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1 - 9 Synthesis of sulphur enriched carbon monoliths for dynamic CO2 capture
Singh J, Bhunia H, Basu S
10 - 19 Visible light induced photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) by self-assembled and amorphous Fe-2MI
Gao QY, Lin DG, Fan YJ, He Q, Wang Q
20 - 28 Structurally improved, urea-templated, K2CO3-based sorbent pellets for CO2 capture
Wang P, Sun J, Guo YF, Zhao CW, Li WL, Wang GD, Lei S, Lu P
29 - 38 One-step synthesis of Zn2GeO4/CNT-O hybrid with superior cycle stability for supercapacitor electrodes
Liu P, Ru Q, Zheng PM, Shi ZL, Liu Y, Su CQ, Hou XH, Su SC, Ling FCC
39 - 48 Implementation of a borescopic technique in a conical spouted bed for tracking spherical and irregular particles
Atxutegi A, Tellabide M, Lopez G, Aguado R, Bilbao J, Olazar M
49 - 58 Cold-cathode X-ray irradiation pre-treatment for fouling control of reverse osmosis (RO) in shale gas produced water (SGPW) treatment
Kim J, Kim J, Lim J, Lee S, Lee C, Hong S
59 - 67 Engineering the volumetric effect of Polypyrrole for auto-deformable supercapacitor
Tian YY, Yang C, Song XF, Liu J, Zhao LP, Zhang P, Gao L
68 - 78 Acoustic cavitation and ultrasound-assisted nitration process in ultrasonic microreactors: The effects of channel dimension, solvent properties and temperature
Zhao SN, Yao CQ, Zhang Q, Chen GW, Yuan Q
79 - 90 Insights into a CQD-SnNb2O6/BiOCl Z-scheme system for the degradation of benzocaine: Influence factors, intermediate toxicity and photocatalytic mechanism
Jiang RR, Lu GH, Yan ZH, Wu DH, Zhou RR, Bao XH
91 - 99 Metal-organic frameworks derived magnetic carbon-alpha Fe/Fe3C composites as a highly effective adsorbent for tetracycline removal from aqueous solution
Xiong WP, Zeng ZT, Zeng GM, Yang ZH, Xiao R, Li X, Cao J, Zhou CY, Chen HB, Jia MY, Yang Y, Wang WJ, Tang X
100 - 111 High-energy ball milling enhancing the reactivity of microscale zero-valent aluminum toward the activation of persulfate and the degradation of trichloroethylene
Ren TF, Yang SY, Wu S, Wang MQ, Xue YC
112 - 122 Extracellular polymeric substances extraction and recovery from anammox granules: Evaluation of methods and protocol development
Feng CJ, Lotti T, Lin YM, Malpei F
123 - 132 Probing the interactions of hydroxamic acid and mineral surfaces: Molecular mechanism underlying the selective separation
Liu S, Xie L, Liu J, Liu GY, Zhong H, Wang YX, Zeng HB
133 - 143 Multihole dielectric barrier discharge with asymmetric electrode arrangement in water and application to sterilization of aqua pathogens
Hong YC, Ma SH, Kim K, Shin YW
144 - 154 Effect of formation of heterostructure of SrAl4Fe8O19/RGO/PVDF on the microwave absorption properties of the composite
Acharya S, Alegaonkar P, Datar S
155 - 169 Upgrading of zirconia membrane performance in removal of hazardous VOCs from water by surface functionalization
Kujawa J, Kujawski W, Cyganiuk A, Dumee LF, Al-Gharabli S
170 - 180 Degradation of organic pollutants by peroxymonosulfate activated by MnO2 with different crystalline structures: Catalytic performances and mechanisms
Zhou ZG, Du HM, Dai ZH, Mu Y, Tong LL, Xing QJ, Liu SS, Ao ZM, Zou JP
181 - 188 Flexible CuO nanotube arrays composite electrodes for wire-shaped supercapacitors with robust electrochemical stability
Lan W, Zhang XT, Zhai A, Meng WQ, Sheng HW, Dou W, Zhang CF, Su Q, Zhou JY, Xie EQ
189 - 200 PIV measurements and CFD simulations of the particle-scale flow distribution in a packed bed
Thaker AH, Karthik GM, Buwa VV
201 - 210 Porous N-doped carbon nanostructure integrated with mesh current collector for Li-ion based energy storage
