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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Microencapsulation of TOMAC by suspension polymerisation: Process optimisation
Alcazar A, Borreguero AM, De Lucas A, Rodriguez JF, Carmona M
11 - 23 Effect of the CO2 enhancement on the performance of a micro gas turbine with a pilot-scale CO2 capture plant
Ali U, Hughes KJ, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
24 - 33 Recurrent neural network modeling applied to expanded bed adsorption chromatography of chitosanases produced by Paenibacillus ehimensis
Padilha CED, Padilha CAD, Souza DFD, de Oliveira JA, de Macedo GR, dos Santos ES
34 - 42 Mathematical modeling of two-chamber batch microbial fuel cell with pure culture of Shewanella
Esfandyari M, Fanaei MA, Gheshlaghi R, Mandavi MA
43 - 56 Ultrasound assisted mixed azo dye adsorption by chitosan-graphene oxide nanocomposite
Banerjee P, Barman SR, Mukhopadhayay A, Das P
57 - 65 A flotation control system to optimise performance using peak air recovery
Shean B, Hadler K, Cilliers JJ
66 - 72 Comparison of mass transfer coefficients and desorption rates of CO2 absorption into aqueous MEA plus ionic liquids solution
Huang ZL, Deng ZY, Ma JY, Qin YH, Zhang Y, Luo YB, Wu ZK
73 - 82 Process design and economic evaluation of green extraction methods for recovery of astaxanthin from shrimp waste
Parjikolaei BR, Errico M, El-Houri RB, Mantell C, Frette XC, Christensen KV
83 - 94 Hydrogen network retrofit via flexibility analysis: The steady-state flexibility index
Birjandi MRS, Shahraki F, Razzaghi K
95 - 109 Modeling of supercritical CO2 extraction of contaminants from post-consumer polypropylene: Solubilities and diffusion coefficients in swollen polymer at varying pressure and temperature conditions
Ben Said A, Guinot C, Ruiz JC, Grandjean A, Dole P, Joly C, Chalamet Y
110 - 121 High-speed video investigation of jet dynamics from narrow orifices for needle-free injection
Moradiafrapoli M, Marston JO
122 - 138 Fabrication and characterization of novel macroporous jeffamine/diamino hexane cryogels for enhanced Cu(II) metal uptake: Optimization, isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamic studies
Erdem A, Ngwabebhoh FA, Cetintas S, Bingol D, Yildiz U
139 - 148 Effects of fine particle outlet on performance and flow field of a centrifugal air classifier
Sun ZP, Sun GG, Yang XN, Yuan Y, Wang QL, Liu JX
149 - 167 A generic hybrid model development for process analysis of industrial fixed-bed catalytic reactors
Azarpour A, Borhani TNG, Alwi SRW, Manan ZA, Mutalib MIA
168 - 176 Improved prediction of alkyd reactors via infrequent-delayed observations
Uzoh FC, Onukwuli OD
177 - 189 Comparison of permeability performance of PEBAX-1074/TiO2, PEBAX-1074/SiO2 and PEBAX-1074/Al2O3 nanocomposite membranes for CO2/CH4 separation
Azizi N, Mohanunadi T, Behbahani RM
190 - 204 CFD analysis of flow pattern and power consumption for viscous fluids in in-line high shear mixers
Zhang C, Gu JJ, Qin HY, Xu Q, Li W, Jia XQ, Zhang JL
205 - 217 The influence of liquid physical properties on entrainment inside a sieve tray column
Uys EC, Burger AJ, Du Preez LJ, Knoetze JH
218 - 227 Polyethylenimine modified activated carbon as novel magnetic adsorbent for the removal of uranium from aqueous solution
Saleh TA, Naeemullah, Tuzen M, Sari A
228 - 239 Effect of geometrical parameters on flow-switching frequencies in 3D printed fluidic oscillators containing different liquids
McDonough JR, Law R, Kraemer J, Harvey AP
240 - 249 Experimental measurement of propane and propylene absorption in NMP/AgNO3 solvent
Roeentan H, Azizi S, Bakeri G, Peyghambarzadeh SM
250 - 264 CFD analysis of hydrothermal conversion of heavy oil in continuous flow reactor
Alshammari YM, Hellgardt K
265 - 273 Filtered predictive control design using multi-objective optimization based on genetic algorithm for handling offset in chemical processes
Araujo RD, Coelho AAR
274 - 286 Compartment model for a dual fluidized bed biomass gasifier
Arora P, Hoadley AFA, Mahajani SM, Ganesh A
