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1 - 11 Facile synthesis of RGO/Co@Fe@Cu hollow nanospheres with efficient broadband electromagnetic wave absorption
Wen GS, Zhao XC, Liu Y, Zhang H, Wang C
12 - 25 Boosting molecular oxygen activation ability in self-assembled plasmonic p-n semiconductor photocatalytic heterojunction of WO3/Ag@Ag2O
Liang C, Guo H, Zhang L, Ruan M, Niu CG, Feng HP, Wen XJ, Tang N, Liu HY, Zeng GM
26 - 36 Nitrogen removal by mix-cultured aerobic denitrifying bacteria isolated by ultrasound: Performance, co-occurrence pattern and wastewater treatment
Zhang HH, Zhao ZF, Li SL, Chen SN, Huang TL, Li N, Yang SY, Wang Y, Kou LQ, Zhang XY
37 - 45 Insights into the Mg storage property and mechanism based on the honeycomb-like structured Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C/G in anhydrous electrolyte
Zeng J, Wu DZ, Wang X, Wu JN, Li JY, Wang J, Zhao JB
46 - 52 Doping amino-functionalized ionic liquid in perovskite crystal for enhancing performances of hole-conductor free solar cells with carbon electrode
Zhou X, Wang YY, Li CY, Wu T
53 - 64 The Mn-promoted double-shelled CaCO3 hollow microspheres as high efficient CO2 adsorbents
Li S, Jiang T, Xu ZH, Zhao YJ, Ma XB, Wang SP
65 - 73 Biomass derived porous carbon for efficient capture of carbon dioxide, organic contaminants and volatile iodine with exceptionally high uptake
Sun HX, Yang BL, Li A
74 - 81 Role and fate of the lead during the conversion of calcium sulfate dihydrate to alpha-hemihydrate whiskers in ethylene glycol-water solutions
Fu HL, Huang JS, Shen LM, Yu ZY, Xu LH, Li JY, Cao S, Zhang M, Jiang GM
82 - 91 Ultrafast adsorption of heavy metal ions onto functionalized lignin-based hybrid magnetic nanoparticles
Zhang YC, Ni SZ, Wang XJ, Zhang WH, Lagerquist L, Qin MH, Willfor S, Xu CL, Fatehi P
92 - 98 Elimination of nitric oxide using new Fenton process based on synergistic catalysis: Optimization and mechanism
Wang Y, Liu YX, Liu Y
99 - 106 Photodegradation under natural indoor weak light assisted adsorption of X-3B on TiO2/Al2O3 nanocomposite
Deng H, Wang YH, Zhang XC, Kou XQ, Chen B, Zhu CC
107 - 117 Simple preparation of uniformly distributed mesoporous Cr/TiO2 microspheres for low-temperature catalytic combustion of chlorobenzene
Jiao YM, Chen X, He F, Liu ST
118 - 128 Impacts of enhanced microbial-photoreductive and suppressed dark microbial reductive dissolution on the mobility of As and Fe in flooded tailing soils with zinc sulfide
Chen Z, Dong GW, Chen YB, Wang HH, Liu SR, Chen ZJ, Yang CH, Shang X, Dahlgren R
129 - 140 Synthesis of MgO@CeO2-MnOx core shell structural adsorbent and its application in reducing the competitive adsorption of SO2 and NOx in coal-fired flue gas
Yi HH, Ma CB, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Yang K, Sani Z, Song LL, Zhang XD, Han W
141 - 150 Effects of anode materials on electricity production from xylose and treatability of TMP wastewater in an up-flow microbial fuel cell
Haavisto J, Dessi P, Chatterjee P, Honkanend M, Noori MT, Kokko M, Lakaniemi AM, Lens PNL, Puhakka JA
151 - 162 Facial design and synthesis of CoSx/Ni-Co LDH nanocages with rhombic dodecahedral structure for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Guan XH, Huang M, Yang L, Wang GS, Guan X
163 - 170 Electrochemically mediated ATRP process intensified by ionic liquid: A "flash" polymerization of methyl acrylate
Guo JK, Zhou YN, Luo ZH
171 - 180 Air non-thermal plasma treatment of the herbicides mesotrione and metolachlor in water
Giardina A, Tampieri F, Biondo O, Marotta E, Paradisi C
181 - 190 Structure and adsorptive property of carbon materials derived from thermal and mechanochemical reaction of CaC2 and chlorinated polymers