Cheng HY, Cheng PY, Chuah XF, Huang CL, Hsieh CT, Yu JQ, Lin CH, Lu SY
211 - 220 Insight into atomic H* generation, H-2 evolution, and cathode potential of MnO2 induced Pd/Ni foam cathode for electrocatalytic hydrodechlorination
Lou ZM, Xu J, Zhou JS, Yang KL, Cao Z, Li YZ, Liu YL, Lou LP, Xu XH
221 - 230 CO2 hydrogenation to methanol over Cu/ZnO plate model catalyst: Effects of reducing gas induced Cu nanoparticle morphology
Huang CL, Wen JJ, Sun YH, Zhang MY, Bao YF, Zhang YD, Liang L, Fu ML, Wu JL, Ye DQ, Chen LM
231 - 241 A fractal-patterned coating on titanium alloy for stable passive heat dissipation and robust superhydrophobicity
Chen GL, Wang YM, Zou YC, Jia DC, Zhou Y
242 - 253 An efficient metal-free phosphorus and oxygen co-doped g-C3N4 photocatalyst with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity for the degradation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics
Huang JX, Li DG, Li RB, Zhang QX, Chen TS, Liu HJ, Liu Y, Lv WY, Liu GG
254 - 262 Engineering a 3D MoS2 foam using keratin exfoliated nanosheets
Agarwal V, Varghese N, Dasgupta S, Sood AK, Chatterjee K
263 - 273 Degradation of tris-(2-chloroisopropyl) phosphate via UV/TiO2 photocatalysis: kinetic, pathway, and security risk assessment of degradation intermediates using proteomic analyses
Yu XL, Yin H, Ye JS, Peng H, Lu GN, Dang Z
274 - 291 Tuning the surface chemistry and porosity of waste-derived nanoporous materials toward exceptional performance in antibiotic adsorption: Experimental and DFT studies
Alivand MS, Najmi M, Tehrani NHMH, Kamali A, Tavakoli O, Rashidi A, Esrafili MD, Ghasemy E, Mazaheri O
292 - 303 Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole) coating and poly(4-styrenesulfonate) polyanions enhance solar cell performance
Das A, Kolay A, Shivaprasad SM, Deepa M
304 - 315 Antibacterial polymer scaffold based on mesoporous bioactive glass loaded with in situ grown silver
Shuai CJ, Xu Y, Feng P, Wang GY, Xiong SX, Peng SP
316 - 327 Photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin using Zn-doped Cu2O particles: Analysis of degradation pathways and intermediates
Yu XJ, Zhang J, Zhang J, Niu JF, Zhao J, Wei YC, Yao BH
328 - 337 Novel low cost Li4SiO4-based sorbent with naturally occurring wollastonite as Si-source for cyclic CO2 capture
Yang YD, Liu WQ, Hu YC, Sun J, Tong XL, Li QW, Zhou ZJ
338 - 346 Kinetic study of the effect of in-situ mineral solids on pyrolysis process of oil sludge
Qu Y, Li AM, Wang D, Zhang L, Ji GZ
347 - 358 Fabrication of ZnCoS nanomaterial for high energy flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhang Y, Cao N, Szunerits S, Addad A, Roussel P, Boukherroub R
359 - 369 Arginine and lysine-functionalized layered double hydroxides as efficient sorbents for radioactive Co2+ removal by chelate-facilitated immobilization
Koilraj P, Kalusulingam R, Sasaki K
370 - 380 Demonstration of low-temperature toluene degradation mechanism on hydrotalcite-derived oxides with ultrasonic intervention
Yi HH, Xie XZ, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Yang K, Huang YH, Yang ZY
381 - 391 Enhancing quantum efficiency and tuning photoluminescence properties in far-red-emitting phosphor Ca14Ga10Zn6O35:Mn4+ based on chemical unit engineering
Zhong Y, Gai SJ, Xia M, Gu SM, Zhang YL, Wu XB, Wang J, Zhou N, Zhou Z
392 - 404 tLyp-1-conjugated GSH-sensitive biodegradable micelles mediate enhanced pUNO1-hTRAILa/curcumin co-delivery to gliomas
Xiang Y, Duan XH, Feng LB, Jiang SQ, Deng L, Shen J, Yang YJ, Guo R
405 - 411 Particularities of low-temperature WGSR over ceramometal and oxide catalysts: Effect of catalyst particle size
