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1 - 10 Improving the solvent-extraction process of rice bran oil
Kong WB, Kang Q, Feng W, Tan TW
11 - 31 Deployment of a hydrogen supply chain by multi-objective/multi-period optimisation at regional and national scales
Almaraz SD, Azzaro-Pantel C, Montastruc L, Boix M
32 - 41 Numerical investigation and dimensional analysis of reaction runaway evaluation for thermal polymerization
Zhu YJ, Chen YW, Zhang L, Li WQ, Huang BL, Wu JS
42 - 52 Adsorption equilibrium of carbon dioxide on ammonia-modified activated carbon
Shafeeyan MS, Daud WMAW, Shamiri A, Aghamohammadi N
53 - 67 2D CFD-PBM simulation of hydrodynamic and particle growth in an industrial gas phase fluidized bed polymerization reactor
Akbari V, Borhani TNG, Shamiri A, Aramesh R, Hussain MA, Abd Hamid MK
68 - 80 Performance assessment of cascade control loops with non-Gaussian disturbances using entropy information
Zhang JH, Zhang LY, Chen JH, Xu JL, Li K
81 - 91 Poly(arylene ether sulfone) copolymers as binders for capacitive deionization activated carbon electrodes
Asquith BM, Meier-Haack J, Ladewig BP
92 - 97 Mass transfer kinetics of lanthanum (III) extraction in the presence of two complexing agents by D2EHPA using a constant interfacial area cell with laminar flow
Yin SH, Li SW, Zhang B, Peng JH, Zhang LB
98 - 109 Preparation and statistical optimization of Losartan Potassium loaded nanoparticles using Box Behnken factorial design: Microreactor precipitation
Patil P, Khairnar G, Naik J
110 - 124 Comparison of carbon capture IGCC with chemical-looping combustion and with calcium-looping process driven by coal for power generation
Zhu L, Jiang P, Fan JM
125 - 138 Prototype reactor simulation for on-board use of hydrogen in a hybrid MTH (methylcyclohexane-toluene-hydrogen)-gasoline system and a simplified dynamic modeling for the startup
Usman MR, Cresswell DL
139 - 155 Application of the partially thermally coupled distillation flowsheets for the extractive distillation of ternary azeotropic mixtures
Timoshenko AV, Anokhina EA, Morgunov AV, Rudakov DG
156 - 163 Early detection of agglomeration in a polyethylene fluidized bed at high temperature and pressure by vibration signature analysis
Alamolhoda F, Shamiri A, Hussain MA, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R, Mostoufi N
164 - 173 A numerical study of bed expansion in supercritical water fluidized bed with a non-spherical particle drag model
Lu YJ, Wei LP, Wei JJ
174 - 179 Effect of pore structure on catalytic properties of mesoporous silica supported rhodium catalysts for the hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde
Shimizu T, Ota M, Sato Y, Inomata H
180 - 190 Purification of slag-derived leachate and selective carbonation for high-quality precipitated calcium carbonate synthesis
De Cram K, Chiang YW, Van Gerven T, Santos RM
191 - 202 X-ray imaging for flow characterization and investigation of invasive probe interference in travelling fluidized bed
Tebianian S, Ellis N, Lettieri P, Grace JR
203 - 207 Enhanced impregnation of hydrogel contact lenses with salicylic acid by addition of water in supercritical carbon dioxide
Yokozaki Y, Sakabe J, Shimoyama Y
208 - 217 An alternative method for preparation of polyaluminum chloride coagulant using fresh aluminum hydroxide gels: Characterization and coagulation performance
Tang XM, Zheng HL, Teng HK, Zhao C, Wang YL, Xie WY, Chen W, Yang C
218 - 236 Effect of SDS (sodium dodecyl sulphate) foam on polarised light characteristics
Qian SY, Chen JJJ
237 - 246 Performance of a drag-reducing polymer in horizontal and downward-inclined oil-water flow
Abubakar A, Al-Hashmi AR, Al-Wahaibi T, Al-Wahaibi Y, Al-Ajmi A, Eshrati M
247 - 255 Techno-economic analysis of mechanical vapor recompression for process integration of post-combustion CO2 capture with downstream compression
Jeong YS, Jung J, Lee U, Yang C, Han C
256 - 263 The thermal decomposition study of MgCl2 center dot 6H(2)O center dot 1,4-C4H8O2
Jin MM, Sun YZ, Li P, Yu JG, Ulrich J
264 - 279 Single and binary adsorption of azo and anthraquinone dyes by chitosan-based hydrogel: Selectivity factor and Box-Behnken process design
Oladipo AA, Gazi M, Yilmaz E
280 - 286 Spiral finned crystallizer for progressive freeze concentration process
Samsuri S, Amran NA, Jusoh M
287 - 295 Dipropylene glycol as a solvent for the extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons. Analysis and evaluation of the solvency properties and simulation of the extraction processes