Xe XB, Lu YZ, Meng H, Li CX
191 - 202 Highly expansive, thermally insulating epoxy/Ag nanosheet composite foam for electromagnetic interference shielding
Fan X, Zhang GC, Gao Q, Li JT, Shang ZY, Zhang HM, Zhang Y, Shi XT, Qin JB
203 - 215 Photocatalytic water disinfection under the artificial solar light by fructose-modified TiO2
Rokicka-Konieczna P, Markowska-Szczupak A, Kusiak-Nejman E, Morawski AW
216 - 225 Synthesis of a novel anti-freezing, non-drying antibacterial hydrogel dressing by one-pot method
Wang K, Wang JH, Li L, Xu LQ, Feng N, Wang Y, Fei X, Tian J, Li Y
226 - 240 Pulsed discharge plasma assisted with graphene-WO3 nanocomposites for synergistic degradation of antibiotic enrofloxacin in water
Guo H, Jiang N, Wang HJ, Lu N, Shang KF, Li J, Wu Y
241 - 250 Reuse of municipal wastewater via membrane capacitive deionization using ion-selective polymer-coated carbon electrodes in pilot-scale
Kim DI, Dorji P, Gwak G, Phuntsho S, Hong S, Shon H
251 - 259 The modeling of oxygen transport in MIEC oxide hollow fiber membranes
Shubnikova EV, Popov MP, Bychkov SF, Chizhik SA, Nemudry AP
260 - 268 Three-dimensional zigzag Prussian blue analogue and its derivates for bisphenol A scavenging: Inhomogeneous spatial distribution of Fe-III in anisotropic etching of PBA
Ye JH, Zhuang GX, Wen YL, Wei JX, Chen JH, Zhuang ZY, Yu Y
269 - 276 Flake-like carbon coated Mn2SnO4 nanoparticles as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Shi X, Lin XJ, Liu ST, Li A, Chen XH, Zhou JS, Ma ZK, Song HH
277 - 293 Cross-flow reactor design for Fischer Tropsch synthesis
Nekhamkina O, Sheintuch M
294 - 303 The magnetic biochar derived from banana peels as a persulfate activator for organic contaminants degradation
Rong X, Xie M, Kong LS, Natarajan V, Ma L, Zhan JH
304 - 311 Encapsulation of Fe-0-dominated Fe3O4/Fe-0/Fe3C nanoparticles into carbonized polydopamine nanospheres for catalytic degradation of tetracycline via persulfate activation
Zhu KR, Xu H, Chen CL, Ren XM, Alsaedi A, Hayat T
312 - 320 Synthesis of pomegranate-like Mo2C@C nanospheres for highly efficient microwave absorption
Wang YH, Han XJ, Xu P, Liu DW, Cui LR, Zhao HH, Du YC
321 - 331 Synergistic degradation of trans-ferulic acid by water falling film DBD plasma coupled with cobalt oxyhydroxide: Performance and mechanisms
Ren JY, Jiang N, Shang KF, Lu N, Li J, Wu Y
332 - 340 The interactive effects of ammonia and carbon nanotube on anaerobic digestion
Yan WW, Lu D, Liu JB, Zhou Y
341 - 351 Effective chromium removal from water by polyaniline-coated electrospun adsorbent membrane
Dognani G, Hadi P, Ma HY, Cabrera FC, Job AE, Agostini DLS, Hsiao BS
352 - 362 A systematic experimental study and dimensionless analysis of bubble plume oscillations in rectangular bubble columns
Liu L, Yan HJ, Ziegenhein T, Hessenkemper H, Li Q, Lucas D
363 - 372 Formation of ordered macroporous ZnFe2O4 anode materials for highly reversible lithium storage
Kim JG, Noh Y, Kim Y, Lee S, Kim WB
373 - 382 Multifunctional flexible carbon black/polydimethylsiloxane piezoresistive sensor with ultrahigh linear range, excellent durability and oil/water separation capability
Zhai W, Xia QJ, Zhou KK, Yue XY, Ren MN, Zheng GQ, Dai K, Liu CT, Shen CY
383 - 389 Modification of biochar properties using CO2
Kim Y, Oh JI, Vithanage M, Park YK, Lee J, Kwon EE
390 - 398 Engineering morphology configurations of hierarchical flower-like MoSe2 spheres enable excellent low-frequency and selective microwave response properties
Cheng Y, Zhao Y, Zhao HQ, Lv HL, Qi XD, Cao JM, Ji GB, Du YW