Tikhov SF, Minyukova TP, Reshetnikov SI, Valeev KR, Vernikovskaya NV, Salanov AN, Cherepanova SV, Sadykov VA
412 - 428 Degradation of glucocorticoids in aqueous solution by dielectric barrier discharge: Kinetics, mechanisms, and degradation pathways
Liu YN, Wang CH, Shen X, Zhang A, Yan SW, Li X, Miruka AC, Wu SM, Guo Y, Ognier S
429 - 436 Microwave-assisted synthesis of 1T MoS2/Cu nanowires with enhanced capacity and stability as anode for LIBs
Tian Y, Liu XY, Cao XQ, Zhang DQ, Xiao SN, Li XR, Le ZY, Li XY, Li HX
437 - 470 Progress in silk materials for integrated water treatments: Fabrication, modification and applications
Gore PM, Naebe M, Wang XA, Kandasubramanian B
471 - 478 Spirobicyclic host material with pseudo-intramolecular charge transfer: Improving color purity of high-performance pure-blue and white thermally activated delayed fluorescence diodes
Du RM, Duan CB, Li Y, Zhang J, Han CM, Xu H
479 - 493 Synthesis and characterization of 2D/0D g-C3N4/CdS-nitrogen doped hollow carbon spheres (NHCs) composites with enhanced visible light photodegradation activity for antibiotic
Shao BB, Liu XJ, Liu ZF, Zeng GM, Zhang W, Liang QH, Liu Y, He QY, Yuan XZ, Wang DB, Luo SH, Gong SX
494 - 501 Thermal stability of Ag9GaSe6 and its potential as a functionally graded thermoelectric material
Qi XY, Chen J, Guo K, He SY, Yang J, Li ZL, Xing JJ, Hu JF, Luo HJ, Zhang WQ, Luo J
502 - 510 Facile synthesis of three-dimensional porous interconnected carbon matrix embedded with Sb nanoparticles as superior anode for Na-ion batteries
Li PH, Yu LT, Ji SM, Xu XJ, Liu ZB, Liu JW, Liu J
511 - 519 Design, scale-up, and operation of a Rh/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2-delta-eta-Al2O3/FeCrAl alloy wire mesh honeycomb catalytic module in diesel autothermal reforming
Rogozhnikov VN, Kuzin NA, Snytnikov PV, Potemkin DI, Shoynkhorova TB, Simonov PA, Shilov VA, Ruban NV, Kulikov AV, Sobyanin VA
520 - 530 Unveiling the mechanism of biochar-activated hydrogen peroxide on the degradation of ciprofloxacin
Luo K, Yang Q, Pang Y, Wang D, Li X, Lei M, Huang Q
531 - 544 An enhanced correlation for gas-particle heat and mass transfer in packed and fluidized bed reactors
Zhu LT, Liu YX, Luo ZH
545 - 553 Yolk-shell structured V2O3 microspheres wrapped in N, S co-doped carbon as pea-pod nanofibers for high-capacity lithium ion batteries
Gou WW, Kong XZ, Wang YP, Ai YL, Liang SQ, Pan AQ, Cao GZ
554 - 563 Synergistic enhancement of charge management and surface reaction kinetics by spatially separated cocatalysts and p-n heterojunctions in Pt/CuWO4/Co3O4 photoanode
Liu ZF, Song QG, Zhou M, Guo ZG, Kang JH, Yan HY
564 - 575 Dual-functional antimicrobial coating based on a quaternary ammonium salt from rosin acid with in vitro and in vivo antimicrobial and antifouling properties
Li ZS, Yang XX, Liu H, Yang XH, Shan Y, Xu X, Shang SB, Song Z
576 - 588 Pd nanoparticle and molecular Pd2+ leaching pathways for a strongly acid versus strongly basic resin supported Pd nanoparticle catalyst in Suzuki coupling
Van Vaerenbergh B, Lauwaert J, Thybaut JW, Vermeir P, Clercq J
589 - 595 Enhanced thermoelectric properties of YbZn2Sb2-xBix through a synergistic effect via Bi-doping
Zhang X, Gu HS, Zhang Y, Guo LJ, Yang JT, Luo SJ, Lu X, Chen KS, Chai HX, Wang GY, Zhang X, Zhou X
596 - 604 Light-assisted rapid sterilization by a hydrogel incorporated with Ag3PO4/MoS2 composites for efficient wound disinfection
Zhang XY, Zhang C, Yang YQ, Zhang HY, Huang XB, Hang RQ, Yao XH
605 - 618 Ethanol-to-ethylene dehydration on acid-modified ring-shaped alumina catalyst in a tubular reactor