Nicolae M, Oprea F, Fendu EM
296 - 305 Upgrading of lignin-derived bio-oil in non-catalytic plasma reactor: Effects of operating parameters on 4-methylanisole conversion
Hosseinzadeh MB, Rezazadeh S, Rahimpour HR, Taghvaei H, Rahimpour MR
306 - 318 A probabilistic multivariate method for fault diagnosis of industrial processes
Yu HY, Khan F, Garaniya V
319 - 332 The density and crystallinity properties of PPO-silica mixed-matrix membranes produced via the in situ sol-gel method for H-2/CO2 separation. II: Effect of thermal annealing treatment
Zhuang GL, Wey MY, Tseng HH
333 - 345 Operational loss modelling for process facilities using multivariate loss functions
Hashemi SJ, Ahmed S, Khan F
346 - 356 Design and control of an improved acrylic acid process
Suo XM, Zhang H, Ye Q, Dai X, Yu H, Li R
357 - 366 Minimising microbubble size through oscillation frequency control
Brittle S, Desai P, Ng WC, Dunbar A, Howell R, Tesar V, Zimmerman WB
367 - 375 Effect of PVDF blending on the structure and performance of PEI hollow fiber membrane in CO2 separation process
Bakeri G, Ismail AF, Matsuura T, Abdullah MS, Ng BC, Mashkour M
376 - 389 Spray absorption of CO2 into monoethanolamine: Mass transfer coefficients, dropsize, and planar surface area
Tamhankar Y, King B, Whiteley J, Cai T, McCarley K, Resetarits M, Aichele C
390 - 399 Numerical simulation of particle/monolithic two-stage catalyst bed reactor for oxidative coupling of methane
Zhang Z, Guo ZQ, Ji SF
400 - 408 Experimental validation of an actuator fault tolerant control system using virtual sensor: Application in a double pipe heat exchanger
Carbot-Rojas DA, Escobar RF, Gomez-Aguilar JF, Lopez-Lopez G, Olivares-Peregrino VH
409 - 415 Physical absorption of volatile organic compounds by spraying emulsion in a spray tower: Experiments and modelling
Tatin R, Moura L, Dietrich N, Baig S, Hebrard G
416 - 428 A combined model for the solubility of different compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide
Bian XQ, Li J, Chen J, Li MJ, Du ZM
429 - 439 The influence of gas physical properties on entrainment inside a sieve tray column
Uys EC, Burger AJ, Du Preez LJ, Knoetze JH
440 - 452 Mass transfer measurements in absorption and desorption: Determination of mass transfer parameters
Kunze AK, Lutze P, Kopatschek M, Mackowiak JF, Mackowiak J, Grunewald M, Gorak A
453 - 456 Replacing microemulsion formulations experimental solubility studies with in-silico methods comprising molecular dynamics and docking experiments
Metwally AA, Hathout RM
457 - 471 Statistical analysis of the hydrodynamic forces acting on pipe bends in gas-liquid slug flow and their relation to fatigue
Tay BL, Thorpe RB
472 - 478 Preparation of non-permselective sulfated zirconia catalytic membrane for use in a catalytic membrane reactor
Khajavi P, Babaluo AA
479 - 487 Melt pelletization of alginate: Effects of air pressurization on consolidation and drug release property of pellets
Hanafi N, Wong TW
488 - 496 Optimization and design of an ibuprofen-loaded nanostructured lipid carrier with a 2(3) full factorial design
Suto B, Weber S, Zimmer A, Farkas G, Kelemen A, Budai-Szucs M, Berko S, Szabo-Revesz P, Csanyi E
497 - 502 Physical properties of potassium pyrophosphate and its use in osmotic evaporation
Ongaratto RS, Lage PLD, Borges CP
503 - 512 Thermal design, modeling and validation of a steam-reforming reactor for fuel cell applications
Pret MG, Ferrero D, Lanzini A, Santarelli M
513 - 518 Closed-loop PID controller design and performance assessment in the presence of measurement noise
Micic AD, Matausek MR
519 - 529 Bisphenol A adsorption using reduced graphene oxide prepared by physical and chemical reduction methods
Kwon J, Lee B
530 - 540 PEG-modified GO nanosheets, a desired additive to increase the rejection and antifouling characteristics of polyamide thin layer membranes
Mansourpanah Y, Shahebrahimi H, Kolvari E
541 - 550 Dynamic behaviour of stirred tank bioreactors based on structured and unstructured kinetic models. A comparative study
Stryjewski WS, Tabis B, Boron D
551 - 557 Development and in vitro evaluation of acyclovir delivery system using nanostructured porous silicon carriers
Maniya NH, Patel SR, Murthy ZVP
558 - 570 Influence of nozzle design on the performance of a partial combustion lance: A CFD study
Law WP, Gimbun J