399 - 407 BiVO4 nanocrystals with controllable oxygen vacancies induced by Zn-doping coupled with graphene quantum dots for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Pan QG, Yang KR, Wang GL, Li DD, Sun J, Yang B, Zou ZQ, Hu WB, Wen K, Yang H
408 - 419 Metal-organic framework-mediated synthesis of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4: Tuning the Mn3+ content and electrochemical performance by organic ligands
Yin CJ, Bao ZQ, Tan H, Zhou HM, Li J
420 - 428 Comparison of amoxicillin photodegradation in the UV/H2O2 and UV/persulfate systems: Reaction kinetics, degradation pathways, and antibacterial activity
Zhang YQ, Xiao YJ, Zhong Y, Lim TT
429 - 451 Surfactant-assisted synthesis of photocatalysts: Mechanism, synthesis, recent advances and environmental application
Liang QH, Liu XJ, Zeng GM, Liu ZF, Tang L, Shao BB, Zeng ZT, Zhang W, Liu Y, Cheng M, Tang WW, Gong SX
452 - 461 Manganese-doped nickel molybdate nanostructures for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Li Y, Zhang SM, Ma MY, Mu XM, Zhang YX, Du JW, Hu Q, Huang BY, Hua XH, Liu G, Xie EQ, Zhang ZX
462 - 470 A spark discharge generator for scalable aerosol CVD synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes with tailored characteristics
Krasnikov DV, Zabelich BY, Iakovlev VY, Tsapenko AP, Romanov SA, Alekseeva AA, Grebenko AK, Nasibulin AG
471 - 482 Two-stage integrated system photo-electro-Fenton and biological oxidation process assessment of sanitary landfill leachate treatment: An intermediate products study
Seibert D, Borba FH, Bueno F, Inticher JJ, Modenes AN, Espinoza-Quinones FR, Bergamasco R
483 - 495 Dual-responsive nanosystem for precise molecular subtyping and resistant reversal of EGFR targeted therapy
Zhang YY, Zhang L, Lin XW, Ke LJ, Li BF, Xu L, Lv TT, Li ZY, Chen HJ, Gao Y
496 - 508 Robust multifunctional microcapsules with antibacterial and anticorrosion features
Chong YB, Sun DW, Zhang X, Yue CY, Yang JL
509 - 515 Continuous ZIF-8/reduced graphene oxide nanocoating for ultrafast oil/water separation
Kim DW, Eum K, Kim H, Kim D, de Mello MD, Park K, Tsapatsis M
516 - 525 Cellulosic protic ionic liquids hydrogel: A green and efficient catalyst carrier for Pd nanoparticles in reduction of 4-nitrophenol in water
Li X, Dong FP, Zhang LH, Xu QQ, Zhu XY, Liang SM, Hu LJ, Xie HB
526 - 535 Kinetic study and breakthrough analysis of the hybrid physical/chemical CO2 adsorption/desorption behavior of a magnetite-based sorbent
Raganati F, Alfe M, Gargiulo V, Chirone R, Ammendola P
536 - 550 Biochar-based engineered composites for sorptive decontamination of water: A review
Premarathna KSD, Rajapaksha AU, Sarkar B, Kwon EE, Bhatnagar A, Ok YS, Vithanage M
551 - 571 Controllable synthesis of oxalate and oxalate-derived nanomaterials for applications in electrochemistry
Li N, Li Q, Guo XT, Yuan MJ, Pang H
572 - 580 Iron and carbon granules added to anode enhanced the sludge decrement and electrical performance of sludge microbial fuel cell
Cai L, Zhang HM, Feng YJ, Dong B, Wang YZ, Ge CC
581 - 589 Continuous removal of trace bisphenol A from water by high efficacy TiO2 nanotube pillared graphene-based macrostructures in a photocatalytically fluidized bed
Fang Z, Hu YY, Cheng JH, Chen YC
590 - 604 Population balance modelling of bubble columns under the heterogeneous flow regime
Gemello L, Plais C, Augier F, Marchisio DL
605 - 615 Attenuation of BPA degradation by SO4 center dot- in a system of peroxymonosulfate coupled with Mn/Fe MOF-templated catalysts and its synergism with Cl- and bicarbonate
Qiu XJ, Yang SJ, Dzakpasu M, Li XP, Ding DH, Jin PK, Chen RZ, Zhang QH, Wang XCC
616 - 623 Direct growth of hierarchical nanoneedle arrays with branched nanotubes from titanium foil with excellent anti-corrosion and superhydrophilicity
Jeon J, Kim J, Ahn J, Kim DR