Banzaraktsaeva SP, Ovchinnikova EV, Danilova IG, Danilevich VV, Chumachenko VA
619 - 625 One-step synthesis of spherical CaO pellets via novel graphite-casting method for cyclic CO2 capture
Li HL, Qu MY, Yang YD, Hu Y, Liu WQ
626 - 636 Electrochemical degradation of methylisothiazolinone by using Ti/SnO2-Sb2O3/alpha, beta-PbO2 electrode: Kinetics, energy efficiency, oxidation mechanism and degradation pathway
Wang YC, Chen M, Wang C, Meng XY, Zhang WQ, Chen ZF, Crittenden J
637 - 647 Rapid release of internal carbon source from excess sludge with synergistic treatment via thermophilic microaerobic digestion and microcurrent
Liu SG, Wang QC, Guan QQ, Ning P, Luo EM
648 - 657 A kinetic comparison between microwave heating and conventional heating of FeS-CaO mixture during hydrogen-reduction
Amini A, Ohno K, Maeda T, Kunitomo K
658 - 673 Stabilization of zero valent iron (Fe-0) on plasma/dendrimer functionalized polyester fabrics for Fenton-like removal of hazardous water pollutants
Morshed MN, Bouazizi N, Behary N, Guan JP, Nierstrasz V
674 - 683 Flow synthesis of silver nanoshells using a microreactor
Maw SS, Watanabe S, Miyahara MT
684 - 693 Construction of TiO2 nanosheets/tetra (4-carboxyphenyl) porphyrin hybrids for efficient visible-light photoreduction of CO2
Gao HY, Wang JY, Jia MY, Yang FC, Andriamitantsoa RS, Huang XB, Dong WJ, Wang G
694 - 705 Semi-aromatic copolyesters with high strength and fire safety via hydrogen bonds and pi-pi stacking
Ni YP, Li QT, Chen L, Wu WS, Qin ZH, Zhang Y, Chen L, Wang XL, Wang YZ
706 - 720 Thermally-induced two-way shape memory polymers: Mechanisms, structures, and applications
Zare M, Prabhakaran MP, Parvin N, Ramakrishna S
721 - 729 Model based evaluation of alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells with water management
Saebea D, Chaiburi C, Authayanun S
730 - 737 Flame-retardant, highly sensitive strain sensors enabled by renewable phytic acid-doped biotemplate synthesis and spirally structure design
Zhang X, Cao J, Yang YB, Wu XD, Zheng Z, Zhang XX
738 - 747 Mechanically robust hydrophobic association hydrogel electrolyte with efficient ionic transport for flexible supercapacitors
Na RQ, Liu YD, Lu N, Zhang SL, Liu FQ, Wang GB
748 - 759 Combined process of visible light irradiation photocatalysis-coagulation enhances natural organic matter removal: Optimization of influencing factors and mechanism
Wang N, Li X, Yang YL, Shang Y, Zhuang XX, Li H, Zhou ZW
760 - 775 A comprehensive hydrodynamic analysis of a full-scale oxidation ditch using Population Balance Modelling in CFD simulation
Climent J, Martinez-Cuenca R, Carratala P, Gonzalez-Ortega MJ, Abellan M, Monros G, Chiva S
776 - 786 Heterogeneous catalytic degradation of 2,4-dinitrotoluene by the combined persulfate and hydrogen peroxide activated by the as-synthesized Fe-Mn binary oxides
Xu XJ, Yang Y, Jia YF, Lian XY, Zhang Y, Feng F, Liu QL, Xi BD, Jiang YH
787 - 792 Facile, controllable tune of blue shift or red shift of the fluorescence emission of solid-state carbon dots
Ma YS, Zhang XM, Bai JL, Huang K, Ren LL
793 - 801 Enhanced catalytic activity over MIL-100(Fe) with coordinatively unsaturated Fe2+/Fe3+ sites for selective oxidation of H2S to sulfur
Zheng XX, Zhang LY, Fan ZJ, Cao YN, Shen LJ, Au CT, Jiang LL
802 - 810 Multi-cycle methane hydrate formation in micro droplets of gelatinous dry solution
Yang L, Lan X, Liu DP, Cui GM, Dou BL, Wang J
811 - 821 In situ biochar capping is feasible to control ammonia nitrogen release from sediments evaluated by DGT
Zhu YY, Shan BQ, Huang JY, Teasdale PR, Tang WZ
