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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Coal-biomass mixing characteristics in a bubbling fluidized bed of Geldart A particles
Estejab B, Nyendu GC, Agblevor F, Battaglia F
15 - 25 Descriptive and predictive models for Henry's law constant of CO2 in ionic liquids: A QSPR study
Ghaslani D, Gorji ZE, Gorji AE, Riahi S
26 - 33 Effect of up-scaling on the quality of ashes obtained from hyperaccumulator biomass to recover Ni by agromining
Houzelot V, Laubie B, Pontvianne S, Simonnot MO
34 - 46 Experimental investigation of two-phase flow distribution in plate-fin heat exchangers
Zhang Z, Mehendale S, Tian JJ, Li YZ
47 - 57 Synthesis and characterization of poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane containing hydrophobic silica nanoparticles for CO2 absorption from CO2/N-2 using membrane contactor
Ghaee A, Ghadimi A, Sadatnia B, Ismail AF, Mansourpour Z, Khosravi M
58 - 68 Reactive extraction of cobalt sulfate solution with D2EHPA/TBP extractants in the pilot plant Oldshue-Rushton column
Torkaman R, Asadollahzadeh M, Torab-Mostaedi M, Maragheh MG
69 - 81 Thermodynamic potential of high temperature chemical looping combustion with molten iron oxide as the oxygen carrier
Jafarian M, Arjomandi M, Nathan GJ
82 - 91 Selective strategy for solid sorbent replacement in CCS
Colantuono G, Cockerill T
92 - 101 Inter-particle coating variability in a rotary batch seed coater
Pasha M, Hare C, Ghadiri M, Gunadi A, Piccione PM
102 - 112 Extraction and recovery process to selectively separate aromatics from naphtha feed to ethylene crackers using 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium thiocyanate ionic liquid
Navarro P, Larriba M, Delgado-Mellado N, Sanchez-Migallon P, Garcia J, Rodriguez F
113 - 120 CO2-sensitive and self-enhanced foams for mobility control during CO2 injection for improved oil recovery and geo-storage
Li DX, Ren SR, Zhang PF, Zhang L, Feng YJ, Jing YB
121 - 137 Catalytic cracking of crude oil to light olefins and naphtha: Experimental and kinetic modeling
Usman A, Siddiqui MAB, Hussain A, Aitani A, Al-Khattaf S
138 - 149 Numerical simulation of dividing wall column with vapor recompression located at side product stage
Xu LH, Li MR, Ge XL, Yuan XG
150 - 158 Fluidic delivery system for in-situ naphtha detection
Singh G, Nazemifard N
159 - 170 Experimental characterization of axial dispersion in coiled flow inverters
Rossi D, Gargiulo L, Valitou G, Gavriilidis A, Mazzei L
171 - 178 Regulation of the products of styrene oxidation
Zhang LL, Zhang ZY, He XP, Zhang F, Zhang ZB
179 - 193 Analysis and design of multimode delay-timers
Afzal MS, Chen TW
194 - 207 Effect of local spatial location on chord length distribution in stirred tank
Liu NN, Gong J, Wang W, Zhang M, Han JC, Tian YY, Wu CC
208 - 217 Design optimization of a venturi tube geometry in dense-phase pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal for entrained-flow gasification
Lu HF, Guo XL, Li P, Liu K, Gong X
218 - 230 A research on CO2 removal via hollow fiber membrane contactor: The effect of heat treatment
Ahmadi H, Hashemifard SA, Ismail AF
231 - 239 Innovative use of drinking water treatment solids for heavy metals removal from desalination concentrate: Synergistic effect of salts and natural organic matter
Lin L, Xu XS, Papelis C, Xu P
240 - 253 Fabrication of polycarbonate mixed matrix membranes containing hydrous manganese oxide and alumina nanoparticles for heavy metal decontamination: Characterization and comparative study
Delavar M, Bakeri G, Hosseini M
254 - 258 Prediction of carbon dioxide sorption in polymers for capture and storage feasibility analysis
Khansary MA, Marjani A, Shirazian S
259 - 270 A new plant-wide approach for control degrees of freedom of process systems
Safari A, Eslamloueyan R
271 - 283 Polymeric-based deep eutectic solvents for effective extractive desulfurization of liquid fuel at ambient conditions
Rahma WSA, Mjalli FS, Al-Wahaibi T, Al-Hashmi AA
284 - 290 High-efficient and selective extraction of vanadium (V) with N235-P507 synergistic extraction system
Xiong P, Zhang YM, Huang J, Bao SX, Yang X, Shen C
291 - 302 Synthesis and characterization of reinforced hybrid porous beads: Application to the adsorption of malachite green in aqueous solution
Chabane L, Cheknane B, Zermane F, Bouras O, Baudu M
303 - 315 Effective removal of methylene blue and cerium by a novel pair set of heteropoly acids based functionalized graphene oxide: Adsorption and photocatalytic study
Fakhri H, Mahjoub AR, Aghayan H
316 - 324 Air and oil dispersions in a four-phase fermentation model, studied under varying physicochemical conditions and retrofitted constant gassed power input
Brito-Bazan M, Cuervo-Amaya DH, Corkidi G, Galindo E
325 - 332 Experimental and theoretical investigation of methane hydrate induction time in the presence of triangular silver nanoparticles
Rahmati-Abkenar M, Manteghian M, Pahlavanzadeh H
333 - 347 Numerical simulation of unsteady dense granular flows with rotating geometries
Bennani L, Neau H, Baudry C, Lavieville J, Fede P, Simonin O
348 - 359 Process operating performance optimality assessment and non-optimal cause identification under uncertainties
Zou XY, Wang FL, Chang YQ, Zhang B
360 - 371 Mathematical modeling of a composting process in a small-scale tubular bioreactor
Vidriales-Escobar G, Renteria-Tamayo R, Alatriste-Mondragon F, Gonzalez-Ortega O
372 - 395 Infinite DimEnsionAl State-space as a systematic process intensification tool: Energetic intensification of hydrogen production
Pichardo P, Manousiouthakis VI
396 - 409 Using clustering based logical equation set to decompose large scale chemical processes for parallel solving data reconciliation and parameter estimation problem
Zhang ZJ, Chuang YY, Chen JH
410 - 422 An improved scaling procedure for analysis and simplification of process models
Munusamy S, Mobed P, Bhattacharyya D, Rengaswamy R
423 - 423 Aromatics from 1-tetradecene through conversion over zeolite catalysts (Retraction of Vol 113, Pg 182, 2016)
Fegade SL