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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Simultaneous optimization of performance parameters and energy consumption in induced draft cooling towers
Singh K, Das R
14 - 22 Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on linear viscoelastic behavior and microstructure of zwitterionic wormlike micelle at high temperature
Qin WL, Yue L, Liang GQ, Jiang GF, Yang JA, Liu Y
23 - 34 High throughput screening of homogenously catalyzed hydrogenations in a continuously perfused membrane reactor
Behr A, Halama M, Domke L
35 - 49 Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies on adsorption of cationic dyes from aqueous solutions using graphene oxide
Konicki W, Aleksandrzak M, Mijowska E
50 - 62 Adsorption equilibrium and thermodynamics of anionic reactive dyes from aqueous solutions by using a new modified silica gel with 2,2 '-(pentane-1,5-diylbis(oxy))dibenzaldehyde
Banaei A, Ebrahimi S, Vojoudi H, Karimi S, Badiei A, Pourbasheer E
63 - 75 Improved cost-optimal Bayesian control chart based auto-correlated chemical process monitoring
Tian Y, Du WL, Makis V
76 - 83 Removal of p-chlorophenol from aqueous solutions by carbon nanotube hybrid polymer adsorbents
Xu LH, Wang ZM, Ye SA, Sui XY
84 - 98 Asymmetrical temperature control of a BTX dividing-wall distillation column
Yuan Y, Huang KJ, Chen HS, Zhang LA, Wang SF
99 - 110 On the assessment of power consumption and critical impeller speed in vortexing unbaffled stirred tanks
Scargiali F, Tamburini A, Caputo G, Micale G
111 - 119 Optimization of vanadium (IV) extraction from stone coal leaching solution by emulsion liquid membrane using response surface methodology
Liu H, Zhang YM, Huang J, Liu T, Xue NN, Shi QH
120 - 129 Process integration by application of an extractive dividing-wall column: An industrial case study
Staak D, Grutzner T
130 - 140 Numerical simulations of bubble formation and acoustic characteristics from a submerged orifice: The effects of nozzle wall configurations
Liu JT, Chu N, Qin SJ, Wu DZ
141 - 151 Modeling and experimental validation of subgrid scale scalar variance at high Schmidt numbers
Wojtas K, Orciuch W, Wysocki L, Makowski L
152 - 164 Improved plantwide control structure for extractive divided-wall columns with vapor recompression
Luyben WL
165 - 179 Open-loop based controllability criterion applied to stochastic global optimization for intensified distillation sequences
Cabrera-Ruiz J, Santaella MA, Alcantara-Avila JR, Segovia-Hernandez JG, Hernandez S
180 - 186 Industrial grade 1-butene/isobutane separation using supported liquid membranes
Bakhtiari O, Safaee SH
187 - 200 Compartment based population balance model development of a high shear wet granulation process via dry and wet binder addition
Chaturbedi A, Bandi CK, Reddy D, Pandey P, Narang A, Bindra D, Tao L, Zhao JS, Li JJ, Hussain M, Ramachandran R
201 - 213 Enhanced gas transport properties of mixed matrix membranes consisting of Matrimid and RHO type ZIF-12 particles
Boroglu MS, Ugur M, Boz I
214 - 229 Adjoint method for parameter identification problems in models of stirred tank chemical reactors
Benitez M, Bermudez A, Rodriguez-Calo JF
230 - 239 Reducing the carbon footprint of cement industry by post-combustion CO2 capture: Techno-economic and environmental assessment of a CCS project in Romania
Cormos AM, Cormos CC
240 - 247 Electrolysis-electrodialysis process for removing chloride ion in wet flue gas desulfurization wastewater (DW): Influencing factors and energy consumption analysis
Cui L, Li GP, Li YZ, Yang B, Zhang LQ, Dong Y, Ma CY
248 - 258 Application of the chromatographic method to determine the effective diffusivity in spherical gamma-alumina pellets using convolution theorem and a fictitious column
Zhang R, Kolaczkowski ST
259 - 267 Removal of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solution using humic acid- and levulinic acid- coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Danalioglu ST, Bayazit SS, Kerkez O, Alhogbi BG, Salam MA
268 - 276 Conceptual design for the recovery of 1,3-Butadiene and methyl ethyl ketone via a 2,3-Butanediol-dehydration process
Song D, Yoon YG, Lee CJ
277 - 283 Removal of phenols from coal gasification wastewater through polypropylene hollow fiber supported liquid membrane
Sun H, Yao J, Li D, Li Q, Liu B, Liu SA, Cong H, van Agtmaal S, Feng CH
284 - 294 A grey wolf optimizer-based support vector machine for the solubility of aromatic compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide
Bian XQ, Zhang Q, Zhang L, Chen L
295 - 316 A novel approach for process retrofitting through process intensification: Ethylene oxide case study
Barecka MH, Skiborowski M, Gorak A
317 - 332 Process for purification of 3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid by selective extraction of 2-naphthol impurity with tributyl phosphate using supported liquid membrane
Bapat DU, Patwardhan AW
333 - 346 Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) analysis of CFD data for flow in an axisymmetric sudden expansion
Howard C, Gupta S, Abbas A, Langrish TAG, Fletcher DF
347 - 359 Design alternatives and control performance in the pilot scale production of isoamyl acetate via reactive distillation
Gonzalez DR, Bastidas P, Rodriguez G, Gil I
360 - 366 Glycerol steam reforming over noble metal nanocatalysts
Senseni AZ, Rezaei M, Meshkani F
367 - 376 Aerator design for microbubble generation
Hanotu JO, Bandulasena H, Zimmerman WB
377 - 387 Mathematical modeling and validation of CO2 mass transfer in a membrane contactor using ionic liquids for pre-combustion CO2 capture
Usman M, Dai ZD, Hillestad M, Deng LY
388 - 406 CFD-DEM simulations of early turbulent solid-liquid mixing: Prediction of suspension curve and just-suspended speed
Blais B, Bertrand O, Fradette L, Bertrand F
407 - 415 Determination of experimental and mathematical oscillatory conditions for Zymomonas mobilis with different death rates for viable and VBNC cells
Calderon-Soto LF, Mendez-Gonzalez JM, Herrera-Lopez EJ, Ghommidh C, Femat R