822 - 831 Application of the concept of Linear Free Energy Relationships to the hydrogenation of levulinic acid and its corresponding esters
Wang Y, Cipolletta M, Vernieres-Hassimi L, Casson-Moreno V, Leveneur S
832 - 839 The self-protection effect of reactant gas on the moisture stability of CuSAPO-34 catalyst for NH3-SCR
Cao Y, Fan D, Sun LJ, Yang M, Cao L, Sun TT, Xu ST, Tian P, Liu ZM
840 - 851 Design ambient-curable superhydrophobic/electroactive coating toward durable pitting corrosion resistance
Yuan RX, Liu H, Chen YG, Liu ZJ, Li ZJ, Wang J, Jing GL, Zhu YJ, Yu P, Wang HY
852 - 862 Preparation and preferential photocatalytic degradation of acephate by using the composite photocatalyst Sr/TiO2-PCFM
Liu ZS, Zhang Y, Kong LW, Liu L, Luo J, Liu BY, Zhou QH, He F, Xu D, Wu ZB
863 - 869 Rare-earth-doped upconversion nanocrystals embedded mesoporous silica nanoparticles for multiple microRNA detection
Gu TX, Li ZY, Ren ZH, Li X, Han GR
870 - 879 Different biotransformation of three hexabromocyclododecane diastereoisomers by Pseudomonas sp. under aerobic conditions
Geng JY, Han M, Yang X, Li Y, Bartlam M, Wang YY
880 - 894 Enhancement of heavy metals removal by microbial flocculant produced by Paenibacillus polymyxa combined with an insufficient hydroxide precipitation
Huang J, Huang ZL, Zhou JX, Li CZ, Yang ZH, Ruan M, Li H, Zhang X, Wu ZJ, Qin XL, Hu JH, Zhou K
895 - 903 N-doped carbon spheres impregnated with highly monodispersed ruthenium nanoparticles as a hydrogenation catalyst
Liu XY, Lan GJ, Boyjoo Y, Qian LH, Gu S, Price CAH, Wang L, Li Y, Liu J
904 - 913 A crosslinking-induced precipitation process for the simultaneous removal of poly(vinyl alcohol) and reactive dye: The importance of covalent bond forming and magnesium coagulation
Shen CS, Pan YT, Wu DL, Liu YB, Ma CY, Li F, Ma HJ, Zhang YP
914 - 923 Photocatalytic inactivation of airborne microorganisms in continuous flow using perlite-supported ZnO and TiO2
Valdez-Castillo M, Saucedo-Lucero JO, Arriaga S
924 - 936 Catalyst-free aza-Michael addition for C-N coupling in active pharmaceutical ingredient synthesis: Modelling of thermodynamic, reaction kinetics and mass transfer considerations
Trampuz M, Stavber G, Likozar B
937 - 946 Preparation of TiNb6O17 nanospheres as high-performance anode candidates for lithium-ion storage
Yuan Y, Yu HX, Cheng X, Zheng RT, Liu TT, Peng N, Long NB, Shui M, Shu J
947 - 957 Catalytically active nitrogen-doped porous carbon derived from biowastes for organics removal via peroxymonosulfate activation
Oh WD, Veksha A, Chen X, Adnan R, Lim JW, Leong KH, Lim TT
958 - 964 Substrate oxidation enhances the electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide
Lim J, Hoffmann MR
965 - 974 Transformation of persulfate to free sulfate radical over granular activated carbon: Effect of acidic oxygen functional groups
Forouzesh M, Ebadi A, Aghaeinejad-Meybodi A, Khoshbouy R
975 - 982 MIL-53(Fe) incorporated in the lamellar BiOBr: Promoting the visible-light catalytic capability on the degradation of rhodamine B and carbamazepine
Tang L, Lv ZQ, Xue YC, Xu L, Qiu WH, Zheng CM, Chen WQ, Wu MH
983 - 991 Intensification of dry reforming of methane on membrane catalyst
Gavrilova NN, Sapunov VN, Skudin VV
992 - 1004 A spatial/temporal dual-mode optical thermometry platform based on synergetic luminescence of Ti4+-Eu3+ embedded flexible 3D micro-rod arrays: High-sensitive temperature sensing and multi-dimensional high-level secure anti-counterfeiting
Wang CL, Jin YH, Yuan LF, Wu HY, Ju GF, Li ZZ, Liu D, Lv Y, Chen L, Hu YH