571 - 578 Effect of impeller type and density difference on the draw down of low density microspheres
Perumal SV, Jayanti S, Nagarajan K
579 - 588 Modeling adsorption rate of tetracyclines on activated carbons from aqueous phase
Ocampo-Perez R, Leyua-Ramos R, Rivera-Utrilla J, Flores-Cano JV, Sanchez-Polo M
589 - 604 Concentrating aqueous urea solution by using continuous-effect membrane distillation
He J, Zhang LL, Zhang KM, Qin YJ, Liu LQ
605 - 614 Experimental analysis of corrosion and erosion phenomena on metal surfaces by nanofluids
Bubbico R, Celata GP, D'Annibale F, Mazzarotta B, Menale C
615 - 625 Precipitation kinetics and biological properties of chitosan microparticles produced using supercritical assisted atomization
Wu HT, Lee HK, Chen HC, Chien LJ
626 - 637 Experimental investigation of melt fiberization from a perforated rotor spinning machine
Bizjan B, Peternelj M, Sirok B
638 - 646 Drop velocity in a rotating liquid-liquid system
Jammoal Y, Lee JMG
647 - 657 Carboxylated carbon nanofibers as hydrophilic porous material to modification of cellulosic membranes for forward osmosis desalination
Dabaghian Z, Rahimpour A
658 - 668 Electrocoalescence of water drop trains in oil under constant and pulsatile electric fields
Vivacqua V, Mhatre S, Ghadiri M, Abdullah AM, Hassanpour A, Al-Marri MJ, Azzopardi B, Hewakandamby B, Kermani B
669 - 680 Approximation and analysis of pervaporation of binary mixtures using nonequilibrium thermodynamics approach
Toikka A, Naumkin P, Penkova A
681 - 694 A comparative study of spray-dried medicinal plant aqueous extracts. Drying performance and product quality
Gallo L, Ramirez-Rigo MV, Pina J, Bucala V
695 - 702 Determination of optimum dose of adsorbent for PCDD/F removal in the flue gas of a medical waste incineration plant
Gunes G, Saral A, Yildiz S, Kuzu SL
703 - 712 Prediction of regions of coalescence and agglomeration along a spray dryer-Application to skim milk powder
Malafronte L, Ahrne L, Innings F, Jongsma A, Rasmuson A
713 - 722 Enhancement of cobalt catalyst stability in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using graphene nanosheets as catalyst support
Karimi S, Tavasoli A, Mortazavi Y, Karimi A
723 - 729 Kinetic effect of alcohols on hexose isomerization under subcritical aqueous conditions
Gao DM, Kobayashi T, Adachi S
730 - 739 Robust parameter estimation for physiologically based pharmacokinetic model of Tegafur with dissolution dynamics
Kim DS, Sung JH, Lee JM
740 - 751 Complete use of an agricultural waste: Application of untreated and chemically treated olive stone as biosorbent of lead ions and reuse as fuel
Ronda A, Martin-Lara MA, Calero M, Blazquez G
752 - 772 Extension of the water sources diagram method to systems with simultaneous fixed flowrate and fixed load processes
Francisco FD, Bagajewicz MJ, Pessoa FLP, Queiroz EM
773 - 790 Formulation development, modeling and optimization of emulsification process using evolving RSM coupled hybrid ANN-GA framework
Kundu P, Paul V, Kumar V, Mishra IM
791 - 791 Behaviour of LAPONITE (R) gels: Rheology, ageing, pH effect and phase state in the presence of dispersant (vol 101, pg 65, 2015)
Au PI, Hassan S, Liu JS, Leong YK
792 - 806 A modified process for overcoming the drawbacks of conventional steam methane reforming for hydrogen production: Thermodynamic investigation
Zhu L, Li LL, Fan JM
807 - 813 Precipitated calcium carbonate modified by the layer-by-layer deposition method-Its potential as papermaking filler
Lourenco AF, Gamelas JAF, Ferreira PJ
814 - 818 Role of the particle size of sorbitol during the compression of common tablets and prediction of mini-tablet compression parameters
Kelemen A, Szalay A, Sovany T, Pintye-Hodi K
819 - 827 Phenomenological kinetics modeling of simultaneous HDS of dibenzothiophene and substituted dibenzothiophene over CoMoP/Al2O3 catalysts
Al-Rashidy AH, Ali SA, Ahmed S, Razzak SA, Hossain MM
828 - 834 A novel process for removal of Hg-0 from flue gas using urea/persulfate activated by high temperature in a spray reactor
Liu YX, Zhou JF, Wang Q, Zhang J, Pan JF
835 - 843 Photocatalytic properties of incorporated NiO onto clinoptilolite nano-particles in the photodegradation process of aqueous solution of cefixime pharmaceutical capsule
Pourtaheri A, Nezamzadeh-Ejhieh A
844 - 844 Effect of PE-g-MA compatibilizer on the structure and performance of HDPE/EVA blend membranes fabricated via TIPS method (vol 100, pg 237, 2015)
Shokri E, Yegani R, Heidari S, Shoeyb Z