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ISSN: 0263-8762 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Spatial thermal condition in aluminum reduction cells under influences of electrolyte flow
Cheung CY, Menictas C, Bao J, Skyllas-Kazacos M, Welch BJ
15 - 26 Analytical modeling of steady-state filtration process in an automatic self-cleaning filter
Meireles M, Prat M, Estachy G
27 - 38 Performance of new mesoporous carbon sorbent prepared from grape industrial processing wastes for malachite green and congo red removal
Saygih H, Guzel F
39 - 56 A novel application of genetic algorithm for synthesizing optimal water reuse network with multiple objectives
Halim I, Adhitya A, Srinivasan R
57 - 71 Thermal mixing enhancement of a free-cooling system with a fractal orifice plate
Teh AL, Chin KW, Teh EK, Chin WM, Chia CM, Foo JJ
72 - 80 Influence of Ni/SiO2 activity on the reaction pathway in sunflower oil hydrogenation
Krstic J, Gabrovska M, Loncarevic D, Nikolova D, Radonjic V, Vukelic N, Jovanovic DM
81 - 88 Supported liquid membrane incorporated with carbon nanotubes for the extraction of Europium using Cyanex272 as carrier
Zaheri P, Mohammadi T, Abolghasemi H, Maraghe MG
89 - 94 Effect of temperature, pressure and depressurization rate on release profile of salicylic acid from contact lenses prepared by supercritical carbon dioxide impregnation
Yokozaki Y, Sakabe J, Ng B, Shimoyama Y
95 - 103 Mixing analysis in a three-dimensional serpentine split-and-recombine micromixer
Hossain S, Kim KY
104 - 112 Mass transfer performance in an Oldshue-Rushton column extractor
Asadollahzadeh M, Shahhosseini S, Torab-Mostaedi M, Ghaemi A
113 - 125 Rheology of organoclay assisted extrusion of HDPE using Particle Image Velocimetry
Adesina AA, Nasser MN, Teixeira P, Hilliou L, Covas JA, Hussein IA
126 - 134 Effect of rheological parameters on non-ideal flows in the continuous-flow mixing of biopolymer solutions
Patel D, Ein-Mozaffari F, Mehrvar M
135 - 147 Recycling vs. reprocessing. Optimization of a gossypol production process
Laoretani DS, Iribarren OA
148 - 156 Optimum solids concentration for solids suspension and solid-liquid mass transfer in agitated vessels
Bong EY, Eshtiaghi N, Wu J, Parthasarathy R
157 - 169 Y Removal of CO2 from a submersible atmosphere by scrubbing with water-Experiments in a single column
Kolaczkowski ST, Awdry S, Le CD, Nuckols ML, Smith T, Thomas D
170 - 178 Rheological and TGA study of acylated chitosan gel-like dispersions in castor oil: Influence of acyl substituent and acylation protocol
Sanchez R, Alonso G, Valencia C, Franco JM
179 - 191 A seven lumped kinetic model for industrial catalyst in DMTO process
Ying L, Yuan XS, Ye M, Cheng YW, Li X, Liu ZM
192 - 202 Removal of rhodamine B and Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions by a polyoxometalate adsorbent
Li F, Chen Y, Huang HM, Cao W, Li TH
203 - 211 Optimal location of axial impellers in a stirred tank applying evolutionary programing and CFD
Alfaro-Ayala JA, Ayala-Ramirez V, Gallegos-Munoz A, Uribe-Ramirez AR
212 - 227 A criterion for the characterization of modified surfaces during crystallization fouling based on electron donor component of surface energy
Al-Janabi A, Malayeri MR
228 - 236 A time series model coefficients monitoring approach for controlled processes
Zheng Y, Wang Y, Wong DSH, Wang YW
237 - 247 Effect of PE-g-MA compatibilizer on the structure and performance of HDPE/EVA blend membranes fabricated via TIPS method
Shokri E, Yegani R, Heidari S, Shoeyb Z
248 - 260 Variable structure control optimized by differential evolution approach applied to continuous stirred tank reactor
Coelho LD, Ayala HVH, Coelho AAR
261 - 267 Influence of the concentration of a polyoxyethylene glycerol ester on the physical stability of submicron emulsions