1005 - 1012 Fabrication of nitrogen-doped porous carbons derived from ammoniated copolymer precursor: Record-high adsorption capacity for indole
Xue DM, Qi SC, Zeng QZ, Lu RJ, Long JH, Luo C, Liu XQ, Sun LB
1013 - 1024 Efficient entrapment and separation of anionic pollutants from aqueous solutions by sequential combination of cellulose nanofibrils and halloysite nanotubes
Selkala T, Suopajarvi T, Sirvio JA, Luukkonen T, Kinnunen P, Kling KI, Wagner JB, Liimatainen H
1025 - 1045 Multiply structural optimized strategies for bismuth oxyhalide photocatalysis and their environmental application
Wang ZW, Chen M, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Xu P, Zhou CY, Lai C, Wang H, Cheng M, Wang WJ
1046 - 1054 Dynamics of the activated sludge in a newly-defined green bio-sorption reactor (GBR)
Liu RB, Zhao YQ, Li WX, Wang QL, Shen C, Awe OW, Hao XD
1055 - 1063 Determinant factors of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity for Schiff-base conjugated polymers
Wen SW, Huang GZ, Wu SK, Li JY, Qu AL
1064 - 1075 Oxamide-modified g-C3N4 nanostructures: Tailoring surface topography for high-performance visible light photocatalysis
Tang H, Wang R, Zhao CX, Chen ZP, Yang XF, Bukhvalov D, Lin ZX, Liu QQ
1076 - 1095 Engineering approach in stimulating photocatalytic H-2 production in a slurry and monolithic photoreactor systems using Ag-bridged Z-scheme pCN/TiO2 nanocomposite
Fajrina N, Tahir M
1096 - 1101 Electrostatically enhanced catalytic phase transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone under low external electric field
Wang N, Kaminski K, Petera J, Allgeier AM, Weatherley LR
1102 - 1108 Degradation of antibiotic cephalosporin C in aqueous solution and elimination of antimicrobial activity by gamma irradiation
Chen D, Chu LB, Wang JL, Yang ZL, Yang Q, Shen YP
1109 - 1117 Reactivation of spent S-Zorb adsorbents for gasoline desulfurization
Lyu YC, Sun ZW, Xin Y, Liu YX, Wang CZ, Liu XM
1118 - 1126 Light-driven synthesis of uniform dandelion-like mesoporous silica nanoflowers with tunable surface area for carbon dioxide uptake
Das S, Samanta A, Jana S
1127 - 1137 NMR spectroscopic method for studying homogenous liquid phase reaction kinetics in systems used in reactive gas absorption and application to monoethanolamine-water-carbon dioxide
Behrens R, Dyga M, Sieder G, von Harbou E, Hasse H
1138 - 1152 PIV and dynamic LES of the turbulent stream and mixing induced by a V-grooved blade axial agitator
Gonzalez-Neria I, Alonzo-Garcia A, Martinez-Delgadillo SA, Mendoza-Escamilla VX, Yanez-Varela JA, Verdin PG, Rivadeneyra-Romero G
1153 - 1179 State-of-the-art materials for high power and high energy supercapacitors: Performance metrics and obstacles for the transition from lab to industrial scale - A critical approach
Baptista JM, Sagu JS, Wijayantha KGU, Lobato K
1180 - 1190 Mechanism study of nitrilotriacetic acid-modified premagnetized Fe-0/H2O2 for removing sulfamethazine
Pan YW, Zhou MH, Cai JJ, Tian YS, Zhang Y
1191 - 1203 Reaction of fleroxacin with chlorine and chlorine dioxide in drinking water distribution systems: Kinetics, transformation mechanisms and toxicity evaluations
He GL, Zhang TQ, Zheng FF, Li C, Zhang QZ, Dong FL, Huang Y
1204 - 1213 Hyperbranched topological swollen-layer constructs of multi-active sites polyacrylonitrile (PAN) adsorbent for uranium(VI) extraction from seawater
Ju PH, Liu Q, Zhang HS, Chen RR, Liu JY, Yu J, Liu PL, Zhang ML, Wang J
1214 - 1220 Ultra-thin, highly graphitized carbon nanosheets into three-dimensional interconnected framework utilizing a ball mill mixing of precursors
Wang J, Kim J, Ding B, Kim JH, Malgras V, Young C, Yamauchi Y
