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1 - 17 Novel nanoparticles modified composite eco-adsorbents-A deep insight into kinetics modelling using numerical surface diffusion and artificial neural network models
Podstawczyk D, Witek-Krowiak A
18 - 31 Novel bio-based surfactant for chemical enhanced oil recovery in montmorillonite rich reservoirs: Adsorption behavior, interaction impact, and oil recovery studies
Moslemizadeh A, Dehkordi AF, Barnaji MJ, Naseri M, Ravi SG, Jahromi EK
32 - 40 Absorption of toluene in silicone oil: Effect of the solvent viscosity on hydrodynamics and mass transfer
Guillerm M, Couvert A, Amrane A, Norrant E, Lesage N, Dumont E
41 - 52 Hydrogenation of crude terephthalic acid by supported Pd and Pd-Sn catalysts on functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes
Tourani S, Safekordi AA, Rashidzadeh M, Rashidi AM, Khorasheh F
53 - 64 Performance of agitated serpentine heat exchanger using metallic nanofluids
Khoshvaght-Aliabadi M, Nouri M, Sartipzadeh O, Salami M
65 - 75 Experimental and modeling studies on the acid-catalyzed conversion of inulin to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in water
Fachri BA, Abdilla RM, Rasrendra CB, Heeres HJ
76 - 85 Selective adsorption and separation of organic dyes in aqueous solutions by hydrolyzed PIM-1 microfibers
Zhang CL, Li P, Huang WY, Cao B
86 - 96 A new model for residence time distribution of impinging streams reactors using descending-sized stirred tanks in series
Jafarikojour M, Sohrabi M, Royaee SJ, Rezaei M
97 - 107 Influence of plate surface protuberance size and shape on the production of pellets by extrusion-spheronisation
Zhang M, Li Y, Xing JF, Rough SL, Wilson DI
108 - 115 Magnetic Ionic Liquid in Magmolecular Process for Uranium Removal
Shirvani S, Mallah MH, Moosavian MA, Safdari J
116 - 126 Pervaporation separation of a ternary azeotrope containing ethyl acetate, ethanol and water using a buckypaper supported ionic liquid membrane
Ong YT, Tan SH
127 - 140 Retrofitting of extractive distillation columns with high flux, low separation factor membranes: A way to reduce the energy demand?
Genduso G, Amelio A, Colombini E, Luis P, Degreve J, Van der Bruggen B
141 - 149 Dry pressure drop in spiral wound wire mesh pads at low and elevated pressures
Setekleiv AE, Svendsen HF
150 - 170 A generalized approach for the conceptual design of distillation columns with complex configurations
Adiche C, Ait Aissa B
171 - 179 Reduction of fine particle emission from a prilling tower using CFD simulation
Saleh SN, Barghi S
180 - 189 SO2 removal by seawater in a spray tower: Experimental study and mathematical modeling
Darake S, Hatamipour MS, Rahimi A, Hamzeloui P
190 - 199 MoOx/TiO2 immobilized on quartz support as structured catalyst for the photocatalytic oxidation of As(III) to As(V) in aqueous solutions
Vaiano V, Iervolino G, Sannino D, Rizzo L, Sarno G
200 - 214 Flow pattern assessment and design optimisation for an industrial solvent extraction settler through in situ measurements and CFD modelling
Lane GL, Mohanarangam K, Yang W, Robinson DJ, Barnard KR
215 - 225 Determination of optimum conditions in forward osmosis using a combined Taguchi-neural approach
Pardeshi PM, Mungray AA, Mungray AK
226 - 233 Particle migration using local variation of the viscosity (LVOV) model in flow of a non-Newtonian fluid for ceramic tape casting
Jabbari M, Spangenberg J, Hattel JH
234 - 248 Acrylic acid plasma polymerized poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) membranes for methanol/MTBE separation by pervaporation
Villegas M, Romero AI, Parentis ML, Vidaurre EFC, Gottifredi JC
249 - 257 Monitoring of cocrystallization of ethenzamide-saccharin: Insight into kinetic process by in situ Raman spectroscopy
Tong Y, Zhang P, Dang LP, Wei HY
258 - 272 Absorption-hydration hybrid method for ethylene recovery from refinery dry gas: Simulation and evaluation
Li XG, Li Y, Zhang LH, Li H
273 - 281 Process integration of material flows of copper chlorides in the thermochemical Cu-Cl cycle
Pope K, Wang ZL, Naterer GF
282 - 296 Fabrication and study of fouling characteristics of HDPE/PEG grafted silica nanoparticles composite membrane for filtration of Humic acid