624 - 630 Graphene quantum dots with nitrogen and oxygen derived from simultaneous reaction of solvent as exfoliant and dopant
Kang GS, Lee S, Yeo JS, Choi ES, Lee DC, Na SI, Joh HI
631 - 637 In-situ copper impregnation by chemical activation with CuCl2 and its application to SO2 and H2S capture by activated carbons
Boutillara Y, Tombeur JL, De Weireld G, Lodewyckx P
638 - 647 NTP reactor for a single stage methane conversion to methanol: Influence of catalyst addition and effect of promoters
Chawdhury P, Kumar D, Subrahmanyam C
648 - 655 Flame-synthesized nickel-silver nanoparticle inks provide high conductivity without sintering
Mohammadi MM, Gunturi SS, Shao S, Konda S, Buchner RD, Swihart MT
656 - 664 N-doped porous carbons derived from a polymer precursor with a record-high N content: Efficient adsorbents for CO2 capture
Peng AZ, Qi SC, Liu X, Xue DM, Peng SS, Yu GX, Liu XQ, Sun LB
665 - 672 Improving ionic/electronic conductivity of MoS2 Li-ion anode via manganese doping and structural optimization
Wang JC, Zhang LY, Sun K, He JJ, Zheng YJ, Xu CH, Zhang YX, Chen Y, Li M
673 - 683 Treatment of formaldehyde wastewater by a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor (MABR): The degradation of formaldehyde in the presence of the cosubstrate methanol
Mei X, Guo ZW, Liu J, Bi SQ, Li PP, Wang Y, Shen WT, Yang Y, Wang YH, Xiao YY, Yang X, Liu Y, Zhao L, Wang YT, Hu S
684 - 696 Impact of background water quality on disinfection performance and silver release of immobilized silver nanoparticles: Modeling disinfection kinetics, bactericidal mechanism and aggregation behavior
Agnihotri S, Mukherji S, Mukherji S
697 - 707 Interface reaction activity of recyclable and regenerable Cu-Mn spinel-type sorbent for Hg-0 capture from flue gas
Yang YJ, Liu J, Wang Z, Long Y, Ding JY
708 - 714 Reduced depth stacked constructed wetlands for enhanced urban wastewater treatment
Cabred S, Ramos VG, Busalmen JE, Busalmen JP, Bonanni S
715 - 727 Analysis of liquid-to-gas mass transfer, mixing and hydrogen production in dark fermentation process
Chezeau B, Fontaine JP, Vial C
728 - 741 Mechanisms for enhanced catalytic performance for NO oxidation over La2CoMnO6 double perovskite by A-site or B-site doping: Effects of the B-site ionic magnetic moments
Wang QQ, Ma LP, Wang LC, Wang DD
742 - 751 Removal of sulfachloropyridazine by ferrate(VI): Kinetics, reaction pathways, biodegradation, and toxicity evaluation
Sun XH, Feng MB, Dong SY, Qi Y, Sun L, Nesnas N, Sharma VK
752 - 764 In situ exsolution of Co/CoOx core-shell nanoparticles on double perovskite porous nanotubular webs: A synergistically active catalyst for soot efficient oxidation
Fang F, Feng NJ, Zhao P, Chen C, Li X, Meng J, Liu G, Chen L, Wan H, Guan GF
765 - 773 Thermochemical conversion of eggshell as biological waste and its application as a functional material for lithium-ion batteries
Senthil C, Vediappan K, Nanthagopal M, Kang HS, Santhoshkumar P, Gnanamuthu R, Lee CW
774 - 784 Iron-tannic modified cotton derived Fe-0/graphitized carbon with enhanced catalytic activity for bisphenol A degradation
Li MQ, Luo R, Wang CH, Zhang M, Zhang WX, Klu PK, Yan YB, Qi JW, Sun XY, Wang LJ, Li JS
785 - 795 Fabrication of fluffy shish-kebab structured nanofibers by electrospinning, CO2 escaping foaming and controlled crystallization for biomimetic tissue engineering scaffolds
Jing X, Li H, Mi HY, Liu YJ, Tan YM
796 - 808 Efficient degradation of atrazine by LaCoO3/Al2O3 catalyzed peroxymonosulfate: Performance, degradation intermediates and mechanism
Zhang RJ, Wan YJ, Peng JL, Yao G, Zhang YH, Lai B
809 - 814 Generalized critical shifts of confined fluids in nanopores with adsorptions
Zhang KQ, Jia N, Liu LR