Santos J, Calero N, Munoz J
268 - 281 Electrogenerated bubbles induced convection in narrow vertical cells: A review
Hreiz R, Abdelouahed L, Funfschilling D, Lapicque F
282 - 291 Suspension of solid particles in vessels agitated by axial flow impellers
Grenville RK, Mak ATC, Brown DAR
292 - 301 Nb2O5-catalyzed kinetics of fatty acids esterification for reactive distillation process simulation
Banchero M, Gozzelino G
302 - 310 Fixed bed adsorption of Methylene Blue by ultrasonic surface modified chitin supported on sand
Dotto GL, dos Santos JMN, Rosa R, Pinto LAA, Pavan FA, Lima EC
311 - 322 Synthesis and design of reactive distillation columns with two reactive sections
Zhang L, Chen HS, Yuan Y, Yu JP, Wang SF, Huang KJ
323 - 330 Comparative analyses on isothermal kinetics of water evaporation and hydrogel dehydration by a novel nucleation kinetics model
Potkonjak B, Jovanovic J, Stankovic B, Ostojic S, Adnadjevic B
331 - 340 Solar driven DCMD: Performance evaluation and thermal energy efficiency
Bouguecha ST, Aly SE, Al-Beirutty MH, Hamdi MM, Boubakri A
341 - 352 CFD-based evolutionary algorithm for the realization of target fluid flow distribution among parallel channels
Wei M, Fan YL, Luo LA, Flamant G
353 - 361 Analysis of supercritical fluid extraction of lycopodine using response surface methodology and process mathematical modeling
da Silva GF, Gandolfi PHK, Almeida RN, Lucas AM, Cassel E, Vargas RMF
362 - 376 Mathematical modeling of a slurry bubble column reactor for hydrodesulfurization of diesel fuel: Single- and two-bubble configurations
Khadem-Hamedani B, Yaghmaei S, Fattahi M, Mashayekhan S, Hosseini-Ardali SM
377 - 390 Simulation of 3D freely bubbling gas-solid fluidized beds using various drag models: TFM approach
Askaripour H, Dehkordi AM
391 - 421 Bubble column reactors for high pressures and high temperatures operation
Leonard C, Ferrasse JH, Boutin O, Lefevre S, Viand A
422 - 433 Modeling the the effect of non-ideal flow pattern on tertiary current distribution in a filter-press-type electrochemical reactor for copper recovery
Rivero EP, Cruz-Diaz MR, Almazan-Ruiz FJ, Gonzalez I
434 - 443 Enhancement of gas-to-liquid oxygen transfer in the presence of fine solid particles for air-exposed multiphase system
Zhang S, Wang D, Fan PP, Sun LP
444 - 451 Particle design of itraconazole by evaporative recrystallization for dissolution improvement
Sriamornsak P, Burapapadh K
452 - 466 Dissolution and solid state behaviours of carbamazepine-gluconolactone solid dispersion powders: The potential use of gluconolactone as dissolution enhancer
Nokhodchi A, Al-Hamidi H, Antonijevic MD, Owusu-Ware S, Kaialy W
467 - 480 Sustainability benefits of a continuous phase transfer catalyzed process for a model pharmaceutical intermediate
Teoh SK, Sa-ei K, Noorulameen MS, Toh QY, Ng YL, Sharratt PN
481 - 496 Dynamic simulation and control of an integrated gasifier/reformer system. Part I: Agile case design and control
Seepersad D, Ghouse JH, Adams TA
497 - 508 Dynamic simulation and control of an integrated gasifier/reformer system. Part II: Discrete and model predictive control
Seepersad D, Ghouse JH, Adams TA
509 - 517 Further optimization of Q-cascades
Zhang YN, Zeng S, Jiang DJ, Borisevich V, Sulaberidze G
518 - 529 Multi loop robust H-infinity control design based on the dynamic PLS approach to chemical processes
Zhang JH, Lin MM, Chen JH, Li K, Xu JL
530 - 541 Corrosion behavior of nickel base alloys, stainless steel and titanium alloy in supercritical water containing chloride, phosphate and oxygen
Tang XY, Wang SZ, Qian LL, Li YH, Lin ZH, Xu DH, Zhang YP
542 - 553 A novel forward osmosis-nano filtration integrated system for coke-oven wastewater reclamation
Kumar R, Pal P
554 - 560 Three-phase hydrocyclone separator - A review
Liu YC, Cheng QX, Zhang B, Tian F