1221 - 1230 Facile photoelectrochemical water oxidation on Co2+-adsorbed BiVO4 thin films synthesized from aqueous solutions
Hajra P, Kundu S, Maity A, Bhattacharya C
1231 - 1240 Novel solvent-triggered transformation of Cu-based metal-organic gels to highly monodisperse metal-organic frameworks with controllable shapes
He L, Li W, Jiang ZW, Zhao TT, Li Y, Li CM, Huang CZ, Li YF
1241 - 1252 Electrocatalytic reduction of nitrobenzene using TiO2 nanotube electrodes with different morphologies: Kinetics, mechanism, and degradation pathways
Ahmadi A, Wu TT
1253 - 1263 Catalytic oxidation of clofibric acid by peroxydisulfate activated with wood-based biochar: Effect of biochar pyrolysis temperature, performance and mechanism
Zhu KM, Wang XS, Geng MZ, Chen D, Lin H, Zhang H
1264 - 1274 Microbial electro-hydrolysis of sewage sludge for acidogenic production of biohydrogen and volatile fatty acids along with struvite
Kumar AN, Bandarapu AK, Mohan SV
1275 - 1285 A self-regenerating clay-polymer-bacteria composite for formaldehyde removal from water
Zvulunov Y, Ben-Barak-Zelas Z, Fishman A, Radian A
1286 - 1303 Steam separation enhanced reactions: Review and outlook
van Kampen J, Boon J, van Berkel F, Vente J, Annaland MV
1304 - 1316 An intramolecular hybrid of metal polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes with special titanium-embedded cage structure and flame retardant functionality
Wu HY, Zeng BR, Chen JM, Wu T, Li YT, Liu YZ, Dai LZ
1317 - 1325 Modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) by copolymerization of plant-derived alpha-truxillic acid with excellent ultraviolet shielding and mechanical properties
Ding L, Liu L, Chen YF, Du YZ, Guan SJ, Bai YP, Huang YD
1326 - 1336 Anti-corrosion enhancement of superhydrophobic coating utilizing oxygen vacancy modified potassium titanate whisker
Li Y, Zhang XG, Cui YX, Wang HY, Wang JX
1337 - 1343 FeN3-embedded carbon as an efficient sorbent for mercury adsorption: A theoretical study
Gao XP, Zhou YN, Liu SQ, Tan YJ, Cheng ZW, Shen ZM
1344 - 1352 Enhanced electron transfer and methane production from low-strength wastewater using a new granular activated carbon modified with nano-Fe3O4
Song XR, Liu J, Jiang Q, Zhang P, Shao YQ, He WH, Feng YJ
1353 - 1363 Direct formation of amphiphilic crosslinked networks based on PVP as a marine anti-biofouling coating
Guo HS, Yang J, Zhao WQ, Xu T, Lin CG, Zhang JW, Zhang L
1364 - 1372 Hydrocyclone-induced pretreatment for sludge solubilization to enhance anaerobic digestion
Sun YX, Liu Y, Zhang YH, Huang Y, Wang L, Dai L, Xu JP, Wang HL
1373 - 1381 Composite of silver nanoparticles and photosensitizer leads to mutual enhancement of antimicrobial efficacy and promotes wound healing
Chen JY, Yang L, Chen JC, Liu WZ, Zhang D, Xu P, Dai T, Shang L, Yang YS, Tang SZ, Zhang YX, Lin HJ, Chen Z, Huang MD
1382 - 1393 Adhesive-free in situ synthesis of a coral-like titanium dioxide@poly(phenylene sulfide) microporous membrane for visible-light photocatalysis
Yang C, Han N, Zhang WX, Wang WJ, Li W, Xia BL, Han CY, Cui ZY, Zhang XX
1394 - 1402 Amino-functionalized mesoporous PVA/SiO2 hybrids coated membrane for simultaneous removal of oils and water-soluble contaminants from emulsion
Liu HL, Yu H, Yuan X, Ding WJ, Li Y, Wang JK
1403 - 1419 Autothermal reactor design for catalytic partial oxidations
Balakotaiah V, Sun Z, West DH
1420 - 1432 Using the full turbulence spectrum for describing droplet coalescence and breakage in industrial liquid-liquid systems: Experiments and modeling
Castellano S, Carrillo L, Sheibat-Othman N, Marchisio D, Buffo A, Charton S