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1 - 21 Powder flow dynamics in a horizontal convective blender: Tracer experiments
Legoix L, Gatumel C, Milhe M, Berthiaux H, Mizonov V
22 - 31 Modeling and analysis of dissolution of paracetamol/Eudragit (R) formulations
Ji YH, Lemberg M, Prudic A, Paus R, Sadowski G
32 - 43 Experimental study and modeling of CO2 absorption into diethanolamine solutions using stirrer bubble column
Pashaei H, Zarandi MN, Ghaemi A
44 - 56 Novel electro-dewatering system for activated sludge biosolids in bench-scale, pilot-scale and industrial-scale applications
Zhang ST, Yang ZJ, Lv XB, Zhi SL, Wang YW, Li Q, Zhang KQ
57 - 68 Axial dispersion modeling of industrial hydrocracking unit and its multiobjective optimization
Harode H, Ramteke M
69 - 80 Thermophysical properties of aqueous N-methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) and ionic liquids 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium trifluoromethanesulfonate [bmim][OTf], 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate [bmim][Ac] hybrid solvents for CO2 capture
Khan SN, Hailegiorgis SM, Man Z, Shariff AM, Gary S
81 - 91 Study of water reuse opportunities in a large-scale milk processing plant through process integration
Buabeng-Baidoo E, Mafukidze N, Pal J, Tiwari S, Srinivasan B, Majozi T, Srinivasan R
92 - 98 Effect of CNT content on physicochemical properties and performance of CNT composite polysulfone membranes
Xu LH, He JS, Yu Y, Chen JP
99 - 112 Effect of gravity center position on amine absorber with structured packing under offshore operation: Computational fluid dynamics approach
Kim J, Pham DA, Lim YI
113 - 124 Plasma upgrading of 4methylanisole: A novel approach for hydrodeoxygenation of bio oil without using a hydrogen source
Mosallanejad A, Taghvaei L, Mirsoleimani-azizi SM, Mohammadi A, Rahimpour MR
125 - 133 Grey-box model identification of temperature dynamics in a photobioreactor
Jimenez-Gonzalez A, Adam-Medina M, Franco-Nava MA, Guerrero-Ramirez CV
134 - 148 A theoretical study on high pressure partial oxidation of methane in Rh-washcoated monoliths
Sari A
149 - 162 Influence of D-glucose as additive on thermodynamics and physical properties of aqueous surfactant two-phase systems for the continuous micellar extraction
Ritter E, Racheva R, Jakobtorweihen S, Smirnova I
163 - 172 Bio-waste selection and blending for the optimal production of power and fuels via anaerobic digestion
Hernandez B, Leon E, Martin M
173 - 190 Design and optimization of dimethyl oxalate (DMO) hydrogenation process to produce ethylene glycol (EG)
Yu BY, Chien IL
191 - 199 Reduction of SO2 to elemental sulfur with H-2 and mixed H-2/CO gas in an activated carbon bed
Feng T, Huo MJ, Zhao XQ, Wang T, Xia X, Ma CY
200 - 206 Optimization of extraction solvent-to-feed ratio: Aqueous ethanol mixture separation using [TDTHP][NTf2]] ionic liquid
Steltenpohl P, Graczova E
207 - 218 Development of a reactive slurry salt crystallization to improve solid properties and process performance and scalability
Derdour L, Reckamp JM, Pink C
219 - 232 Technological evaluation of organic solvent nanofiltration for the recovery of homogeneous hydroformylation catalysts
Peddie WL, van Rensburg JN, Vosloo HCM, van der Gryp P
233 - 244 Novel multi-scale parallel mini-channel contactor for monodisperse water-in-oil emulsification
Zhou PP, Tarlet D, Wei M, Fan YL, Luo LG
245 - 254 The effect of stator design on flowrate and velocity fields in a rotor-stator mixer-An experimental investigation
Mortensen HH, Innings F, Hakansson A
255 - 274 Nonlinear control strategies based on Adaptive ANN models: Multi-product semi-batch polymerization reactor case study
Kamesh R, Rani KY
275 - 286 Hydrodynamic performance of a pulsed extraction column containing ZnO nanoparticles: Drop size and size distribution
Amani P, Amani M, Saidur R, Yan WM
287 - 294 Empirical determination and modeling of ozone mass transfer in a planar falling film reactor
Mahyar A, Miessner H, Mueller S, Moeller D
295 - 304 Characterization of liquid entrainment in a counter flowing gas using Phase Doppler Interferometry
King B, Cai T, Resetarits M, McCarley K, Whiteley R, Tamhankar Y, Aichele CP
305 - 314 Epoxidation of propene in a confined Taylor flow (CTF) reactor at atmospheric pressure
Shin SB, Lee DW, Chadwick D
315 - 328 Hydrodynamics of slot-rectangular spouted beds: Process intensification
Golshan S, Zarghami R, Mostoufi N
329 - 338 Targeted boron removal from highly-saline and boron-spiked seawater using magnetic nanobeads: Chemometric optimisation and modelling studies
Oladipo AA, Gazi M
339 - 347 Fabrication, characterization and application of GO/Fe3O4/Pd nanocomposite as a magnetically separable and reusable catalyst for the reduction of organic dyes
Omiduar A, Jaleh B, Nasrollahzadeh M, Dasmeh HR
348 - 359 Preparation of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/acetalyzed poly(vinyl alcohol) ultrafiltration membrane with the enhanced hydrophilicity and the anti-fouling property
Yuan H, Ren J
360 - 367 Design and control of a cryogenic multi-stage compression refrigeration process
Johnson N, Baltrusaitis J, Luyben WL
368 - 380 Structural, thermal, mechanical, swelling, drug release, antibacterial and cytotoxic properties of P(HEMA)/PVP semi-IPN hydrogels
Krezovic BD, Miljkovic MG, Stojanovic ST, Najman SJ, Filipavic JM, Tomic SL
381 - 392 Towards the design of unit operations to remove colloidal particles from hydrocarbons and fuels through aggregation and sedimentation
Omidghane M
393 - 406 Refinery approach of bio-oils derived from fast pyrolysis of lignin to jet fuel range hydrocarbons: Reaction network development for catalytic conversion of cyclohexanone
Saidi M, Jahangiri A
407 - 420 Process design of matrix acidizing by antifouling agents
Pourabdollah K
421 - 430 An analysis of performance on trisection helical baffles heat exchangers with diverse inclination angles and baffle structures
Dong C, Zhou XF, Dong R, Zheng YQ, Chen YP, Hu GL, Xu YS, Zhang ZG, Guo WW
431 - 437 Microwave-assisted rapid synthesis of Mn3O4/ACF hybrid for high efficient As(V) removal
Chen HY, Du Y, Lu Q, Ye HP, Du DY, Lv K, Li JL, Li J
438 - 447 The catalyzing effect of chromate in the chlorate formation reaction
Wanngard J, Wildlock M