X, Yuan XG
433 - 448 Simplifying and synthesizing practical four-product dividing wall column configurations
Ge XL, Liu BT, Yuan XG, Liu BT
449 - 460 Numerical study on impact behavior of nanoparticle shapes on the performance improvement of shell and tube heat exchanger
Hajabdollahi H, Hajabdollahi Z
461 - 470 Numerical study on flow behavior of ultrafine powders in conical spouted bed with coarse particles
Sun LY, Luo K, Fan JR
471 - 482 Effects of operational models (batch, continuous and CFID modes) on the performance of a single A(2)O airlift bioreactor for treatment of milk processing wastewater
Asadi A, Zinatizadeh AA, van Loosdrecht M
483 - 493 Hydrodynamics of pulsed columns: The effect of new parameters affecting the pressure drop
Charton S, Thebault M, Winn S, Roussel H, Lamadie F, Hlawitschka MW, Korb C, Bart HJ
494 - 510 CFD-PBM simulation of dense emulsion flows in a high-shear rotor-stator mixer
Michael V, Prosser R, Kowalski A
511 - 522 Development of a zone flow model for the confined impeller stirred tank (CIST) based on mean velocity and turbulence measurements
Komrakova AE, Liu Z, Machado MB, Kresta SM
523 - 537 Evaluation of the performance of a simulation model for open algae ponds and investigation of the operating behavior of open algae ponds over a one-year period for different locations
Rarrek A, Rehfeldt S, Klein H