815 - 824 Jointly reducing antibiotic resistance genes and improving methane yield in anaerobic digestion of chicken manure by feedstock microwave pretreatment and activated carbon supplementation
Zhang L, Loh KC, Zhang JX
825 - 835 Effects of KMnO4/NaHSO3 pre-oxidation on the formation potential of disinfection by-products during subsequent chlorination
Zhu YT, Yang X, Qiao JL, Zhang X, Guan XH
836 - 851 Persulfate-based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for organic-contaminated soil remediation: A review
Zhou Z, Liu XT, Sun K, Lin CY, Ma J, He MC, Ouyang W
852 - 861 Biomimetic robust superhydrophobic stainless-steel surfaces with antimicrobial activity and molecular dynamics simulation
Li SY, Liu Y, Zheng ZH, Liu X, Huang HL, Han ZW, Ren LQ
862 - 872 Immobilized hybrids between nitrogen-doped carbon and stainless steel derived Fe3O4 used as a heterogeneous activator of persulfate during the treatment of aqueous carbamazepine
Huang L, Zeng T, Xu XY, He ZQ, Chen JM, Song S
873 - 885 N-P-Zn-containing 2D supermolecular networks grown on MoS2 nanosheets for mechanical and flame-retardant reinforcements of polyacrylonitrile fiber
Peng HY, Wang D, Li M, Zhang LP, Liu MM, Fu SH
886 - 895 Structural and kinetic analysis of CO2 sorption on NaNO2-promoted MgO at moderate temperatures
Wang K, Zhao YW, Clough PT, Zhao PF, Anthony EJ
896 - 904 A novel 3D adsorbent of reduced graphene oxide-beta-cyclodextrin aerogel coupled hardness with softness for efficient removal of bisphenol A
Sun ZQ, Zhao L, Liu CH, Zhen YF, Zhang WJ, Ma J
905 - 916 EDTA enhanced removal of sulfamethazine by pre-magnetized Fe-0 without oxidant addition
Pan YW, Guo HJ, Zhou MH, Zhang Y, Tian YS, Wang W
917 - 939 Intensified reactors for gas-liquid-liquid multiphase catalysis: From chemistry to engineering
Schrimpf M, Esteban J, Rosler T, Vorholt AJ, Leitner W
940 - 945 3D-printed oblique honeycomb Al2O3/SiCw structure for electromagnetic wave absorption
Mei H, Zhao X, Zhou SX, Han DY, Xiao SS, Cheng LF
946 - 955 Enzyme immobilization in cage-like 3D-network PVA-H and GO modified PVA-H (GO@PVA-H) with stable conformation and high activity
Yang QX, Yan Y, Yang XF, Liao GY, Wang DS, Xia H
956 - 965 Cost-effective domestic wastewater treatment and bioenergy recovery in an immobilized microalgal-based photoautotrophic microbial fuel cell (PMFC)
Wang YM, Lin ZY, Su XS, Zhao PC, Zhou J, He Q, Ai HN
966 - 977 Enhanced sludge dewatering via homogeneous and heterogeneous Fenton reactions initiated by Fe-rich biochar derived from sludge
Tao SY, Yang JK, Hou HJ, Liang S, Xiao KK, Qiu JJ, Hu JP, Liu BC, Yu WB, Deng HL
978 - 991 Designing thermally stimulated 1.06 mu m Nd3+ emission for the second bio-imaging window demonstrated by energy transfer from Bi3+ in La-, Gd-, Y-, and LuPO4
Lyu T, Dorenbos P
992 - 1006 Green synthesis of gamma-valerolactone (GVL) through hydrogenation of biomass-derived levulinic acid using non-noble metal catalysts: A critical review
Dutta S, Yu IKM, Tsang DCW, Ng YH, Ok YS, Sherwood J, Clark JH
1007 - 1018 beta-Cyclodextrin-crosslinked polymeric adsorbent for simultaneous removal and stepwise recovery of organic dyes and heavy metal ions: Fabrication, performance and mechanisms
Qin XM, Bai L, Tan YZ, Li L, Song F, Wang YZ
1019 - 1027 Global profile of heavy metals and semimetals adsorption using drinking water treatment residual
Shen C, Zhao YQ, Li WX, Yang Y, Liu RB, Morgen D
1028 - 1037 Highly efficient and durable metal-organic framework material derived Ca-based solid sorbents for CO2 capture
Liao JW, Jin B, Zhao YL, Liang ZW
1038 - 1046 Nitrogen rejection from methane using dual-reflux pressure swing adsorption with a kinetically-selective adsorbent
