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1 - 12 Particle dispersion in a partially filled rotating cylindrical tank
Chen YF, Yu C, Liu MF, Chen SF, Chen YP
13 - 23 Analysis of general rate model of linear chromatography considering finite rates of the adsorption and desorption steps
Qamar S, Akram N, Seidel-Morgenstern A
24 - 33 A novel vortex flow reactor for the purification of B-phycoerythrin from Porphyridium cruentum
Ibanez-Gonzalez MJ, Mazzuca-Sobczuk T, Redondo-Miranda RM, Molina-Grima E, Cooney CL
34 - 48 Agitation energy efficiency in gas-solid-liquid stirred vessels operating at ultra-high solids concentrations
Davoody M, Raman AAA, Parthasarathy R
49 - 62 A numerical Euler-Lagrange method for bubble tower CO2 dissolution modeling
Legendre D, Zevenhoven R
63 - 82 Optimal nonlinear control of an industrial emulsion polymerization reactor
Gil ID, Vargas JC, Corriou JP
83 - 99 Rigorous modeling, simulation and optimization of a conventional and nonconventional batch reactive distillation column: A comparative study of dynamic optimization approaches
Lopez-Saucedo ES, Grossmann IE, Segovia-Hernandez JG, Hernandez S
100 - 108 Facile preparation of highly efficient CuO-ZnO-ZrO2/HZSM-5 bifunctional catalyst for one-step CO2 hydrogenation to dimethyl ether: Influence of calcination temperature
Li LY, Mao DS, Xiao J, Li L, Guo XM, Yu J
109 - 116 Separation and recovery of V(IV) from sulfuric acid solutions containing Fe(III) and Al(III) using bis(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid impregnated resin
Liang L, Bao SX, Zhang YM, Tang YP
117 - 126 Development of applicable ice valves for ice-valve-based pressure corer employed in offshore pressure coring of gas hydrate-bearing sediments
Zhang XX, Peng JM, Sun MZ, Gao Q, Wu DY
127 - 137 Adsorptive removal of acetic acid from water with metal-organic frameworks
Zhang HH, Lan XY, Bai P, Guo XH
138 - 146 An imaging technique for characterization of fluid flow pattern on industrial-scale column sieve trays
Schubert M, Piechotta M, Beyer M, Schleicher E, Hampel U, Paschold J
147 - 160 A mixed integer linear programming model for the optimal operation of a network of gas oil separation plants
Liu SS, Alhasan I, Papageorgiou LG
161 - 168 Evaluation of functional group content of N-methylimidazolium anion exchange resin on the adsorption of methyl orange and alizarin red
Zhang ZJ, Zhu LL, Lu WH, Li XF, Sun XQ, Lu RY, Ding HG
169 - 183 Dynamic safety analysis of process systems using nonlinear and non-sequential accident model
Adedigba SA, Khan F, Yang M
184 - 195 Comparison of heteroazeotropic and extractive distillation for the dehydration of propylene glycol methyl ether
Chen YC, Yu BY, Hsu CC, Chien IL
196 - 203 Study on enhancement mechanism of NO absorption in K2FeO4 solution basing on mass transfer-reaction theory
Liu YX, Zhang J, Xie F, Wang Q, Pan JF, Yin YS
204 - 217 Feasibility of using waste polystyrene as a membrane material for gas separation
Zhuang GL, Tseng HH, Wey MY
218 - 222 Extractive desulfurization of dibenzothiophene using phosphonium-based ionic liquid: Modeling of batch extraction experimental data and simulation of continuous extraction process
Jha D, Haider MB, Kumar R, Balathanigaimani MS
223 - 242 Characterization of solid-liquid settling suspensions using Electrical Impedance Tomography: A comparison between numerical, experimental and visual information
Silva R, Faia PM, Garcia FAP, Rasteiro MG
243 - 252 Glycerol bioconversion in unconventional magnetically assisted, bioreactor seeking whole cell biocatalyst (intracellular lipase) production
