Chemical Engineering Research & Design

Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Vol.102 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Data driven soft sensor development for complex chemical processes using extreme learning machine
He YL, Geng ZQ, Zhu QX
12 - 25 Insights into the granular flow in rotating drums
Norouzi HR, Zarghami R, Mostoufi N
26 - 33 Thermodynamic adsorption properties of bovine serum albumin and lysozyme on the bubble surface from the binary solution
Kou QY, Wu ZL, Hu N
34 - 41 Novel superhydrophobic and superoleophilic sawdust as a selective oil sorbent for oil spill cleanup
Zang D, Liu F, Zhang M, Gao ZX, Wang CY
42 - 56 Flow field and homogenization time assessment in continuously-fed stirred tanks
Busciglio A, Montante G, Paglianti A
57 - 68 Techno-economic analysis of gasification routes for ammonia production from Victorian brown coal
Habgood DCC, Hoadley AFA, Zhang L
69 - 79 Long-time performance of a stainless steel crossflow filter with simulated Hanford tank waste
Schonewill PP, Daniel RC, Shimskey RW, Burns CA, Billing JM, Peterson RA
80 - 89 Influence of contactor geometry and draft tube configuration on the cycle time distribution in sawdust conical spouted beds
Saldarriaga JF, Atxutegi A, Aguado R, Altzibar H, Bilbao J, Olazar M
90 - 99 Experimental study of two phase flow characteristics on the dual-flow tray
Zhang JJ, Wang YF, Yu GS, Mao XJ, Wang FC
100 - 115 CFD study of flow dynamics in a blade free planetary mixer (BFPM) - A qualitative flow study
Cherguia N, Lateb M, Lacroix E, Dufresne L
116 - 123 Pressurised calcination-atmospheric carbonation of limestone for cyclic CO2 capture from flue gases
Kavosh M, Patchigolla K, Oakey JE, Anthony EJ, Champagne S, Hughes R
124 - 137 Investigation and prediction of slug flow characteristics in highly viscous liquid and gas flows in horizontal pipes
Zhao Y, Lao L, Yeung H
138 - 149 Applications of dividing wall column technology to industrial-scale cumene production
Zhai J, Liu YL, Li LM, Zhu Y, Zhong W, Sun LY
150 - 160 Stripping of ethanol with CO2 in bubble columns: Effects of operating conditions and modeling
Silva CR, Esperanca MN, Cruz AJG, Moura LF, Badino AC
161 - 170 An experimental investigation of phase separation of gas-liquid two-phase flow through a small break
Liang FC, Song LM, Sun Y
171 - 185 Dynamic non-isothermal trickle bed reactor with both internal diffusion and heat conduction: Sugar hydrogenation as a case study
Russo V, Kilpio T, Di Serio M, Tesser R, Santacesaria E, Murzin DY, Salmi T
186 - 195 Thermodynamic equilibrium for the dehydration of 1-butanol to di-n-butyl ether
Perez-Macia MA, Bringue R, Iborra M, Tejero J, Cunill F
196 - 206 Hydrodynamics in bubble columns with pin-fin tube internals
Guan XP, Gao YX, Tian Z, Wang LJ, Cheng YW, Li X
207 - 215 Measurement of mass diffusivity by light streak imaging
Nimdeo YM, Joshi YM, Muralidhar K
216 - 233 Stabilization of highly concentrated emulsions with oversaturated dispersed phase: Effect of surfactant/particle ratio
Tshilumbu NN, Masalova I
234 - 243 CO2-sensitive foams for mobility control and channeling blocking in enhanced WAG process
Li DX, Ren B, Zhang L, Ezekiel J, Ren SR, Feng YJ
244 - 252 A gas phase method for the generation of aqueous submicron suspensions of poorly water soluble organic substances
Waldraff A, Schaber K
253 - 260 Development of bifurcation microchannel to uniformly distribute a liquid plug
Chen PC, Wang YN, Wu MH
261 - 273 Study on the fouling behavior of silica nanocomposite modified polypropylene membrane in purification of collagen protein
Ahsani M, Yegani R
274 - 285 Flow in vortex diodes
Pandare A, Ranade VV
286 - 296 The effect of cesium and antimony promoters on the performance of Ti-phosphate-supported vanadium(V) oxide catalysts in selective oxidation of o-xylene to phthalic anhydride
Akbari A, Alavi SM
297 - 306 H-2/CO mixture gas separation using composite hollow fiber membranes prepared by interfacial polymerization method
Choi W, Ingole PG, Park JS, Lee DW, Kim JH, Lee HK
307 - 321 Effects of the inlet angle on the flow pattern and pressure drop of a cyclone with helical-roof inlet
Misiulia D, Andersson AG, Lundstrom TS
322 - 336 Optimal operation strategy and gas utilization in a future integrated steel plant
Ghanbari H, Pettersson F, Saxen H
337 - 344 High pressure vapor-liquid equilibria of methyl acetate or ethyl acetate with 2-propanol at 1.5 MPa. Experimental data and predictions
Susial R, Susial P
345 - 353 Multi-objective optimal control of small-size wastewater treatment plants
Hreiz R, Roche N, Benyahia B, Latifi MA
354 - 367 Energy and cost estimates for capturing CO2 from a dry flue gas using pressure/vacuum swing adsorption
Susarla N, Haghpanah R, Karimi IA, Farooq S, Rajendran A, Tan LSC, Lim JST
368 - 377 Synthesis and catalytic activity of hydration-dehydration treated clamshell derived CaO for biodiesel production
Asikin-Mijan N, Lee HV, Taufiq-Yap YH
378 - 388 Measurement and prediction of physical properties of aqueous sodium L-prolinate and piperazine as a solvent blend for CO2 removal
Shaikh MS, Shariff AM, Bustam MA, Murshid G
389 - 398 Steam gasification of a refuse derived char: Reactivity and kinetics
Le CD, Kolaczkowski ST
399 - 406 Combustion kinetics of cyclooctane and its binary mixture with o-xylene over a Pt/gamma-alumina catalyst
Banu I, Manta CM, Bercaru G, Bozga G
407 - 415 Joule heating in low-voltage electroosmotic with electrolyte containing nano-bubble mixtures through microchannel rectangular orifice
Jamalabadi MYA
416 - 428 Thin-layer drying kinetics of lignite during hot air forced convection
Fu BA, Chen MQ