Xiao GK, Saleman TL, Zou Y, Li G, May EF
1047 - 1055 Hierarchical MnO2/activated carbon cloth electrode prepared by synchronized electrochemical activation and oxidation for flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhang J, Sun JB, Shifa TA, Wang D, Wu XF, Cui YB
1056 - 1065 Rod-like NaV3O8 as cathode materials with high capacity and stability for sodium storage
Zhu LM, Li WX, Xie LL, Yang Q, Cao XY
1066 - 1076 Improved cycle and air stability of P3-Na0.65Mn0.75Ni0.25O2 electrode for sodium-ion batteries coated with metal phosphates
Wang Y, Tang K, Li XL, Yu RZ, Zhang XH, Huang Y, Chen GR, Jumil S, Cao S, Xie X, Luo ZG, Wang XY
1077 - 1090 Eco-friendly flame retardant and electromagnetic interference shielding cotton fabrics with multi-layered coatings
Zhang Y, Tian WX, Liu LX, Cheng WH, Wang W, Liew KM, Wang BB, Hu Y
1091 - 1103 Ionically cross-linked sodium alginate/kappa-carrageenan double-network gel beads with low-swelling, enhanced mechanical properties, and excellent adsorption performance
Li LQ, Zhao JH, Sun YR, Yu F, Ma J
1104 - 1112 Comparative study on the degradation of cephalexin by four electrochemical advanced oxidation processes: Evolution of oxidation intermediates and antimicrobial activity
Antonin VS, Aquino JM, Silva BF, Silva AJ, Rocha RC
1113 - 1121 Enhancement of ciprofloxacin degradation in the Fe(II)/peroxymonosulfate system by protocatechuic acid over a wide initial pH range
Shi XD, Li YT, Zhang Z, Sun L, Peng YZ
1122 - 1133 Experimental and DFT study on the adsorption of VOCs on activated carbon/metal oxides composites
Zhou K, Ma WW, Zeng Z, Ma XC, Xu X, Guo Y, Li HL, Li LQ
1134 - 1153 Numerical study of the hydrodynamics of fluidized beds operated under sub-atmospheric pressure
Zarekar S, Buck A, Jacob M, Tsotsas E
1154 - 1163 Studies on mass transfer of europium(III) in micro-channels using a micro Laser Induced Fluorescence technique
Angeli P, Tsaoulidis D, Weheliye WH
1164 - 1173 A green, rapid, scalable and versatile hydrothermal strategy to fabricate monodisperse carbon spheres with tunable micrometer size and hierarchical porosity
Zhao QM, Tao S, Miao XY, Zhu Y
1174 - 1182 A highly porous solvent free PVDF/expanded graphite foam for oil/water separation
Bentini R, Pola A, Rizzi LG, Athanassiou A, Fragouli D
1183 - 1193 Effective steering of charge flow through synergistic inducing oxygen vacancy defects and p-n heterojunctions in 2D/2D surface-engineered Bi2WO6/BiOI cascade: Towards superior photocatalytic CO2 reduction activity
Kong XY, Lee WQ, Mohamed AR, Chai SP
1194 - 1204 Experimental studies and kinetic regularities of isobutane dehydrogenation over Ga2O3/Al2O3
Matveyeva AN, Omarov SO, Sladkovskiy DA, Murzin DY
1205 - 1215 Synthesis of a robust layered metal sulfide for rapid and effective removal of Sr2+ from aqueous solutions
Zhang ZG, Gu P, Zhang MD, Yan S, Dong LH, Zhang GH
1216 - 1225 High-energy flexible solid-state supercapacitors based on O, N, S-tridoped carbon electrodes and a 3.5 V gel-type electrolyte
Song ZY, Duan H, Li LC, Zhu DZ, Cao TC, Lv YK, Xiong W, Wang ZW, Liu MX, Gan LH
1226 - 1239 An aqueous cathodic delamination route towards high quality graphene flakes for oil sorption and electrochemical charge storage applications
Garcia-Dali S, Paredes JI, Munuera JM, Villar-Rodil S, Martinez-Alonso A, Tascon JMD
1240 - 1252 Catalytic membrane reactor for CO2 hydrogenation using renewable streams: Model-based feasibility analysis
Currie R, Fowler MW, Simakov DSA
1253 - 1264 How process parameters and packing materials tune chemical equilibrium and kinetics in plasma-based CO2 conversion
Uytdenhouwen Y, Bal KM, Michielsen I, Neyts EC, Meynen V, Cool P, Bogaerts A