287 - 300 Anti-bacterial assay of doped membrane by zero valent Fe nanoparticle via in-situ and ex-situ aspect
Khajouei M, Jahanshahi M, Peyravi M, Hoseinpour H, Rad AS
301 - 308 Chiral purification of S-ibuprofen from ibuprofen enantiomers by stripping crystallization
Shiau LD, Liu KF, Hsu YC
309 - 317 Performance of chitosan based nanocomposite hollow fibers in the removal of selenium(IV) from water
Dorraji MSS, Amani-Ghadim AR, Hanifehpour Y, Joo SW, Figoli A, Carraro M, Tasselli F
318 - 335 Insight into pressure-swing distillation from azeotropic phenomenon to dynamic control
Liang SS, Cao YJ, Liu XZ, Li X, Zhao YT, Wang YK, Wang YL
336 - 345 Modeling the performance of cross-flow filtration based on particle adhesion
Tien C, Ramarao BV
346 - 354 Simulation study of direct hydration of cyclohexene to cyclohexanol using isophorone as cosolvent
Zheng HD, Lin MM, Qiu T, Shen YY, Tian H, Zhao SY
355 - 368 Modeling, simulation, and techno-economic analysis of Lurgi gasification and BGL gasification for coal-to-SNG
Yang S, Qian Y, Liu YJ, Wang YF, Yang SY
369 - 375 Study of the reaction paths for cleaner production of nitrochlorobenzenes using microwave irradiation
Umrigar V, Chakraborty M, Parikh PA
376 - 381 Suitability of cross-flow model for practical membrane gas separation processes
Yang DX, Ren HY, Li YX, Wang Z
382 - 393 Pulsed Micro-reactor: An alternative to estimating kinetic parameters of non-catalytic gas-solid reactions
Deshpande A, Krishnaswamy S, Ponnani K
394 - 400 Investigation on the oil-gas separation efficiency considering oil droplets breakup and collision in a swirling flow
Wang LZ, Feng JM, Gao X, Peng XY
401 - 413 Effect of membrane performance including fouling on cost optimization in brackish water desalination process
Ang WL, Nordin D, Mohammad AW, Benamor A, Hilal N
414 - 438 Process intensification using mixed sequential and integrated hybrid cryogenic distillation network for purification of high CO2 natural gas
Maqsood K, Ali A, Shariff ABM, Ganguly S
439 - 447 Modeling the hydrodynamic forces between fluid-granular medium by coupling DEM-CFD
Al-Arkawazi S, Marie C, Benhabib K, Coorevits P
448 - 459 Physical modeling of the laboratory-scale packed bed reactor for partial gas-phase oxidation of alcohol using gold nanoparticles as the heterogeneous catalyst
Kilpio T, Behravesh E, Russo V, Eranen K, Salmi T
460 - 471 Simultaneous separation of copper from nickel in ammoniacal solutions using supported liquid membrane containing synergistic mixture of M5640 and TRPO
Duan HP, Wang SX, Yang XJ, Yuan XH, Zhang Q, Huang ZJ, Guo H
472 - 487 Operating optimality assessment and cause identification for nonlinear industrial processes
Liu Y, Wang FL, Chang YQ
488 - 499 Purification of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) by three-stage serial nanofiltration units under critical transmembrane pressure conditions
Cordova A, Astudillo C, Santibanez L, Cassano A, Ruby-Figueroa R, Illanes A
500 - 508 Effect of the baffle design and orientation on the efficiency of a membrane tube
Ameur H, Sahel D
509 - 519 The use of various organic solvents to tailor the properties of ibuprofen-glucosamine HCl solid dispersions
Nokhodchi A, Al-Hamidi H, Adebisi AO, Asare-Addo K, Maniruzzaman M
520 - 532 Study of particle hydrodynamics and misplacement in liquid-solid fluidized bed separator
Tripathy A, Bagchi S, Biswal SK, Meikap BC
533 - 541 Control of self-sustained jet oscillations in 3D thin rectangular cavity
Bensider N, Mataoui A, Aksouh M
542 - 548 Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) as highly effective material for the ultrasound assisted boric acid extraction from ulexite ore
Gezer B, Sert H, Okyay TO, Bozkurt S, Baskaya G, Sahin B, Uluturk C, Sen F
549 - 556 Steady state modeling of Kuhni liquid extraction column using the Spatially Mixed Sectional Quadrature Method of Moments (SM-SQMOM)
Alzyod S, Attarakih M, Hasseine A, Bart HJ
557 - 563 Bubbles facilitate ODA adsorption and improve flotation recovery at low temperature during KCl flotation