David GF, Perez VH, Justo OR, Cubides DC, Cardona CA, Hristov J
253 - 261 Preparation of ternary combined ZnO-Ag2O/porous g-C3N4 composite photocatalyst and enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for degradation of ciprofloxacin
Rong XS, Qiu FX, Jiang ZT, Rong J, Pan JM, Zhang T, Yang DY
262 - 268 Experimental evaluation and thermodynamic modeling of hydrate selectivity in separation of CO2 and CH4
Azimi A, Mirzaei M
269 - 276 Experimental investigation of CO2 huff-n-puff process for enhancing oil recovery in tight reservoirs
Pu WF, Wei B, Jin FY, Li YB, Jia H, Liu PG, Tang ZJ
277 - 283 A gliding discharge reactor supplied by a ferro-resonance system for liquid toluene decomposition
Mlotek M, Reda E, Reszke E, Ulejczyk B, Krawczyk K
284 - 293 The potential of direct contact membrane distillation for industrial textile wastewater treatment using PVDF-Cloisite 15A nanocomposite membrane
Molehtar NM, Lau WJ, Ismail AF, Kartohardjono S, Lai SO, Teoh HC
294 - 304 Two phase mixture model of nano-enhanced mixed convection heat transfer in finned enclosure
Darzi AAR, Farhadi M, Lavasani AM
305 - 315 Separation of Co(II)/Ni(II) with Cyanex 272 using a flat membrane microcontactor: Stripping kinetics study, upscaling and continuous operation
Hereijgers J, Vandermeersch T, Van Oeteren N, Breugelmans T, De Malsche W
316 - 322 Improvement of the Membrane Distillation performance through the integration of different configurations
Criscuoli A
323 - 331 Deep extractive desulfurization of dibenzothiophene with imidazolium or pyridinium-based ionic liquids
Safa M, Mokhtarani B, Mortaheb HR
332 - 341 An investigation on using electrical resistance tomography (ERT) to monitor the removal of a non-Newtonian soil by water from a cleaning-in-place (CIP) circuit containing different pipe geometries
Hou RZ, Martin PJ, Uppal HJ, Kowalski AJ
342 - 352 Experimental demonstration of control strategies for a Gas Switching Combustion reactor for power production with integrated CO2 capture
Zaabout A, Cloete S, Annaland MV, Gallucci F, Amini S
353 - 361 CFD simulation of an agitated gas-fluidized bed: Effects of particle-particle restitution coefficient on the hydrodynamics
Zhang YJ, Wang JJ, Gu XP, Feng LF, Wu BX
362 - 370 Algae derived biodiesel using nanocatalytic transesterification process
Teo SH, Islam A, Taufiq-Yap YH
371 - 386 Application of loss functions in process economic risk assessment
Khan F, Wang HZ, Yang M
387 - 402 The effect of high solids loading in ethanol production integrated with a pulp mill
Svensson E, Lundberg V, Jansson M, Xiros C, Berntsson T
403 - 448 Computational fluid dynamic modelling of FCC riser: A review
Shah MT, Utikar RP, Pareek VK, Evans GM, Joshi JB
449 - 460 Experimental study of nanoparticle-surfactant-stabilized CO2 foam: Stability and mobility control
Farhadi H, Riahi S, Ayatollahi S, Ahmadi H
461 - 464 Mixing-structure relationship in jet-stirred reactors
Ayass WW, Nasir EF, Farooq A, Sarathy SM
465 - 478 Hydrodynamics study of the modified rotating disc contactor for CO2 absorption from natural gas using emulsion liquid membrane
Bhatti I, Bhutto AW, Qureshi K, Kamarudin KSN, Bazmi AA, Ahmad F
479 - 491 A fixed point methodology for the design of reactive distillation columns
Li H, Meng Y, Li XG, Gao X
492 - 503 Kinetics of extraction of nitric acid into binary mixture of tri-n-butyl phosphate and normal paraffin hydrocarbon
Pandey NK, Augustine E, Murali R, Desigan N, Mudali UK, Joshi JB