Akbari A, Yegani R, Pourabbas B, Behboudi A
297 - 306 Power generation from algae employing enhanced process integration technology
Aziz M
307 - 316 Study of the properties of oil, particles, and water on particle adsorption dynamics at an oil/water interface using the colloidal probe technique
Tsabet E, Fradette L
317 - 326 DEM/CFD approach for modeling granular flow in the revolving static mixer
Pezo M, Pezo L, Jovanovic A, Loncar B, Colovic R
327 - 334 Numerical analysis of H-2/He gas separation experiments performed with a MFI-type tubular zeolite membrane
Antunes R, Borisevich O, Demange D
335 - 345 Separation of xanthohumol from hop extracts by supercritical fluid chromatography
Ortega AB, Skerget M, Knez Z
346 - 353 Toxic gases removal onto activated carbons obtained from hay with the use of microwave radiation
Kazmierczak-Razna J, Nowicki P, Pietrzak R
354 - 365 Computational analysis of the selective capture of binary mixtures of particles by a bubble in quiescent and fluid flow
Moreno-Atanasio R, Gao Y, Neville F, Evans GM, Wanless EJ
366 - 384 A review of integrated supply chain network design models: Key issues for vaccine supply chains
Lemmens S, Decouttere C, Vandaele N, Bernuzzi M
385 - 396 Multi-scale modelling of OSN batch concentration with spiral-wound membrane modules using OSN Designer
Shi BC, Peshev D, Marchetti P, Zhang SF, Livingston AG
397 - 404 Block-oriented feedforward control with demonstration to nonlinear parameterized Wiener modeling
Rollins DK, Mei Y, Loveland SD, Bhandari N
405 - 413 Mathematical modeling of ethane pyrolysis in a flow reactor with allowance for laser radiation effects
Stadnichenko OA, Snytnikov VN, Snytnikov VN, Masyuk NS
414 - 420 Surface microstructuring to modify wettability for 3D printing of nano-filled inks
Vafaei S, Tuck C, Ashcroft I, Wildman R
421 - 429 Hydrodynamic study of a horizontal-flow anaerobic immobilized biomass reactor: Radial porosity and velocity distribution of wastewater flow
Lunelli BH, de Oliveira GHD, Zaiat M
430 - 442 Incorporating potential environmental impact from water for injection in environmental assessment of monoclonal antibody production
Idris A, Chua GK, Othman MR
443 - 454 Approximate design method for reactive liquid extractors based on thermodynamic equilibrium correlations
Olan-Acosta MD, Castrejon-Gonzalez EO, Alvarado JFJ, Rico-Ramirez V
455 - 463 High performance cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) membranes prepared with melt processing method and using of surface modified graphitic nano-sheets for H-2/CH4 and H-2/CO2 separation
Dogu M, Ercan N
464 - 476 On the mixing in confined impinging jet mixers - Time scale analysis and scale-up using CFD coarse-graining methods
Metzger L, Kind M
477 - 485 Effects of surfactants on hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a co-current downflow contacting column
Orhan R, Dursun G
486 - 494 Experimental studies of gas holdup in a slurry bubble column at high gas temperature of a helium-water-alumina system
Abdulrahman MW
495 - 504 A review of the kinetics adsorption models and their application to the adsorption of lead by an activated carbon
Largitte L, Pasquier R
505 - 512 Unsteady state cyclic pressure-vacuum swing permeation for low pressure niche gas separation applications
Kundu PK, Chakma A, Feng XS
513 - 518 Radioactive cesium removal from ash-washing solution with high pH and high K+-concentration using potassium zinc hexacyanoferrate
Takahashi A, Kitajima A, Parajuli D, Hakuta Y, Tanaka H, Ohkoshi S, Kawamoto T
519 - 531 Performance enhancement using multiple cryogenic desublimation based pipeline network during dehydration and carbon capture from natural gas
Ali A, Maqsood K, Redza A, Hii K, Shariff ABM, Ganguly S
532 - 539 SimCU: A new model to assess content uniformity of oral dosages based on particulate mass balances and Monte Carlo simulations
Munoz SG, Yu WL, Pantelides CC
540 - 552 Low pressure design for reducing energy cost of extractive distillation for separating diisopropyl ether and isopropyl alcohol
You XQ, Rodriguez-Donis I, Gerbaud V
553 - 560 Continuous process for selective metal extraction with an ionic liquid
Parmentier D, Paradis S, Metz SJ, Wiedmer SK, Kroon MC