Li EZ, Zhang YB, Du ZP, Li D, Cheng FQ
564 - 574 Selective leaching of zinc from hazardous As-bearing zinc plant purification filter cake
Behnajady B, Moghaddam J
575 - 583 Effects of reducing the reactor diameter on the dense gas-solid fluidization of very heavy particles: 3D numerical simulations
Ansart R, Vanni F, Caussat B, Ablitzer C, Brothier M
584 - 592 Synthesis of biodiesel via transesterification of tung oil catalyzed by new Bronsted acidic ionic liquid
Yang JB, Feng YY, Zeng T, Guo XT, Li L, Hong RY, Qiu T
593 - 603 Alleviation of water flux decline in osmotic dilution by concentration-dependent hydraulic pressurization
Wang Q, Gao XL, Zhang YS, Wang J, Xu Y, Ji ZY, Wang XY, Gao CJ
604 - 613 Dynamic forces on a horizontal slat immersed in a fluidized bed of fine particles
Liu DP, Zhang SH, Wang RY, Zhang YM
614 - 626 Electrocoagulation flocculation as a low-cost process for pollutants removal from urban wastewater
Elazzouzi M, Haboubi K, Elyoubi MS
627 - 636 Research of vertical falling film behavior in scrubbing-cooling tube
Yan LC, Wang YF, Wu ZW, Dai ZH, Yu GS, Wang FC
637 - 647 Using maximum entropy, Gamma, Inverse Gaussian and Weibull approach for prediction of drop size distribution in a liquid-liquid extraction column
Asadollahzadeh M, Torkaman R, Torab-Mostaedi M, Safdari J
648 - 658 A comparison between drop size distributions derived from the probability distribution functions and maximum entropy principle. Case study; pilot plant Scheibel extraction column
Asadollahzadeh M, Torkaman R, Torab-Mostaedi M, Safdari J
659 - 669 Comparative feasibility study of CO2 capture in, hollowfiber membrane processes based on process models and heat exchanger analysis
Kim SH, Kim JK, Yeo JG, Yeo YK
670 - 680 Adaptive soft sensor based on time difference Gaussian process regression with local time-delay reconstruction
Xiong WL, Li YJ, Zhao YJ, Huang B
681 - 687 Development of a combined solver to model transport and chemical reactions in catalytic wall-flow filters
Allouche MH, Enjalbert R, Alberini F, Ariane M, Alexiadis A
688 - 697 Highly efficient polymer-MOF nanocomposite membrane for pervaporation separation of water/methanol/MTBE ternary mixture
Gao RS, Zhang QG, Lv RX, Soyekwo F, Zhu AM, Liu QL
698 - 705 Removal of naproxen from water by ionic liquid-modified polymer sorbents
Wieszczycka K, Zembrzuska J, Bornikowska J, Wojciechowska A, Wojciechowska I
706 - 714 Enhanced adsorption of phosphate onto zinc ferrite by incorporating cerium
Gu W, Xie Q, Xing MC, Wu DY
715 - 724 Thermal resistances in stirred-tank and tubular reactors for clathrate-hydrate formation: Estimating their reactor-scale dependences
Mori YH
725 - 732 Combination of adsorption followed by ozone oxidation with pressure swing adsorption technology for the removal of VOCs from contaminated air streams
Swetha G, Gopi T, Shekar SC, Ramakrishna C, Saini B, Rao PVL
733 - 745 Phenomenologically based kinetics of ODH of ethane to ethylene using lattice oxygen of VOx/Al2O3-ZrO2 catalyst
Elbadawi AH, Ba-Shammakh MS, Al-Ghamdi S, Razzak SA, Hossain MM, de Lasa HI
746 - 755 Synthesis of ZSM-5 and SAPO-34 membranes in a high temperature-pressure recirculating-flow system
Topuz B, Onder A, Bowen TC, Kalipcilar H
756 - 772 Studying model suspensions using high resolution synchrotron X-ray microtomography
Islam SF, Mancini L, Sundara RV, Whitehouse S, Palzer S, Hounslow MJ, Salman AD
773 - 783 Design of a selective regenerable cellulose microcolumn for selenium efficient recovery and economic determination
Min M, Shen C, Fang L, Zhu BR, Li JH, Yao LY, Jiang YJ, Xiong C
784 - 791 Separation of toluene from heptane via liquid-liquid extraction in microtube contactor using triethylene glycol
Kaewchada A, Tubslingkra S, Jaree A
792 - 809 In-line physical desorption unit-Part 1: Conceptual design and numerical analysis
Ban ZH, Lau KK, Shariff AM
810 - 830 In-line physical desorption unit-Part 2: Optimisation analysis
Ban ZH, Lau KK, Shariff AM
831 - 839 A method for pattern mining in multiple alarm flood sequences
Lai SQ, Chen TW