561 - 572 Dicyanamide-based ionic liquids in the liquid-liquid extraction of aromatics from alkanes: Experimental evaluation and computational predictions
Larriba M, Navarro P, Gonzalez-Miquel M, Omar S, Palomar J, Garcia J, Rodriguez F
573 - 585 Effect of the reduction degree of graphene oxide on the adsorption of Bisphenol A
Bele S, Samanidou V, Deliyanni E
586 - 592 Polyphenol extraction from fresh tea leaves by pulsed electric field: A study of mechanisms
Zderic A, Zondervan E
593 - 606 Maximum sensitivity based analytical tuning rules for PID controllers for unstable dead time processes
Begum KG, Rao AS, Radhakrishnan TK
607 - 617 Intensification of the rate of diffusion controlled catalytic and electrochemical reactions in a new stirred tank reactor with a multi cylindrical blade impeller
El-Gayar DA, Konsowa AH, El-Taweel YA, Farag HA, Sedahmed GH
618 - 627 Production of emulsion in tank mixer with sieve bottom
Mitkowski PT, Szaferski W
628 - 637 Heat transfer and performance analysis of nanofluid flow in helically coiled tube heat exchangers
Bahrehmand S, Abbassi A
638 - 646 Enhancing protein self-association at the gas-liquid interface for foam fractionation of bovine serum albumin from its highly diluted solution
Li R, Fu NA, Wu ZL, Wang YJ, Liu W, Wang YY
647 - 656 PVA/PES-amine-functional graphene oxide mixed matrix membranes for CO2/CH4 separation: Experimental and modeling
Ebrahimi S, Mollaiy-Berneti S, Asadi H, Peydayesh M, Akhlaghian F, Mohammadi T
657 - 666 Fluidization of solids with water in supercritical conditions -Characteristics of pressure fluctuations
Wei LP, Lu YJ
667 - 674 Prediction of drop size in a pulsed and non-pulsed disc and doughnut solvent extraction column
Wang Y, Smith KH, Mumford KA, Yi H, Wang LN, Stevens GW
675 - 685 Comparison of stabilizing control structures for four-product Kaibel column
Fan GL, Jiang WD, Qian X
686 - 697 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a tubular reactor containing foam packings for intensification of G-L-S catalytic reactions in co-current up-flow configuration
Leveque J, Philippe R, Zanota ML, Meille V, Sarrazin F, Baussaron L, de Bellefon C
698 - 706 Numerical simulation of isothermal gas liquid flow patterns in microchannels with varying wettability
Padoin N, de Souza AZ, Ropelato K, Soares C
707 - 719 Nanostructured cobalt ions for the adsorption of an organic dye: Mechanism and electrochemical study in the presence of carbon nanotubes
Arshadi M, Faraji AR, Moaddeli A, Khalafi-Nezhad A, Firouzabadi H
720 - 729 Experimental evaluation and transient simulation of detergent transport in household vertical axis washing machines
Campos LGC, Hermes CJL
730 - 733 Suspension of solid particles in vessels agitated by Rushton turbine imperllers
Grenville RK, Giacomelli JJ, Brown DAR
734 - 752 Analysis of mixing in an aerated reactor equipped with the coaxial mixer through electrical resistance tomography and response surface method
Hashemi N, Ein-Mozaffari F, Upreti SR, Hwang DK
753 - 769 Construction of global optimization constrained NLP test cases from unconstrained problems
Chan MSC, del Rio-Chanona EA, Fiorelli F, Arellano-Garcia H, Vassiliadis VS
770 - 779 Operational strategy of pre-cooling process of CO2 storage tank in CCS ship transportation using model-based optimization
Lim YK, Lee SG, Ko M, Park K, Lee JM
780 - 790 Optimal design of process configuration for a cascade coproduction system to produce furnace off-gas-based clean fuels and chemicals
Chen XH, Zheng DX, Yi XX, Ma Z
791 - 805 Hydrodynamic properties of a cold model of dual fluidized bed gasifier: A modeling and experimental investigation
Shrestha S, Ali BS, Jan BM, Lim M, El Sheikh K
806 - 815 Attrition behavior of calcium-based waste during CO2 capture cycles using calcium looping in a fluidized bed reactor
Zhang W, Li YJ, Duan LB, Ma XT, Wang ZY, Lu CM
816 - 823 Design and characterization of prednisolone-loaded nanoparticles fabricated by electrohydrodynamic atomization technique
Huanbutta K, Sangnim T, Limmatvapirat S, Nunthanid J, Sriamornsak P
824 - 834 Multiwall carbon nanotubes decorated on calcined eggshell waste as a novel nano-sorbent: Application for anionic dye Congo red removal
Seyahmazegi EN, Mohammad-Rezaei R, Razmi H